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Honey, You Belong to Me!

Writing from the future

My last writing was when Ruo Zhen got super drunk and spouted nonsense “Let’s sleep together!” So, let’s continue.

After that, the President said “Ok. Let’s sleep together” and carried her to his room. As he placed her on the bed, she pulled his tie over and said “Where do you want to go? I have an important matter to discuss with you.” He replied “we will talk after shower.” She said “No! I want to say it now.” Then he said ok and asked her to say it. She asked “The dishes that I made tonight are delicious right?” He nodded lightly. Then I can say it now. “Thank for letting me to stay here but this place really doesn’t suit me. Will you let me leave tomorrow? As long as you agree, Rui Rui will agree too, then only I can leave, just take it as doing a good deed, let me leave ok?”

Annoyed, he said “This is the main intention of yours behind this dinner that you prepared?” She nodded and said “I still prefer that small house of mine as I feel more comfortable, so let me go back ok.” He didn’t say anything and she said “why aren’t you saying anything? Have you agreed to it?” Then she lied down and said “Ahh thank you so much! Alright, I am done saying what I wanted to say, I shall sleep now, goodnight.”

Cikk Nur: qqq11
Anne Panuncialman Cao: oh no luck again.... I can't recommend this to my friends out there coz we heed a lot of points for this..
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wiwi milk
ok i am going to ask a question to all of you guys hope you dont mind !
i have a crush for like over a year . I just have a crush on him not love maybe ? when my friends say if i actually love him i say that it's only a crush but 1 month ago that crush of mine went to a cafe with a girl. That's k. But he also went to a night club with that girl !!!! When my friend said that to me just a few days ago , idkw i burst into crying. I was just so sad & senaitive that time. My friend didnt tell me before bc she thought i might get hurt. But when i said "just a crush" she thought i wont be cry or cause such rackus. He is dating that girl & i am here broken hearted crying but i still in his birthday i made a cake & enjoyed by myself.
k. Do i only have a crush on him or love him ? maybe it's bc im sensitive towards the ppl i care ?? i like him but dunno if i love him. I cant confess to him bc im playing with my own mind ! it's actual hard....
so do i just like or love him ?? i somehow think im just playing by myself :((
Tissa DS: don't go over there, you might get hurt
Susy Márquez: Same story with me and my crush 😕 but my crush has a girlfriend and he’s cheating an her with another girl😕we had a lot of moments together but now l guest they were nothing to him😒😕l still like him but l trying to get over him because l was obsessed with him😳but yea l know I’m gonna find a better person
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comics 😉😉 I'm coming
😝😝😝was that drink poisonous??? 🤣🤣🤣that drink makes her insane????😂😂😂but it strange....she didn't forget her purpose to tell him that she wanna leave 🤔🤔🤔but she actually forgot that she should not strip her clothes in front of him 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭
just reading: I already watched the s1 (maybe also the s2😅) but can't remember anything now😭😂😭😭😅.
just reading: ric bro, are you seeing someone's acc name here🤣🤣🤣. where's tj now?! we got him his lucy😁😊.
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ms.cute 😝
There it is 3 rules in every manga stories ...
1.first episode must contain adultery subject.
2.ML should be the CEO of the company.
3.FL sign a contract to ML of becoming his lover/Mistress ....
Single~Pringle: This is like almost every book on this app story layout
Abigail 26: hahahahahahaaa🤣🤣🤣and purple haired women are always mean
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
I don't know if it is me alone but I understand y she never figured it out, it is same for me, I nevered figure that one of my friend liked me, he behaves just like Rong, alway teasing me always have something like like Rong tell her to tell me, I figured it out the other day, will I didn't figure he told me n he ask me if I was stupid or something for never knowing. Dude if u want her to know u need to tell if she is like me she will never figure it out no matter how u behave, I think someone might have to tell n it can't be anyone it might have to be her best friend n don't ever think she will be will to belive that she will just denie it.

I want her to go with both of them, I don't know who to ship her with both of them loves her. Will I need to wait n see what will happen.
Crazy update crazy update
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘: I'll say yes when I'm when I know he won't hurt.
DIVA ( Angel sect new elder 🌈): Hahaha 😂😂😂 don't tease him for to long
You should say " yes yes yes, i do i do i do "
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Anisa Arobi sneha
well ,I have a massage to FL
"girl ,you worked hard to make his favourite dish for him but he seems to prefer to eat you first 🤭🤭"
Galaxy : It would be better if he left her for desert
If ya know what I mean ;3 ;3
Otaku6275: Smoochie smoochie ~
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Why do I feel like she is actually Rui Rui's mother. Maybe she got in an accident and lost her memories or something. Remember earlier in the manga they mentioned that she has a ginger allergy and so does Rui Rui, then later when she was telling Rui Rui a story she tells him about her dream that she sees a girl who's lost memories and can't get them back.

