Yama of The Hell
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Yama of The Hell

Feihua Studio
Yama of The Hell
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Yama of The Hell Comics Online. By coincidence, Ye Fan became the Yama of the hell and gained a mysterious and scalable underground system. And when everything is going well, he suddenly found that it seems that the underground system is still hiding a secret...

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Hottest Comments
I Love 🐔tai😍
It's as IF he doesn't understand even if the system is in Modern Style
Kratos Taurus
I think the translator really is dead
Or he might be a bit financial tight and thought that this comic is not going bring him a penny. To the readers who are rich please be generous and tip the translators that way the translator will have some motivation to continue his work(by the way.. I'm not rich and also underaged without a job. So don't expect me to donate)
Gielaine Profitales: he is dead alredy
total 1 replies
was anyone else getting bleach vibes a bit, or is it just me
Dark Shadow: Don't forget the Hollow are a condensation of spirits and Ghosts with negative emotions. So Yama is the King of Hell.😈😈😈
total 1 replies
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