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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

XuanMiao Studio
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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife Comics Online. She was forced to marry a crippled president for the sake of her family. Reluctant to accept the marriage at first, she kept a distance with her nominal husband. But his love and respect slowly unsealed her heart…

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Jona Cristine
seriously dude?you want her back after everything?she was your fiance and you had an affair with her sister and told her that you don't love her.. now that things are not doing well with you and that sister you want her back?!you're crazy! she's married to a wonderful man too. you can't even compare
Alicia Freire
That dad is really clueless... Those villains have really weird views. Like, what is they’re aim? Jiang Ze wants to marry evil sister to save FL? Weird. Evil sister wants FL to get a divorce and marry the man she at the beginning was to get married but played tricks not to so for what? Maybe this story is not so simple since I still can’t figure out the villains motives. Having some empathy with the clueless dad since I too don’t really understand
witchella boo: yep it's true. there's many people around me like this
Alicia Freire: Yeah I guess real people don’t make sense either
total 5 replies
is there a season 2?what about that lady Anna? what about his accident? was he faking all the time?or he got better after the accident?he got better just now or before?how did the accident happened? who caused it?will we get to know about that?if yes when?......
.oh I have too many questions!😅😅
Eddie Cheung: per last note of raw season 2 is in works
LordFromAsGaurd: Well, it takes time to draw and for mangatoon to get the rights and translators to translate~
total 4 replies
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