So maybe she is his mother since there's no mother in the picture. And even if she's not she will soon be his future mother😘😘
nolifefor~me*cries*: Yeah, I think that happened. Especially since she was talking about that weird dream where it was as if she lost her memories. Also, because manga that are similar to this one r like that
Firoza Akter: But I remember that she simply doesn't like the taste of ginger
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Ahana creations
I read so many mangas but my most favorite fl are
1. lacy jogu ( the heiress vs young ruffians) because she is funny 😂 and cute
2. gu ruo xi ( honey you belongs to me) because she is also funny and cute 😀
3. Susan shen ( trouble with president: return of princess) because she is smart and knows how to deal with problems with presence of mind
4. qingzhou ( the epic revenge) because she is smart and she dare to lift her voice against her family and them who torture her
5. nina sze ( bossy president ) because she is very cute and innocent. she always love everyone and despite her family leave her, she never blame them and she still loves them
I'm Your Angel Lady 💖Snow
Yeah yeah always Interesting 😒😒.Ugh I'm getting bored!!!What should I do
I'm Your Angel Lady 💖Snow: You like Ash!?😍😜🤓
ROSE.🤘(Angel sect younger elder🌈): absolutely yes
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In the end she’s the Mother but had some accident where she lost her memory’s and now can’t remember the Ceo or that she had a child and maybe the two boys think that she died by this accident and didn’t just lost her memory. Now if someone is saying „but wouldn’t he recognized his girl ?“ maybe the accident was so big that she had an operation where she got a new face or it just happened in such a long time ago that he didn’t recognized her anymore, like maybe she changed her Hairstyle and color.
u blinks: where did you see it?
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THEY ARE BOTH GOOD MEN AND IM SOOO SAD FOR RONG XIAO!! 😭😭 I WISH COMICS HAVE A COMPLETED SET AND A BONUS CHAPTERS FOR LIKE "ALTERNATES ENDING" like normal story she will be with yi yuan and the alternate ending...she would be with rong xiao but diff storylines since both are diff characters...but it would be hard for this comic considering they still need to come up with a sceme for rui rui
hi everyone 😊 ( hola , namaste , kemjho , bonjour , vankam)
let's play games.
I will a u word all of my friend translate their own language.
mother _ maa , Ammi ;, father _ papa Abbu ; love _ pyaar ; thank you _ shukriya ( Hindi , Urdu )
Ariana Lopes: Mother - mãe
Father - Pai
Love - amor
Thank you - obrigada
Portuguese 🧡
Stupidity: wow interesting
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A normal person? Does that mean I'm not normal? Last time my bff fell off her chair I just laughed so she started laughing to
Ann Yares: Yeah as long as it’s not anything serious it’s hilarious lol
anime square: I agree, I think as bestfriends and siblings you act that way. But in a real situation obviously you won't do that lol
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Mieko 🌸
Men like our main ML and the 2nd ML makes me feel bitter in life. Such rare guys in real life. Hard to find one 😭.
Rose: so right
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Reasons why i love this manga:
ML : kyaaa~~ 💯 my type 😍
Plot: How Long family cares for their loved ones is just 💓💓. The kid ! cute, adorable, younger version of dad is moeeee~
The best manga ! Everyone should read this !! THANK YOU AUTHOR AND TRANSLATORS FOR YOUR HARDWORK !!
-Loads of love from us !
Omkar Yedgallu: From me too..
so same here
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Peachy Bee
I really love this red hair guy😭😭😍😍
❤️Ryo & Akira😭: Me too😆🥰😍 don’t mind all these other ppl that don’t. Their weird if they don’t at least like him a little bit!🤨🙄🤫😬
kitty lover: 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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hey guys, so these are my guesses:
1. ruoxi is ruirui's mother, but if she insists that she is still a virgin, then maybe she is a surrogate mother
2. if not surrogate mother, perhaps long yi yang uses her ovum to make baby (ruirui), master long uses tube-baby method, that doesn't require a baby to grow in womb (just like in the Related Marriage story)
3. after ruirui conception, she got accident that caused her amnesia

SPOILER please...
Justmine: have you ever seen the tool that is used to insert the sperm into female's uterus before?
It's small thin and slim, not like (please excuse me) Mr.P
that's why I don't think if inserting a tool in artificial insemination would break the hymen

also, what if ruoxi gave birth via cesarean section, that way the deliver process won't break her hymen so she can remain virgin
relejando: being a virgin doesn’t mean your hymen is intact. being a virgin means you haven’t had sex.
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Irene Maria
why is it so hard for these FL to believe when good things happen, always quick to believe the good people have bad intentions and believe the bad people have good intentions... it's so frustrating!
Cronus雨時: umm your the one who made the question,you said why is it so hard for these FL to believe things happen. and the second one you said your only Expressing your frustrations on manga well sound like you want something new to the mangatoon well even your complaining nothing will change anyway why bother to expressing your frustration, it sound like you want something new in romance so yeah your frustration doesn't Realy matter nothing will change
Mary Jane Tompong Paquibot: haays shes dumb
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Jen Yi
I have no problem with a woman going for the man she likes but she has to know when to stop when he draws the line. If I like a guy I’ll ask him out, I’ll pursue him but the moment he says, “No, I’m not interested in you or I don’t love you.” I stop! It’s pointless. It’s stupid, you can’t force live on someone they’ll just hate you more.
poor assistant Li and chauffeur 😂
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