That Guy is Back

That Guy is Back

ToYou's Dream
That Guy is Back
I feel sorry for the blond girl because: she was indeed a girl who dressed herself as boy for being close of her crush (the ML)🤔 and also personal reasons. I feel sorry for ML because he was unlucky with b*itches woman who always took him for a idiot while he always treat them with care. What does his ex girlfriend mean by "doesn't understand woman" it's clear that she doesn't understand the meaning to be in couple if not why waiting after rejected his proposal to admit that she doesn't like him because he is clueless about woman. The FL was in love with ML but chose to stay as boy to be close of him. She didn't imagine that this boy felt actually the same feeling as her. The president friend must be aware of her secret and choose to not tell them 🤔 otherwise why he reacted so normally after the thuth was discovered? learning your bestfriend with who you used to have a crush turned to be a girl: you were taking again for a fool. Woman always took advantage of ML😕.
AsukaHana122: oh really 😕 not funny for you I guess. fear of man or woman? I mean you don't trust them?
Sid Desai: I'm have so many similarities with this male character
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Propose her again? But dude, you still didn't get it won't work because IT'S YOU the real problem in the relation. you don't want to accept the fact that you are rushing things and want to control situation to your side, instead listen your partner's rhythm. Love is not organization matter. Norbing will follow this tradition rule, to be in couple and BAM getting married after. Nope, you need to have solid bound betwen and mutual thrust& communication if you want things last longer as much possible. For moment, he is so heavy and lack of delicacy toward women. EVen his own mother would like to slap him in his face because he is a jerk. FL please give up on him, he is retarded man and also prideful.
mica: yeah, i getting annoy with this ML!!! please trll him ' i told u so'
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How dare they sh*tty hurt my girl?👿 I will cut ✂ their family jewels😾!! At least this dude of ML does have common sense😼. Oh I'm deaf😳 or what? he said "I'm this woman's husband" he does have guts to admit "her existence". So cool the president friend😻. he is more reliable than ML😺.Why didn't tell you where she was working?😾 that's simple you weren't particular interested in her, and spent your days to annoy her with your pathetic love stories😾!! ML is still a crybaby and not a real man. Can't ship him with her. he needs to change if he wants to find love
This fatty woman got a point but it's unfair she uses herself as intermediary for their break up. His ex girlfriend is so lame and prefer to keep behind her friend instead of talk seriously with her ex boyfriend and telle him straightly why she didn't like him and what are her reproaches in their relation. I feel sorry for FL for falling for a jerk like ML who treat her like a parasite and give orders to not to do or wear something. He is indeed doesn't understand women. The president friend needs to take her away from a sh*t man like ML who doesn't know how to treat people despite their appearance.
Bittersweet_Aquarius ♒ : These r the longest comments tht I've ever commented! 😂
AsukaHana122: Totally agree with you buddy !
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Byeol Xi
Meh! I don't like that ex girl, always using that other nosy woman to defend her instead of just facing her problems and talk honestly with the man. 🤦‍♀️ And talking about him, I'm starting to dislike this ML as well, our poor FL is trying her best to be polite and friendly, just to be treaten with despise. He's always mistreating her instead of asking about her life and why she's unemployed and homeless. He isn't worried at all, can't be considered a friend at all! Argh! I'd prefer the ML to be that black-haired president from before 😤 he seems more mature and reasonable..
Byeol Xi : @LittleTreasurexJason

