My Adorable Girlfriend
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My Adorable Girlfriend

Chudao Comic
My Adorable Girlfriend
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My Adorable Girlfriend Comics Online. Her family went bankrupt and her fiance broke up with her. On a snowy night, she met the guy who changes her whole life. In order to save the family, she gave up her dignity and pride. She thought everything would be better after that night, but the truth was... "You did all these on purpose!" He looked at her coldly, "Meeting you is the biggest mistake of my life." It turned out that he had never loved her...

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Girl, listen! Tell him everything. Clearly. Hide nothing. Discuss the best way to resolve. 2 brains is better then 1 brain to find a solution. He loves you and will clearly protect you and the baby. He will understand the circumstances.
You being keeping a secret will make him more angrier when he knows it later. It will cause miss understanding and makes you look guilty and suspicious. I wont blame him if he won’t believe you in first place however you explain the truth. Because it was you who not believe in him.

Gosh! I think it’s stupid if someone think to overcoming problem by themself by keeping secrets or leaving the beloved one is means protecting. HELL NO! It’s hurting and its stupid! You have brain to think, heart to feel, mouth to speak, and trust to gain power from people who sincerely love you and willing to help you regardless everything happened. Doing it by yourself is meaningless and pointless!

Sorry, i though you are smart enough but at this point you are disappointing!!
Grace Narvaez: trust is very important...
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Fl0ra Belmar
story line isn't all that different from other 'she was once rich, her best friend or step sibling and first love betrayed her... she met 'the most powerful young president and got her revenge after signing a relationship contract with him. she gets her revenge, realise she loves the president, play dishonest games about how she really feels, with the president. they later realise they really love each other... blah blah blah...'
if I'm wrong about how the story goes, sorry...
I got my 10points and I'm out!!!
Naina Singh: okay thanks
haeyaone: What’s make it different is this FL is offering herself to ML and act all sluty in front of everyone. She didn’t hide. While the other fl from other manhwas are being either drunk or drugged the having one night with the ml. At least this girl can stand for herself and savage to her opponents..
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Oh no! Shen shen, you have to exist, or your bae would still be a cold iceburg without your love.
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