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Supremacy of The Demon World

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This is a world where demon and human live together and martial art is the most overwhelming power. Yao yue, attacked by an mental disorder caused by his brother in his childhood, has be humiliated by others since then and even be expelled to“ No-demon Abyss”. There, after inheriting life-long cultivation base from a secret demon core, which also resurrects and heals him, Yao yue is determined to start his cultivation and will be never at the mercy of others!

MangaToon got authorization from Leyouyinghua to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yaodaozhizun,ydzz
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Momo Taku
The infamous scream

A skill commonly and excessively used throughout many series that involve a overpowered lead which has powers which are never fully explained in the novels. It is said to lift the limiters of the MC giving them access to the most bullshit and has a duration which lasts until the death of the opposing rival or until the MC gets caught off guard even though he has been introduced as a dexterous, agile, strong, and intelligent MC. Even until this day no one has questioned the power of the MC but we can correlate the scream to the explanation of his powers.

P.S Screams is the main way to execute the effects but
shortcuts such as:

Grunting, moaning, crying, frowning, and jealously can trigger the power boost or provide an unusual benefits and at times useless effects for the MC. 🤓🤓🤓
Intan Riya Novita: the nomer hpe no
Intan Riya Novita: the nomer hpe
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Grace Agnes Sardillo
i say if you are here just for points why Not keep it to yourselves? is it really necessary to slap the author with your insensitivity? it's good if you went for points but then enjoyed reading...but if not...then shut it..smh
Riley : Same was jut here for the coins but really did enjoy it
Arun Singh: when next chapters realised
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Momo Taku
*Monkey has joined the party*

MC: "You must be wondering why I have accepted the monkey?"

Me: "No you just accepted the monkey because the author written out the plot that way and make the monkey scale in proportions to give it a cuter look so readers will agree with the choice without questioning why. Plus you gotta have weaker members in the party so the story doesn't become predictable with you as the lead."
Dezarae Steele: me:what the heck

you:it is called a speech seek with it

me:ooooookkkkk wirdo
Demonic Monkey: Why are you like that...😂😂
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