Well, she could've had her own reasons to pretend to be a boy in the first place. (And please pay attention, I'm not "complaining" but giving my opinion and point of view on a fiction here). And anyway, that's not an excuse to treat anybody who is clearly helpless as the ML treats her. Or doesn't he have a mouth to SPEAK and ask her why she did what she did? I don't know why people only prefer to mistreat others instead of simply ask! Ah! But he's begging his stupid ex to explain things, right? To the one who humiliated him the most and rejected him so badly. So he's hurt because of that but can't put himself on his friend's shoes? How ironic!
LittleTreasurexJason: Wrong. If she treated him as a friend she would have told him something about what she was feeling in their childhood. But she didn't. So you're complaining that he isn't treating HER like a friend but never asking her if she ever treated him like one. This is why I say she only ever treated him like a bug. T.
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That's magnificent K.O🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩!!!! She is sugoii, awsome 🤩🤩🤩. In fact, she used to be a tomboy. Oh the ML has somewhere common sense despite being idiot to walk her away to her home. it's not safe for a woman to wandering alone in middle streets 😌
The ML is so childish, come on, it's hard for him to digest the fact that his bestfriend has always been a girl from start. She has personal reasons to choose to keep this secret. Try to understand her motives instead acting like a jerk. You are not better than her, see how you has always been rejected by beauties. Your attitude is a big problem
AsukaHana122: 😂😂😂 hahaha. it's won't change the fact that she is a girl.
Blc Raven: Well, if i’m not mistaken, I see two white line in the blue sky before the whispering 😂
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Beurk😡 He is so disgusting. He was dishonest with Minzhu. He lied he never wrote this letter and he doesn't understand woma's feelings. He acts like a jerk. This dress suits her very well😃. I ship Zaiyuan and FL. He is caring, and foes know how to treat his friends, especially women. The moment, FL will go out with president friend, this asshole will understand later his big loss for treating her like a garbage.
AsukaHana122: Oh? Well how can FL tell him about her secret when he is not willing to listen her explanations? did you see how he reacted violently when he heard the thuth. His pride was hurt. I don't like ML. the president friend, of course he has a crush for her, we must be blind for not notice it. And yeah women were not not honest with ML, but him was he honest with himself? he thinks that he has zero defaults and is perfect in his life and no woman can refuse him because he is caring and funny. he doesn't take in consideration people's feelings because he has a so called "pride". FL is a mystery for me and for moment, I give her benefit of doubt. She must've her reason for keeping her gender a secret. The ex girlfriend, she is so hypocrit anyway, can't be honest with someone and hise behind her bestfriend to play matchmaker. And yeah FL is in love with him since they were young but some circumstances make it impossible for her to confess her feelings to him. They need time and talk to clear the misunderstanding. If not they will waste this opportunity given to them to be together again. I like this story because the FL is not weak, idiot, strong and not easily bullied by men (except for her stupid crush she has for an ML totally idot 😭) and there are more 2 love triangles, that's interesting.
jugyeong♡suho: i think every one of them were dishonest at some point. He's not disgusting but sure is stupid for being indiscreet and dull.You think minzu is high and mighty??hell no,if his actions annoyed her from the beginning she should've come clean with him so that he could understand her and he has no idea bout the so called 'understanding women' cuz none of the women he dated wasn't being honest with him.He lied about the letter ,clearly because he wants to get back together with her so badly.And i think the fl had her reasons to disguise as a boy,and i don't think she intentionally deceived the guy by not telling the truth cuz back then they were all kids.May be the fl likes the guy,but he's still unaware of the whole situation .I was confused in the beginning as well😆
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I hope he accepts her limitations nd I believe that she passes through a lot of trouble from the beginning....she was girl from the start but everyone takes her as a boy for her attire nd attitude I think she would have family issues or etc.....nd it should aslo be mentioned that as a good it's really difficult to accept such a circumstance for him so it would be time taken for him to understand her if she doesn't told him her passing problems......but it's really nice that he already started to show his concern for his best frnd I hope the story may be turned into its happy areas sooner.....
" I am this woman's husband"😍😍
wow he cares for her.....I hope he will be able to quit every thought about minzhu nd hopefully fell for her as soon as possible.......the story already takes its interesting part i couldn't wait for the next episode.....I wanna read this constantly 😍😍
i m toxic . so what?

1. Same scene (propose and rejected) without take a hint about previous development such a waste .
2. being unaware or he just basically dumb to the core (thats why it make development slow)
3. slow paced development but fastpacing situation .
4. btw about "why did you become girl?" .

instead of prolonging and money making only . just do the story development well . i dont g a f for proposing loop here .
i m toxic . so what?
ship sail for TL (Transg lead). congrats Male lead! no one want pull the trigger for you to change right now. just keep being ignorant and selfish.

its like this male lead h no future development~
J o y j o y😊💕
so it was like she is a boyish thing when she was toddler then I think she change, it's not like she had a transgender but I think she's a real girl
i m toxic . so what?
that disappointed face lol. after all our mc just a pathetic and ignorant person. deserve him to be in bad situation until he change
what first I feel very pity for him but now I could understand that he had very low class sense of humor he didn't Know how to treat a girl or how to impress her he only knows how to embarrass her nd beyond all of this he wouldn't have to take someone's advice as he believes he knows everything.......
yeah buddy,keep up the good spirit😉actually when he confessed, i was kinda hoping that she would say yes😩now i should consider shipping him with myself lol😹
I really don't understand why people do public broadcastings of there feelings.. when they are not confirm about other parties feeling at least first ask her alone that is she is in love with you or not or is she ready for marriage and when you get some kind of signal or something than go for public broadcastings of feelings...or so don't get offended by this its my opinion
chashni😉: exactly you got my point and the worst part cames when boys belam girls when they get rejected in public for their embarrassment and all efforts..
Ana Ulloa: Right if I were a guy and getting ready to propose I would be like hey are u serious and like mind marrying me sometime in the future just to be sure she might say yess and not end up embarrass
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Griffin Grey
Ok.... He did everything she told him not to do and miracle of miracles it didn’t work 🤔 The only thing he forgot was to yell “I want to be the father of your kids” 😒 And now he will blame MC 🙄 As I said before, this ML needs to mature. He is not a bad guy but honestly man, you are not a seven years old 🥺
misz fye
So this fella is a he or she??? I kinda believe she is a female but the way she reacted is telling me the other way around.
This guy is so stupid, u know what I don't care if I'm a girl or if she is trans I'm just gonna date this beautiful woman/man
I think the senior started to like her🤣
but one thing should be mentioned that she looks extremely pretty on this attire I just imagine the situation of changjun his child hood male best frnd suddenly changed into a hot girl what he couldn't imagine in his whole life 😂
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