The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
hey butler, or assistant OR WHATEVER YOU are... NOBODY cares WHY he does this to Lacy, it’s WRONG of him to hold her captive and FORCE her to marry him.. she was a child back then and children tend to make empty promises, you can’t be seriously thinking what your master is doing is justifiable, because it’s NOT!

He should not be murdering people over someone he’s in love with, and kidnapping her, that’s more like an obsession than love to me, Bur that’s just my opinion 😒 why do butlers tend to kiss so much ass and make up excuses for their master’s god awful behavior? Don’t get it.. no sense of moral compass whatsoever :/
Melani Lopez: U have a point 🤷‍♀️
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Nowhere near as bad as Hemingson who murdered multiple people and attempting to FORCE the one he supposedly “loves” so much into marrying him.

My scale is weighing the sins and forgiveness of the two, Hemingson still sits on the bottom. ⚖️
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Jana Rashwan
This story is so complicated...... He and nanfeng love lacy but lacy doesn't know that he love her but she knew that nanfeng love her cuz they were in a relationship now when he kne she was sad so he agreed to be with Lisa (the haired girl Id really remember her name) now he agreed before he knew they broke up and lacy didn't tell him bec she didn't know he broke up with lisa (will continue with this name till I know the real) anyway now bec of that he punched nanfeng bec he didn't know they broke up and nanfeng don't that lacy didn't tell him bec he didn't tell her that he broke up now they are all sad and... And.... Ahhhhhhhhh I don't know what to do..... Too complicated misunderstandings 😱😱😪🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
zi_anime_psyco: right it's complicated I didn't read the whole thing because I'm too lazy~~~ and I am too lazy to write the rest
Jana Rashwan: @Merocko Kouka
Right it's ruby
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Yay season one is done.There is a second season right??
Man I love this manga.Tho I do feel bad for some characters also.Lacy and Ye crossed all troubles together and finally became together.They really are fated.Seems it was Ye who remembered the promised with Lacy from childhood and carried it forward.The 5 major families are no more sure but I'm sure if trouble falls, Ye will be able to safeguard them all.
I hoped to see Eagon's wedding with Lacy's cousin too.Poor Ming,he failed in his own family school,but then just shows his family does everything in a moral way.MoreeverI also saw Feng with a girl?? I hope he'll gain happiness too.
Hahah Madam Ye Chi Lien is still the same loving person to Lacy's mom and still grudging(not the hate kind) over Lacy's dad hehe.
I am not sorry at all for hating him because of his actions. I mean you gotta admit, if you've actually read the whole thing he had done those were way way just too cruel. And some people here might i repeat MIGHT keep saying "i knew it he wasn't bad", "told ya" and then are all suddenly sorry for the guy but in actuality have been also hating him ever since... I'm just being honest here. I didn't like him for all he has done but's really sad how things didn't turn out well for him.. thanks a lot to those son of the b*t*hes brothers of his and the king -emperor whatever. Maybe not all but most, bad childhood = hard way of expressing oneself when growing. Thanks to them he didn't know how to well let's say humanly (i don't think that's the right term but meh) think of a way to express himself..but I'm very proud how he finally let go now and just kept his promise to the FL....why can't everyone have a happy ending..?
Bla3z4: seriously bro are you heartless
ATHANASIA: miraculous!!!
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Ronelyn Amosco Lacson
Ahhhhhh... I really have nothing to say since im already very satisfied with thus ending although im sure it will have another episode but damn i cant believe... Soooo many months of reading this manga, feeling hurt, happy, excited, hatred, but in the in i got what i wanted from this manga although there were some times i wanted to give this manga up but i just didnt this was one of the mangas i wake up to every morning to make me feel happy. This whole manga is almost ending, the story, the ending, the plot all that was perfect for me until the very end
luo yao yao ( landuo): reading the last chapter 203 #theheiressvsyoungrufian
(English version) on IG thenew.littlemasha.creationofc now
Ronelyn Amosco Lacson: This*. End*
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💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜
A) see Hemingson had very difficult and tragic circumstances he was a little weak and didn't know what to do as he was continuously getting bullied.

Hemingson became the bad guy only because of his continuous depression💔💔 and he was treated in a bad way by his brothers he became a murderer
he wouldn't have turned out this way if he was treated nicely.

he fell in love with Lacy cause she helped him and supported him and he became protective towards her.❤️

the thing is if he had changed his attitude a little and then it would be fine cause it's emotional as he didn't have any support cause honestly I am feeling kinda bad for him🥺😢😢 now I realise that he is actually a good person he was just idk drunk in love??

but yeah he had no choice he had to cherish his true love. if Hemingson was the main lead story would turn out different but yeah hope Lacy and Ye have a peaceful life and Hemingson should also find true love as everybody abandoned him😩
Kim Bea
many people dont understand love ....and the more you try it just gets complicated heart shattered when hemminson died ..I cried and I wasn't so happy reading the ending ..

love is an empty vessel that different people give life to ye he loved lacy hemminson he loved her too
but one thing's for sure true love no matter how twisted anyone defines it needs the comscent of both people ..whether you flirt ,act innocent ,or even be sly as long as both of you at the long run love and understand yourself it will work ...

