My Adorable Girlfriend
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My Adorable Girlfriend

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My Adorable Girlfriend
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Girl, listen! Tell him everything. Clearly. Hide nothing. Discuss the best way to resolve. 2 brains is better then 1 brain to find a solution. He loves you and will clearly protect you and the baby. He will understand the circumstances.
You being keeping a secret will make him more angrier when he knows it later. It will cause miss understanding and makes you look guilty and suspicious. I wont blame him if he won’t believe you in first place however you explain the truth. Because it was you who not believe in him.

Gosh! I think it’s stupid if someone think to overcoming problem by themself by keeping secrets or leaving the beloved one is means protecting. HELL NO! It’s hurting and its stupid! You have brain to think, heart to feel, mouth to speak, and trust to gain power from people who sincerely love you and willing to help you regardless everything happened. Doing it by yourself is meaningless and pointless!

Sorry, i though you are smart enough but at this point you are disappointing!!
Zaphany Maduro: qssssszszzz***%
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Fl0ra Belmar
story line isn't all that different from other 'she was once rich, her best friend or step sibling and first love betrayed her... she met 'the most powerful young president and got her revenge after signing a relationship contract with him. she gets her revenge, realise she loves the president, play dishonest games about how she really feels, with the president. they later realise they really love each other... blah blah blah...'
if I'm wrong about how the story goes, sorry...
I got my 10points and I'm out!!!
Fl0ra Belmar: I just checked your work. you're amazing
Chihara Studios✔: hello, please check out my novel "The Thread Of Happiness" maybe you will like it, thanks
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Oh no! Shen shen, you have to exist, or your bae would still be a cold iceburg without your love.
Chihara Studios✔: hello, please check out my novel "The Thread Of Happiness" maybe you will like it, thanks
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Shen Shen really knows how to play her cards right and outsmart all her enemies! That stupid ass girl really doesn’t know when to stop, does she? 🙄
I'm not the only one who questioning the FL's attitude now.
it's file like she become dumb woman now.
first I really this manhua.
but now after the FL try to hide something important to ML when she knows it will get him misunderstood about her, I disheartened.
I think I will wait for quite sometimes before continue my reading.
Omg girl why is this such an issue? You know damn well that the child in your womb is his! That’s all you need to know, don’t let that evil broad threaten you! Hopefully Jun Chen is already aware or at least find out it was the crazy lady’s doing 😒
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: I have the feelings he knows very well what's going on but it's giving her the opportunity to be honest and tell him what's going on.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Exactly this like the only time I actually don’t get her behavior, hopefully Jun Chen won’t misunderstand her but I’m not surprised if it does happen
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Ichigo Kurosaki
okay I'm lost so her bio dad is wat exactly to her bio mom?
IZQ’V1U: Lol it’s her brother . Shen Shen a incest baby lol
El Qohfath: Thanks And You Stay Safe Too 😁😁
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Mr. Lover
I think that she need a education for good moral after she get that position she was becomeing an evil but why that man always stay on that woman i really really not like that woman attitude. If you want a revenge try not to know them so you will never get trouble someday.
Carrie Hill: There is literally no morals in this so i'm not surprised
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Mariela Javier Martinez
I really love this story, but because I'm busy at work,so I almost forgot about this,. well, the last episode that I read is 21 right now, I was expecting I missed a lot of episode. Yeah I do

Sad to say, When I was trying to download and I figured out the unlocked episode., I was so sad.
Mary Ann Jenette Suquib
Everytime I looked the art of the ml and fl I am just thinking that they're like siblings.. Their hair, eyes, and face are both similar.... What do you think readers???
✨🌑déja vu🌕✨
is it only me or everyone that after reading so many comics with fl having colourful hair it seems a bit odd to have a fl with black hair
StrawberryBananaGacha S: Same.
Anonymous: mmhmmmmmm
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Oh! So her real father is her mother's paternal uncle. Should she call him dad then? Or grandfather?
Sky: no he's not her mother's uncle he's her brother in law
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Shi Neko
It makes sense now why she has poor health.
✨🌑déja vu🌕✨
this is the first time that I'm seeing a fl acting as a slut or those characters whose role is to seduce ml from the fl
KatsumiShipsTododeku_BakudekuShipperÙwÚ: Same This truly feels uh new?
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I don't understand why she wants to end their relationship.. getting more and more suspicious
My favorite is when the fl boyfriend or fiance dumps the fl and the fl finds someone else the ex gets mad that he has someone new and the fly moved on
Blessing Longe: exactly... so selfish... the don't want to let go or allow you move on...
Rose Parham: right? like they have no right to be jealous. It's not their place anymore.
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Sarang Haeyo
OMG...please.. don't make her and her baby in trouble...keep the mother&baby safe and sound..
WAIT!! It was 7 days after her father died? I know this story has a slow pace but I don’t expect to be this slow. 56 chapter and all those happend in only 8 days???
For u: No that's the truth, it has only been 7days.
Krysbe: I think this is a poor translation, typo, or some other misconception. I think it's supposed to be 7 weeks. At work be point there was even a notice of "3 days later" and I think there was even a 1 week later item.
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Wow, I love how considerate and caring he is for her! He’s not just wanting to have children but also is caring about her health too! We really need less of the trash abusive MLs we see in other comics and more of this one!
Breanna Quarles: riigggghhhttt!!!! i was just about to say he said he'd get a vasectomy and everything. he could've just told her to get some type of birth control!! and he limited how many kids he wanted with her
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i still don't get it, could anyone explain it to me ??
Sky: her father is the brother in law of her mother not her uncle
Let_me...: yep. you are right. her mother is the actress and her father is the actress' uncle. So it's incestous. No wonder her mother didn't want her.
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