The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman

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The Deserted Woman
I honestly feel so bad for Nate in this story, I actually hope there’s another ship and that he’ll find his significant other in the future chapters. He’s a good guy and has done so much for Kate without expecting anything in return! I love how protective and caring he is for her! It’s such a pity they won’t end up together :/

And now I wonder what’s gonna happen now that Lina thinks that Kate is dead and sees the lipstick print on Tann. The progress of this story is like a snail, it’s SO SLOW! And I feel like Tann is slowly connecting the pieces to the puzzle and will find out soon that Lina is not Yucheng’s mother. Can’t wait for that to happen! I hope he’s actually asking for a divorce again and will find a way to leave this conniving little wh*re! 🤬 I hate Lina so much!
SSamir: The butler will kidnapped Kate though. That damn old geezer who doesn’t know his place!
PinkRosesNoelle: CHAPT.179
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Nalu Shipper
Like oh my God, the story is getting disappointing and ridiculous, a mere butler dares to kidnap the real mother of the young master of the house even when knowing the truth and even kills someone.

He can be someone big undercover for all I care but Lina? Wtf, why would he help her--? She is nothing when she's exposed. I am reaaaaaallly-annoyed.

And why is Kate so stupid? Does she not have common sense? This is like the 7th time she gets kidnapped by the same trick yet she still goes and does the same thing, rushing in a panic to face death. Oh dear God, I just can't, she doesn't even feel the need to inform somebody and ask for help.

N-A-T-E H-O-L-L-A-N-D!
Does that ring a bell Katie? Mhm?
At the very least you can inform the stupid father of the child, who is called The-world-revovles-around-me-Tann-Shing.
No, I'm the incompetent mother who is afraid of her child saying he hates her due to a misunderstanding, I'm also someone who can't do anything for my son and also won't do anything to take him back even though that's the thing I apparently came back for.

Like how are you gonna go through puberty with him if you get hurt by that?! Shit, oh my goooooooooood--------------
PS: They even locked all the chapters today.
Wow, want me to applaud for you, Mangatoon?

OneOkRock: that it stupid repeat trick.. she lawyer but stupid always get in traps.. tan also stupid coz to slow investigated.. I just like Nate its sad to see his heart broken..
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ÒwÓ chu chu
I know it takes so long for them to find out it's her child and people complain about it a lot, but to me this just makes the story a lot more interesting. you can see how tann shing is getting suspicious of his wife, Kate has started becoming a lot stronger and is more wise, the story is coming out wonderful. the readers should understand how much thought the author put into the story. if your complaining about the story taking to long then put yourself in the authors shoe! author likes to take time in story development, he/she is making the suspension go higher as to make the readers think more about the situation. this is the best story I've read, it's not as predictable as most stories are, this one has me guessing one person is helping the other. author keep up the good work! take your time don't rush we can wait

