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Holy Book and Highness

Vang Doua
First of all!!! FINALLY! HE ADMITTED THAT HE IS FALLING FOR YOU! AND WHAT!! You just give him a slap!! And not a explanation wtf!!! When a guy tells you they r falling for you! You hold on to them tighter shit wish I was that lucky to be told like that from a badass hottie!! Wtf is wrong with your little head! And second dud! Just run away with the price!!! And your so stupid to have accept that stupid proposal from the damn queen! Should of listen to him! A much better chance at marring the prince! If your only mission was to make him have kids! You do and get the job done and then goodbye prince. Duhhh! Wtf is wrong with you! Ohh he won’t help me friends! I think by now we all know that a man and a woman can never be friends! One will always end up falling for the other! And honestly she is kind of getting on my nerves! Her attitude needs to chance...
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Jungkook Maknae: Change**** I think it’s good how it is if not then it would of not lasted long.
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Kloe Rocket
I agree with Amber. More than 50% percent of the time, homosexuality is caused by a trauma when you are young and most commonly someone from the same gender as you(you're a boy and your dad wasn't there for you) wich is sad but people think it's digusting. Having a mental illness isn't digusting, you just have to cope with it and accept it as it is. Only then can you be free.
lemurloki: WW II code breaker Alan Turing, Socrates, composer Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, revolutionary war hero Baron von Stuebing, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Truman Capote, Cole Porter, Steven Sondheim, Alfred Kinsey, Walt Whitman, Tennessee Williams, Marcel could go on all day.
#paige u r d best: Amber????
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so many time that prince Kang save her and always give her what she want and even cheer her up when grud mud horse die but she never trust him and never considered his feelings towards her she always do what she want and to be princess and always resist when prince Kang want to make love with her until now S1 else want to marry her and yet she think that prince Kang is selfish ☺️🔥 please author if it still like that let her go to her own world don't let her stay here anymore or else prince Kang will feel very very disappointed and sad please let her go if she still selfish thinking like that☺️ go no one here will regret u ☺️🔥 WHAT A TROUBLESOME WOMAN 😡 never feel bad like this before 🔥🔥 if anyone agree please like or u can reply to my comments as well🤝
_Phxrn_: bcus he save her when old general trying to kill her with poison sword and he threw himself onto her so that the poison sword go into his body then he died*
shura: Why grass mud horse die??????
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so sad...I understand Prince Kang because he had done so many things for her but she still push her away. now he caught these two kissing he felt sad and jealous because the last time he confessed and kissed her all he got was a slap in the face.😑😑😑
This FL is weird. She never listens to the prince and do whatever she wants and then when she realizes that her decision has led to a catastrophic result, she cries and thinks that the prince would help her out and keep her safe. The prince has zero obligation towards her. From the beginning, coz of grass mud horse, she came here and had been making life difficult for prince. Two times he almost died to save her. And yet she can't trust him nor can she listen to him. But rather would do watever she wants selfishly...and then expect prince to keep putting his life in line to save her? WTF???
Nur Hafizah: Yeah i agree but the wrong one is the author. She/he is make us hate the FL character. Damn you author.
chestnutpoby: Agreee
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Cà Phê Sữa Bò ☕🥛
GRASS MUD HORSE = 草泥马 = CAO NI MA (pronoucing like f*** your mother in Chinese.

What's a funny scene, when Huang Shu shouted his name in front of the two guys.
Then they even asked "WHAT'S A GRASS MUD HORSE?" HAHA =)))
I wish that I'm expert in Chinese so that I can enjoy this hilarious part completely.
I knew it. he saw the kiss..
Btw Gu Yuan and her are like bf😂😂.
tho i like her so much I understand why Prince kang is like that. He did so many things for her but she always reject him 😔😔.
What else can he do girl?! Confess to him pls
Meii Hor
Accidentally, kiss each two times isn’t it too coincidence🤔🤔🤔don’t tell me author plan to make him fall in love with her as well🤣🤣🤣guess our prince kang have rival now 😂😂😂
Meii Hor: But not the real love kiss it just an accidentally kiss 😂
lovehj: so the author switches the ML to be this guy. they already kissed twice.
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saewa vantae
oh my- im a big fan of this story and ive followed this story for months. honestly i love this story because the initial story looks funny and the mc in the book form is more free-spirit just to make prince kang has child so she can back to become human in her life but now she is more stubborn and just think about herself. idk i just feel like i dont like her becoming a princess.

