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Life-Prolonging Wizard

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From long long ago, there has been an organization in the world, which has seven members in it. They take tasks from the god of time and space, to transfer the fate of humans from unexpected death. And take them...

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Angela Andreea
please, those who ask for more chapters, I understand that you want to read more but think at the author, they have a life as well, maybe they are students or they have to work as well, maybe they aren't a full time comic artist, they maybe make this on their free time.
as a graphic designer student I know how hard it is to take those and I study and make traditional or digital drawings almost every day. AND I GET SICK OF DRAWING SOMETIMES. don't put pressure on them, your constant complaying can be a very big problem in the eyes of an artist, it can be a praise because they see that they are good and humans like their work but at the same time they feel like they are failing their readers because they can't work faster. so please be patient and kind enough to wait until they can afford to work again and make it. they are humans as everyone, so please be patient
sagar sth: Kaden barnes which website can u provide me link to it?
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sagar sth
author this is really booooooring I think am discontinuing this series from now I actually wanted romance between mc and that silverhair girl but he got rejected anyways and I was hoping for some action after he comes back in time still no improvements..I had hoped you to bring new romance target 😥and that s it am bored of this.
malla sadvika: manchidi
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so, he was supposed to be dead now according to history but in current timeline, he survived?

talking about last panel...
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