now as for the people who say "it's taking to long!" shut it already! yes it's taking long but there is a logical reason for that! HELLO! your not just gonna go up and say "hey that boi there is my son! he came out of me I'm the mother that woman forced me to keep quiet by threatening me with my son" would you really say that? nope! Kate is taking her time, she wouldn't rush and risk harming her child. this is the authors story not yours, the author puts in a lot of work for us the best you can do is SHUT IT AND JUST ENJOY THE STORY STOP RUSHING THE AUTHOR
twistedxoxo : Dragging plot and no character development.
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Alishba Khan
o my freaking god!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! THAT V*XEN GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED AND ALSO KATE, YOULL FINALLY BE ABLE TO MEET YOUR SON! but I'm still worried bcos the sont thinks that Kate is mean bcos she slapped his so-called "mom" ....I mean who the hell uses a kid, an innocent child to threaten someone.........I feel pity for kate, but also I'm proud of how strong she is! anyway, I HAVE A PROBLEM THOUGH!!!!! LINA CANNOT GET AWAY WITH ONLY THIS MUCH! SHE DESERVES MORE TORTYRE! I DONT THINK TANN KNOW ALL THE THINGS SHE HAS DONE YET! but seriously karma does exist...also this idiot bastart ming! who the hell do your hajj u are, going against tann, and ur so stupid that u got tricked by this line! ur honestly sooo stupid, yet ur still standing up for this b*tch!!!!!!!! sigh, I cant believe this..... and also stupid tann! do you have any idea how much Kate has suffered bcos of you?! now first you should tell everyone that kate is the real mom of the kid and make it public so that everyone knows , this way, lina and ming will suffer, which they should! and kate will be happy to reunite with her son.
wait a second,since when this is unlocked?but i'm lucky though bcs i read this manga from the beginning until now.i pity u,the person who newly read this manga..u have to unlocked the chapter tu read it.i think the reason why author locked this manga bcs some of us(reader) always blame author for not being good and talk shit about the storyline..sorry bcs this is just a manga and u guys every chapter i read there must be some of us(reader) who didn't like the way the chapter was going...just appreciate the work that our beloved author do,our author must be do a lot of things to make us happy when read this manga..and u guys,what u know is only to blame our author bcs the storyline didn't went well,maybe not now..but i believed,day afterwards will..sorry again if what i'm saying right now hurts u..i know,all of us want a better too.Sorry guys,and for those reader who not in favor in this manga,u can unsubcribe it(if u dare)😌
nsia_: and..i didn't know why i cared so much about you guys(readers)??we not even friend at all but i'm being like i bring trouble to you guys?i'm sorry..btw,tq for the likes!
nsia_: author really put an effort for this manga and many readers didn't see the effort and then author locked this manga from ep.20..ep.20!!and i'm trully sorry for those who newly added this manga to their fav list😌
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Tima Thongam
in other manga....most of the male leads are perverts and lustful that reveals their emotions by sexual harassing the female lead and eventually ends up with that pervert male lead.And here on the other hand this Kate so called lawyer has got the world most decent guy who respects her endlessly ,is still not ready to accept him but ready to misunderstands him.she not only got one guy but two guys (mate Holland) who truly love her with pure heart.and she is busy throwing tantrums to their feelings.and about revenge....that's bullshit ,what has she done so far as a mother or as a lover,she just keeps on allowing her cruel sister torture her in the name of her son yucheng😏😏😏.now everything is on her hand if she wants to reveal the truth then she can do it in a sec...but don't know what she is upto still seeking for revenge as if she's gonna do it immediately while she's done nothing at all.
Tima Thongam: she shouldn't wait for other to keep on misunderstanding her...she has the right to let everyone knows about her innocent .she should be the one to grab an opportunity not other makes them think wrongly about her who she definitely isn't't.
Tima Thongam: that's the exact point that is she should be strong because of the worst past that she has been through ....instead she is becoming more weaker and weaker lolz😕😏
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I think the one who order someone to push Kate Hsiao's car is Nina Hsiao! Because from the start, she always hated her... If I were in this manga, I would definitely slap Nina Hsiao's face and put her in jail! She's such a b*tch! I really hate her, she's like a slut! She even seduce Tann Shing's best friend! (sorry, I forgot his name🙏🏻)

But I somehow suspect it's Tann Shing's butler? (sorry, I also forgot what's his name🙏🏻) Because I think he hates Kate Hsiao and want her to stay away from Tann Shing?

This is just my opinion/imagination... Please forgive me if I said anything wrong...🙏🏻 I hope I didn't offend anyone here.

Some questions I been wanting to ask:
When will Tann Shing know that Nina Hsiao is not YuCheng's mother? If he finds out, what will he do? Will Nina Hsiao gets angry about it and let her anger push to Kate Hsiao and said "it's all your fault"? Will YuCheng accept Kate Hsiao as him mom? Will they have a happy ending? Will there be season 2?

