Me A Villainess?! No Way!
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Me A Villainess?! No Way!

Me A Villainess?! No Way!
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Me A Villainess?! No Way! Comics Online. I accidentally fell into the stairs and suddenly I remember my past memories
Im a Villainess?! I can't accept this kind of life I rather die than being a Villainess using my past knowledge I will make women become pleased by creating manga by myself including yaoi,romance,josei and many more!

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Ellada Hyuuga
i like your work better , so much cuter
please continue - first steps are always difficult and not always going as we want it to, but don't stop!
honestly speaking, I tried writing myself a few times, and it always ended shortly afTer starting, at most at few chapters... if I hadn't given up, who knows where would my stories be now?
so whatever your decision will be, don't give up! You have already made few first steps, and that's already better than many people around you! wish you best!
emmmmm :< author here :> I know thats its been a very long time since I update this because......I think it's kinda look s@$+ I mean before I start creating this comic I dont have a manuscript or anything,I just draw and I was only an amateur back then so I actually dont know what I was doing and most of all,yes I read some comment some of you guys kinda like it had the same plot with a manga called "The next life of a villainess" and now I think of it I feel like Im copyrighting and I kinda wanted to stop updating this comic well......its not actually ready I mean the plot,storyline and many more.I still dont know what will happen mext to the story,so Im actuall thinking of STOP updating this,but dont worry because I think I will redo it in the future but with different name of a comic and also I think I should change the characters too but its still depends on me.I know that this is my first comic I had ever created and I was very happy all of you readers liking it,but I think its time to say GOODBYE to it.I know some of you guys are sad about it but like I promise I redo it in the future.I hope that all you guys had a nice day and Merry Christmas~

Please check out my other comic "Is It Fine To FallInlove?" :3
MiMi: Aawwwww Thanks ;w; I will also support yours :3
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