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Holy Book and Highness

nah..i just decide to stop reading for now..untill it's worth reading again .. or i'll just leave. the story kinda drag so much. i got tired waiting for new chapter just to see the story getting more and more complicated 😒
Lia Mae
why?? because of she slap u amd u saw her with a man and u will just let her go.....
Augustine winter
is it time.for crazy updated ? last crazy update was feel like a millennium year ago
How did the prince get on the horse?? 🤔
maybe he had enough energy to get on..
Christna Fontus
she didnt came with anything yet she's leaving with everything 😂😂😂😂😂
Christna Fontus
oh man i think she's really gonna enjoy wiping the prince's boby😔😔😔😔
Rita Ramirez
i still am so in love with Kang...but since our girl got DIBS!!!! MOFENG MOFENG COME TO MAMA....
Rita Ramirez
and when the hell was she the mistress of prince kangs house? this isn't the generals daughter is it? the former wife?
I'm realy disappointed at huang shu development, she started as playful and strong and that what spiced the story in my opinion, but now she seems fragile and weak 😤 that just won't do
Lady krizia
oh my, plz update author.. I really miss this comic
I am very very very sad ....he was third favourite character
Pernille Machielse Nylund
Would be nice to have a real life prince Kang as a boyfriend 😂
Ichigo Nanase
ughhh... why is purple girl such a slut.. i mean. why would she force the guy that does not even like her one bit.. and finaly after long weeks of waiting it finally updated... don't worry prince kang won't marry a slut cuz deep inside it's you he loves... if you have a chance please confess already😂😂
momose narumi
This comic is getting sadder and sadder every update. I feel like the story will go to a sad path wherein they will not be together in this life but will meet in the future. 😣😣😣
Amandae ☀️
Whose the maid? His old wife or really a maid I forgot about? 🤔
Dino Jai: his old wife
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Ayemi Anna
Slow update I'm lossing track of where I am. update it more often. I know that it's hard but still give it a try ❤️
Also I love this manga more than anything else.
hoping for crazy update ❤️❤️❤️
dear author..plz dont make this manhua untill hundred episodes . i juz need happily ever after..LoL..heii prince kang why ur more handsome than before ..aku cinta kamu prince 😘
sunset auria
or maybe your just seeking death😂😂
Rhea Mahajan
is this comic gng to be updated?
His expression was like,woah !!
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