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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

XuanMiao Studio
Jona Cristine
seriously dude?you want her back after everything?she was your fiance and you had an affair with her sister and told her that you don't love her.. now that things are not doing well with you and that sister you want her back?!you're crazy! she's married to a wonderful man too. you can't even compare
Alicia Freire
That dad is really clueless... Those villains have really weird views. Like, what is they’re aim? Jiang Ze wants to marry evil sister to save FL? Weird. Evil sister wants FL to get a divorce and marry the man she at the beginning was to get married but played tricks not to so for what? Maybe this story is not so simple since I still can’t figure out the villains motives. Having some empathy with the clueless dad since I too don’t really understand
Serina Chriezyl: and the dad only cares about the company that is why he favors wanyu because wanyu plays too much of a hypocrite in his life that is why he gets persuaded easily.
Serina Chriezyl: wanyu did that just to get back with jiang ze she knows jiang ze wants her safe that is why.
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is there a season 2?what about that lady Anna? what about his accident? was he faking all the time?or he got better after the accident?he got better just now or before?how did the accident happened? who caused it?will we get to know about that?if yes when?......
.oh I have too many questions!😅😅
LordFromAsGaurd: Well, it takes time to draw and for mangatoon to get the rights and translators to translate~
mystery: I think so too but it's been long since this season is realised 😅
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Jona Cristine
pave the way whhaaat?what is wrong with your brain dude!did you have an amnesia or what?you chose her sister from the very start now you're saying pave the way?oh c'mon! i want to beat you to pulp
I KNEW IT! She's adopted! maybe the plot twist on the season 2 is that everyone will know that she is a real daughter of a very wealthy man from abroad. Then her father the "Lin" will apologize for kidnapping her when she was so young.
Am gonna write something and receive a lot of hate for it, ok ready here i go

The drink the male lead was drinking turned from red to clear it like the uno reverse card of Jesus’ wine miracle
Wow I want him to stand like this too
Now he won’t have to listen that he have to take help from a secretary to carry his wife. I liked him from first because he care for his wife from the first day when he married and never misunderstood her.
Well, the story is happy ending but some things are still not cleared.
Hope there will be a 2nd season . Thanks author for this nice story
akuma hime
he doesn't even know the whole story behind those scene that he just saw and he already jump into conclusion what a chicken brain he had. He doesn't have a right to slap his daughter just because he was his blood and flesh he should at least hear first the explanation of his dear daughter .
Serina Chriezyl
this is my second time reading this pero yawa, this hypocrite father and daughter still gets on my nerves. SARAP NYONG IPA SALVAGE TAS IPATAPON SA HAN RIVER MGA GAGO. UTUT NYO.
Elle Borbo: hahaha .... kalma dhay ✌
CutieME: hahah lagi kalagot kaau
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Dwwwlone kin
but thinks to zea thy found each other. its realy ironic that the one thy blackmail first are now liveng happely as a loving couple
Dwwwlone kin
do you want me to send you bastard what you did to her in the firstplace i have the screen shot of you if you deny it asshole.
Tanuja soraisam Tanu
I hope their relationship remains like this forever. But still there is a girl called Anna out there
yaa yaa yaa ! what happened ?! its just finished like that ? or there's season 2 ? there is right ? waaaa . there're so many unanswered questions ! .. who's Anna ? what accident did he get into to become disabled ? since when he can walk ? why he's mad with his' stepmother and father ? what happened to his' mother ? .. waaaaaa . i'm going crazy ! more pleeeeease ! i want to be enlightened ! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
please author ! thanks !
jennnnn: i don't know too
jennnnn: there's no season 2 yet .
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Tara Shiba
yet another unfinished story I have completed.. gosh these suspenses and wait for season two is killing me...
Dwwwlone kin
nice grandpa good job. grandchild on its way the stork are ready to deliver thw child.
Irishmarie Pama
he so kind hearted and gentle men😊 even though sometimes he's pervert and cold😆...hehe 😅but hes so handsome😍
Junel Roxas
This story isn’t completed yet i have many questions regarding this story like who is Anna how he got the accident and in this story its kinda short of villains that is ruining our ship and stuff like that, i hope there a season 2
Elle Borbo
lol... you're the only one who wants jiang ze. tsk tsk walang wala sa kalingkingan ni Had
ha so wonderful this couple is. they are really awesome together.
Ellah Ellah
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