The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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hey author,
i just want to share my views yesterday I was reading this comic again from the starting and in all the chapters of the first season I can't stop my smile , laugh, and amazement. the previous chapters were all lighthearted and funny. and lady's character would light up the whole moment. but as soon as we headed upon the second season I just felt that the comic has completely lost it's actual punch,. I am really missing lacy and he's light hearted moments moments shared by them in Royal garden their friendship. but compared to the previous season this season looks a complete mess. I personally don't like rosy the reason is not because her character is 'nt appealing but because she is stealing Lacy's lime light. I think their love story should be treated as a side keeping lady's and ye as main. and also I almost thought that lacy is just nothing as compared to her so you can guess how she is taking lady's place which I am personally not liking. and this request is not only funny side but from most of the readers author we all love your work and even appreciate it, but please make this comic more romantic❤❤, sweet, and funny. I think it's becoming a mistery thriller and every episode is so serious . please take this as a consideration. I have no prsnl grudges towards this comic but pls work upon this part this is an humble request from most of the readers 😔😔🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏
PARK LI (all of you left me): I deeply don't agree
but decreasing the romance is a bit bad....
Daniele Marina: Agree i miss Ming, Doki, and the other devils.🥺🥺🥺
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impossible his alive.
maybe he just fake everything what happened.
maybe he planned it all from the start.
thats only my guess.

second maybe this guy is the twin brother of hemingson or his brother.

lol I think too much.

I don't forget how hemingson die.
so I guessed this is his twin brother or brother
daisy💜: yea, I think so too
fm040913: so what I guessed is it's planned everything 🙂
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In the NEXT ep
Jaemo will help Rosy, Rosy will not get punish, but the b*tches that trying to hurt meh precious Mei still in trouble) then Jaemo ask Rosy to be his actual gf... not like right now, Rosy is agreeing to be Jaemo's gf just because of a bet?? (Kinda)

Then EP 274
Rosy and Jaemo dance together at the collage anniversary party (at that moment, I was screaming like crazy) then Hillary decided to do something bad (I know that she's going to do something bad cuz from the look of her face)

That's it for the spoiler
Thank you for reading :)
AnimeiGamer: Oh. No need to sorry. Just asking. and okay I understand. Thank you
Shw_: Well just because there's also lots of people that like or want spoilers. If some people don't like spoilers then they should not read or see this type of comments, that's my answer... If my answer didn't satisfy you enough, just letting you know that I'm sorry
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Otaku And Kpop Fan: ok hahahahahaha
᥇ꪖ᥇ꪗ_ꪖꪀꪮꪀꪗꪑꪮꪊડ: The Guy who looks like hemingson?!??!
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Akikawa Titsu Nee
“These part of the story is really as the same as lacy and ye’s story”yeah but there are difference looking at how lacy and rosy MANAGE TO FACE IT it has a little bit of it

LACY:faced it at the first bottom as brave and strong but when ye’s mother attacked she was like scared and given up(but with ye’s help)she remember her life status and stand up then she continued to fight

Different from rosy

ROSY:for him political life is the most important than love, but when jameo came her mind was doubting “what does love for” but when she knew that jameo was a king she just blamed jameo feelings, and (about how she faced it)she was really braved like a lion and strong like a rock (I don’t know how will rosy faced the last war cuz the story isn’t yet finished)(and I’m not the author)(but I know how does story really run)

So guys stop comparing it let’s just celebrate for the new love to SHIP 🥳🥳
Akikawa Titsu Nee: You didn’t disturbed me... actually I’ve needed some more stories to read and discover while the others stories are not yet done
TAEKO CELESTIA {MTN}: Sorry to disturb you if you dont mind please read my chat story "My Innocent Wife Is A Killer".Hope you like it!
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so! let's just talk about what we understood till now. jeamo had a chance to marry the queen of iasland but he didn't because he likes rosy but after rosy revealed that she is the queen of iasland he didn't seamed surprised. not even a little bit. did jeamo knew that rosy was the queen? 🤔

And as far as I know rosy didn't agreed to marry jeamo either because there was a someone in her government causing trouble for her. She didn't wanted to involve Britain in this situation nor did she wanted to expose it because it might bring shame to iasland. And now one of person. who rosy trusts and also is rosy's teacher is lying and telling rosy is not the queen. So the mole in the government is the person she trusted most!!??

