The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman

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The Deserted Woman
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Ok.. now i m angry.. not because yucheng got lost.. but because how selfish kate can be.. like seriously her heart ache for tang, the person who used to think bad about her beginning. whereas Nate.. he really supported u.. he made kate this.. the point where she stand now is all thanks to Nate and not tang. she could talk because of Nate. she is president because Nate. and how downgraded and selfish can a person be.. Kate is the open example..
ya ya.she is a mother.. but damn she dont ve right to go on insult someone. specially if it is Nate.
she was foolish.. she is foolish.. and she will b foolish.
Author i ve my request.. if u read this.. i know how the story will end.. but pls make sure to give Nate a perfect wife which he deserve. i always read this story because of Nate not because of foolish parent and their child. Thank u.. man!! this chapter really pissed me off. i hope Nate never forgive her
Lmfao_144: That just means that she doesn’t know Nate at all, so there is no point in shipping them anymore. No one deserves this
ASHUTOSH KUMAR: you are very right
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Chen Liyue
Now, I am really worried about the relationship between yucheng and kate.. Actually, Yucheng is a child, so he is innocent..It is not his fault.. He has to pass a hard time for lina's conspiracy and kate's foolishness. If kate did not allow lina to take his son, nothing of these would happen..
Yes, it is true that tann is improved a lot.. But I think it will be better if tann speaks with kate gently and requests her to tell the truth.. Or he reveals to kate that he knows the truth now.
I also think that kate should take the initiative to tell him the truth. Lina is already exposed so there is not any reason to afraid of her.. The big trouble lina is already gone. So why is kate running now??? Kate should try to tell tann the truth at least for her son.. At least, she will have a chance to make a good relationship with her son.. Is not it better for her to be with her son???
Chen Liyue: I agree with you.. And my condition is same like you.I am also tried of waiting...🙄🙄
Chen Liyue: Yes... You are right....
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Deyna Orquera
I started reading this mangatoon from last year and I really loved it. The plot is interesting and the drawings are good. At first I thought Kate was a bit silly and kept reading because I love Nate. It's been like 100 episodes since the last time I read.

It is really disappointing how Kate is still the same asshole, how she can continue to fall into her sister's traps. It also seems unfair to me how Kate and Nate's relationship didn't develop. He was perfect since he appeared and Kate has never wanted him. Hopefully the end will do justice to Nate who is such a beautiful and perfect character.
TeNu-i Ralte: I agree. I want Kate to be with Nate...
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Honey candy
Kate is being really stupid right now. As time passes, even more stupid. Nate has been with her for five or six years, never once did he do anything that would make Kate hate him. If anything he's been really kind and patient even after he's been hurt by Kate time and time again, seeing her with tann and all. He's been her benefactor ever since she was chased out of the country by her sister, giving her home, her reputation, even a company. She is only where she is because Nate took her in. Yet she's being all wishy washy and going around accusing him of kidnapping her son, even though he did joked about it. After all she's been through, with her sister and people trying to kill her, now she's saying 'no one else has any reason to do this' to Nate of all people?? She's really gone blind. Where did your high IQ go Kate?
TikTok things: She rejected him and he still went after her.
Honey candy: She did say that, but loving him and going as far as accusing him are two different things. Just because she won't love him doesn't mean she can go around accusing him of things.
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I'm very sorry Nate that I don't ship you with Kate tho you did alot for her. and your in your depressive state but if she doesn't have the same feelings as you do you have to let go

and to those readers who Ship Kate and Nate
there's only a low percentage of chance that that ship will sail besides if you we're Kate you have feelings for the person you like and that person likes you back and you have a son and there's a person who is like Nate but you don't have feelings for him would you still choose Nate? if you do IDK

and to those who hate Kate because of not appreciating Nate just read the second line of sentences. plus if someone joked around wanting to kidnap you're child and you found out your kid is missing who would pop out of your mind wouldn't it be Nate?

