Holy Book and Highness
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Holy Book and Highness

Holy Book and Highness
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Holy Book and Highness Comics Online. Once upon a time, there's a cold yet gorgeous prince who never hit on girls. Rumors have it that he liked guys and thus he couldn't have his children. A girl from modern time accidently turned into a book of ancient times and bumped into that prince. They met and fell in love…

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Ana Julia
só os brasileiros curioso que vem ver em inglês mesmo, sem entender nada, é difícil pq eu quero ler os próximos episódios em português mas temos q esperar com paciência.
já q esse sonho não se realiza e ja q n tenho paciência eu to alegre de me deparar com essa cena
Hilana de Paula Monteiro: usem a possibilidade para aprender inglês.
não uso a plataforma em português, pois sei que demora muito a atualização
Emily Aureliano: Achei alguma pessoa que sabe oque sofremos bem isso kkkkk
total 7 replies
Esther Gangmei
cause u plz updt faster if u want more likes n subscriber.....I thought of unsubscribe because of no updt for too long ...
you know its scary when you don't see at the end of the ep that when will the next ep is going to upload
Nilturien2016 Greenleaf: it says "unscheduled" on the cover photo
That rose for me💘: I sure was looking for it
total 3 replies
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