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Overlord Anonymous
it was that moment the ghost knew... he effed up. lol bro monk bringin the goon squad to REKT some heavy sh*t. so now theres points? he gonna lvl up like those other MCs that cane before him?
Overlord Anonymous
dam the ghost is doing a namekian. also finally after many hardships our MC is shaping up to be a real netherworld official.

BTW does this have a LN?
Overlord Anonymous
.... fam this story is something. so the zombie got a megaman blaster upgrade and the girl almost choked to death. damyum
I think the MC is in Trouble now. His enemies power has a great regenerating ability. hahahah
Overlord Anonymous
the path of a harem master is indeed a harsh one. fight on young lord!! also nice the mc got an undead babe
Danvan Gost
Hades is preferable than the mercy of buddha😁
Blu Cyanide
Johny must be very powerful if not for the seal. But now, author decided to make him weak so that we'll be able to witness and be surprised when he got stronger. Given the power of his family, there's no doubt Johnny is powerful. Im waiting for the day when it will be Brains+ Wits+ Power +Humor= unbeatable Johnny 😍
he should have never try but he should have run
Arun Samanat
what's this? this like anime rezero
Arun Samanat
when I see mc was die he so stupid
Hardeep Singh
looks like Tom's edge of tomorrow movie
M Arslan Azeem
Lmao typical coward gets bullied than bring dad next day for revenge 😂
ren gallegos
09107778366 brutal monk
Overlord Anonymous
dam that is one resilient monk. wood love to learn his skills
Heriyanto Susilo
poor one eye guy, NTR-ed
Aung Pai Khant Linn
i like this comic pls hurry up next episodes.......
Arun Samanat
bunch of losers
Overlord Anonymous
sneak lvl of 100 bitches XD
Barry Stark
crazy update please🙏🙏🙏🙏😥😢😥😢
Dwin Darwin
lol... grow
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