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Supremacy of The Demon World

If the old man that is selling the stones LITERALLY SAYS "They are just stones" WHO TF WOULD PURCHASE THEM!!!
Junior Houk: I would buy them
CrimsonShadow: No matter how you look at it or even if they can tell what's inside. You can't deny that is shitty advertising
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Anime God
why are u calling him cruel hearted tbh he is nice not getting her hopes up and stopping it right there
Jolly Kirito
you know its a special stone because cute monkey likes it,so obey and you might get something good!
zero ky
fvk u reader... u made author making him confess he married... cant u at least let him sleep with beauty lady??
Daniel J
they say If you kill you will be killed...then dumbass says imma kill MC...bro that is suicide.
Was That Really A Prince....Aww C'mon!!!
Author, You Could've Drawn Him Atleast Better!!
Pierre Ly
At first everything I read was mess up, now I can see it picking up speed and I will gladly subscribe and read more. P.S. wonder if the money is a pervert too, because it a monkey.
the 4 character looks like the character for death, so that is why.... if anyone was wondering.
Anonymous: It’s actually it sounds like the word death in chinese
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Ralu Odiegwu
So ah I think the prince of persia saw the incarnation of death when those two teamed up in the last panel
Nicole Gao
Such extra hair
Rasya Lova
lets say: only the ape known it for now. lol
andré Njambou
it knows more than all of u are thinking
Daniel J
This chapter made me laugh till I coughed...
Ren Zemerman

Waffy the Panda
i dont really think they are " just stones "
Waffy the Panda: i used my panda senses to see it through :p
Lisa Mala: isn't it obvious it is a story about strength so the stone's are likely to be a jewel that give strength to the owner.... also the monkey can sense the spiritual strength of the stone... so there you have it
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Edaurdo Vanez
Hmmmm -_- monkey.........
That Stupid Monkey knows something about dem stones
Ahmad Fuadi: yea,you better bet your money on tha monkey
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That Stone's Real Price Is Probably 1.000.000$
A Treasure☆
I really hate that so called "Master Beauty"
James James
it must de something good about the rock
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