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Hayle Coven Novels Novel Online. Dreams and Echoes synopsis
Poor Little Witch Girl 
Meira gobbled her dinner before running off to play with her friends, a quick kiss for first Sass, then me and finally our mother as she dashed away. Mom rose a short time later,walking to the counter to dish up another serving. She'd be disappearing shortly, off to take food to my grandmother, and I'd lose the chance I had to ask her what I really wanted to ask. But the words stuck in my throat so long Mom had already walked past me, a glass of milk and more steaming casserole on a plate, before I managed to speak.
"I want to get a job."
Sydlynn Hayle just wants to be ordinary. But with a witch for a mother and a demon for a father, her dream of being normal and like everyone else has its difficulties. When Syd lands a job in a hair salon, she finally feels like her wish to be just folks could be coming true. That is, until the ghost haunting her house wakes to ask her a favor...

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