plus if she is still stubborn and doesnt realise prince kang is already prepared to have children (with her obv), her human body in her actual age will be dying soon and she cant meet her family and friends forever.
I kinda like what Prince Kang did to her. I mean she kinda deserve it. She rejected Prince Kang's offer on the first place what makes us think that she will accept it the sec o nd time around? Yes the story is also about trying to figure out who killed who but she never dares to accept Prince Kang's feelings , as in never because she only thinks of her self. The Prince will always get himself in trouble yet the MC will just cry and whine of shits doesn't go her way. 💁‍♀️😏
Snoop: Well, this is just my opinion but doesn't she have the right to choose what she wants? She doesn't have to be with prince Kang if she doesn't want. Heck, the girl just wants to go home. Maybe she doesn't want to allow herself to be with him or fall in love because she wants to go home... why should she also be forced into a relationship with some stranger too?
BabyDoll : absolutely..she acts selfishly even after the prince has done so much for her
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Captain of Shipping~ 😂😂😂
How to save someone's life (Who thinks you want to kill them): Pretend you're showing them the medicine you have is harmless by eating/drinking it, keep it in your mouth, and then start French kissing them before they can stop You! You now have a healthy person, and someone to make out with!! 😉😶😂😂😂
Strwberry (Kittyelle)
so is he goin to be straight now or be disgusted hahaah i find it very amusing ahahahah we need that so prince kang wud know how to make a move fast ryt now.

gawd i want moreeee
Strwberry (Kittyelle) : but guys we really need him gay or not so the prince wud feel too much threatened and will do anything so he wouldn't lose our girl hahahaahahah
srishti yadav: Yeah i thought exactly the same
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Can u just give a peek for a moment!! Just bcz u r jealous u must listening or even u dnt want to listen just see and take what she gonna give u, dammit!!
KT91: Yup.. If I was her.. I will took those thing and throm it in his face.. 😂😂 "JUST GIVE A LOOK OF THIS FIRST, U DUMB*SS!!" I will say it.. 😂😂
Pamyu Pamyu Ai: ikr, and if i was fl, i would just open the bag infront of him hahahahaha :D neways i think author has something for us.. i hope so :/
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Captain of Shipping~ 😂😂😂
And of course, our streak of purple haired girls in MangaToon stays the same. Does anyone know a manga character from MangaToon that's a nice purple haired girl who isn't bad in any way? Main character; Bestfriend; Love Interest Sister; Sister; Love Interest; Etc.?
Captain of Shipping~ 😂😂😂
Go to mother f***ing Hell, "Beauty" Li. I hope you understand you're a god d*** WITCH.

I HOPE AT THE END OF THIS MANGA, YOU'LL LOOK AS UGLY AS YOU ARE INSIDE. (The combination of a naked mole rat, tarantula, and a blobfish) BURN IN HELL.
Saved by the bell! Or saved again by other people! Envy her, she doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of any of her actions cause there’s always someone else cleaning after her mess. When in the world will this woman learn to appreciate the prince? Never? She will always be the one need the coaxing, the comforting and given everything? Sorry I really just want my ship to sail, even if I need to whip this girl to get on it 😅😅😅😅
Well.. If I'm not mistaken then.. The seal has a power to determine who is tgr emperor right? Is the seal fall into Prince Kang''s hand then... He would be the new emperor right?
ReRelove: It makes sense. Owyeah an upspree would be great 🤩
VDE93: True.. We need upspree tho
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Essence 7
I woulda been like fine I risk my life for you and have to be around that creepy guy who keeps scaring me and getting to close for you to get this shit and you play me fine *chucks that shit at him* runs out crying.!!!
quacking: chucks shit at him*😂😂😂
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She’s throwing tantrum now that it has come to this. I really wish she’ll taste her own medicine, but I know that this prince will do anything for her. When will she learn to grow if she never learn the lesson, that you cannot be impulsive and expect others to clean your mess. He’ll definitely going against the imperial edict and will push even more wedges between him and the emperor. Hence the emperor will have another opportunity to “deal” with him
manager-nim: I feel you, she needs to mature and get herself together.
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Ok MC. You don’t turn into a book anymore so there is nothing more interesting about you. Stop being a spoiled brat! You know how dangerous the mission she is doing yet she will drag many people with her! She is taking Prince Kang for granted as well! Friendship? Not help her anymore? Wtf that’s all you care about? Get off your high horse! I think MC needs to suffer again so she can appreciate the people who protect her
Topaz: Lol I said that she should stop being a spoiled brat and actually she did change and is now SOFT! Did you forget the spunk she had before? Lol
Nothing interesting about her as turning into a book so there is many things she can do now, she is not a handicap anymore. The spirit she had before when she saved the people is the one I’m talking about. Right now she was moping but she find out mud horse didn’t really die so why is she still mopping around the prince.
Everybody Say No: I partially agree with you but you said there’s nothing interesting about her so she should act soft and change? Is this how women should be? Just cause there’s nothing interesting she should change? 😶😶😶😶
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