Can't wait to find out!
anaam: true that might be the case
Bam025: Probably the butler. No matter how much of a b*tch lina is she wouldn’t kill her sister. If she wanted to do tht she would’ve tried to do it a long time ago.
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Kate, please stop playing sacrifice girl 😑 See where it brought you. Being treated like a plague by everyone. Could've you be honest and told him you visited him when he risked his life to save you?😑
I wonder if Yucheng still deserves to have a stupid mother like Kate? she is acting like a ln idiot. she wasted her life for 6 years by doing nothing by staying back in darkness and leave people bullied her. Is she human for the sake of God?
I missed this orange boy🤩 ! I need him !! he so freaking adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Nate why did you came? didn't you hear she doesn't love you as man ? I hope if you came it's to help to bring back her son and not add useless misunderstandings in Kate's back.
It's hard for Alexia, she has an unrequited love for Nate for years but this one is so blinded for not notice it. I think she should give a chance to Lance. He looks nice and less stupid as Nate.🤔.
Nay & Mirah Empire: Everything u said is soo freaking true😭
Panda: No problem, i like that how you articulate your arguments very well and use common sense rather than baised agendas. Im just shocked that theres alot of people who lack common sense and do not evaluate the overall context of the story and force their own opinions (which they are entitled to) onto people in an agreesive way when they know theyve been proven wrong.
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Tangela Reynolds
who the he'll could have gotten that video? is it that regard again? I'll be glad when Gann finds out the truth. because this back and forth is really starting to get on my nerves. I dont like him for Kate. but they are both equally stupid. she joined up with mate to get her baby back. but she hasn't done a dmn thing to do that. all she has to do is tell him the truth and problem solved. but for some idiotic reason she keeps dragging this out. the longer she drags this out the more confusing it'll be for the boy. true he doesn't have any emotional attachment to Lins. but learning that you mom isn't your mom would still hurt and be very confusing. I don't even care if she ends up with him anymore. just get Lina out of the picture. they are just giving her more opportunity to do more harm to the baby. get this over with already.
Bia Pis Pis: calm down. think about it. do u really want it to be realistic? its a manga. what did u expect? It is made to make u relax and enjoy Ur time, doesnt mean it has to be realistic
Amara: Next chapter. I have read all the chapters available in Chinese.
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your favourite neko~

so guys in the following chapters kate will wake from a nightmare that one part where yucheng called her a bad woman, then next was she was kidnapped by that olde guy. The one with the white mustache. Didn't really understand much but, they lit up the place where kate was tied up on a chair. And she was once again saved by tann.

She woke up at the hospital with Nate by her side. Nate (i think) explained that Tann was the one that saved her, on that episode it showed that tann was wearing this thing to help you breath. (so sorry idk what it's called)

Afterwards the news travelled to lina hsiao and tann's father ig, whereas she was angry about the matter. Once tann came home from the hospital, Lina then goes to Tann to bring him food. But they argued about something, lina made this terrified look SO I THINK THAT TANN ALREADY KNOWS THAT KATE IS YUCHENG'S MOTHER. Because lina's face gives it off..

