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Supremacy of The Demon World

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This is a world where demon and human live together and martial art is the most overwhelming power. Yao yue, attacked by an mental disorder caused by his brother in his childhood, has be humiliated by others since then and even be expelled to“ No-demon Abyss”. There, after inheriting life-long cultivation base from a secret demon core, which also resurrects and heals him, Yao yue is determined to start his cultivation and will be never at the mercy of others!

Manga Toon got authorization from Leyouyinghua to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yaodaozhizun,ydzz
Time Travel
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why is the artwork getting worse?.... I mean just go to like chapter seven and then you'll really notice. I think what's really bad is the extra lines that are added everywhere. it is good for certain situations but not everywhere it just makes it look like poor quality and makes the characters look old as well they should still be in their older teens and mid-twenties some and I mean some could be in their thirties. and I am only saying this cause I really really love this manga this is a great storyline and I can't wait for the new chapters. this was not meant to be like oh this is the worst ever because I really like this.
Marvin Bautista Pagtalunan: waaaaatttt
Ryan Clarke: o I'm I'll lk k o
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This is getting ridiculous, this is still part of the academy's field practice, a fee mercs infiltrated, ok, but now it seams like 100 mercs go in, are the guys in the academy that useless? Are you telling me they have no way of monitoring the students or t least knowing if something is off? For one of the bet academies in the world it sounds rather ridiculous.
Brawl Brother: hear lol
Brawl Brother: This is different but the ones I read the older generation couldn't interfere and whoever died died. I here you though
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Joseph Seesaran
has anyone else watched a movie based on the origin of the monkey king???? just me? cuz this looks like when the monkey king lead his people into a cave behind a waterfall to live
Rashad Greene: burn are in that & yeah Jackie Chan is a drunken master. While Jet Li is the Monkey King.
Meat Ball: i think it's a journey to the west not monkey king movie
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