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Holy Book and Highness

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Once upon a time, there's a cold yet gorgeous prince who never hit on girls. Rumors have it that he liked guys and thus he couldn't have his children. A girl from modern time accidently turned into a book of ancient times and bumped into that prince. They met and fell in love…

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Mandy J
where is the smart fl we had in the beginning? is it because grass mud horse isnt talking to her anymore? Firstly, the man told you he loved you and begged you to run away with him and has repeatedly told you and showed you his feelings and you have not reciprocated but rejected him. Secondly, why the heck wouldnt you at least mention to that guard about the you jot saying anything will probably make things worse. Thirdly, why are you constantly believing others when the man himself has been true to you. YOU put that drift between you and him. This fl is starting to annoy me now..anyways, I hope it all gets better and she bails herself out of the problems she has created and that her and hubby can finally be together. and yes, this is all my opinion
Mandy J: woe!! this has escalated rather rapidly 😓😂

everyone has their own opinions and I voiced mine just like everyone else is doing here.

thanks R.

this was quite entertaining to read.
R: No one here is putting words into your mouth; in fact, it’s just you. If you read my comments, I said she was annoying, but yet you keep commenting I’m saying she’s “dumb and that I hate her” when I mentioned NONE of that in my comments 😂👏. You should go back and read the first sentence of your first comment because you clearly don’t know the first thing about the definition of annoying, as well as the ones for dumb and hate 😂. Hell, they don’t even share the same synonyms 😂👏. Telling your siblings they are annoying does not mean you hate your siblings and you think they are dumb. You clearly can’t even grasp that basic concept.
total 9 replies
What the HELL!!! This woman is such an annoying character. Woman...stop acting like a dumbass and start using Ur so called brain. U are the creator of this situation. U never bothered listening to the prince, knowing well that he has been protecting and caring for u since the beginning and thus whatever he says must have a pure reason n not for Ur harm. U took the decision to be a princess on your own , eventhough the prince trued to stop you. The reason you became the princess, instead of doing that, u r busy acting getting annoyed by the prince for treating you coldly, excuse me but how do you expect a prince to treat her sister? Not with kisses and hugs m sure? N how on Earth did u think in this era, where u do not belong u can be a princess and avoid being married off?? U have no one but urself to blame. The prince tried to protect u, but how can he protect a person whose brain is her enemy 😒😒
Ir is
decent age get slash by knife easily,old powerup one hit fly ppl(hit random hand and worn get out?pl be a little realistic this manga like watching Dragonball MC weak suddenly and sometime MC just kick adult easily and slash that practice mat,same for villian to dafq when MC slash you got that much power how does even hit)..-_-female MC be like:nothing can beat my plot armor ahaha tragedy will occur for nonsense plot. rediculous plot ihv ever seen.when wanted to tragic fail Clif and there tafic..before fail ml/FL watch enemy from Clif nothing there where those trafic come suddenly why not take ml?don't tell me he near dead or...etc can't save or bother look can sell alot)
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