My Adorable Girlfriend
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My Adorable Girlfriend

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My Adorable Girlfriend
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ѕιlenт ιvy🌹
Can i ask you all a few questions?
I have liked this guy for over a year now.. He was almost my inspiration to go to school EVERYDAY without missing one. But the problem here is.. He hangs out with some other girls, so it looks like he is play boy (he actually isn't).. But what bugs me the most is when he and ny classmate (girl) hangs out, joke around and somewhat play with each other, I feel jealous... Sometimes i would just cry trying to forget it. They ship me with him, and yes i like him, no i LOVE him... But does he love me ?? My friend once told me "Your charm wilk totally lure him to you." I guess uts not true. We sometimes ignore each other like ghosts, and when it comes to this "girl" he's like.. Inlove? I dont know if this is jealousy or hatred.. But i can sense both. The girls who normally hangs out with him are gold diggers. He once told me i was cute.. I FLIPPED. I dont know what kind if feeling this is.. Please help, Im mixed with emotions.
i sometimes try to be invisible to everyone.. It worked.
I would love to be his admirer
If only he loves me...
Sneha Thapliyal: i think you should try to be vlise with the one you love ,if you spend time with him you can be his sweetheart.😌 hang out with him, show your cute side
Sneha Thapliyal: i think you should try to be vlise with the one you love ,if you spend time with him you can be his sweetheart.😌 hang out with him, show your cute side
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Fl0ra Belmar
story line isn't all that different from other 'she was once rich, her best friend or step sibling and first love betrayed her... she met 'the most powerful young president and got her revenge after signing a relationship contract with him. she gets her revenge, realise she loves the president, play dishonest games about how she really feels, with the president. they later realise they really love each other... blah blah blah...'
if I'm wrong about how the story goes, sorry...
I got my 10points and I'm out!!!
P Brady: do you think that any one wishes that he or she could be in a relationship like that? crazy to my mind!
P Brady: I liked the story line the first time or (10 jeez) but it's not worth reading on a tiny screen - or at all anymore.
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Oh wow she already caught on so quickly! She’s very smart, I keep making the mistake of underestimating their intelligence!

And honestly, this dumb bimbo b!tch is gettin on my nerves foreal though, like you’re still mad about your face being ruined? I think she did you a favor with that face of yours 🤢🤮 maybe she should eat some makeup, then she’ll be a little less ugly on the inside😪

Girl did anyone tell you to crash her relative’s funeral that day? You deserved way worse than that, be thankful she didn’t make it your funeral next on that same day 😑
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yeah it happens a lot, but I’m at least glad she’s smart almost all the time, she blew away my expectations in a good way ;)
sakura dust: you underestimate because a lot of FLs are like that... sadly.... they start off smart and catches on to things quickly but halfway through or something, they all of sudden cant even recognize an obvious lie to trap them. I feel that same as you though.... lol
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Fair competition? Girl what competition? She can’t compete with you for 💩. You can’t even consider her your competition let’s be real.

She’s nowhere near your level in terms of personality or even looks. Should’ve went Nicki Minaj on her ass and said “I’m the iPhone, you a Nokia” 😂😂😂🤣

That’s like comparing wal-mart with Chanel, she’s nowhere near her level at all lol. And jun Chen definitely doesn’t want her ass, you win 😘
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: LMAOOOO at least u got what I meant hurhur
relejando: i saw the poop emoji and yelled FOR SHIT. FOR SHIIIIIT
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I don’t know how I feel about this whole background story of her mom and dad’s relationship. So she was married to some rich guy and had an affair because he started having an affair and had mistresses on the side? Just seems like a hot mess to me, and I feel bad for her dad. She seemed like she drained him of his money bc of her crazy spending lifestyle. I don’t like her mom, I have a really bad impression of her these past chapters. I feel bad for Shen Shen for having to be born as an illegitimate because of her selfishness.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: It’s fun to talk about hahaha we always get to imagine ourselves in these scenarios, especially the romantic parts 😏 this stuff is for fantasy anyway! It’s understandable but most guys don’t get it haha it’s hilarious
ahbbjeh: he always thinks i ask him the most ridiculous or dramatic stuff but thats what happens in the comics here! lololol
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I’m not even worried for them in this story, they’re doing amazing and are perfectly in sync with each other. It’s almost like they can read each other, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll fall into these people’s dirty tricks!

