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Holy Book and Highness

Kathleen Anne De Castro
updates are too long to happen. not good. readers will lose interest soon.
Kaline Matsuoka
Rhea Mahajan
is this comic gng to be updated?
Lady krizia
oh my, plz update author.. I really miss this comic
Ir is
decent age get slash by knife easily,old powerup one hit fly ppl(hit random hand and worn get out?pl be a little realistic this manga like watching Dragonball MC weak suddenly and sometime MC just kick adult easily and slash that practice mat,same for villian to dafq when MC slash you got that much power how does even hit)..-_-female MC be like:nothing can beat my plot armor ahaha tragedy will occur for nonsense plot. rediculous plot ihv ever seen.when wanted to tragic fail Clif and there tafic..before fail ml/FL watch enemy from Clif nothing there where those trafic come suddenly why not take ml?don't tell me he near dead or...etc can't save or bother look can sell alot)
Ir is
how..fantasy logic?where that sword come from..she been in jail alone like 10years noone notice she has knife?even HV sword she got tied both hand and feet in that position noway to draw sword even in hidden in hand sleeve..and noone see her cutting rod and where security guard literally run like..we kick blood persite noone can stop us now let run lame story escape iv ever seen(worse than xiaxia female lead fall Clif got inheritance and powerup dattaa)-_-
Astral Yuki
too much over drama.she just laterally saying like I can't x30or 40time-_-change book or lost Ch or plan to escape(not realistic)but still it fantasy novel right!?dism distressed typical female lead maybe worse
Augustine winter
is it time.for crazy updated ? last crazy update was feel like a millennium year ago
I am very very very sad ....he was third favourite character
How did the prince get on the horse?? 🤔
maybe he had enough energy to get on..
Pernille Machielse Nylund
Would be nice to have a real life prince Kang as a boyfriend 😂
His expression was like,woah !!
Melvin Lin
What happens if you burn the book
Kinda wish it continued
pretty rose
kisss twice🤣🤣🤣
Lia Mae
why?? because of she slap u amd u saw her with a man and u will just let her go.....
i really miss this comic..😟.dear author when will this story update???or do you still gonna update this???😕😕atleast you make a good ending though we really really still waiting to where the story goes.... and please be responsible to what you've start.. you start it then you must atleast write or draw it until in end... right????😑😤😝😝
Christna Fontus
she didnt came with anything yet she's leaving with everything 😂😂😂😂😂
Christna Fontus
oh man i think she's really gonna enjoy wiping the prince's boby😔😔😔😔
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