sigh why am I so getting into this 😓
Lmfao_144: No it wouldn’t pop out Nate, because Nate joked. She has been with him for so many years, has been with him everyday and still doesn’t trust him. That just means that she just doesn’t know him and that is why Nate is upset there and he has every damn right to be. That is not an excuse. Just because her child was kidnaped and she acts like that? How can you even think that Nate would do that? Is her “image” of Nate that low, does she think that low of him? If she does then she just ain’t for him so there is no point to ship those two anymore, but I still wanna ship them lmao. I don’t even know why, it doesn’t make any sense.🤦🏻‍♀️😂 And speaking from a perspective of a shipper of those two, we just ship because we just can’t help it😂 We just see the way that he actually treats her and can’t help but ship. It is just a spontaneous decision that we make. It is the same thing as “Why would you ship her with Tann?” Shipping is not really about the probability of those two ending together. It is just about the compatibility that we think they have as a couple.
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Chen Liyue
Nate, please forget kate.. You don't deserve kate, because you deserve better girl than kate..🤗🤗
Kate and tann are really for each other.. As, they are a couple stupid and arrogant..
They are a couple of StuArro...🙂🙂
Chen Liyue: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chen Liyue: Yes, me too....
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Chen Liyue
Kate is really unreasonable now..😡😡😡😡😡.. Nate has done so much for her, yet she is suspecting and scolding nate??? Did she lose her mind??? I am really dissapointed in Kate, there is not a little bit of character movement into her.. She is really stupid, I declare it by myself...☺☺☺☺☺☺.. She is really a pure stupid...😡😡😡😡
Nate should not wait for her.. A guy like nate should not deserve kate, he deserves better girl..🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂.
If anybody want to scold me to like nate more than Tann, then you can hate me.. But I don't mind...Different people have different thoughts.. We should learn to respect them.. But there some people who are continously scolding other people who like Nate more than Tann because Tann is ML..If any people like Nate, he/she can express it. Liking Nate is not enormity.. But why don't we learn to respect others?? We should learn to respect other's feelings...🙂🙂🙂🙂
Chen Liyue: Thank you...☺☺
WEI: u got my RESPECT man!!
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ฉันจำเนื้อเรื่องก่อนหน้าไม่ค่อยได้แล้ว ว่าทำไมเธอถึงไม่บอกความจริงเรื่องลูกให้ทุกคนรู้ แต่ฉันจำได้นิดหน่อยว่าLinaขู่จะทำร้ายลูกเธอถ้าเธอบอกความจริง
ทำไมเธอไม่ลองเจรจากับ Tann อย่างลับๆดูละ ว่าเธอคือแม่ของYucheng เธอถูกบังคับขขมขู่จากพี่สาวเธอ ว่าจะทำร้ายลูกถ้าบอกความจริง และลองให้ Tann ตรวจ DNA เธอกับ Yucheng ถ้าผลตรวจออกมาตรงกัน พวกเธอก็หาทางแก้ปัญหาซะ ไม่ใช่ปล่อยให้เรื่องราวมันบานปลาย
ฉันรู้สึกว่าเนื้อเรื่องมันยืดยาวเกินไป Kate ก็ไม่ฉลาดสักที ฉันไม่สนเรื่องความสัมพันธ์ Kate และ Tann แต่ฉันห่วงความรู้สึกของ Yucheng และกลัวว่าเด็กจะสับสน
Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️

So last time I think i told till the starting of next episode but it wasn’t very detailed so in the next episode the girls in the reunion were bullying kate when the guy who drove tann to the hotel realized that it was kate hsiao the president of hsiao group n he introduced himself and purposely said president hsiao so that the girls would stop bullying her then tann shing came inside n said excuse me I’ll take my girlfriend the girls were jealous then i think tann’s dad n his frnd and the daughter were searching for tann so they come out in the hallway n see tann with kate the friend gets offended n leaves tannks dad says stop kidding tann he says im not kidding im serious (about kate being his girlfriend) then kate and tann went to nate for the dinner but nate wanted it to be a date so he tried to focus on kate but she was drinking a lot and then she slept sitting there on then they took her to a room n nate was like tann go out i wanna sleep with katie tann asked why nate said because she is his fiancé tann wanted a much appropriate reason

Continued below in the reply section.
🌸LENG~ឡេង~: Y. o. u. t. u. b. e
Crzayreader: thanks you made me happy
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what's wrong with her even though Nate says he wants to kidnapped yuchen he does that to make you cheer up a bit some jokes..... DON'T TAKE JOKES SERIOUSLY.....He even said if you take him he will treat yuchen as his own😭.....Poor Nate Why does every thing turn out this way ...... Kate can you think first who bring back your voice..Nate...Who safe u form the horror of your stupid sister....NATE!!!! why does it brake my heart when it comes to Nate he deserves more..... but I'm not shipping Nate and Kate just author can you make a girl that love Nate all her life don't make Nate torcher like this...... anyway can Kate just trust Nate a bit~~ they been so long together... ehhhh I'm so stressed right know emm just can u think!!! use your brain a while kate even though u love your child so much don't underestimate Nate....

No matter how Kate loves Tann and how he is the father of her child, that was still a NON-CONSENSUAL S*X.

Her asking for HELP does not mean she wants to get BANGED. And y'all think it's "Romantic"⁉️ Geeeez. This story is quite alarming. I hope no young girls are reading this because it is definitely ROMANTICIZING such an act. And Tann looks so accomplished banging the girl she loves instead of taking her to the hospital. Thinking she has become "his" now.

I tought Tann would be better than Nate but seems to it like NATE WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN HIM.

