That Guy is Back
Romance / Korean Artist

That Guy is Back

ToYou's Dream
That Guy is Back
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the demon saves the world
that's what I love about this story, it's absolutely unpredictable, u can't even tell who's gonna do what the next moment or who's gonna end up with whom or anything, most favorite character is of course zhiai, she is most approachable yet mysterious, too kind yet righteous and always stands for her principles and values😘😘😘😘
Chloechloe Fernandez: wmgslg hdl
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dude you are not kids anymore, she can easily whoop your ass then bring him to the hospital... if she's smart enough @.@
꧁𝑀𝐴𝑅𝐼𝑁𝐴꧂: Ya think?
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blue blast
did any one noticed jian and sunio (from doraemon) in the above fighting scene!!!???

I was like : wow nice collaboration 😅😂
oh my goodness
changjun really... but I guess it's more reasonable for him and the other girl to end up with each other, even zhiai was helping with them at first

Meanwhile this scumbag should go to jail
seriously this taifeng or whatever guy need to ne dead
Griffin Grey
I want MC with the black hair guy. Blonde guy in the antipodes and the rest... They can do whatever they want since I don’t really care about them 🥰
the demon saves the world
plz zhiai give a chance to zaiyuan once, I mean atleast he genuinely cares for u... changjun is fine but he seems to b hesitating for some reason , atleast zhiai was ur best friend, changjun shud have shown concern about zhiai for the past's sake atleast but he looks kinda pondering on if he shud come forward to help zhiai or not....
I’m relieved that it didn’t happened. She have to be smart from now on. Why she keep talking to that pig rapist ugh. She shoulda remember the time he held her captive and put the handkerchief on her mouth. Girrrllll 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ugh I want Zhia and Zai to end up together 😭😭😭
Bigot parents
A selfish idiot. He only care about his own feelings without even considering his gf’s point of view. They weren’t in relationship for that long yet he’s pressuring her with him wanting to tie the knot. She’s prolly still in wanting-to- get-to-know-each-other stage yet he’s gone too far ahead with his selfish delusion it’s suffocating and embarrassing her. No wonder she dumped him the first time. Not a single tact to read the atmosphere. Poor sense of humor bordering rudeness if not more. He deserved that kick.
misz fye
I kinda skipped few eps and now I'm confused. Since when did he call her girl?
I look at the genre but I hadn't seen a BL in , so this!... zhia is actually a girl or what?
you jerk! you deserve a kick on the ball!
such a maniac
I hope he is going to break up with Minzhu n ask Zhiai out officially
I hope thing will go well with them....Changjun and Zhiai❤️
Aileen Swallow
Ahhhh!!! What is happening!?!?
Aileen Swallow: I hope you’re right!!
Drew S: maybe he realised he doesn't love the other girl and is going to break up with her?
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I'm skipping online classes but don't regret Jack shit
I needed a fl who will love zaiyuan a potential candidate has appeared.
I really hope he can be happy.
I'm skipping online classes but don't regret Jack shit
Petition to torture blondie so bad that we have to put him in a mental asylum?
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