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My Adorable Girlfriend

Chudao Comic
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Her family went bankrupt and her fiance broke up with her. On a snowy night, she met the guy who changes her whole life. In order to save the family, she gave up her dignity and pride. She thought everything would be better after that night, but the truth was... "You did all these on purpose!" He looked at her coldly, "Meeting you is the biggest mistake of my life." It turned out that he had never loved her...

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oh my god my fav comic here and I love female lead she is so bold like my naughty sweet heart thank you sooooooooooooo much mangatoon guys believe me its one of the most interesting comic that one can never get bored seriously and author great job what an great plot and ideas?😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘love you author
😎My mt family is crazy😂😂😎: thanks ru
Ru.....: this one
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Erica(Let's kill this love)
Mom : What are you watching...?
Me: Mom, i am reading comics...
Mom: will you ever grow up...
Me : ( get up and lock the door and reading this all alone) thinking * says who i am not grown up....
Erica(Let's kill this love) : why sorry?
ARMY LOVES MANGA: where are you from??
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why oh why every time I reading the manga, the girl can get a guy who is very very rich just with one night love or once sleeping ?? in real life, you will be left if you have used it. but in the manga world, you even get love, wealth and position at once. I am very jealous, really jealous😁😁
BTS😍V😍IDOL: what a coincidence! ME TOO
Ter Ter: For me I wanna spent every night with V JIMIN JUNGKOOK even if they don’t give me money 😂😍
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