That Guy is Back

That Guy is Back

ToYou's Dream
That Guy is Back
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That Guy is Back Comics Online. Just like all his former romantic attempts, Changjun's proposal to Minzhu is brutally rejected. Despondent and heart-broken, he receives a call from Xu ShengYu, his best friend from primary school who has long lost contact. Shengyu asks him to meet again in the class reunion, and in Changjun's eager anticipation, that guy is back, only now he's a woman with the new name of Xu Zhiai...

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I feel sorry for the blond girl because: she was indeed a girl who dressed herself as boy for being close of her crush (the ML)🤔 and also personal reasons. I feel sorry for ML because he was unlucky with b*itches woman who always took him for a idiot while he always treat them with care. What does his ex girlfriend mean by "doesn't understand woman" it's clear that she doesn't understand the meaning to be in couple if not why waiting after rejected his proposal to admit that she doesn't like him because he is clueless about woman. The FL was in love with ML but chose to stay as boy to be close of him. She didn't imagine that this boy felt actually the same feeling as her. The president friend must be aware of her secret and choose to not tell them 🤔 otherwise why he reacted so normally after the thuth was discovered? learning your bestfriend with who you used to have a crush turned to be a girl: you were taking again for a fool. Woman always took advantage of ML😕.
AsukaHana122: oh really 😕 not funny for you I guess. fear of man or woman? I mean you don't trust them?
Sid Desai: I'm have so many similarities with this male character
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thinking back on it as a whole, I do feel bad for the trans. s/he went to that reunion looking to reconnect with old friends, but was met with judgement and ridicule. s/he probably sees the mc as a good friend, and was very hurt to be treated poorly. something bad must have happened 10 years ago and continued to be bad, so s/he was seeking comfort. so sad how we as a society are. 😥
la Chi MO LA LA
I am still confused, I Dont know if i missed something or may b I am not very good at reading between the lines .... zhiai is a woman or she's a transgender or just cosplaying or what??? Arghh , plz can anyone tell me
BT-we us-BANGTAN💜: Right and that’s where rm told jhope to change place of jimin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
la Chi MO LA LA : yeah true, and the fact that no matter how many chances he got, he was still sticking to and was so confident with his "la-chi-mo-la-la" was even funnier 😂😂😂
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