Supremacy of The Demon World
Action / Fantasy / TimeTravel

Supremacy of The Demon World

Supremacy of The Demon World
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
I am a fujoshi
I'm here for the points
KING HENRY: same aswell
Haemin Yuk: Me too
total 2 replies
But how is a fifteen years old dude with mental disorder married??? Who let's a mentally impaired man marry their daughter???
Hayder Ali: Shut up , what if he has mental disorder I wouldn’t mind if he is my lover
♛K🅸R₳: I have been wondering if this “mental disorder” is indeed mental disorder or mistranslation for some physical defect that prevent them from cultivating martial arts.
total 4 replies
Thousand Sunny
Are you trying to get him killed, woman?! If he ends up with a girl on both arms, every man in that crowd will absolutely give him death glares so cold and intense that his blood will turn icy, and even his soul will freeze causing him to cough up blood in the form of ice cubes. I know you hate the guy, but can you please go easy on him?
Clement Nathaneil: death wish for those ends up with a girl on both arms...
Tym Kyle: wow it sounds like you are the writer.... nicely done
total 3 replies
Little Fox
Honestly I wouldn’t be able to surpass half and hour with that much weight...I could hold it for 1 second and not lift it high up
PrettyHotAndGayPHAG: His only now at the peak soldier. He started to cultivate late than others so I guess he didn't jump 1 realm right?
♛K🅸R₳: Wait wasn’t he peak warrior why did he say he’s peak soldier
total 4 replies
bro i just wanna tell those of you,ive been reading for 3days straight now,without sleeping!! MY EYES ARE FREAKING RED NOW HAHA!!
Li shao fan: its means you are a member of uchia
total 6 replies
Reshma nair
The monkey in the fourth panel looked just like Natsu from Fairy tail... Though after wards it became normal...
Am I the only one?
my-pic-is-ugly🙃: I see the resemblance
total 1 replies
Pema Gurung
Yue you have a beautiful wife waiting for you at home, why claiming Lan as yours
ĀPØ$ŤŁĒ: lol,his friend was the one who said it,he just pushed away his friend cause hes annoying😐
Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣: That last part is just repeated with other words
total 4 replies
Pema Gurung
omg this monkey is so talented, he know how to make a beautiful person More beautiful
smoke smoke: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pema Gurung: hahhaha I know right
total 4 replies
Tracee Castaño
only 5 minutes left I can do this
Lizzie: f you, no one cares
Lia: I always do that
total 5 replies
me too reading for the points😀
Amisha Rana: so am i😂😂
Nara Lama: me too
total 2 replies
Wina Malamnao
At least his grandpa in law is always protecting him.. Shames his father's family
hahahahhaha give him a sidekick too,come on just to add more fun and companion on his journeys
°li'l Panda°
Them abs look fine! I don't need to understand a shit about cultivation. What I understand is that body of his
Rob Carp: You mean a beer belly?
Turtle Tan: lol! one big ab is better hahahahahaha
total 2 replies
lacy ye
For those who don't understand why 4 =to death in the comic is because in Chinese 4 sound like death
Marco Lopez: I thought it was because of mista
♛K🅸R₳: 4-igami
total 3 replies
Chrollo Lucilfer
hmmmmm... she know that our mc already has a wife yet she still kiss him what should i do.
Lyblie Christofferson: Harem
Mg Yit: continue reading
total 2 replies
Haenamemer Lee
That monkey hairstyle reminds me of my husband Lee HANGYUL🤧
♛K🅸R₳: F for respect
melody: what 😱?????
total 3 replies
we got a human wife.
we got a beast wife.
we got a devil wife.
Now all we need is an alien wife!!!
ムシャラフ: no need, gay is gross, animal is replaced my beast*
Khen: Hmm gay wife and animal wife too
total 9 replies
Mg Yit
Now I know that why the others said that JoJo will appear in the comments of previous chapter
Adrian Martinez: Za Warudo*
GiantDillDo: ZaWoldo
total 2 replies
monkey +1
humans -10000
°li'l Panda°
Listen, you better not cheat on Moon. shits getting outta hand now with all these hoes
smoke smoke: that right 👍
total 1 replies
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