The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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Jenesa Celestine
Okayeee..... well I love this comic....but in this season it seems like our ML and FL are Jaemo and Rosy...not Ye and Lacy... it's nice but still I miss Ye and Lacy's story 😅
speecyspicy: Yeah no you’re right, lacys dad “wants them to get a further education” & I also think he wants to test their relationship to see if Ye is really in love with her but I do think there may be another political reason we haven’t found out yet, I’m just being patient & loving the happy chill time that ye & lacy get without always having to have someone try to tear them apart
Jenesa Celestine: well... that's true... anyways let's see what happens next 🙂
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So Ye and Lacy story already ended? I wish you could make a sequel but not here. Others and me may have found that boring and we all know that Ye and Lacy is our priority in this manga. Hope that you will make a sequel and announce that The Heiress vs Young Ruffian is completed.
Neonique: But still, i really don't want them to be supporting characters. But forget it, i love rosy and jaemo now.
tobio chan: The author didn’t mention anything about Ye and Lacy story ended so it’s still continuing but as supporting characters as a twist AND the plot of this story is still related to them
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Eirin い
Its just like u did all the hardships just for her, u endured all the pain just for her, u did everything just for her but in the end she'll choose someone else

God damn!



U가 그녀를 위해 모든 고난을 겪었던 것처럼, U는 그녀를 위해 모든 고통을 견뎌냈고, U는 그녀를 위해 모든 것을 했지만 결국 그녀는 다른 사람을 선택할 것입니다.

하나님 빌어 먹을!

magic lovers: 절반 ^_^
Eirin い: Half
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Mouriana {AGM}
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now that's the difference between manga world and real world
love exits in it but not(somtimes) in real world
like my brother said love is just a distraction from your success ,when you are successful everyone will love(fake one) but when you are not no one will ever see
its just rare that some people finds there true love and even get success,but it not true for all,it just like'nothing exist forever'
let's just forget for while about Lacy and Ye,it's just thank God that the author did not lock 🔐 this super nice manga.....(✿^‿^)
Raven Monton: Aww too bad the author did not release several episodes, but nevermind it's a good romantic comedy also haha
Rose HOLANI: yeah thanks author
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Ĺèigh Mâxiĺöm
Well... I love Rosy as a FL but still...can't Lacy be a bit more important??? In the coming more episodes Rosy will be found out as a queen and no one will disrespect her for joining the Empire Club but i really don't want Lacy for anyone to disrespect her, She is a daughter of a rich family who married a man from the richest family on Cloud Country
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Anime Nerd
okay this Manhwa is messed up. What's with this identity shit, first it's lacy then rosy, what's next? mei?.
Is it going to be like the 1st season?, is rosy going to reveal herself in a wedding also? damn, I'd it is then this Manhwa is predictable already, no excitement. ( My opinion )
Anime Nerd: just stating my opinion, lol
chryssie: booo you're boring
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Hahahaha!!! I knew it that girl is not real and she just wanna climb the position . Who the hell she think she is to order around . She is not the real queen if she why not show your face . Humph !! Our ROSY is probably the queen or princess who is going to crowned as queen . Good just kill her , lier . And that expression she is damn scary hahaha not for me for that girl when that fake queen saw her she is afraid and want a mouse hole to hide herself😂🤣😆😂🤣😆😂
5 weird Cats blue cookie: oof?ÓwÒ?
Amiya: Hahaha . It's okay . I am also stupid lol . Sometimes I forget about people names even though they are somehow special to me and when I try hard to remember their names , I never get to know and when I am casually free and doing nothing Then I will even remember my childhood memories and most distant relative though
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I'm not sure but I think that Rosy is actually the queen of Iasland and the other one is the fake like maybe she is trying to warn Jameo.

First of all, I think that Rosy was being shooted by gun because of "the fake" because there's a probability that she did that so no one could know the truth.

Second, like with lacy she was shipped with ye but magically she was one of the heir. So it's possible if Rosy was actually the queen of Iasland so the ship can be sailed. Because basically Jameo is the King of Britan.

Third, "the fake" has some hate in Jameo so maybe she is triying to avenge for someone. So she could kill him or something.
Shw: Wow... nice theory, thumb's up bruhh
Shw: Yup...
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Feng have a glass the heck Lacy dont you have a eyes can't remember feng Hays i wish you to have a good eyes to know what's the real and who's the real Hays hays Lacy your such a dumb but I'm not gonna hate you for being really really kind girl and because of you're kindness you're acting like blind blind that the real blind hays Lacy.
C H A T T E C H A N: i think because it's dark..? so she can't see the glasses on ye
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Joan Low
bruhh you are just some president daughter of south korea not the Princess of south korea. Furthermore, presidents change every few years so even if your father can be president again, he wont be president forever. And once your father is not president, he is probably just a high rank minister. and you will be "be some noble of south korea"
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author just don't listen to anyone
you are the best , writing the best story

even it's a story between ye and lacy or jameo and rosy , I will read it

so please be confident about you're storyline , we trust you . Don't change the storyline because of us.

I really like the story between jameo and rosy
Toni Angela Mamugay: yeah i agree,i love you author I really love your story so please continue your nice story for us. I admire you a lot
Toni Angela Mamugay: yeah i agree,i love you author I really love your story so please continue your nice story for us. I admire you a lot
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Miss Tequila 🍸
Giiiirl! You should better tell him you already falling for him like daaamn! Stop testing him!
I think this Season 2 is about Jaemo and Rosy since Ye and Lacy's story is done but their marriage.. Haysttt! But you know everyone? I really thought that this Season 2 is about that heir of other Big 5 Family, you know that kid?? And his so called girlfriend hahaha. I really thought this is their story. But I still love this story though.
saumya Kaushik
hemingson deserve better...In this comic I love all characters but hemingson is my favourite character I love him when he died I literally can't stop but cry so much 😭😭 I still want him to come back 😭😭😭😭😭I love him soo much ❤️❤️🥺🥺😭😭😭 please get him back please please please please please I request to author I can't stop crying please
ᴘᴀʀɪ♡︎: yeah me too
ForeverAlone: I'm crying with you tooooo!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Okami Crystal
poor lacy
i don't ship her with any of the two
because Ye isss mineeeeee
Okami Crystal: did it*
tania: hehe 😆
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your_ senpai~
rosy, you're right about not telling him your identify, because that was the only way to test jaemo that in his heart which one was more important she or the crown and since jaemo have already passed the test...
rosy, tell your man your identity and and claim him or else I'll hunt you down JK only if you hurt him
Tina Chakraborty
aww he still treats her like her baby
I am also treated by my father as a baby
still he sometimes caryry me when I am tired, feeds me, saves me from moms anger and so on and so forth
Luna Noelle Versace: sometimes i hate my dad but only sometimes
Nico-Chan~: But, there have a father that abusing his daughter and make his own daughter pregnant .
We should be happy cause our father is our hero. sorry my english broken T~T
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I am kinda jealous or what , I don't know

first lacy became lacy jagu for ye
second jameo became king
third rosy became queen

how come everyone have a good background and get to be with their loved once.

And me single ass became a reader
reading this chapter and crying over my single life
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