The Dragon Plague
Mystery / Adventure / Supernatural

The Dragon Plague

Anna Mantovani
The Dragon Plague
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The Dragon Plague Novel Online. The story is set in the fictional city of Europa, in Central Europe, the last city left after a nuclear war that made most of the Earth uninhabitable and woke up dragons - prehistorical creatures that caused an mass outbreak of a lethal disease that decimated the population and turned the survivors into scale-covered, violent mutants that rebel against the government.
Sophie, a young doctor working for her boss Amanda Solarin in a medical facility, accidentally meets an elderly woman, Emma, who miraculously recovered from the dragon plague, and whose blood could be the key to a vaccine. Saving Emma from government persecution, Sophie goes on the run with her.

MangaToon got authorization from Jianlai Limited to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Yeen Shahri
only here for points......i really hate novel the most
Allenstew: Click genre then you can find an option to choose either a Comics or Novel. You can switch it anytime
freya: if any of you don't like this novel, plz keep it in your mind that we all have feelings so you don't have to make such a mean comment😒
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And I thought to publish my own novel on this site... Now I'm conflicted. While it's tempting, auditory seems downright mean. It's probably would be ok for the translator, but as a writer just image of getting unbelievable amount of comments staying 'i don't care about your writing' makes me shudder . For the beginner author, going day by day like this can be pretty distressing. It would not hurt any of you just scroll for points and say nothing, guys.
If you have critique, it's one thing, but something of personal preferences such as hating to read books may be not worth mentioning at all. Like I hate most of BL genre with burning passion, but I wouldn't go under BL comic or novel to say this even for points.
Kailey Sohn: i LOVE to read novels and books and id be interested on reading ur novel to
Itachi : Hey! Ignore them. I’m a huge fan of novels. I hope this is gonna be interesting too. I’ve read lots like Ancient Godly Monarchy, peerless martial God, chaotic sword god, otherworldly evil monarchy, divine Doctor: daughter of the first wife, miracle doctor: abandoned daughter, genius doctor: black belly miss, good for nothing 7th miss, hidden marriage, bringing the national husband home and many many I can’t recall. So please go ahead. We novel lovers would read them.
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GoD Knows
guys u should try (Reverend insanity).maybe u will like it.Got daily update
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