Fall for You, Dote on You
Romance / CEO

Fall for You, Dote on You

Fall for You, Dote on You
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Update on Tue, Sun
Fall for You, Dote on You Comics Online. An unwanted adopted daughter, spiked drink, a wrong room with a bossy president in...sounds like some CEO comic cliche all over again, right?
Well... this time, what makes a difference is the president's ADORKABLE courtship of her.
Let's welcome our clumsy yet sincere president, who's making his first wooing attempt~Woo-hoo!

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Finally Qianyue accept her feelings for Zeyuan just look at how much she loves him T^T !! Alright so here’s what happen next after Zeyuan rushes her to the hospital, Qianyue have lose a lot of bloods and really in a critical condition. Her blood type is really rare to find, but luckily her biological brother is also there, since both of them have the same blood type so he donated his blood for her, now she is finally safe. Her blood type is really another huge clue to her true identity before finds out about the jade pendant necklace. With her jade pendant the old butler was the one who point it out to Zeyuan, he asked Zeyuan if he remembers it and he said yes, so then that’s when the Old Butler is sure that Qianyue is the right Young Miss and her biological brother finally gets to know that she is his real sister
Noah: How do you know so much.........?
licht: Yeah me too..i enjoy reading it plus the art is amazing 😍
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Zeyuan is gonna come to save his wife in the next episode so here’s what happen next, since the kidnapper got really mad when he didn’t see Zeyuan comes with the money so he threatens the brother by asking which one of the girls he wants to save, he dropped both girls from the rooftop at the same time by cutting the rope string. Luckily Zeyuan comes in the right moment to save Qianyue and the brother save his own sister. When the kidnapper see Zeyuan is there, he take out his gun and try to shoot him but Qianyue see that she suddenly cover up and take the bullet for him, at that moment she wants to tell Zeyuan “I love you” but suddenly fainted. Zeyuan immediately take her to the hospital and then that’s when the truths about her identity will revealed
KawaiiKiwi Kun: Thank you, this is the spoiler I needed and was waiting for!! Finally her Identity!!
вι¢н тнє αяму'ѕ αяє нєяє💜😎: who is pregnant 🤔🤔🤔
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Well for spoilers kidnapper take female lead and her sister to the rooftop and threat their brother to give the ransom money but he can only save one person (I think) so he let rope go and both sisters fall at the same time but our male lead came with his bodyguard and somehow protect female lead and his brother protect her dumb sister and fight starts between male lead bodyguards and kidnappers but the main kidnapper take his gun out and shoot male lead but female lead turn him over and take bullet and after some chapter female lead real brother going to know about the conspiracy and regret about that how can he believes her doppelganger.
Vishu: but it's still on that website
Becca Louise21: The same place but it's in Chinese and I can't read Chinese.😂
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