My Adorable Girlfriend
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My Adorable Girlfriend

Chudao Comic
My Adorable Girlfriend
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My Adorable Girlfriend Comics Online. Her family went bankrupt and her fiance broke up with her. On a snowy night, she met the guy who changes her whole life. In order to save the family, she gave up her dignity and pride. She thought everything would be better after that night, but the truth was... "You did all these on purpose!" He looked at her coldly, "Meeting you is the biggest mistake of my life." It turned out that he had never loved her...

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ѕιlenт ιvy🌹
Can i ask you all a few questions?
I have liked this guy for over a year now.. He was almost my inspiration to go to school EVERYDAY without missing one. But the problem here is.. He hangs out with some other girls, so it looks like he is play boy (he actually isn't).. But what bugs me the most is when he and ny classmate (girl) hangs out, joke around and somewhat play with each other, I feel jealous... Sometimes i would just cry trying to forget it. They ship me with him, and yes i like him, no i LOVE him... But does he love me ?? My friend once told me "Your charm wilk totally lure him to you." I guess uts not true. We sometimes ignore each other like ghosts, and when it comes to this "girl" he's like.. Inlove? I dont know if this is jealousy or hatred.. But i can sense both. The girls who normally hangs out with him are gold diggers. He once told me i was cute.. I FLIPPED. I dont know what kind if feeling this is.. Please help, Im mixed with emotions.
i sometimes try to be invisible to everyone.. It worked.
I would love to be his admirer
If only he loves me...
×+ιloveмanga_anιмe+: and you should just be yourself and that's what's important.
×+ιloveмanga_anιмe+: i think expressing your feelings would be better than not expressing because there might not be another chance where you can confess to the one you love and what if he did like you but he doesn't confess to and if he didn't then there should be nothing to be sad about because you can just move on right?
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I’m not even worried for them in this story, they’re doing amazing and are perfectly in sync with each other. It’s almost like they can read each other, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll fall into these people’s dirty tricks!

AND WHAT!? LMAO!?!? 😂😂🤣 REALLY MAN? You really were trying to accuse her of doing something to you when she’s done absolutely nothing at all? Seduce you? Why would she need to seduce you when she has a handsome bachelor as her fiancé? Shut yo ugly ass up 💀 make it make sense when you lie dumbass! You seen when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

And of course another dirty scheming b*tch wants to steal my cinnamon roll’s man, hmm 😒 prepare yourself byotch my girl is gonna always find a way to rip you a new a$$hole! Miss homewrecker wannabe is in touch with another shameless homewrecker wannabe!? *pretends to be surprised face* 😦😦😦😦😦
manga addict💀💀: my favourite comic is the bossy president
Dea Pramita: i love this comic, there's no a silly misunderstanding like the other. FL and ML is smart and badass at the same time.
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silent wolf
I just don't like all this love contract stuff its annoying why is it that all authors indication and direction are all the same
a girl who will betray her first love and meet a rude rich guy who will take her virginity and the will be someone very respected by a city he will like a god in that city that no one will be able to stop
after a while you will now tell us that her first love and the rude rich guy are related........................that is really annoying can't you people give something else just make the ML to be a poor or normal guy that's okay and don't let them to be related...with this I thing everyone will like it if it is a war between poor and rich guy and the poor guy win her at the ending
Herobrine Gamer01o: why do the novel gods(authors) love the ml so much their freaking born with silver spoon and they make themselves richer since they got big brains or something then they have like a martial arts or a general so they can protect fl and not always rely on the subordinate

theirs no ml that I seen (suggest if you have) that's their poor and don't have like rich parents that somehow lost them/got them kidnapped/swap at birth/hated/sold(by the mistress/step-mother)or sent to die....etc. they don't have humble beginnings they have "bad childhood" but they're still from a rich family even if they got disown ....since the grandpa will like him more and seemingly give/pass him the company since he quit/dying

why is there no ml that just hardworking and from an ordinary background (I ain't talking about those isekai'd or have an systems ml since their dumb(EQ.... those freaking woman's are throwing theirselves at those dense mc )since they freaking still got gods favor and became too OP)

Herobrine Gamer01o: make the poor guy a hard worker so he will later became rich........
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