Ps. If I'm wrong about the last part I hope its something related..
Amara: Yes. If you go to language settings and change it to Chinese, you’ll find it.
Eva Rawat: guys just change the language of this app to Chinese.
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Tangela Reynolds
she is so stupid. even if you get did of Katie he would still want to divorce you. and the only man is no better. they found out everything but missed his motive of targeting Katie. he had no reason to do that other than the main point. even if it was just to keep her away from his young master, it was obvious that she wasn't the one reaching out for him. since that is the case, what do you want her to do? she had done everything she could to stay away from hm but he kept looking for her. so why kill her even after learning that she wasn't the one in the wrong. if he was truly committed to the aging family he would want to purge any toxic people. did he think by helping lina that would solve the problem. no, because she is toxic she would continue to want more, become greedierb and considering your boss want to divorce her, getting rid of Katie is pointless. I wish they would make the chapters longer or at least have the story move along quicker since they take so long to update.
Queen: Damn a paragraph. Lol no time reading it 😂
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Lina your luxury life came to an end! Time to said bbye to shopping, parties, 💅, will re find your poor life as Cinderella and cleans 🚽🧽🧹. this is the best life for you, you sl*t. Tann must thank the person who exposed Lina and could obtain quickly his divorce with this witch ! Karma is going to make you lose face slowly
Poor Yucheng 🤣🤣😂😂 His puppy tears don't work on his father 😂😂🤣😂😂 don't cry boy😌 Mommy Kate always manage to change your daddy's heart 😏 see how he stares so much Kate instead of his sl*t of wife who is a public garbage 😒. See Lina' ugly face when Tann's gaze is always follow ing Kate's body. And she dared claim that Tann loves her?😒 go see an ophthalmologist that you only make him 🤢🤮 just by your view. you don't even know what is the feeling of having a family and dare to use your own father to trick your stepsister just for your own benefits. you didn't attend his own funeral. Someone like you deserve to be ignored and have nothing, just loneliness feeling. Kate please don't be so idiot to fell in her traps, shearesy robbed your son and your status as Mrs Shing
La luna: you go girl.
Cristal: go Christal
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I wanted to say this......can please the author change the story a little bit or just something like Tann Shing will be more curious on Kate and keep searching about her background and when she see Yucheng she smiles wherever Yucheng go she's there and he will be like more curious about her,then he will be thinking [ does Yucheng related to her? ] then he will keep spying on her and like he will realized something like this [ what if she's really the mother of Yucheng ] I know some of you guys will be confused on this part but he will realized that if the half sister of Kate is really the mother of Yucheng she will be more concerned and gentle to him she will spend more time to her son,so he will plan like this he will get some blood of Kate and Yucheng and do some test (I dont know if this one will work but its only my opinion)then he will know that the woman he slept with is not Lina but Kate then add another character for Nate's MRS.Right ( I know some of you will be disappointed or hate it but again it's only my opinion hate spread the love )
Kate2430: did you read the next chapter?what I expecting is really happening!
Anonymous: Yup.. i ship nate with his secretary
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i was so happy before this manga was locked, just because this manga has a great story, and unique art and wasnt locked. Now its locked, and so maaaaaany chapters are locked, make me wonder how much will the author, artist, and translator get from the profit. idk how this app works, but i dont think your excuse that you gave me "the author needs money" can work. because your asking too much. such large sum of chapters plus the on going chapters that will be updated. And the fact that, ADS POP UP UNEXPECTEDLY AFTER YOU READ A CHAPTER OF A STORY. I would really respect this if theres only 10 locked chapters. i pity those who just started or will start reading, because now they can only read less than 20 chapters for free.
Carmela Aezel: I wish it was like when you watch an ad or spent coins or points that chapter is unlocked forever so you don’t waste your money or time cause I really like this app and it has more manga and sometimes the ads don’t even work it’s not that I’m saying the author is horrible for putting locks on the chapters or I’m saying this app is horrible no I’m just saying maybe if they can do that I wouldn’t waste so much time watching ads
lianna: yes, i can't afford buying coins, so i watch ads as a way to support this but they don't appreciate it
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spicychick 180
here we go again, another knight in shiny armour for the b*tch lina. And it had to be Tann's own best friend. Typical.

And Tann should better not waste time and opportunity to be with this white lotus becos if I should see another drama again😤~(author san are you hearing me?)........if I should see another drama again...hmm..hmmm.

who am I kidding? 😕 I know we are in for another disgusting heart wrenching drama that would make me want to kill all the characters (*whisper*...including the author) and then kill myself and lastly kill the readers.😧

I am mumbling trash again.😢

oh shit oh shit, this manga can make someone go crazy. I am literally feeling crazy because I know we are in for 150 more chapters.

