The Bride of Hades
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The Bride of Hades

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The Bride of Hades
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Tina Novak
I love that he gets shy when she compliments him. I hope she can forgive him and they can get back together as a family soon!

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scarlet____ shimmer_______
why the hell did king of Hades blushed 🤬.
and fl please don't fall for him again . sorry I can't forget what he did to her and how was his behaviour towards our fl.😔
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Min Young
even if she doesn't like Hades she shouldn't avoid her baby..what a heartless peraon Yu is...she's really mean for being harsh with the kid just because she doesn't like Hades
Neng Skie
I thnk the reason why the fire spread across nether land is beacause of there sons powers and why king of hades try to put out the fire is because he realized he loved Yu but he can only save there son and why he is weak is also because he tried to put out the fire to save Yu
Am I weird or something but is it just me who wants her and the king of hades toget more then anything and then slap yingying in the face. I feel like she deserved NO respect at all for yu! My poor yu has been through so much and their was nobody their to comfort her one bit. Well except that old guy fishing from when she jumped and fell from the sky as he say. And also this new brother who is working with her. If she doesn’t get with king of hades I don’t mind them other 2 getting back together both dude are cuties and sweet to her❣️
Jos Vi 🌐||MTC||🌐
😂😂😂 oh Mr. king of Hades you really use your son to his full capacity uh?!?! you won't show up but instead you'll use your son and wife to help these people? 😂😂😂😂 good man! sorry good ghost 😂😂😂
Jos Vi 🌐||MTC||🌐: hehe thank you 😅😅😊😊
GachaElementor: nice one 🙂
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Queen of Hell
I think that they are they same person .
I know since YingYing ( Fl's friend ) could couldn't sense it , but since he's the king of the dead , maybe he can come alive when he wants to or he can remove what they call the smell of the dead from him and portray a exact living person .

Hell ! It's confusing !
King Hades is shaaaaa cool😭😭😭Yu when are u gonna forgive him😭😭😭❤❤❤I can't wait to see you three together ❤
bayya: Yes, especially knowing that he planned to use her and her baby just to revive his past love. It can never hurt more than that! He deserve being ignored as a comeuppance! No matter if he changed his mind then, the damage is done!
𝔐𝔲𝔣𝔣𝔦𝔫🍒🐰: Yes!!! I wanna know what exactly happened between them... it's still a suspense🧖🏿‍♀️
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Maria Cintron
Just remembered that it’s cause of king of hades that Yu doesn’t have a heart. To save qingyun( the man who gave his heart 2 times to save her) she gave hers in return ,out of guilt. hades said it was all apart of his plan ,including ;her and the ghost baby( to get his old lover “Li” back).
I reay hate hades and yu both of them are dumb at first yu doesnt like hades but hades is trying everything to keep her now that yu d
fell in love with hades hades doesnt want her now like whaaat you did everything just to keep her now that you have you let her jump on that freaking fire are you nuts?? 3 days before she went back to her friends you guys litterally had *BEEP* and three days later you want her to jump on the fire like bruhh she keeps her promise that she will be back and now what did you just doo (My hands hurt but heart is mad)
@Anime-Chan: Allright...sorry..
M Rib: i think he saved her from the fire. she should be dead.... there are misterious stuff happened that day..... Hades isn't has bad as we all think.
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I don't care
the boy is like...mommy give me some attention please🥺.... I'm your cute and brave son... love me🥺☺️
Shreya Ghosh: love them
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Gee Gee Gee Biybi Bibibi!
Aww!! so the stuff thing that he's satisfied with is that lavender haired girl ! Why the hel did she always see them! in too many places!? Come on! move on te, bwesit.
i love their baby so much, the father (ML) have a good taste for their son's outfit. why he so cute i cant help to smile every time he came out
❤~never ending love~❤
King of hades is trying his best to make peace with yu, but i don't understand why in the past he made her hate him.
I don't care about king of hades but why she is ignoring her own child.... no matter he is a human or ghost after all her own child she shouldn't have ignored him....
TaNnnn: Fine then 😀
Rani: no it's okay 😍
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author pls pls pls get them both married, I'm terrible in here. And also make a lot of love in the next episode pls pls please....
oh myy!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤father and son 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤just be together already girl. else your son will be hurt 😖😖yu sheng is such a cuteeeee adorableee cry baby😭💞💞💞i love yu sheng a lotttttt!!!!! yu sheng's cute behaviour shows how our hades treat him 💞he really is too precious for our hades 💜💜💜
Rose HOLANI: poor baby...I am sad😭. Parents need to be good examples to their children.
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Maria Cintron
I like how they characters clothing changes per day and certain situations like the pajamas to fool the Fui girl... it makes it feel more like a real world that you’re being apart of. And I like howYu is finally not as much as a fool as she use to be. For not at least...
Hina A Horani G
Aww, i can't take off my eyes on the little baby, he's so cute and innocent that i really fall for him 😍💖💜
well after this xiao xiao becomes a white evil and then everyone struggles to make her beck to normal and then king of hades struggles too and then xiao xiao was taken to hospital so that she could see her little brother and then a miracle happens and she becomes normal then both her brother and she goes underworld and then xiao xiao was free 🥺❤️then our bride of hades faints and then gets up in bed ...........
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Siya Jain: yea I read that's just that the manga is in the name of "The Ghost Bride"
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