These plot twists are giving me a headache. Why are these people trying to take rosy down!!!??
I think thats not Hemingson, and I think thats he's twin brother or maybe half brother or something, he want to revenge..idk.. If Rosy and Jaemo joint together if they husband and wife they become STRONGER both of their country and no one wany to become their enemy.. And also the the MYSTERY of Rosy and Lacy friend the JAPANESE girl I think she have a big role in this story for me she have a mystery identity..(I think)but LET'S SEE...
Oh BY THE WAY GUYS DO YOU REMEMBER THE YOUNG MASTER idont remember his name the young master with a yellow hair the devil kid that Lacy take care of him... where is that kid now..?!?
Adhara: looke kim hoo? he is a korean or something?
priyanjal 🎈🎀🦄: his name was looke kim hoo
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Jhullyhen Frolich
they don't know the girl is a president of entire club.
and why lacy is scared on hemingson hemingson never hurt lacy and the one Hemingson like is lacy why should be scared lacy to hamimgson yah. he is a killer but all that he do is for lacy. what if that is hemingson brother that taking revenge for her brother becaous her brothet die because of the girl didn't love her and the boy testing the boy and drink thr wine poison and he thought that tje one who love lacy most is the boy now her secret husband..
Jhullyhen Frolich: yes. I read that, and I know that. but that is I exactly mean that ye drink to TESTING LACY TO SEE HOW MUCH SHE'D GO FOR YE and lacy love them both but she have to choose whos her LOVER and she choose ye.
Jhullyhen Frolich: oh yes! your right! I didn't notice that
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"My girlfriend" Jaemo is direct though Rosy has not agreed but wow💞😉. He truly loves hopefully Rosy will say YES😄. They are perfect match for each other💞.

There are many reader who want more moment of Ye and Lacy but now this is season2 and Ye and Lacy had perfect ending in Season 1. It not like there something left not covered in season 1 about Ye and Lacy they had their perfect end. That's why now this season less about them and more about Jaemo and Rosy and side by side about Lacy and Ye. Now these their story(Jaemo and Rosy) and it is really good JUST LIKE SEASON 1 was. Rosy is strong, determine, care about her friend, her country and protects other when needed. And Jaemo as king is doing everything to protect his country and his people from Lucian. Also to protect his loved once.
I also want moment of Ye and Lacy but want to know more about Rosy and Jaemo. These manhua's storyline is going smoothly👍. This manhua is amazing👍😊
p.s💛❤: **now this is their story
**loved ones
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If you guys don't want spoilers, please DONT READ THIS COMMENT!!!

In the next EP
Rosy will revealed her secret to all the people in the ballroom area

In EP 281
Theres a lot of people not believe that Rosy is the Queen of Iasland, anyways Rosy feel confident to tell everyone her secret at that ball because she knows that the prime minister of Iasland is also there at the, so he can confirm that Rosy is the queen (thats what she thought) but surprisingly the prime minister said that Rosy is not the Queen of Iaslan (Well at least she knows who the betrayal was)

That's it for the spoiler
Thx for reading
ShoyoKei: good for those who can read chinese😅
Ju$+ p@sS€rb¥~: what's the name of the app?
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She has mentioned she promised her dad not to tell anyone about her identity, i am assuming she's the fifth inheritor, remember the flower arrangement she has done, which shows only aristocrats can do such. And the time she and ye was kidnapped, ye was an inheritor and of course for a kidnapper itll really choose the rich persons kid to be kidnapped, so maybe lacy really is the fifth inheritor, and being adopted by the cen was just a cover up for her safety and the title itself gives a sign 'the heiress' ANYWAYS FOLLOW ME AND ILL FOLLOW U BACK LETS CHAT TOO
meloveanime: wow mannnn u maybe right
ေရႊေနၾကာ: wow😘😘
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Okenmang Tatak
I know , we all agree that hemingson love was not that.. that can be described....
even though hemingson played the role of villian in this story and he is not the ml but then also he teach us to how to love and never forget our duty in love
I wish .. this comic will make season 2 where hemingson will be the lead and teach how to cherish love

lastly I'm still crying because I really fallin love with hemingson .. when everyone makes comments against him .. inside me deeply grow the love to him... I'm still feel bad...
please make season 2 .. where we can able to see hemingson again in the lead role
Kim Jae Beom: ya how I wish he was he ml woah I m in love with hemingson character 😥 at least he could he alive and marry another girl
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❤ Dreamy Taehyung ( V)❤✨BTS💜
I think he loved her whole heartily. It's a pity that no one saw his care, no one saw his love, no one saw his sorrow. I don't him. And I think no one should. He had done so much for her, that I don't think ye would have done that, though his way was different and it became the reason for every one to hate him. Though she hate him she should not say such thing to him. I don't think she was totally clueless about his suffering. I didn't expect him to die. But for me he is not the villain here. He is a hero. He is also the ML but no one notice his warm heart hidden behind his cold and cruel personality that was given by his own family and friends. 😞😞😞 I am literally crying now. I hope in next life he find happiness. Lots of love Hemingson. ❤❤❤ I love u.
I don’t know why people are so mad about Lacy and Ye not being the center of attention in this season. It can happen, and plus it’s not like they were completely taken out of the plot of season 2, either. I honestly love Jaemo x Rosy, they are the couple that I have been craving so much for since I started reading manhuas on here. She is the exact image of my version of a strong and perfect FL, badass, domineering, independent, doesn’t need the ML to be the center of attention, refuses to cry or submit when things get tough for her, etc. It’s not like this ship is boring or unlikable, they are just as good as Ye x Lacy. I do miss the comedy elements that Lacy and Ye did bring to this story, though, so I do kind of understand why people want them to be the main ship. Either way, this story is so so well-written and it’s still a very organized story, plus it’s fun to read. I have no complaints tee hee!
Neha George: Sameeee. PREACH BROOO!
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Okay.. There is still lots of people complaining about the fl and ml problem.