But I reject it. Its not my portion and I am sure author-San agrees with me, right?😀👍.
spicychick 180: it was a predicted reaction.💁
Tesla Adams: It’s making me totally pissed off that b4 he knew, he wanted our fl 2b his mistress(&he said he loved her plenty of times) now he finds out she is the true mother of our bby boy&now he just wants 2b with her 2 block out the ladies😤😤
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Forget about everything else. But the bottom line is he’s married, regardless of loveless or not. And here he is, flirting shamelessly. Understandable that he wanted to give a perfect home for his son, so he’s not divorcing Linna, but even that is meaningless. What’s the point of having a complete family members when there is no familial love? His wife is indifferent towards his son, and he too leave frequently just to avoid his wife. In the end, the son is the one being left alone and lonely. Luckily the grandpa is still alive to treat the son around. But what I’m trying to say is, this man is one without principles. Reading this is like reading a clown romance of some sort. But I can’t leave the art, and well I’m too far already to quit. But when exactly the author gonna make the main characters a little bit more smart? Just one Linna(like who is she? What power or money does she has? What she has is not even hers but given by her position as Mrs of the dens man of the year) and the plot got dragged on and on.
SSamir: She’s an established evil doer. Nothing surprising there. But it would be nice to have the supposedly leads to at least have a sense of worthiness to them.
Isatou Jom: Lina Hsiao is cheating on tann with one of his men soooo.... Lina committed adultery
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I love the fact that this story triggers the readers' emotions to the point that they get angry, excited, happy and can make them cry. This story is taking TOO LONG for some readers but then when it finally ends,they will comment "SEASON 2 PLEASE!!" a lot. The longer it is, the more excited we are for them to finally know the truth. The longer the story, the more unexpected plot twist. It's okay if the characters do some terrible mistakes that they will regret soon, isn't a part of reality?Also if people gets panic, emotional and having a mental breakdown, most of the times they will surely make a bad choice or mistake. (Unless the character was introduced as an INTELLIGENT AND BRAVE PERSON) Anyway, I still hope that these characters will learn from their mistakes and become smarter especially for the MC. Keep it up author! I appreciate your work and hope for some extreme action scenes and unexpected cool plot twist.
Who want to know why you are unhappily? I will told you : you have a nasty personality, you don't even respect your own wife and also your ex girlfriend and you want to play the victim? you made yourself looks so pathetic by blaming innocent for being yourself an assh*le!😡
Thank you Tann for coming so fast and save our Kate🤩!!! Give him so punches and make him enable to talk or walk or even appear in front of Kate, you rapist!🙅‍♀️
Tann looks so relieved he came to right moment before the rapist starts something to Kate😞. For first time. we can hear Tann's true heart and not his mind !😁
He truly likes Kste but he just so clumsy to Express himself 🤭
Seeing Kate blushing makes me remember the moment where Tann confessed to Kate and this idiot of Kate ran away and causing him to injure himself by saving her🤭.
This time Kate, DON'T YOU DARE TO RUN AWAY! US READERS, want you to stop your melodrama and be honest for once time in your life! Many people already suffered from your silent!
AsukaHana122: @BLACKPINK don't worry I understand what's you want to said🤭. But Kate didn't also try to arrange her image in Tann's mind. instead of it she give him good reasons for him to hate her more. what's so good about playing proud woman when you already lost your baby because of your lack of fighting? And Nate, I'm sure he will.find someone but he needs to stop looking for his perfect woman but see what it's in front of him, there is a woman who loved him since always but he is enable to see it (I mean his woman bodyguard). For Tann, he decided to follow his heart and be with the woman he really loves even if this woman will be a stepmother for his son. he is an human and still want to be happy for him but also for his son.
B L A C K P I N K: Meant to say @AsukaHana122
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Kate you need to do something, your a lawyer. and you try to find justice for your friend who's soul has already left, and even if you find Justice for her. but you can't even find justice for yourself and your child back 🤔for me it's like you stuck in a pit whenever there's a stair for you to climb, but don't climb it, as for you being a successful lawyer and never lost, yet you don't do justice for yourself. well it's the mistakes we learn from. you do your own justice first, after worry about your friend. I get that you care for her but for right now it's your child who's first because even if you find Justice for her, she won't come back from the dead.
and what is that butler doing, anything that you try to do won't work anyway
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