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Supremacy of The Demon World

Momo Taku
The infamous scream

A skill commonly and excessively used throughout many series that involve a overpowered lead which has powers which are never fully explained in the novels. It is said to lift the limiters of the MC giving them access to the most bullshit and has a duration which lasts until the death of the opposing rival or until the MC gets caught off guard even though he has been introduced as a dexterous, agile, strong, and intelligent MC. Even until this day no one has questioned the power of the MC but we can correlate the scream to the explanation of his powers.

P.S Screams is the main way to execute the effects but
shortcuts such as:

Grunting, moaning, crying, frowning, and jealously can trigger the power boost or provide an unusual benefits and at times useless effects for the MC. 🤓🤓🤓
Intan Riya Novita: the nomer hpe no
Intan Riya Novita: the nomer hpe
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Grace Agnes Sardillo
i say if you are here just for points why Not keep it to yourselves? is it really necessary to slap the author with your insensitivity? it's good if you went for points but then enjoyed reading...but if not...then shut it..smh
Riley : Same was jut here for the coins but really did enjoy it
Arun Singh: when next chapters realised
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Momo Taku
*Monkey has joined the party*

MC: "You must be wondering why I have accepted the monkey?"

Me: "No you just accepted the monkey because the author written out the plot that way and make the monkey scale in proportions to give it a cuter look so readers will agree with the choice without questioning why. Plus you gotta have weaker members in the party so the story doesn't become predictable with you as the lead."
Dezarae Steele: me:what the heck

you:it is called a speech seek with it

me:ooooookkkkk wirdo
Demonic Monkey: Why are you like that...😂😂
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my recommendations:
*metropolitan system
*Strongest abandoned son
*strongest anti M.E.T.A
Meme: yeah man, you're one of those people that notices something as wholesome as this, when everybody else doesn't haha anyways thanks for saying that LOL didn't notice whats nice about this at first haha
TaeKookie Utopian💜: Hey, Lulu! Long time no see.
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Momo Taku
"Here eat this ginseng"
MC: "Uhhh this is... uh ok"

In that moment what was the MC thinking?

a. that looks like a carrot pretty sure it will only improve my vision

b. where's the buns for this hotdog

c. why is he giving me this half eaten radish

d. pretty sure that's not food...prob mom's toy?

Demonic Monkey: mom's toy wth that's not d*ld*
Karen Emery-Ramlal: sneaky\
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Arhiz Phoenix
I hope the author will have more panels for Moon she's my most beloved female character beside from Yue Yao i hope she will be cured completely and become the strongest to stand side by side with Yue Yao. I won't ship any other character to Yue Yao beside from her, 😉🤗🤗i hope my ship🚢 will sail smoothly 😊
taniya m: yes yes I agree 💯 times . she's the cutest
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Azi (Light_Sect😇Elder)
Hello, does anyone would like to join our Light_Sect😇? We’re almost at 30 members. The available positions are unknown but you can just comment what you wanted. Here’s the positions:

Guardian Elder
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We have a discord server. If you want to join, comment your discord tag and I’ll send you a friend request.
Kushiee Zach Cruz: here can I join?
STAN OH MY GIRL: Guardian Angel
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Silvia Roy
the wife is thats not his fault, but uts not even her fault, it seems like he ignores her , and she is just a burden that he have to treat. he can atleast cuddle her up or any other way to show his love. it will be good if he is loyal to his wife. maybe she can also be strong after get treated.
Code: 404
girls should just leave him alone already he is already married and the reason he gets into all kinds of trouble is because women kept flocking towards him
Nicholas Jones: that's how it is man if you stand out you draw more attention both good and bad but usually bad sad to say
Anime_lover_45: well ur gay or a girl
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Keller Stravoski
If he cheats on his wife this story can eat shit, I am sick of all these pathetic womanizing characters.
Keller Stravoski: No problem =}
Sensei: @Kellrr my bad
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Rafa Naseer
I'm not even watching this
here to pass time hope you dont mind
I'm here for some points
I really think that manga toon should make the comics more easy to grasp
its troublesome to read one comic that you don't want to read for 10 minutes just for the sake of reading one single episode
I can't read anything I want
I feel so miserable
Rebekah Chambers: same here m8
Emily: It's happening with me too
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is this your first time reading a cultivation manhua guys? so what if he's married its Very Common in the wuxia world especially the mc to have multiple wives. You can say he's not loyal and stuff like "how would you feel to share the one you love" as much as you want but you cant change the fact that its his life and he gets to do whatever he wants you cant just push your ideals and modern Common sense on him. And btw im not trying to say anything special by this im just pointing out that its an OPTION not an obligation so if harem does happen just put up with it
Jemnex: Thank you for being so reasonable
RhinoFive: I just don’t care bout it cause it’s not like this is a true story😂
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Manga crown princess
Who else is here for points, but is enjoying this story so far?!
Bassem Mazghouni: meeeee.
Zain Alhvizi: Meeee 👍
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Gaurav G Shetty
'Tales of demons and gods' over here....
Damn MC's gonna have 2 wives now😂🔥
Saheel: omg!!!
Gaurav G Shetty: One's Moon, who has a devil soul inside her and then there's the fox, who's always trying to woo him
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Dezarae Steele
I love the story so far,oh and if u read for the points... JUST WOW I'm only reading for entertainment and fun stories so bye , but I'm still reading this story
What The F*ck
Yeah, bet your body girl so that our man will have another toy to play with and you can be a slave
DARKSIDE: looks like we've found a new b**ch 😁🤭
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it's really short..but oh well..just enjoy the story..
and..look at the end of the page...Fight for entrance exam...Ciayooo..〜(^∇^〜)〜(^∇^〜)
Mai❤ manga
hey guys plz I like the art but am still in the biggning of the chapters and its confusing and a bit boring.... what do u think is it worth the time?should I continue reading?
Isekai F: crazy up date or updates everyday is fine
Mai❤ manga: I see... thanks 😊
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Vern Maitland
clap back, should have said even if you paid with your body it wouldn't be enough
Sachin Singh: Well said boy, the best you can do is go and give this bitch to a brothel
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Rachel Lee
The translation for this series is pretty nice so far. A lot of series on the app so far have broken English, so it’s nice to see that the translator for this one is either very fluent or a native speaker. Rhe story is interesting as well.
The Duke of Basilan : still did not understand that explanation about the war
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