First of all, can't y'all just accept the fact that the story change... Like I get it, this manga is supposed to be about Lacy and Ye but think for moment.. their both already married!! What drama do you guys want from them?? Do you guys really want the same drama/plot just like in S1.. Bruh... If the story keeps that way, lots of people probably get bored of the story if the story have the plot and twist all over again.

Second, this is the auhors choice. If the author want to change things up, just let him/her be, the author is the one who made the story... Y'all can't just ask tell the author to change the plot, y'all not the one who write the story, AUTHOR IS

Third, for the people who arent complaining about this... Well... I'm glad you aren't cuz the people who ARE complaining about this they are... Let's just say... THEY'RE ANNOYING :|
Akikawa Titsu Nee: Ow... so u really know this story 😑 joke (hehe) it’s nice that u treat my comment fair not as how I treat ur’s (self’ sometimes look at ur self before boosting ur brain) [im such a bruhh]
Shw_: Nahhh you're not talking to much (maybe a little bit) but I respect your opinion, and about Lacy and Ye, dont worry about it cuz their going to have another problem in ep 286
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Magas Macaraya
Note: pls respect author, instead of judging her/his work.
even if this season 2 is not about lacy and u know what I'm saying right?

U know guys? i like this season2 cuzz its all about the crown and love, u know, just understand the story and u will know it whats the feeling.

dear author thanks for the beautifull story u made for us! and also keep writing it author, i love your novel/comics so much❤🤗

and also sorry for my grammar i just want all to understand it.

I'm a filipino, i hope we all stay safe and keep supporting author❤.

-your fan from piliphines❤
Kenma: Read My Chat Story!(She Fell Inlove With An Playboy)Thank you!
Bella: Yea we surely miss them but it’s nice to see others too!
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Guys there's a new contest vote for your favourite comic book with points who gonna vote The heiress Vs young ruffian please vote it the author didn't lock this comic otherwise the other comics start to lock only from 20 chapter but this comic for us author didn't lock this this is the first time I have seen such a graceful author it's a great opportunity to support the author of this comic. And the art even got better there's nothing like this that if the art is not understandable so the author didn't lock it but the art got better without lock THIS IS THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT THE AUTHOR. And also you have to vote with POINTS NOT EVEN COINS. This will start from 10 October.
🇮🇳Herobrine🇮🇳: Don't go on my profile I am a girl as well.
🇮🇳Herobrine🇮🇳: Thanks sis I will wish that you and your family will live more than 100 years.
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Kuen Lacrosse
You know what? Complaining doesn't change anything. It's not your comic so you can't decide what will be the plot of the story and who will be the fl and ml. The author knows what he/she's doing more than you do so why don't you just enjoy the comic and support the author? Your complains are giving the author confusiom instead of cheering him/her up. The story doesn't rotates to Ye and Lacy alone. They are more characters here aside from them. Be thankful because the author is still updating.

btw, Jaemo, I love your mullet hair but STOP CONFUSING ROSY!
Now Rosy will be targeted by people working in government and nobles who want to control Jaemo.
Secretary of state has too much time on his hand that he invited king's girlfriend like this😒. Well little does knows the one in front of him will not only make Britain stronger but also protect Jaemo whenever necessary. Jaemo will do the same😊.

Rosy and Jaemo are going to make each other stronger. I really like how these two(Jaemo and Rosy) have their own way of dealing with things.
It would really awesome when these people who think she 'just a noble' 'not so important' will know she actually the QUEEN. I am looking forward for that very episode in which everyone will know the truth😉
p.s💛❤: Thanks😉😊😊
Loveless: Yeah love that idea
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in my opinion, aside from hemingson (which is impossible for me because he died in the story unless he manage to survive from that tragedy...) but i'm also thinking that maybe the white long haired guys was the fourth prince of britain, can you still remember that past episode/chapter where ye competed against a student from DL which happened to be the fourth prince of britain?if my memory serves me right, if not, please correct if i'm wrong. thank you! 🥰
nanfeng: By the way.... Do u love rm like me.?
nanfeng: Yeah... Hemingway
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