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Cultivating to be Legendary

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Qingyu Luo, a normal high school student, traveled to a nameless magic island due to an accident. It was said that hundred years ago, a legendary figure came to the island and successfully promoted to the demon realm. This legendary figure not only left behind a bunch of useful scrolls and treasures but also has four excellent disciples, who are still on the island protecting the treasures left behind...

Manga Toon got authorization from Erciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xiandaomoxia,xdmx
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For all of those complaining, either shut the hell up or clean and translate yourselves. Stop acting like the idiots voting for people like Bernie Sanders that cant think for themselves. Dang bunch of self entitled window lickers who have no common sense.
Zip Kelvin
I'm afraid the people who complain about short updates and the time between them don't understand what goes into making or scanlating manga. So I hope the author and artist don''t feel too bad about the rampant negativity and ungratefulness on this platform.
pieguy3003: scanlating isn't easy and most do understand that, it's just that mangatoons consistently takes longer and underperforms in quality when compared to independent scanlation groups. So many chapters come out thoroughly butchered on this site it actually amazes me. they don't even proofread I swear.
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Albert Veneg
Really good story, too bad the translations take too long for a chopped up chapter
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