I was hurt ...because I dont think there is any love as devoted as hemminsons he even took ever word to heart as they were kids ...but keeping it all locked in made him take his life for her hapiness
Kim Bea: me too ....I really cried
aishwarya suguna: I totally agree. I want hemingson to live 😭😭😭. Like I seriously wish that he didnt die. And that it was fake.
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Forever Vomics
This chapter is so heart breaking bcuz Hemingson did everything he could to protect Lacy but she didn't see that she thought Hemingson became evil...Why didn't Lacy asked about it like she could've said "Hemingson why did you kill Nuo Nuo" but at that part Hemingson said "Because it way in our way" (I think sorry i don't clearly remember but it was something like that) So Hemingson kind of scared Lacy at that part he could've at least said "Because Nuo Nuo bit you" so Lacy could understand. He could've explained it to Lacy. If Hemingson explained Lacy would see how much Hemingson cared and loved her. Its just so said that Hemingson has to die with all the sufferings and his memories with Lacy are the most precious moments in his life....Hemingson I wish you can be happy this Christmas (even though you are just in a comic and not real)
Forever Vomics: Correction: "Because it was in our way"
Correction Its just so sad that Hemingson has to die with all his sufferings.
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Wow, I have to admit this was a very emotional and deep chapter! It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t change his ways before it was too late. A very tragic ending for Hemingson.

Now I want to see my two cinnamon rolls finally get married together and have children!!!! I have a feeling this story is coming to an end very soon, which makes me happy and sad at the same time. This is a very very good story and it was such a pleasure reading this gem!

Hopefully there’s no more troubles coming their way and they’ll finally get together in peace! They’ve been through enough as is anyway! 😍😍
I see many people blaming it all on Lacy, okay how many boys in your childhood you promised you will marry? who kept her promises? few might kept but many have broken it, Can we all imagine all ppl we promised to come and ruin our lives just like Hemingson did.. trying to bring Kitano, Dragon and Ye's family bcuz of lame promise from Lacy... Yet he killed his own brother to get her.. Ik many bullies in family lol it doesn't mean we have to kill them

Oh yeah He has done that to avenge his mom who died of protecting him..... There is many options in Life, he couldn't Get Lacy's love it doesn't mean no one loves him.. We can all see his servants are all loyal to him.. The girl he sent to seduce Ye that day, Loves him so much.. he could just open his eyes

This reminds me of Mr death in My underworld boyfriend... he did the same damn thing... im even wondering if these authors are friends or using the same brain😎😎😎😎😎
Delia D: I agree with you. I really despise people who make promises without realising what great power a promise has and end up breaking it
Erika Joy Feliciano: ohh same
that is when he died because of Suri
and blessed both of them if they wear the earings ^-^...Heirloom
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Hemingson you can feel sad all you want but I changed my mind on sympathizing with you! At first I did pity him but the extent and damage of what he had done to not only Lacy but everyone around him was just too much honestly. He killed a freaking CAT and even killed his own brothers to try to take their place as her fiancé. That doesn’t sound like love to me, that sounds more like an obsession. If you’re willing to hurt others to get what you want that’s not love. What he did is beyond redemption and I hope AT LEAST he will stop what he’s doing and turn himself in, but I highly doubt that’s gonna happen.
Venice Faye: Is it really confirmed that it was hemmingson who killed those brothers of his? Or maybe it was done by wuming? 🧐🧐🧐
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: 🥺🥺 ur the best too! Glad to see people that still have a moral compass !
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Not much happens. Hemmingson says that sneaky old man and Lacys father hidden everything under his nose. ill give you the throne if you want it. Jaemo says give? then says an investigation found you are an illegitimate child and not your fathers biological son. A flashback shows hemmingsons childhood where he bullied by his brothers because of his hair colour and called an illegitimate child.

Jaemo says to his guards to capture him but his assistant comes and tell them to let him go and says he has bombs planted everywhere in a building and isnt afraid to detonate them.
Lacy Jogu: Really!?
Viviana J. Willamson: If this spoiler is real ....🤭🤔🧐🤔🧐

I love it 😈😈😈😈
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Maisa Tasnim
next episode...


Lacy is going to marry Henimengson .

Then sky will break down everyone's head.
Virginia will go to find Lacy and Kitano will go to find Ye.

Next episode is heart breaking. So everyone prepare their heat to break for the next episode.

