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Holy Book and Highness

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Once upon a time, there's a cold yet gorgeous prince who never hit on girls. Rumors have it that he liked guys and thus he couldn't have his children. A girl from modern time accidently turned into a book of ancient times and bumped into that prince. They met and fell in love…

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Time Travel
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spoiler!! for everyone who wishes to knows what happened for a few next episodes
prince kang protects huang shu and has a fight with the general. but crown prince ( emperor's son) aim her an arrow and shoot her. little grass mud blocked it and got hurt badly. prince kang's guard comes and help them ( huang shu and grass mud) to leave. when grass mud is in crisis, he told huang shu the fact. he died and becomes a book.
the general and his daughter get in jail. that general is beheaded for treason ( there is a proof of his betrayal). prince kang releases that general's daughter but she is expelled from the palace.
crown prince gets punishment to stayed in his palace and cannot get out for 3 months.
so thats all i read in few next episodes ( in chinese version from another app)
sorry for my bad grammar ( english is not my mother tongue , i hope that i can improve my english by reading manga 😂😅😂)
Nunasyika Azhari: how many episode left for this manga... I'm dying waiting for the updateeeeee
Nicole Carlos: i didnt even know engliah was not your first language! of course, so many americans these days speak so poorly and tgwir writing is even worse! i cant understand stupidity.... for example:
its "boy" not "boi". its "alright" not "ah ight". and no. you may not have a "bat-tree" for your flashlight...
sad that these people are older than me and speak like my 3 year old twins who are autistic....
i swear the intelligence of the american society is going backwards to the days of the caveman.
when i have to interpret grunts and body language i will give up and become a hermit... or the next hitler... im not sure yet
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Cute girl
Grass mud horse will die and turn into holy book. That prime minister and her daughter will be punished
Bartier Cardi: Then the mc is useless... sad, i thought she could do something 🤦🏽‍♀️
Anonymous: pleaaaase tell me where u read it
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নুসরাত ইসলাম SRISTEE 💃🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
r u dumb gruss mud horse 😡😡😡where is ur power
USE MA CODE(nospace) 6 U R X A 3: He will die
নুসরাত ইসলাম SRISTEE 💃🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩: oh wow greetings to all of my shodeshi friends 😌😌😌
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