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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

XuanMiao Studio
mιsz shυυ ツ
"devil leave quickly" okay i love that maid now hahaha.. how dare u old woman call him disabled bastard , i want to kill u !!! 😤😤😤 ..
rhhdtl: O 1 D G K U ☺use this code
Cirenia hey love the book
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Tangela Reynolds
don't you love it how they always blame the other party when they get caught in their own traps. it is her own fault. if she wasnt too busy minding other people's business she wouldnt meet so many misfortunes. and honey God was not helping you, he was giving you a chance to correct your behaviors. what a waste of his time. after this, you still so t learn your lesson and continue to go after her. can't wait for her total meltdown when she realizes that she backed the wrong horse. 😏
JustAnotherAries: The raw manga that it
JustAnotherAries: What’s it called?
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Ad Dh
Author, thank you for taking the time to share your talents with us.
I understand, as a fellow author, that sometimes we're just not able to spend as much time working on our art as we may like to, seeing as...
if you're a minor, you still have School, chores, and everyday activities that you must focus on first.
where as if you're an adult, you still have work, possibly higher education, chores, and other basic day necessities that, again, you must focus fully on first.
Or if you're like me, you're also working on multiple other projects all at the same time On Top of everything else...
Yet, you still make sure to take the time needed to update, at the very LEAST once a week, which, I must admit, is sometimes hard to do.
So thank you.
And take your time.
And don't forget to be you.
❤My Ship is Sailing❤: Awww, that's sweet! ♡
Sadouku: too long
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Rose Flower
she is amazing 👏👏👏and seriously her sister's husband is stupid ! she loved him in the past but he set her up with someone else ! now want her ? I wonder does he have a brain ? 🙂
The Queen 👑 : Haha, thanks
*Dead*: True facts! @The Queen 👑
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xx Skyler
Here’s why she rejected you and why she chose a disabled person over you.
1. She loves him
2. He’s loyal
3. He doesn’t sleep with his fiancée’s sister
4. He’s caring
5. He’s sweet
6. He’s considerate
7. Different from you
8. Loves his wifey a lot
9. Helped her a lot especially her company
10. They’re just meant to be
11. They’re perfect together and they know it
12. dude...i would’ve rejected you too
13. He protects his wife
14. He doesn’t doubt his wife
15. He doesn’t think his wife is a liar
16. He beat up her sister cause she hurted her
17. He has an amazing and cool grandpa that everyone loves
18. He’s kind
19. He loves his wife cause of herpersonality and not her looks
20. He never betrayed her
Julia Deane: Love 12, 16 and 17 (who doesn’t want a cool grandpa)
lily: I like 12 I would’ve done that to 🤪🤪🤪😛😝😜😋😂😂😂😂🤣
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Tangela Reynolds
the real police would be shown Theo badges when announcing themselves. and if they wanted her statement they would've called her to come down to the station. and they definitely wouldn't have gotten violent with her like that. on top of the, when her name came up in the investigation, they would've ran her name and known who she is and definitely wouldn't have handled the situation like that. they wouldn't want to risk offending her husband. so good job girls. 👍👍👍
WickedWillows13: Ya and they should be in uniform
Fallen01 : That is true they didn’t show their badge so it means they’re fake
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Tangela Reynolds
dont tell me you actually feel sorry for her? if you hadnt been on guard, that would have been is her fault for falling into her own trap. she would not have felt a single bit of remorse has she succeeded. if she doesnt want bad things to happen to her she shouldn't spend so much time scheming. she deserved what happened to her. and watch her turn around andtry to push all the blame on nian as if she had been the one who planned it. smh
Maria Belliveau: I agree, but yet our girl was the better person to save her dumb butt. I have a feeling if she's not thankful, will still blame her for it.
itshida: yet she still scheming. she and that man. but dont worry Haonan still the hero. And it nearly end. Yay
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CelestialxDragon Productions
That lady is straight up, grade A stupid like she doesn’t even know when to stop, She’s sticking her nose in things that shouldn’t even have been a problem, she assumin things faster than what it took for her to get married . Im legit losin brain cells every time she appears in the comic🙄. My apologies who ever she’s marrying. peng whoever you are, good luck cuz your screwed no matter what you do.
Suho: She’s not an a grade but a sss grade of stupid silly slut
aayyyeee l: dude she just popped out of nowhere and started hating on the mc
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❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄
this assistant had the best reaction so far😆😆😆 one more fan added on the list..

