Holy Book and Highness

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Once upon a time, there's a cold yet gorgeous prince who never hit on girls. Rumors have it that he liked guys and thus he couldn't have his children. A girl from modern time accidently turned into a book of ancient times and bumped into that prince. They met and fell in love…

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Kat Dim
So the wicked witch can be defeated in 4 ways:
1 - MC loses virginity to s.o.(hopefully Prince Kang) and starve that larva or whatever
2 - older sis to lose her virginity and MC runs away before ceremony
3 - older sis dies and MC runs away
4 - Girls do nothing, Prince Kang comes and saves the day (don't even like the idea of this one)
Any other ideas? Which one would you like to happen?
And a big 💗THANK YOU💗 for the fast translation! 💗
Rose: 1111111
Kat Dim: Yep, you are right, I forgot about the turning into a book part, it will be funny if this happens on the ceremony, can you imagine their faces 😁😂 and Prince Kang comes storming in, yelling:"Hand over my girlbookfriend or else... !"
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Rita Ramirez
i have no words for this pathetic psychopath we call human beauty li. there are no words for this disgusting piece of garbage. and answer me this how does someone who is supposedly a concubine to the prince or whatever she is carry out one of his punishments when he is not around to carry it out. A lot of things that they have done in ancient China is believe words on somebody else's words that put the main characters into such situations it's ridiculous I love this character but she always puts herself in these situations it's crazy I hate to see her suffer. I would like to take one of those Stakes and put it up Beauty Lis woman parts so that she is no longer able to fantasize about the heir she might give to the cold Prince which we all know our girl will give to him in the end
Dominique Decarie: ditto 2 that
Lan: I couldn’t have said it better myself👍🏻
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She is only 19 or 20 or whatever. She is Ruoning's sister. Both of them loved Kang. But Kang told her that he only loved Ruoning so,she was sooo disappointed. She even said everyone in an occasion that they love each other but kang deserves a woman like her and that made the head of their...idk wht is he called.Somehow all of their family were killed and Ruoning was also there. Now she regrets what she does. She will die soon and they're going to use her blood for the blood bug. (Don't be mad at me). had ro write it like this because apps generally block rival names and ends with comics
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