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My Adorable Girlfriend

Chudao Comic
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Her family went bankrupt and her fiance broke up with her. On a snowy night, she met the guy who changes her whole life. In order to save the family, she gave up her dignity and pride. She thought everything would be better after that night, but the truth was... "You did all these on purpose!" He looked at her coldly, "Meeting you is the biggest mistake of my life." It turned out that he had never loved her...

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Ahh... the dilemma of translating Chinese phrases and idioms. Do I use the literal meaning or the figurative one? I decided to go with the literal meaning in this case because in the next episode, we have the assistant chuckling at her words when passing it along to the boss and thought that it would not be as funny if I wrote out what it actually means. Using the literal translation also makes her sound fierce. I also thought it wouldn't be hard to figure out but I also understand that English may not be the first language of a lot of people. I did leave a note in my translation but I guess it did not make it into the chapter.

Basically, "to sit on a toilet without taking a shit" means to occupy a position without actually doing any work or letting anyone else have the position. Li Jun Chen is holding on to his position as her "fiancé", even though they broke up, and not letting her look for other men.
🚩⊙_⊙🏳: i feel you
the same goes with another language
idioms always have something in the origin that cannot be replaced by others
Katrina Gajdzik: its the 'Shit or get off the pot' saying!😄
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Mary Jane
Can anyone recommend me a good story?? I'm tired of all these mangas having the same plot, a damsel in distress who sells herself, a rude rich af ml and lots and lots of drama. I want something where we can see a strong, independent FL and a loyal, caring ML with original, strong storyline😩😩
Carl Guzman: No doubt in us too
Itz LaurenXx: my suggestion would be pharoahs concubine i have not read the whole story yet... But trust me its worth reading
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Oh my Goodness don’t kill me but First Comment ye ye ok anyway let me give some spoilers if you want but scroll away if you don’t

Basically it’s kind of short but They break up because the contract has ended even if they love each other they hide their feelings and he basically agrees to marrying the other girl can’t remember her cause she irrelevant but anyway he agrees and she starts hanging with this other dude and I can’t remember how but they stop on the road it’s raining the guy she’s been hanging with puts an umbrella over her head and is holding her while she is talking to our ml and so she ask him did you really agree and he says yes she loosens the other guys grip on her and says am I not worth your love and I am to little to be with you and something like that and she’s crying so basically she confessed and the ml and fl went home together that’s were I stopped reading but it continues just that’s all I know for now Goodbye
AngelaUwU🤪😤💜🖤💜: Yea but like 2 episodes later she confessed and I think they got back together
AngelaUwU🤪😤💜🖤💜: Nope they broke up because of the contract ended look up mangazin on your web browser and you can read like 20 episodes ahead for free of course
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