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Holy Book and Highness

Kloe Rocket
I agree with Amber. More than 50% percent of the time, homosexuality is caused by a trauma when you are young and most commonly someone from the same gender as you(you're a boy and your dad wasn't there for you) wich is sad but people think it's digusting. Having a mental illness isn't digusting, you just have to cope with it and accept it as it is. Only then can you be free.
Kloe Rocket: That tweet wasn't even directed to you. I wrote it in this"chat box" because it's the only form of socialization i have other then school and my classmates don't talk to me. Also it has a lot of people. I don't express my feelings a lot so i'm sorry if you thought i was angry or responding to you in a hypocrite or sarcastic way.( Sorry for the late response, phone was dead)
Nan.M : It's ok~ glad I kept ya entertained
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Rita Ramirez
I am so in love with the character development of Prince Kang she is so amazing and the epitome of what a real man should be but since I can't have them because I'm a girl clearly has taken his heart I really really want mofang his bodyguard oh my God he is so gorgeous I want to be his bodyguard😄😅😉😉😉😉😉😎😋😋😋😋
tbh. except the death of grass mud horse. It's too painful knowingly that prince kang fell inlove with her bec of she is reincarnated of ruo ning. prince kang dont love her of who she really is. furthermore in her real time huang shu's body is in coma that makes her parents in so much pain. and now she has no idea how she can go back.
Fallen01 : And if I were her and she need to choose whether she stays with prince kang/ person she loves or her family...... I would definitely choose my family cause they’ve always been there for me and as for love(🤮srry I’m kinda bitter lol) Idc cause boys changes their feelings easily cause when they see beautiful girls even though their married or have girlfriend they’ll still hit on the beautiful person and they’ll end up fighting with their partner...they’ll break up or divorce(I hope not all guys are like that 😂😂 cause some of my friends are like those ppl 😂😂)
Fallen01 : It’s really sad I hope that they end up together even though she’s just a substitute of rouning but I really hope that she goes back to the future/real world where she came from because she has family who are waiting for her to wake up everyday 😔😔😔
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Noooooooooooooooooo my poor little cute grass mud horse even taught sometime he was a little bit annoying but its so heart breaking when he died hope that one day they all will be save and live happily😭😭😭
Dante A'theron
This is my first time buying all of the chapters, I came here for points but ended up spending so much money to unloxk all the episodes, bow what do I do?? Wait? I can't! Lmao the story is too good, not too cliché, very funny and entertaining! Praise to the author!
Haruna-cchi☺️: basically me 3 weeks ago. hahahhahaha ! thus i recharged and refrained from reading to save points haha
クラーク キー: How do you unlock the whole story?
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Grass Mud Horse was her first friend in the new world and was like a real relative to her, so it’s understand that she is very heartbroken over the loss. He is also one of the only connection she has to her real home. It’s so sad that he died. I hope some way, somehow he makes a comeback.
comics reader2.1
ok general shes a human cuz shes from human world iknow this is confusing but i have to explain. ok so general shes from human world but i would not say she's a demon book cuz as if she's a demon book but i'm ok ok ok she's a demon book i guess so but i'm confused too i know that you guys are confused but i think i'm more confused too so ok she's not literally a demon book but i'm ok she's a human human from human world and you're ancient world is a little bit different but you humans are the same and you really believe that a demon's blood is color green ok everyone's how can you say it's a blood if it's not red right? so for sure she is a really human but trapped in a book thats the right term i guess so you better shut up cuz we readers can hold you 👇 srry if i have wrong gramars
V💓(tae-hyung) 💐: she's not a demon...she's a holy book and appeared in ancient time to help prince kang to make babies it's her task, she can't go back home until her task is done, and if she's a demon...she must have did something bad to whole palace but she didn't because she is not a demon at all...she is a pretty and innocent women :-)
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🌪️Second Lead Syndrome🌊
Lol! What virgin? That ho don't know what is that.. She already sleep around bruh.. 😒 And Prince Kang making a mistake by release that evil ho now.. 😪 Kill that ho already! She will make a problem after getting release from prison.. 😑
Topaz: Right why let her off now we going to see this bitch again with her revenge. And yes she is a thot lol
Betsabé Alanis: she slept wirh the crown prince (the nephew of Kang)
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The Grass mud horse was the only one who supported our MC from the starting...I still remember when Our FL cut his Fur to make dress... he was a hilarious badass character...why did he have to die...every memory of Grass mud horse is flashing in my mind...I didn't expect that to happen...He was mischievous, but still he was my favourite character...why did he have to die a tragic death like this...( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)... I wanna see him again...
So sweet of Prince Kang to think of someone to be by her side. Especially when grass mud horse left, and so sweet of Prince Kang to make different wood crafts of grass mud horse for her. 💚
Nebadita Patra
who have came here for points
*0*: needs point😂😂😂
I am a angel that ship people: Meee .
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🐾 ꌗꃅꀤꈤꀤꍟ 🐾
caroline: hello, I am an ARMY as well! nice to meet u
TAEtae's Angel: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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before this i had no interest in time travel comic but this one woah.. don't have words to describe it. it's so great😙😙I hope it'll have a happy ending I really hope because one side it's her parents and the oder side her Mr right. anyway I want all you guys to make an applause for the author,just like this👏👏
let's wait another crazy update
Lina Shideda
She’s kinda annoying me now! Like, you know you like him, you know you want to stay with him, yes you miss your parents but you never ever speak about them? You were unhappy in the present life, stop being so goddamn stubborn and accept your feelings for him GIRL!
Clau cobas
She asked him about Ruo Ning because she needs to know if he still loves her ... I think that if she realized that he protects her because of who she is, she would surrender more to that feeling she has for him ... I don't know ... But I think she is ruo Ning reincarnated or something.. 🤔
I can make it better, I can hold you tighter~ ENTHUSIAST💜
What a cute future husband!!😍 he even swallowed his pride to ask the gay(i think) minister (who he doesn't like) for advise just to make his wife (i mean future wife) happy!!(❁´◡`❁) I want a man like him!!
Nita Ramadhani: meee too. i want a man like himm
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it's B because Kang was about to say she is my...I don't know what he wanted to say but is probably abt a romantic relationship... the emperor dowager probably want to give her to someone else so kang is like she is mine or girlfriend or wife ( I'm not sure what he wants to say)
the story is getting interesting.. i hope princess shuping will not let our prince kang wait for too long.. his release is sooo long overdue i think he could immediately produce quadruplets with her.. hehehe.. 😇😍
Patricia Giselle
I couldn't stop laughing wen she said if you don't like woman then I can get you a man 😂😂😂 😏😏😏if you want I can clearly help you out to 😏😏 the doctor is impressive thou,he is the supporter
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm sorry if I am laughing this is becuz when they accuse someone of being a demon if u accept it or don't accept it ur still going to a demon and even if Kang says he was not enchanted or he does say he was enchanted they will still not care...this is a lose lose situation😔😔😔😔😔
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