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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

XuanMiao Studio
this motherf@#$%^ . Now he wants her he treated her like shit for her sister. And he acts like he did nothing wrong he also seem to have very short term memory. 💢💢💢💢💢💢
there is a lot of things that need to be made clear!
1) Hao Nan's family and their issues..
2) What happened 2 years ago?
3) Her sister and Jing zhe issues..
Jiang Ze has got his hopes up for nothing! Buy me the best suit that will make a “cheating with my sister ex-boyfriend” look more handsome! 🤔 I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees another editor waiting for him! 😂😂

And... why, oh why doesn’t he get a handle on Wan Yu? 🤦🏽‍♀️ She’s too much! But that’s karma for you, dude! 😝
I love the ML so much.. though he is physically disabled he has such a pure heart whereas others are mentally crippled
Rebecca ologbow
awwwwn I love happy endings I cant stop crying
tears of joy
nice works authors you did a great job
Guys I think she is adopted since she does not look like the dad brown hair but she has pink hair. But it is possible her mom had pink hair. The dad seems to favor the other sister(or as I beautifully named her putain, anybody know French over here?😉) over the fl. She also said no one had protected her like that. This is just my theory but not a spoiler. I just started reading this like you guys😁
Lisa Cusinato: Catin too
Elena Daymon: Or you can just say le chienne or chienne. lol
total 4 replies
Ahahahaahah that GRANDPA is really finding a spot ahahhahahah GRANDPA drug the water of chunian ahhahahahahahaha #excited
Kritishna 2404
Wait Doubts
1.Who is Anna
2.What happened to his step mother and sister
3.Why happened to FL's sister
4.What happened in that year
5.What is the reason for his accident
6.How come his legs get cured all of a sudden
7.Why didn't the evil colleague of fl get punished
8.what happened to FL's lover
9.why wasn't the dad punished
10.who is her mom
LilD: please update us if there will be a season 2.
LilD: please update us if there will be a season 2.
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How shameless can a guy be to say all that in front of her husband?!?! Freakin’ douchebag
crippled? oh dude seriously! You are the one who is crippled mentally!
Also I love the FL..
She is one of the best
Something tells me that grandpa was the shit back in the days ayeeeee 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼yesssss grandpa 😭😂❤️
Moon Bebe
Waste my coint just for this boring chapter.. Author can u make the fl strong confident and savage not weak and dumb like this aaaaragh
oh nice . Jiang Ze good job ! for the sake of Chu Nian you got back to her btch sister .

btw . her father is so horrible man ! he only hears one side ! argh ! i hate him and the sister !
jennnnn: right ?
Anime lover: I agree with you
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Kazune and Karin
sister's huh??? what's the meaning of that it was just an excuse to this Manga
"don't blame us. if you want to blame someone, then blame it on your fate." .. just wth ?! you did that to her but you don't want her to blame both of you ?! tsk tsk .

btw . why most of mangas start like this ? hmm ???
Omgggg amazing is there a season 2? If not will there be one if yes when ???
Snow Bunny
Waaaah Thank You God, i have an older sister who love me so much and doted on me so much!!! Thank You my sister....!!
Chim Chim💜
noo why it ended😭😭😭though I'm happy fr them but still I'm not satisfied with the ending..writer i really thank u fr this grt manga i really enjoyed it but pls i request u to make another season or continue this manga coz the ending was really complicated😭😭
Ali Farhat
i love this manga so much I just used 345 coins to unlock everything permanently
Aimee Faye Severino
more please! last year i always wanted to read this storu. i want to know what is the role of ana. and shit li hao nan can walk?
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