AND WHAT!? LMAO!?!? 😂😂🤣 REALLY MAN? You really were trying to accuse her of doing something to you when she’s done absolutely nothing at all? Seduce you? Why would she need to seduce you when she has a handsome bachelor as her fiancé? Shut yo ugly ass up 💀 make it make sense when you lie dumbass! You seen when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

And of course another dirty scheming b*tch wants to steal my cinnamon roll’s man, hmm 😒 prepare yourself byotch my girl is gonna always find a way to rip you a new a$$hole! Miss homewrecker wannabe is in touch with another shameless homewrecker wannabe!? *pretends to be surprised face* 😦😦😦😦😦
manga addict💀💀: my favourite comic is the bossy president
Dea Pramita: i love this comic, there's no a silly misunderstanding like the other. FL and ML is smart and badass at the same time.
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Sigh OF FREAKING COURSE THEY WOULD FEED HIM THOSE PILLS OF ALL THINGS 😑😑😑 I’m starting to suspect that guy. Is he joining in on them to try to sleep wirh Shen!? I don’t trust him either way, I think she’s smart enough to find a way out on her own but who knows. Hopefully she’ll be saved anyway
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Good that u pointed it out. I don’t trust him either now. At first I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but now I’m like 👀
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Just the way that he didn’t even hesitate for one second and ate those pills were a red flag to begin with. He is SHAAADY
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I’m so glad shes getting better! It’s so fortunate that she has an amazing mom like her by her side! Every time I see her biological mother my blood boils for her, she’s such a disgusting deadbeat. I hope she refuses to have relations with her when she finds out she’s her mom someday. I love how much they care for each other! That is a real mother and daughter relationship right there!
Sue Young
I very bad at English. I sueyoung come from Korea and never seen amazing abs well other than bts
abhinav Singh: can we be frnd and I will teach you English like a pro
abhinav Singh: he man I am from India and I like to be your friend
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SPOILERRRR!!!!! dont worry nothing will happen between just li junchen will see shen zen with a lot of blood cause of accident.....n then he will know she actually pregnant
Ivonny Fen: is the baby save? how is su bai? they noth fine?
Nardos Tsegaw: @si2yunnn how do you know?
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Exactly, you can’t compete with her. She already has jun Chen’s heart anyway, so stop making a fool out of yourself by pestering him. He can find out anything he wants even without your so called “help” anyway.

And yes girl! I understand she has trust issues regarding her last relationship ending with a betrayal, but there are good men like jun Chen out there girl! Trust him more he will not cheat on u!
She ain’t wrong though, he is the king of jealousy for sure ;) in a good way tho! Cherish him well woman!! I love how they both respect each other and treat each other equally as the other half. The ML in this story is way better than those possessive crazy MLs who treat their woman as a plaything and possession.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: *cough cough* Mofan the moron
lemurloki: And don't forget the exes who marry their fiance's sister but then feel that they have a right to be jealous and pass moral judgements on the girl they dumped. Or robbed and dumped.
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Räîn Böww
10minutes for ten points
Anubhav Saklani: same here
Enriette Songella: Same here
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Her biological mother really rubs me the wrong way. I hate how selfish she is and how she doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about Shen Shen even while knowing she’s her daughter. Jun Chen is spot on, I’m so glad she has an amazing adoptive mother backing her up, otherwise she really is too pitiful. Her real mom is a deadbeat who only cares about what benefits herself. Scum of the earth.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: True, can’t consider that a mom. Just a donor 😷 deadbeat ass lol
TheRazeluXE: Well she might be her mother but she wasn’t her mommy 😂
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Räîn Böww
mom : stop your reading and go to bed
me: just one more episode I will go to bed
10minutes later
mom: u want to sleep or u want me to hit u daughter
me : just one more mom
mom : I can't believe u anymore . u will said mom just one more until i'm lazy to ask u go to bed
me : mommm
mom : shot up ! give your phone to me
20minutes later
I go to my mother's room and than I saw her reading this manga so ........nothing to say
Hinata-kun UwU: same here if she saw what i was reading i would be so dead
Lala Development: lol, maybe you mom nostalgia with this comic
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#Nayeon 22
Shen shen can you contact your hubby now?....Maybe his phone is on now so call him.......But for sure he's on the way to save you cause your feelings is connected😍when you are in trouble your hubby know where are you and then he will save you.....Its like gps hahahahah😂 BUT GUYS ITS TRUE MAYBE THEIR FEELINGS IS CONNECTED CAUSE THEY ARE HUSBAND AND WIFE😍 THATS THE POWER OF LOVE😍 YOU SHOULD HANG ON YOUR HUBBY WULL SAVE YOU SOON😊
this I don't get it. woman leaves man for her own gain, they break up then after so many years, comes back and expects his man to still be waiting and so much in love with her, of course the man has already met the FL, they are in love, shows with their actions and words how deeply they are for each other then what comes next are plot after plot after plot of either hurting/killing the FL...
I can see where she’s coming from. Having lived without her biological mother by her side for majority of her life, it’s natural for her to want to give her future children a complete family! Don’t worry girl jun Chen will be a great father for your children! Please get married and have babies 😍
They gave him an aphrodisiac drug, so they would end up sleeping together but hopefully nothing happens and he can controls himself. Damn, Li why did you had to turn off your mobile during such a crucial moment.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: It was a rhetorical question. But hey that's like your opinion and you're entitled to be wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️
LittleTreasurexJason: I expected him to. He's unreliable like I've been saying.
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Oh no of course that evil old hag had bad intentions behind everything! It’s too good to be true that she changed her attitude all of a sudden anyway :/ I hope they catch on soon before it’s too late! I think she’s gonna cause quite a bit of trouble for them now
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