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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

XuanMiao Studio
Guys I think she is adopted since she does not look like the dad brown hair but she has pink hair. But it is possible her mom had pink hair. The dad seems to favor the other sister(or as I beautifully named her putain, anybody know French over here?😉) over the fl. She also said no one had protected her like that. This is just my theory but not a spoiler. I just started reading this like you guys😁
Lisa Cusinato: Catin too
Elena Daymon: Or you can just say le chienne or chienne. lol
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Kritishna 2404
Wait Doubts
1.Who is Anna
2.What happened to his step mother and sister
3.Why happened to FL's sister
4.What happened in that year
5.What is the reason for his accident
6.How come his legs get cured all of a sudden
7.Why didn't the evil colleague of fl get punished
8.what happened to FL's lover
9.why wasn't the dad punished
10.who is her mom
LilD: please update us if there will be a season 2.
LilD: please update us if there will be a season 2.
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Van'z Villamor
i love this mangga.. why? its because the ML is not stupid like other ML.. why did i say that? he protect her, not bully her.. support her, not abandon her.. has only one woman, his wife.. not like other's that have many woman or harem... as some are easy to get played like a fool!
Elydia Fahn: Ikr the first manga with a common sensed ML
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Aila Mae Tan
how dare you say that when you were the one who had an affair and betrayed her,made her look like a liar and humilliated her,made her look like the one who had an affair and made her marry someone else,who she doesn't even know!? and now you say those words in front of his husband as well(that now are mutually in love with each other),and expect her to agree just because you broke up with the one you had an affair with!? dream on bastard!!!!(sorry for being long,just wanted to say my frustration)😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Code: 404: you took the words right out of my mouth
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bedosone2 - ROBLOX
I want a grandpa like this
I have a grandpa and grandfather, but...
My grandpa(dad’s side) doesn’t like me as much as my cousin(girl and 2 days younger)
Every since we were born, he’d give the best to her and my aunt(my cousin’s mom and his daughter)
My grandpa just likes his daughters more than my dad. Even though my dad is the richest out of all his children 😖🤨

My grandfather, uhh, idk... he just likes babies and younger children. Basically, he loved us, until we became old enough to think for ourselves :D
So now, my cousin’s from my mom’s side, both my mom’s brothers has children that has babies now.
So my grandfather loves them more 3:

I’d say I like my grandfather more because he actually cared about me when I was younger.
My grandpa was more of a fierce guy...cuz he has had office jobs most of his life in China
MoonSide🌖: like grandpa like grandson
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Toushirou Hijikata
What happened!!!..……….....…................Is this the end. I remember somebody saying that 2nd season will start from either end of August or first of September.
anjali kumari
Do you know what I hate the most, Suspense and wait for another episode..😡😤
that's why I always read complete stories but see what author🤨 did to me you live the story full of Suspense and now I have no choice, I just desperately wait for another season..😖
Author you are too much 😡😤
Where is second season plzzz author come back 😔I can't wait any more plzzzz😭😭🙏🙏
you will mever match him in any aspects. what's more is you are a cheater who betrayed her in the first place and even had sex with her sister. you even planned the whole marriage thing. but thanks to you that she is now more happier while you rot😠😠😠
Van'z Villamor: yes! we cheers to them rotting in hell😠😠
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season 2 naman mga bess grabe kung kailan nakakalakad na sya ending na myghad cassie plss.. season 2 naman oh ganda eh kaso bitin myyghadd!!!😢😍😂💓😅
He may be be crippled by body but u jianze or whatever ur name is , u r crippled by brain !! dare u compete against li hao nan
bitin yung kuwento wla bang any update Kung kelan Mag papalabas ng kasunod na chapter

ang ganda na ehh nakatayu na sya woooo go haoyan
Priety Aheibam
This is the best story I had ever heard, Mr. Editor come up with season 2 please ,
please ,please. I'm requesting you.
r u freaking kidding is there something left to say after what ur so called girlfriend did ur no better than her bastard
Rhea Tabiosa
whaaaaa tapos na😭😭😭
sana may season 2 pa ang ganda ng story. ano kaya ang maggiging reaction bg kanyang step mom and step sis ngayong makakalakd na c hao nan? im that would be priceless ill be waiting for season 2 miss A sana hindi masyadong matatagalan😊😊😊😊
sorna lakshmi
he is a gentle man....I (purple) him😍 nd gurl dont worry i thnk ders no video footage for real. She jus tried to use it to make u accept the marriage. so chill!
army BTS
Kim namjoon
Kim seok jin
min yoongi
Jung heosok
park jimin
Kim taehyungh
I purple them .💜💜
Blue Goblin
I don’t know why when her dad calls she just go to visit him, knowing that her father is a monster to her and that her sister is such an evil bit**. She should just forget that she has any family, besides is not like they love her even a little.
Dafuq: yah some of the parents are strict and controlling as they don't want their children to become bad
Blue Goblin : Every time I watch an asian drama I ask myself if parents are really so controlling. I’m very respectful of my elders, but they have never been disrespectful towards me either. So I guess I can’t put myself in their shoes.
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i hope his faking that he is disabled,i just hope but its still ok if he still cares about her
hoi! paano nangyare yun? bat nakatayo na siya waaaa wala bang therapy? tae bat ganun bitiiiiin!
Adja Ba
well sir this cripple can kick your ass with a blink of his eyes so i dont know wat u talking about
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