Spruce Bay Series

Alexander McGilvery
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Spruce Bay Series Novel Online. Book 1: Wendigo Whispers
Terror and madness wait to strike …
Eager to start fresh, Leigh accepts a teaching job in the remote northern community of Spruce Bay. The fading mining community is rife with abandoned homes that breed a class of listless alcoholics and violent gangs. Resentment and hopelessness fill the cold air. Nevertheless, Leigh loves the town and the kids in her classes.
Just as she begins believing everything will work out, she has a second psychotic break from reality. And another teacher is murdered ... that same night.
Leigh remembers harsh, evil whispers and an ax. Nothing more.
As the body count rises, Leigh and her husband become the last line of defence against an evil force that wants to destroy the town.
Book 2: Cry of the White Moose
A white moose, seen as a spirit animal by the Cree is shot. The hunters are murdered, then the hunting lodges burned to the ground. A group calling themselves the White Moose Clan has declared war on Canada and Spruce Bay is caught in the middle. Jim and Leigh struggle with escalating tensions between groups in town as events spiral out of control.

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