Supremacy of The Demon World
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Supremacy of The Demon World

Supremacy of The Demon World
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Supremacy of The Demon World Comics Online. This is a world where demon and human live together and martial art is the most overwhelming power. Yao yue, attacked by an mental disorder caused by his brother in his childhood, has be humiliated by others since then and even be expelled to“ No-demon Abyss”. There, after inheriting life-long cultivation base from a secret demon core, which also resurrects and heals him, Yao yue is determined to start his cultivation and will be never at the mercy of others!

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Daniel Rios
so was he totally not willing to accept her being abducted? When the hell did 17 years go by?! lol so was all that training a recap? Did he meet everyone currently?! Did he just not stable that he can't tell the time Difference? lol Did he cultivate a time law? Damn when you follow his journey to find out he left his house then suddenly his wife was abducted 17yrs. Not like last month? who else thought it wasn't that long that the demon clan took her to become their saint?🧐🤯 my mind just can't figure it at all?
gvZCtaFRMQzK0xj: yeah the fellow down there is right in start i was confused as you but i said he must mean the day she came to home or the day they arranged that she will be his finance
Robert Beaver: 17 years ago was when she came into the family, when grandpa found/took her
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Damn imagine going shopping with your daughter or gf and some rich guy sees her and likes her and he comes to your house with an army to marry her.
Aruxxel: Woah there🤣
Sandhya Has: I'm a girl so let's say if some bi*ch gets infatuated with my bf and dares put her filthy feet into my house I'll lock her up and torture her in the thousand different ways I know(I'm slightly psycho, I keep it under wraps unless it concerns my loved ones then all hell breaks loose)
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Thousand Sunny
“PUFF, PUFF”????

Come on, seriously? These guys aren’t choo-choo trains, they aren’t hookas, pipes, or blunts, and they definitely aren’t ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. So what is with this whole “Puff Puff” thing? People don’t ever actually go “Puff Puff”, even when they’re exhausted to the point of needing to catch their breath (well, maybe out their @ss, but that’s debatable). People go “Huff Huff”. Thanks for listening to my obnoxious whining. More importantly, sorry.
Thousand Sunny : To be fair, this is a professional translation, mistakes or not. Professional translations are made with the aim of making everything understandable from the perspective of the reader’s language so there’ll never have to be any explanations.
icarus: translation on this apps are sucks!! so many typos.. and no explanation. and its almost imposible to aply to be a translator on this apps.
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