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Supremacy of The Demon World

Keren Marshall
Thanks for the update. Always looking forward the the next one. 🥰🥰🥰
and he forget about his WIFE.....he busy blushing with beauty
Anmol Shukla
girls have problem with hareem meanwhile
.boys- there are only 5 girls ,he should atleast have 10 girls and milfs😂😂
Momo Taku
"Here eat this ginseng"
MC: "Uhhh this is... uh ok"

In that moment what was the MC thinking?

a. that looks like a carrot pretty sure it will only improve my vision

b. where's the buns for this hotdog

c. why is he giving me this half eaten radish

d. pretty sure that's not food...prob mom's toy?

anime lover: D maybe
Sebby chan: LOL your comments are hilarious Momo
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why do i feel that ne is getting more handsome?
Z3R0: I guess,the artist is getting too into MC charm for getting new beautiful girl hits.
Keren Marshall: Because he's getting more and more handsome.
total 2 replies
bharath 7407
she is a fool . she wont fall for good
fk yue yao, remember your wife
Raptor Vadnathani: everyone get distracted by that much beauty around them😂
ₛₒ𝒻ₜ & 𝓌ₑₜ: ur over reacting r u somewhat 9yr olds
total 2 replies
Ephraim Ojobu
I remember wen d mc just entered d school...dat his first bro was so handsome and he's just a loser
Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update!
Ynah Flores
hahahah here a comment for the two of you good job!!!👍😊😄👍😊
i'm surprised no one made a sucking joke yet
Elle Miranda
Whaaaaaaaa author don't make this story like "harem" I really don't like it. I really appreciate your time to update but please more romance of the ML and his wife you already make her wife why not shipping them.
I don't like other girl's Like Mie and Master beauty Situ find a man for them please I'm begging you don't let me get disappointed.

I really love the story so far.
i love the monkey and donkey
BlackGuyUnitYT: (Pretty sure its my not a Donkey but) That way that monkey riding that ass tho.
Ernest Jovičić: ite not the donkey its the horse
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Himel Bishwas
wow...just's wife is kidnapped and he is flirting with the princess..was he forced to marry general daughter??and someone give me lightnovel spoiler..
Himel Bishwas: he was trying to have his way with the princess and luck also supports him...see the next will know what i mean.
UwU: I didnt know thats flirting he didnt even say flirty words
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how can you be attracted to another woman? you already did bastard, dont tell me hugging woman you just met is a custom in your family
Leni Purwanti
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update!
i pretty much sure that Bit*h was born with a lot of screw loose in her brain..
Ju Viol Grac
Am I the only one that feels sorry and amused that he is a eunuch.
Anonymous: yes, it's the definition
Thousand Sunny : The eunuchs are often the strongest ones in the kingdom. Just don’t poke fun at their loss of manhood. It’s a definite sore spot, no pun intended.
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my recommendations:
*metropolitan system
*Strongest abandoned son
*strongest anti M.E.T.A
Meme: yeah man, you're one of those people that notices something as wholesome as this, when everybody else doesn't haha anyways thanks for saying that LOL didn't notice whats nice about this at first haha
TaeKookie Utopian💜: Hey, Lulu! Long time no see.
total 48 replies
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