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Chocolate Lover For Life
Tinted Love
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Tinted Love Comics Online. This is a story about a boy named Hunter Frimal a 17 year old boy who works at 'Fork Cafe'
Later on he meets Alec Staid a 19 year old boy .
What will happen? You never know!

MangaToon got authorization from Chocolate Lover For Life to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
Boys’ Love
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Miss I
The idea is great.
This would look better if ya draw the backround and overshadow the caracters.More meaningful, comlicated look would make it more understandable and funny. The colorful lines are so similer to the white wallpaper, so it would be good with black conture. Your style is nice, maybe a little dirty talk would loosin' it up. I hope ya like the idea.🙃
Miss I: And I really like it how it is already.
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Florina Roxana
In my opinion.....THX I HATE IT!
Miss I: Yeah, I think you like black jokes more than populars. I'm like this too.
But look, it isn't a very bad beggining right? It is simple, but try to see the feeling not the work. Yes, anyone could do a comic like that, but difference is lovin' doing that. Noone would do something he's not good at, if he doesn't like it, right? I know ya don't like things what isn't perfectly for ya, but I think ya liked it in a different way, because you watched it and even comment. 🙂
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S h i z u
Can you teach me how you post your work here?
Sal Reacts: you look up manga toon publishing
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