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hey! I'm present
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Are you a die heart lover of animes and manga😉

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Its just a headache to tell people things when they know 0 much anime and the hardest thing is convincing them that its not a cartoon.The world of anime and manga is vast its only people living under the rock bottom who know nothing about it.I mean how can you be so?? I mean its something that'll make you not wanna sleep and watch the whole day long not to mention the emotions you feel and the cries you get when watching them.
Medhu: IKR.That's the hardest part to explain.
Ayushi Rajput: i got very angry when they say anime is cartoon matter what i say they didn't give attention and said that i am already 17 years old and still watching cartoon😑😑😑 ???
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My god finall an anime topic???
I love animes and to be honest I came to watch mangas only cause I came to know them through animes itself.So Anime is my foundation for me being an Otaku and am so happy to have found this amazing world.
Galaxy Moon
Want to watch more Shoujo anime like Adorable food goddess,The Demonic King chases his wife, and the Physics Princess I wonder where a can more Episodes
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