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Hades Delivery Shop

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I was born ordinary, in search of thrill, I serve as a courier in the nether world, delivering stuff between the human world and the nether world. There is always a horrible story behind each delivery: crying in the deep well, the haunted house, the head in the box, the ghost from the TV… All this has put me on the edge of life and death. And behind all of this, there is a male ghost who sleeps with me…

Manga Toon got authorization from Erciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yinyangkuaidizhan,yykdz
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The one that knows
Ok, so we have a girl that just dreamt of sex. She wakes up then goes back to sleep (she falls asleep in an instant like right after she shuts her eyes! I take like 8 minutes to get to the dreamy/deep sleep faze!) wakes up a few minutes later (I know the creator ment to make it hours but please put a sign) with a apocalyptic nightmare of skeletons walks around her house and finds an old friend that’s a zombie he died on the 13 floor beside the workers room

This is what I understand but could I just say the scene before
Lin says “you are speaking nonsense!”
Doesn’t the zombie kinda look like Zack from Angels of death?
The dark circles under his eyes, the insane look and the black hair!
Zalfa Khayliz
since when fl and ml start relationship?
Animegirl005: Fl=female lead
Ml= male lead.
shy shy cat :3: can i ask. what fl and ml actually mean? T_T sorry. a bit slow
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Fede Rika
This seems dangerous... I hope nothing will happen to her.
Fede Rika: I've seen you a lot around and I love your username and profile picture!! 😍
anime is life❤anime is love❤food is exactly the same🤤❤: right
total 2 replies
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