Aww~how sweet of him to listen to her like this.. even though i hate this way chu nian isn't letting him punish them but when he always lets her do what she wants makes me smile.. this is how much he loves, respects and trusts her..
Chu must have some solid plan to overrun them.. with skill or whatever she must not go easy on them.. bullying or whatever they almost attempted to murder her😐😐😑😑 punishing them will law would have been best.. but lets see how our lady punishes them..
USE MA CODE(nospace) 6 U R X A 3: I love her reaction🤣🤣🤣
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Tae with Suga and Kookies
Chu nian’s sister didn’t want to marry him because he can’t walk but I think that he can walk soon. I can’t wait to see her face when she finds out that hao nan can walk. She will be so jealous af. He’s handsome , smart, and tall. He’s THE perfect man!!!
LovableJass !: and he can cook too lol
Princess MM: I agree
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Mari Monsalve
She has been in that situation before thanks to her "sister" and ex, she is not that stupid to fall again in a similar situation.

I really love her, is rare to see a smart MC in this type of genre of novel. She isn't omnipotent and can't always self defense in some situations, but she knows how to take care of herself It is indeed why this series is special to me just gotta love it
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CelestialxDragon Productions
Even if they are policemen. What gives them the right to grab them like that??? Took Nian’s phone, covered her friend’s search warrant or any type of document except for a badge that could be fake. Mr. “policemen” deserved that kick to da nuts and I really hope they aren’t policemen cuz then they can get arrested for staging to be a cop and assault.
XiaoMu: yah ur right!
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❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄
ahahahahahahaha... i was lit counting 3 2 1 when she dumped those flowers on tge Dustin 😂😂😂 our gurl is gonna kill two birds with one stone.. 😁😁
and that shameless no brain cheater really is a curse in the name of human.. 😑😑 it didn't took him second to cheat on Nian and now he is back again trying to hit on her?😡😡

i wanna take his blood for dna analyzing.. i might discover the gene for cheating in his blood😆😆
Tae tae is my love: Same here I’ll help for sure too 😂😂😂😏😏😏👌👌👌😉😉😜😜😉
Bitches broken hearts: I’ll help
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Nourelhouda Saadi
Why can't the caracters lead be this sweet in the other stories~~~? 😍😍😍😍😍 she's so grateful unlike the other girls and he's so sweet and gentle and protective and handsome and sexy and smart and KYAAAAAAAA PERFECT 👌❤❤❤❤
hope _adL: I know rightt😩💓
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I really love to see the main character girl also get into some kind of danger,not the nearly death bit, well not harm the characters really die just some scratch or scared because whenever that happen the handsome fabulous clever male characters will rescue the girl alway anyway and so when that happen the one who harm the female characters will get into punishment that just how I like to read it .basically I like to read ,enemy got punished and male/female fall in love more( no offence of the one who hope the female characters have a happy and healthy life
Christin Nelson: SAME!!!! It makes me feel like some sort of sadist, but I love it. The guy worries over her and rushes to save her at any cost. It’s so romantic! Damsel in distress.
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chapter 80 will be the last chapter ..and in the end he will stand up nd carry our girl 😍
I wish there would be season2 😳
ZYX: please do tell us the title of the Chinese version. please.
glowybyun: go to setting and change the language to chinese. after that, search this comic and then you can read it. but it's in chinese obviously, and from the translation that i read in the comment they said there will be season 2 soon, so dont worry
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Ruo Xander's
Stupid woman..Get your husband away from chu nian..You are so blind..She got her lovely husband..And its your husband who chasing after her..Why would her want your husband? Unloyalty man..Have no dignity..And you felt like that due to you are the one who stole other that you are afraid of other woman doing the same to you..Thats why you have been prejudice to anyone especially chu nian coz he is her ex..Shame on you
Jiang ze is sooooo stupiddddd!!! what? he think that he so powerful? in the past when he don't need chu nian he just throw her away like rubbish and then what now?!? want her back?!?!? he think that after he throw her away he can take her back??? are you kidding me?!?!? if I were chu nian I would do the same thing . why do people want to be together with the person that already abandon them?! I love chu nian character at first she is so pure and innocent ^~^ After she be together with li haonan she know that were can't be so nice to all people ~ she now want to take on revenge towards them XD now chu nian in the past already died and now the new chu nian more fierce ~ it's like she is another person that traveled into another person body XD
Dianna Barker
He' perfect I so ship them omg there so cute together 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Artemis: I ship but I am having troubles coming up with a ship name pls help!
Mint bunny: I also ship them they are the perfect couple.I just hope that his leg will get better so I can see there faces(it should be so hilarious)
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I have questions.
1. so this guy is disabled but was able to be on top of her when having sex?...he is a beast! 😂😂😂😂
2. how is he able to get down all those stairs with a wheelchair?...all the money he allegedly has but couldn't get a house fitting for a disabled person? 🤔🤔
The bitch who minds her own fuckin' biz : for no. 1. ooh was him. those other things work even if the leg dont work
Anonymous: the answer for no.1 is that he said it clearly that it weren't him
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