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Supremacy of The Demon World

Momo Taku
The infamous scream

A skill commonly and excessively used throughout many series that involve a overpowered lead which has powers which are never fully explained in the novels. It is said to lift the limiters of the MC giving them access to the most bullshit and has a duration which lasts until the death of the opposing rival or until the MC gets caught off guard even though he has been introduced as a dexterous, agile, strong, and intelligent MC. Even until this day no one has questioned the power of the MC but we can correlate the scream to the explanation of his powers.

P.S Screams is the main way to execute the effects but
shortcuts such as:

Grunting, moaning, crying, frowning, and jealously can trigger the power boost or provide an unusual benefits and at times useless effects for the MC. 🤓🤓🤓
Daybreak: dude. that was well said and so true👌
~ Nguyễn Hạ Lê Uyên ~ : Can u follow me? 😍
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I hate theese beeches
"he is married don't get hopes up"
*runs to him* "I lile you"
"I am married"
"I know but still wanna be with you"
*cries after the "cruel-hearted" man*
girl GTFO!!!
there are mens and womens like this you smile and act as if they are human and BOOM they are after you DESPITE KNOWING YOU HAVE NO FEELS FOR THEM!!!
really you mudhearted crotchbrained ashols! she deserves an unnecesarry death upon her! Make my fantasies come truu author
Rod Nialba
in fairness to him, he didn't cheat yet. he didn't marry another girl, in fact he already told one girl about his married status and the other he just helped her and make it a companion for his mother. this one here, he's just admiring her for her beauty just like any other men do. he didn't even made a move to get close to her.
Donald Duck: nah it's okay to have multiple wife in cultivation journey, it's not forbidden. Harem is applied to all kingdom except british.
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mickos jaya
the mc is quietly strong but his future is in grave danger what if the demon will finally awaken what wii he do can he stop the poweeful aura inside him but lets continue the manga because there will be a lot of crazy scenes, and i'm excited to read these manga👍👍👊👊
Princess Sarah Bieren
i dont want to judge his loyalty to his wife but does he really love his wife? from begining until now i never found him and moon in an romantic way. He keeps avoiding moon or is he shy? but she can flirt with other girls or is he just kind. too kind!
i just hope to see a solid proof is he is loyal or playboy.
Serafin: yeah I agree with both of you, it is just so lame to see this mc flirt with women while his wife was in danger. I agree it he treat his wife like a sense of responsibility instead of love, but come on man be serious, just be strict with your feelings, if he flirt everywhere it means he has no serious intent to be in a romantic way and will soon become a bastard or lecher.

and actually it was common in this story where strong people have more than one wife, I just kinda don't like the way he do it, so lame.
sam rexso: it's not like that he just cares about his wife and it's not love more like responsibility which is thrown upon him by his family and his wifes family thats all to his relationship with his wife he doesn't have any actual feelings for his wife it all about responsibility..... that also explain why he didn't do anything to moon even she is his proves that he isn't a bad person but a freaking a**hole who is taking advantage of moons family
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Deym, how will these people can understand the world of martial arts or cultivation? in this kind of world, men can have one wife and many concubines..... Well, if the people doesn't like it.... I can't do anything about that! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I like single minded mc.... Task at hand... He is thinking what is front of him and also getting stronger bit by bit... He will definitely save his wife in the future..

No one says courting a girl is bad and is not considered as firting... At the end this is a comic after all..
Bug mail: good explanation
DRACRY: 😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇😇
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That is an honorable person right there. He didn't curse for his final words but praised.
Anar: that's a true warrior
RaizelZ: he wasn't in his right mind for sure .. sigh
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CandyPop sister pink
So why does she unsheathe her sword in the last page when she already had it unsheathed? It fell on ground and you can clearly see that it is out because of blade... man these artists it’s like there was more than one and had little to no communication with each other (im an artist so i notice the smallest details but this was just way too big)
A.M. Nicolas
not been reading this manga for a while and I'm too lazy to backread. Do some of the characters really have an english name? like that Nicholas and this Jacob here in this chapter? XD
mc is worst in character ... how many girls will he have is he starting harem ,he is not even worrying about his wife with his heart ..he just looking after other girls ,is he selecting his next wife
kapan nyelametin istri nya?? njay! kasian memew istrinya dah nunggu dia
Kyle Gun: it's ok....
im also understand indo and malay
kalau bro nak sembang dalam bahasa indo atau malay pun ok...
cikit cikit je ghehehe
Nekopoo: btw. the comic is * i am an invincible genius * there is no English version. so Sorry for wrong recommendation
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Batman Dark Knight
Wait What!!!!! "Can I be Servent" , Are You kidding that's the thing you ask a stranger, Aaah This is not first time seeing things without logic, Who cares . .. for this we all are here; 'Hey Stranger Can I Be Your,,,, ,,,,,, ,,, (╬ ̄皿 ̄)
Belle Jumalon Etoc
I never thought this manhua would capture my attention, the title is not even that convincing but it is worth reading. Thumbs up 👍👍
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
How ironic the vice commanders acts more like of a commander compare to the current bullshit commander
Lee Vorg
Mc's wife got kidnapped, they didn't think of the possibility of her being a sacrifice or something else (maybe). then princess be like,
Princess - Is he worried about his wife?
Princess Sarah Bieren: idiot?!hahhaha!! the princess maybe think that its her luck that his wife has been kidnap because it would give her a chance to be with him.
and see no one worries about Moon.
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Colton Johnson
when did the words/story turn to this? he had always rejected them swiftly for his wife, author go into a horny mode when he started writing last few chapters?
fk, I'm tired of these complains........ Imma just go back to the vast ocean and never come back you dirty complainers!!
Honey Honey
Oh My princess, Of cause he's worry about his wife. Cause she got kidnapped in front of him and he couldn't do anything.
Honey Honey: But Thanks you anyway.
Honey Honey: I know about this myself, But you see English is not my born I think it will be fine, As long as I can understand. Nothing will always correct when you just starting to practice it. Just think of that as my practice.Ok
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