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Princess’s Happily-ever-after Marriage

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An ace killer in modern time got a time travel and reborn into a princess, whose husband is a powerful genius in the country. Being obedient and submissive to her husband and friendly to his concubines? No way! if you dare to challenge, just have a try!

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sleepy ash
I think yuri also have a connection with what happened 1000 years ago because she's fine being in the upper world. It didnt affected her condition. Seems like she have been there before. Maybe she related with the demon or the ring. Well it would be such a twist if she really related to the demon side..
BzBz: she, maybe, a demon died from the upper bound or someone died from a upper cities . in the beginning she seemed like she has an important place in the upper bound....

maybe she was killed by that demon..... oh authorrrrrrrr
Hikari: I admire your teachers. You have a... An imagaination. 👏👏
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Man this is getting annoying I want to see more romance in this comic but there is only fight and the worst it that Pianran whenever I see her my nerves go up more than they need to and I feel like breaking my phone, I loved the start of this comic but the thing that there are only fights there now is so annoying all I have seen in these last chapters was only fight there is still romance but it's not the same I want them to be together alone focusing only on each other and not about searching for medicine or about fighting T-T when is this going to over 😭😭
Jupiter Moon: I agree!! These constant fight scenes are high-key annoying that I’m just wasting my tickets on all of these when I just wanted to see actual romance scenes.. 😔
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Mikaela Galang
Well if anyone has the same thoughts with me please like this. I think the author combined so many manhua/manga because first, most of the stories that has space ring is mostly has some connection with cultivation which is action/adventure, plus the thing which some monster is giving birth then giving the baby to a human. Then this kind of plot is mostly romance/adventure like The Divine Doctor, Phoenix against the world (correct me if im wrong) etc. If you read The Tales of God and Demons, Forged Success, (and manyyyyy moreeee about cultivation and revenge) plus the stories like The Divine Doctor, you can see that the author combined ideas from different stories resulting to this WONDERFUL MANHUA!!! I really love it❤️ ps: I recommend the stories I've mentioned above, plus The Tower of God and Light and Shadow
Aya Sophia :p: It's on another platform dear, you can't find that here
TANZILA KHAN: hey why cant i find them on mangatoon...?
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