Supremacy of The Demon World
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Supremacy of The Demon World

Supremacy of The Demon World
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Daniel Rios
so was he totally not willing to accept her being abducted? When the hell did 17 years go by?! lol so was all that training a recap? Did he meet everyone currently?! Did he just not stable that he can't tell the time Difference? lol Did he cultivate a time law? Damn when you follow his journey to find out he left his house then suddenly his wife was abducted 17yrs. Not like last month? who else thought it wasn't that long that the demon clan took her to become their saint?🧐🤯 my mind just can't figure it at all?
gvZCtaFRMQzK0xj: yeah the fellow down there is right in start i was confused as you but i said he must mean the day she came to home or the day they arranged that she will be his finance
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Damn imagine going shopping with your daughter or gf and some rich guy sees her and likes her and he comes to your house with an army to marry her.
Aruxxel: Woah there🤣
Sandhya Has: I'm a girl so let's say if some bi*ch gets infatuated with my bf and dares put her filthy feet into my house I'll lock her up and torture her in the thousand different ways I know(I'm slightly psycho, I keep it under wraps unless it concerns my loved ones then all hell breaks loose)
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Thousand Sunny
“PUFF, PUFF”????

Come on, seriously? These guys aren’t choo-choo trains, they aren’t hookas, pipes, or blunts, and they definitely aren’t ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. So what is with this whole “Puff Puff” thing? People don’t ever actually go “Puff Puff”, even when they’re exhausted to the point of needing to catch their breath (well, maybe out their @ss, but that’s debatable). People go “Huff Huff”. Thanks for listening to my obnoxious whining. More importantly, sorry.
Thousand Sunny : To be fair, this is a professional translation, mistakes or not. Professional translations are made with the aim of making everything understandable from the perspective of the reader’s language so there’ll never have to be any explanations.
icarus: translation on this apps are sucks!! so many typos.. and no explanation. and its almost imposible to aply to be a translator on this apps.
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Nag meet lng sa battlefield then pagka accept ng lalake ng proposal ng babae for peace nagka anak agad!!!?? ano yun? pagdating ng hating gabe after ng proposal plok plok agad at nag ka anak? grabeee ang rush nyu!😘😘😂😂😂 hahaha
Mhar Skate
mangatoons released a chapter in disprder or chapter repeated, it also happens in other mangas. they ask for tips but they don't do their jobs properly ..
Surinder Singh: I agree! I wasted at least three ten points for chapters that were repeated! Not here but in other ones honestly why can’t they keep their promises!? Is it so hard for them! They could at least release the latest chapter free to make it even!
Mhar Skate: let me tell you something to clear your mind, before releasing chapters after translated by translator and send to mangatoons, the mangatoons is relatively is involve for not checking the chapters before they released, and if you talking about the tips it's not for author, why others apps same author released it for free without tip without ticket to unlock?
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This Cloud makes me remember my friend...
(My friend and me walking together)
Friend:laugh so weird (loud)
Me:(run as fast as I can pretending that I don't know her)
Atorx Uvakou
I think him killing the last guy was too much since his friends didn’t even die, and he wanted to exchange a valuable space ring just to help him move not breaking your original word. He’s not a man but another punk like them, You hurt I kill. (Hurt =/= Kill)
Atorx Uvakou: Well I hope you all get a taste of mercy the way to described it.
Eyeballer: he spared his life per the agreement. he was walking away. the guy bargained with the ring to not be eaten alive by demons. he killed him so that he would suffer from the demons eating alive. honestly it's stupid to let him bargain for anything. he could just wait for the guy to die by the demons and take ring afterward.
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Random Guy
I used my precious points on this chapter twice because it was uploaded earlier but then they removed it. Not good guys..
Thousand Sunny : Your precious points?! You mean the points you got for free because MangaToon gave them to you?!
Kyle Gun: awww... sad but cute
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The word Marry before is a Crime a formal way to say Kidnap. Deym
Lord Touch Me : Woah China's harsh. (No offence)
gvZCtaFRMQzK0xj: but he also promised his deth with this intrude
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Bloodstained Alyss
one of the pirates screamed he can't swim. then why is he working on a pirate ship levalone with the ocean? he does realize there's a thing called bandits right? they're basically pirates except land pirates.
Atorx Uvakou: Luffy from (one piece) can’t swim too and he’s a pirate the captain too, what’s your point?
GHOST RIDER DEMON ANGEL: realy realy realy
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DG Deku YT
su chiang is beautiful too, she is not perfect to be a imperial concubine of that faking prince
Shubham Singh
hey by the way who is she and marriage my foot who is this son of cock
Hougu: She is the fox girl that they found lost in the abyss
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Thousand Sunny
Another fool who just can’t wait to pull a Greg Louganis right into their own grave.
Ryujin Ashford
hah ! wait till the mc enters. I wanna see him say that again 😠
Hentai with Senpai😍😍
Huh? another idiot who can't win a girls heartby not going through violence
Innocent killer
now yue will come back and teach him a lesson
Hentai with Senpai😍😍
Huh? another idiot who can't win a girls heartby not going through violence
Sanskari Rathor
mangatoon this is unbearable,
repeating episodes is worst to read it's better you don't update
Gian Wong: yeah right we just drop this story ..
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this is wonderful, i thought that guys was a snake but i am wrong he's the real third brother after all. thumbs up.
The Unknown King of Nothingness
what happened to the part where he met his grandfather who retired and told him that he couldn't save his wife?
Dante Azure Angelo: Apotheosis is a bunch of manga on here compiled, Tales of Demons and Gods is also in Apotheosis
The Unknown King of Nothingness: I was very confused also the app is really not worth it any more the bring over finished comics and label it as on going.
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