my secret daddy  마이시크릿대디
Romance / K-Art

my secret daddy 마이시크릿대디

ToYou's Dream
my secret daddy  마이시크릿대디
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my secret daddy 마이시크릿대디 Comics Online. A young musician, a Korean little girl lost in the streets of America. A man who still misses his dead girlfriend, a little girl who treats the man like her father. The girl reminds him of his past girlfriend...

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*dies without yaoi*
Author please don’t listen to all those mean people. I know that you’ve been working really hard on this story and you’re making it the way that you want to. As you should. This is your story and you should write whatever you feel your story should have. Although it’s tough to write a character that everyone keeps complaining about, I know that to make a good story you need some sort of problem. I don’t know if you’re going to make Ruby and her dad end up together(which is my ship) and I also don’t know if you’ll make the other girl and the dad end up together. But that’s not my choice to make. I’m sure that whichever way you choose to tell the story, you’ll be able to capture our hearts till the very end. Thank you for such an incredible story author and I hope to see it all the way through. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you’re writing your own story wrong. That’s impossible. Have an amazing day!!♥️
Dianna💕: Indeed💕 you're doing perfectly fine author so keep up the good work❤
Good Happy: same here.hahahaah ive thought about this story much,classifying it's X and Y then i came to a conclusion that it is not that bad.I mean it's weird but i chose 90% of the casual me than the formal me so yah i ended up being a shipper.
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raj kr
i don't think that what enbin is doing is right ,he just treat her on his own just because he heard his professors conversation on phone before once , Dude you are actually that much stupid enbin ! Don't you think if that conversation for Ruby then why her own father didn't went in rush to her , Let say that is true then who the hell give you the right to put her on bed and take off her clothes as well as his own too .
There is word we normal people call " DOCTOR" , why didn't you take her to the hospital. Moreover , we asume you can't go to the hospital , idiot there is another thing " PHONE" use it and call her DAD
Falling star: Yep, Enbin is unmatured.. he want to take care of Ruby just like Daddy did. He want to prove that he own her and he is capable to take care of her. But it looks like he enjoyed it himself. Daddy will furious if he see this.

Urgh.. the girl is so fake. She try to get professor just for fame, wealth and for her own fun. Did she truely accept proffesor's child with other woman or other relationship in the future? Its funny coz her face tell me that she will kill them all.. lol
Lady Mearros: EXACTLY!! but kinda actually enjoying the stupid dramatic choices the characters make lol 🤣
total 4 replies
ugggggggggghhhhhh use some brain daddy.
DAMN you were spending time with some cheap woman before and now you came late... If you cant take a good care of ruby than leave her with enbin for god's sake. I am fed up with the way story is going. I have been like a huge fan of this comic from the start but now its pissing me off. Still I ship daddy and ruby but...... Cant tell what the author is thinking.To be honest these short cliffhanging chaps make me annoyed. Author plzzz update more!!!!
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