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Supremacy of The Demon World

seems those six ears of his aren't just for looks
Ahmad Fuadi: damn you spoilers!
kirto_kakashi: remember that part when black widow and Hawkeye tried to jump but only black widow dies
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Waffy the Panda
I love the spy version of the monkey
Waffy the Panda
lmao they are being robbed.
Servant of El Shaddai13
considering the monkey's strength and personality I think that maybe it's the kid of sun wukong or sun wukong in disguise and just goofing off. thoughts anyone?
Rashy Mafia: bro I think that monkey might be the strongest demon in the story or even chaos demon beast
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Junior Houk
Fu it's my bag and I _ill the cat first
Servant of El Shaddai13
that monkey is totally a desendent of sun wukong
Micheal B
rude mf
Servant of El Shaddai13
I like the more mature look moon has
Archon sama
so hes gonna try to thief their efforts
Sanam Preet
being stepped on by a pretty girl from that angle, what I would give to be him right now.
it's official the monkey is my fav character
Kick Sos
Spill the beans 😂
Servant of El Shaddai13
what happened to the teachers/mentors? aren't they supposed to be supervising?
Servant of El Shaddai13
so if he can read the runes and knows they are out of order why doesn't he try writing them out and rearrange them it get the technique? also cloud is lazy for laying there for several hours for no reason .
mhhhh its obvious someone Sent him to bully him and his friends, now i just wonder who? maybe that squinty Eyed with blond hair prince.
Im curious about how they'll deal with him since he's clearly stronger (maybe)
Taylor Gingerich
I love the monkey and mc
Holly shit the monky IQ 200 ultimate skill
ThousandSunny: That’s was a very ‘Top Comment’! Very well done! Hats off to you, sir.
CRIMSON: yes it's very beautiful
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So she knows she’s wrong...he came to apologize to her but she tried to kill again...her sister try to explain that she misunderstood the whole situation but she still want her to support a lie because that’s her sister??? DELUSIONAL
depression king
does nobody get Naruto vibe from that? lol
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