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Holy Book and Highness

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Once upon a time, there's a cold yet gorgeous prince who never hit on girls. Rumors have it that he liked guys and thus he couldn't have his children. A girl from modern time accidently turned into a book of ancient times and bumped into that prince. They met and fell in love…

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Time Travel
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Vang Doua
First of all!!! FINALLY! HE ADMITTED THAT HE IS FALLING FOR YOU! AND WHAT!! You just give him a slap!! And not a explanation wtf!!! When a guy tells you they r falling for you! You hold on to them tighter shit wish I was that lucky to be told like that from a badass hottie!! Wtf is wrong with your little head! And second dud! Just run away with the price!!! And your so stupid to have accept that stupid proposal from the damn queen! Should of listen to him! A much better chance at marring the prince! If your only mission was to make him have kids! You do and get the job done and then goodbye prince. Duhhh! Wtf is wrong with you! Ohh he won’t help me friends! I think by now we all know that a man and a woman can never be friends! One will always end up falling for the other! And honestly she is kind of getting on my nerves! Her attitude needs to chance...
Toka Saphira : I think she just panicked, and regrets it, but us too prideful to say so.
Vang Doua: True, but honestly who is with me... her attitude needs to chance. Even if she is giving the guy a hard time still she needs to be more smarter and more determined I like for her to be a bit strong. And not sooo clueless... at least make her some kind of super powers or something like mind reading or some kind of useful power gifted to her?
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so many time that prince Kang save her and always give her what she want and even cheer her up when grud mud horse die but she never trust him and never considered his feelings towards her she always do what she want and to be princess and always resist when prince Kang want to make love with her until now S1 else want to marry her and yet she think that prince Kang is selfish ☺️🔥 please author if it still like that let her go to her own world don't let her stay here anymore or else prince Kang will feel very very disappointed and sad please let her go if she still selfish thinking like that☺️ go no one here will regret u ☺️🔥 WHAT A TROUBLESOME WOMAN 😡 never feel bad like this before 🔥🔥 if anyone agree please like or u can reply to my comments as well🤝
Sugalice4: yeah, you spoke my mind, she thinks she's so treasured in this world, she better go back to where she came from
E.: I always though/prefered that she should go back to her world
And i dont like that sie is an reincarnation 🙄
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Kloe Rocket
I agree with Amber. More than 50% percent of the time, homosexuality is caused by a trauma when you are young and most commonly someone from the same gender as you(you're a boy and your dad wasn't there for you) wich is sad but people think it's digusting. Having a mental illness isn't digusting, you just have to cope with it and accept it as it is. Only then can you be free.
lemurloki: I don't think there is a single cause or factor and certainly don't think of it as a disease--just as part of nature, a doubtless very neccessary part.
U want fries with that?: @Yanderewaifu I don’t rly understand the imbalance part. Could u explain what u mean a little more please?
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