But I hope Ye will find a way to save Lacy as soon as possible. 😣😣😣
Maisa Tasnim: Anyway I still can't understand. I mean how to follow?
luo yao yao ( landuo): hello guys
just want you to know
if you want reading the next chapter of
the heiress vs young ruffian 185
in English you can follow IG
@ Thenewlittlemashacreationofc

to reading them now
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Only if he was able to express his love in a different way.....maybe then Lacy would have seen his love😭😭

All this bad things.....and all the suffering which he faced made him like this....maybe if Lacy or his half brother would have tried he wouldn't have became a bad person who was hated by others and would have not face this ending😭😭😭😭why why did he drank that poison why
he could had just tried to move on from Lacy and made his life better.....why choose to drink poison.....Hemingson your half brother is now alone😭😭😭wake up

He was bad but I don't like this.....nooooooooooo...... I thought he had escaped and in future he will come back and attend Lacy's wedding and apologise to everyone for all the wrong doing and everyone will expect him😭😭😭
I really don’t get y’all people that defend Hemingson. Sure he had a bad past but he legit killed his brothers and trapped Lacy. He loves lacy but he is hurting her in the process. Isolating her from her own family and friends, threatening her, she has shed so many tears because of him. Having a bad past does not excuse murder, or other psychopathic behaviors. He is also forcing Lacy to love and marry him and that right there should honestly be a red flag.
mini: You said "where did i say you claimed he was a good person" and before that comment you said "you flat out said he's not a bad person".. How am I putting words in your mouth? Thats what YOU said. Oh well just assume whatever. Bye finally :)
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I’m not gonna bother replying to you because you’re being manipulative and your trying to twist the narrative when it’s very clear what you said replying to rose earlier today. I know exactly what you said and I’m fully aware you are delusional beyond reasoning at this point. Bye!
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💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜
I'm love with the artwork, the storyline, the concept, the personalities of the characters and every single thing about this comic. the story became better and better by every chapter with all the colors and the flowers❤️❤️

this is a nice story about love and friendship and how people can do anything for their loved ones make sacrifices of their lives. this is truly a master peice and a fully free comic and very sadly it's coming to an end but the most important thing I learned is to cherish our friendship and to always lookout for others😍😍.

author gr8 job at this and hoping new works from your side cause I am list in this amazing comic and I have to say there should be a season 2.... 🥰🥰
for me guys , i love hemingson , and actually he is a good man but he did awful things just for seeing lacy happy , but at last she always thought that hemingson is a cruel human , but he just fulfilled his promise .

hemingson shouldnt have died , he deserves true love , he isnt cruel he just too obsess to live with lacy because lacy is the one that woke him up from his nightmares . he should have died when he wanted to suicide but lacy helped him out and he just want to be with someone who brought him to life , for me , that’s unimaginable for doing such things just to see someone you love happy . but he isnt wrong , he did it for lacy , if lacy didnt exist , he wont kill her brother instead , he already died .
Vaishnavi : me too 😂😂
Awwwwwwww: I replied below check it out i cant write again my fingers are lazy
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Idk why but im crying..i feel bad for him now..i take back my words..we really cant judge a person unless we know of his background story as to why he was like that as of one is born evil..its just that in order to adapt the changes in nature we have to change ..that is the law of the jungle the weakest gets eaten to feed the strong..just like the pressure being inside a royal family..the battle for the throne and politic rights..but still in my heart i know i cant judge him but i just cant let him get past the things he had committed by hurting those innocent people..may god be his judge and give trials to him...may god open his eyes again that even how dark the past is, it is still not too late to turn back...i hope he just let lacy go cuz he already had accomplished his goals..let lacy be happy to where she feels happier ....move on and let go of the past but never ever forget the mistakes you have done for it will be a lesson for you..a lesson that will change your way of life to the future!
Marissa Luvn-life Abston
even when you're hurting it doesnt excuse telling someone else that you wish they'd died or that you hate them. those phrases are extremely powerful and hurtful. never underestimate how you can make even the most cold heart and demented people feel. lacy could have did it another way and got him to instead release her. all he wants is to feel loved. I bet he wouldn't even mind having a sibling or a friendship love with her. that's probably the only person he feels strongly connected to after so many traumatic situations he's been in. 🙄🙄🙄😑idk lacy kinda pissed me off by saying that. like, he definitely did wrong and deserves reprimanding and punishment but if you get to the real root of why he keeps doing it and fix it you'd have a win win my girl geez
Shreya Roy: i totally agree with you
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what if the goes like ye drinks that wine(i think its not poisonous but he wanted to test ye of his sincerity) and now hemingson realizes that lacy hates him and ye loves her too soo he just leaves lacy to ye then says"you have chosen the right guy lacy, in the past i am weak and there is no one to support me untill i met you lacy,The one who changed my life forever and gave me reason to live, but now that i have realized that you don't love me now i have nothing, But lacy since you are my light of hope i wholeheartedly thank you for give me a reason to live"(turns back) "i wish you and ye good luck, and ye if you let lacy to be sad even for a minute i would not let you go"(smiles then leaves)"Goodbye lacy". this whould be a spectacular ending
Kasa Naveen Naveen: so good
The truth untold: and then shoots himself in the head saying, "good bye, and I will forever love u, " and in a weak voice saying, "Lacy...good bye."
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