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Magnificent Princess

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A female soldier of a special troop got a time travel and became one of the four great beauties in ancient China, Yuhuan Yang! Different from what history has mentioned, her husband, the emperor of Tang Dynasty, is an impotent man. To find out the truth as well as take revenge against her aunty, she seduced the emperor, and a funny and romantic story is unfolded…

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Time Travel
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Milk Dumpling
this episode really showed how shallow people are. rumors are more believable than looking for facts and evidence.

the audience just only remebered the words chaos, fear, nirvana and raging flames... did they even heard the last part- the dragon and phoenix will both rise.

i mean, regardless the divination is right or wrong, they never even noticed the good part of the predictions. until someone with power (of course you must have title to be believed in) corrected everything.

well thats life...😐😑😶😔
ash ketchum
This is the first time in a manhwa where the male lead is auch a sweet and considerate guy ti his love. Most of the stories has rough and even worse, a rapist male lead -___-
Anyways author, please lenghten the chapters,its too short.
kookies: True. 😡
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She needs to be nice to him. He is doing so much efforts to protect her.
AsukaHana122: No only a tsundere, but she used to be a soldier in special forces so most of them don't show emotions. Her job was her life
Obsi Gumi: She's a total's hard for her to show her feelings
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