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My Darling Is A Gang Leader

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Sean, a good student with excellent academic and moral performance, encountered with the local villain Chester due to a fight. Attracted by Chester’s awkward but unconcealed character, Sean fell in love with him at first sight. In order to help Chester rectify the gang, Sean became the gang leader and start his pursuit of love…

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School life
Boys’ Love
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💎 Happy Ending
Who did this to the chair of my precious Sean?! It was so rude! 😠 Also Sean's classmates are horrible murmuring and ignoring him, it's worse than being part of a gang I mean they think they're better just because of that but they're not! 😒 it really pisses me off! 😠😠😠
Hnnngggghhhh... Cute.. They are SO CUTE!!! Get used to it fast, Chester. Sean is still holding himself up.

And Rex needs to get away from his boss & Maggie, else he will also be implicated by their crimes. Such a person better join Sean-Chester's gang instead.
The part where it says something who smiles and lot and can't fight is the most dangerous person, the part describes me completely but I act scary when I'm hella mad or annoyed
*Gacha_ Foxy*: Me- *smiles*
Tristan- 'We can talk about this'
Me- ' how many times has that worked??'
Tristan- ' uhhh-' *BOLTS*
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