K, the Cleanskin
Horror / Mystery / K-Art / Thriller

K, the Cleanskin

ToYou's Dream
K, the Cleanskin
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K, the Cleanskin Comics Online. I'm K, my daughter was raped and killed by dregs but they twisted all the truths and, in the end, my daughter became the one who's to be blamed. The police are afraid of them, the law can't control them, then I'm going to clean those dregs for good.
I'm K, you are the next to be terminated!

A moving and touching Korean story about a father seeking revenge for his own daughter.

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hey u all corona viruses.....just get lost.....he is now wearing mask and have sanitizer
🥀🖤DENGEL🤍🌹[lovely bitch]: lol 😂
Geeta Gandhi: can can...
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Kratos Taurus
Death is too simple for those bastards and their parents. If I were him I don't care about proving her innocence. I'll just kidnap every single one of the them including those high-school girls and the commenters and put them in a secret dungeon apart from the outside world and torture them every single second . Making them to regret being born into this world until I die. That they want to kill themselves before I kill them.
Himanshu: It is so disgusting that the society that we live in is so cold evil and rotten .
John Jeff: EXACTLY torture those sick F*cks
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Dirty bastards even laid there eyes on old woman.Disgrace to humankind.
moshawshin: really is very dark story
Jane: Sorry to bother, I am writing new Bl chat stories 'Tangled with you' and 'The love of a mutant', two totally different generes. As it's my first works so need honest opinions to improve. So if you feel interested please check them out. Thank you
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