K, the Cleanskin
Horror / Mystery / K-Art

K, the Cleanskin

ToYou's Dream
K, the Cleanskin
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K, the Cleanskin Comics Online. I'm K, my daughter was raped and killed by dregs but they twisted all the truths and, in the end, my daughter became the one who's to be blamed. The police are afraid of them, the law can't control them, then I'm going to clean those dregs for good.
I'm K, you are the next to be terminated!

A moving and touching Korean story about a father seeking revenge for his own daughter.

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Dad here knows how to dig up dirt but there r soo many cases where d family is shit by these capitalists n d girl either suicides or r totally alienated n driven mental by being called dirty..... their lyf is ruined..... d only support can come from media n government but even these r corrupted

I shudder reading this..... I hate going outside cuz I fear smthing like this..... I'm even scared of being outside in daylight
Lakshmi Bhavana Aka
Blaming women for the mistakes of men? This is shameless
They are parents , why not teach them a lesson and solve it peacefully ?Even though you are powerful why not accept their mistake? They did it willingly they have to accept the consequences willingly . That's the law of dignity. Although you lack humanity atleast you've to be dignified for being so powerful. Moreover, blaming others for your mistakes? DUDE! Atleast use some brain will you?
Vetri Vel: well sorry ladies but there are still guys and peoples support women. we have ladies as our friends, sisters, mother, wife, love. just keep in mind you ladies have supporters. Don't feel bad just coz some dominant groups accusing you
Yacchan is not in the mood😞: Hello there,sorry for bothering you reading this great comic,can you please click on my profile picture and give a try on my chat story,please~~ and tell me what you think about it
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I keep thinking that karma always takes care of everything..... but what did d victims do to get such a cruel retribution..... sure the assholes will get punished..... but what made karma attack d victims so cruelly!?
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