(I forgot the title but there was also a manhua where the female lead got drugged and the male lead DID NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER. Instead, he locked her up in the room until she cools down. NOW THAT'S A "MAN", Kids!)
Yoaimiru: OMG finaly someone with brain
Baby_Adj: Or he could just give her cold bath or anything to help her cold down (sorry beacuse of bad english)
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Boundless Wanderlust
Okay I really don’t understand how anyone can like either of the two main characters

Kate is a spineless, thoughtless, naive and foolish girl who can not protect anyone including herself and just causes trouble for everyone. The only good thing about her was her motivation for doing those things but honestly her actions outweigh her motives now. The fact that she knew about Nate’s feelings and led him on for so long is one of the worst things about her.

Tann Shing is a oblivious, close-minded, thoughtless and extremely inhuman. I get that Kate’s sister is supposed to be the bad guy but she and Tann have been married for so long and yet he still makes no effort to treat her like his wife (even if only in name or just for his son). If Kate’s sister was the main character we’d all be hating Tann. He also always assumes things and never stops to listen to reason.

I get that it’s all ‘cause plot plot plot but this is honestly sh*tty plot. I’ve been trying to keep up with this comic for so long in the hopes that it’ll take a turn for the better because I liked where it started but the characters just keep regressing instead of developing and the plot just keeps falling back into an infinite loop of Kate getting in trouble and not being able to save herself.

Finally I’m out. I’m done. I gave this so many chances and I understand the effort the author put into this but I’m sorry this is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless I wish you good luck author.
Daenerys Targaryen: I share the same opinion too.💪💪
Boundless Wanderlust: I get that I probably should have stopped much earlier but I really had hope about the storyline. It seemed to have so much potential which is why I kept reading but the more I read the more I realised it’s never gonna be fulfilled so I finally dropped it. And I know the authors and illustrators put so much effort in to this but criticism can be the best form of encouragement if taken the right way. Not that I have any grand goals of inspiring and encouraging them, I just wanted to point out the flaws that I saw and hope they could learn from them if they ever read it.
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Idk sorry guys but I already shipped tan and Katie from the beginning. I don’t like Nate, cause if he really loves Katie, he wants her to be happy and she’s happy around her child :/ and I think deep inside her she loves tan... so u know tan is a really nice person and I find it’s really selfish from Nate to be so happy about that text message...I know he’s an nice guy but that’s really mean :/
Baqz: Ok than I misunderstood the Panel im sorry to everyone I take it back
Baqz: Cuts = just*
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That's good she showed the text to someone (nate) or else the stupidity of Kate you know she will go alone and then bah..... she will be in trouble and tann will come to rescue and so on ......... I some how do not want to ship nate with Kate I think it is because Kate is not good enough for nate but I don't understand she doesn't even believe nate they have been frnds for like 5 years and she doesn't even believe him
Kate tann is waiting go tell him the truth ge will accept you just keep your distance from my nate
He’s better without you Kate. Take the hint. Go back to Tang. Nate’s too kind for you. You’re ungrateful!! Hurting his feelings after everything he did for u & u think of him of capable of kidnapping?! I wish Nate would b cold towards her. Let her deal with her sh*t on her own. She’s been stupid since beginning of everything. Honestly, this manga has been awfully hard to read for me. Aside Nate, there’s been hardly other lovable characters & no comments on the plots.
Cow: I love comments like these its so funny to see people ranting about fictional characters 😂
K£LL$: I’m sry but I’ll hv to disagree. Even if she’s been stressed for her son, wat the first person she goes blaming is the one who cared for her & showed her thru actions???? No sense to me. I know Tang’s meant for her anyway but the least she could’ve done is give him the benefit of doubt which she didn’t. If she cared for her son, she’d fight harder with her crazy sister to keep him. It’s just too easy to pity her.
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I think I know what's Nate's plan! I think he used this redhead girl to let Kate to be jealous.... Well, maybe deep down Kate has feelings for Nate? Or maybe later Nate really falls for this redhead? But I hope it won't cause I know that Nate's love for Kate is stronger that anything.... I want to ship Nate with Kate.... But I think it's not suitable because Kate is the FL while Tann is ML. Usually FL and ML will love each other in the end, so Nate couldn't be with Kate. No one can be with Nate! Only me and Kate, if Kate don't want Nate, then I'll take Nate as mine!
Fahima Athika: same i want nate too 🥺
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im thinking of dropping this manga, the story has not progress at all!!😡😡
Okay, author no offence but the story line suck!!😠😠😤 Everything just keep repeating , the same thing happen again , cant you make something new!!
And the hack is with her low IQ?!😧 just how the hack did she become a CEO and lawyer, i swear even a baby is smarter then her, And just how old is kate? is it becouse she pass puberty so her brain cant develop anymore?!😑😑
anyway , hope Nate find some whose better , prettier then kate
im thinking of dropping this manga, the story has not progress at all!!😡😡
Okay, author no offence but the story line suck!!😠😠😤 Everything just keep repeating , the same thing happen again , cant you make something new!!
And the hack is with her low IQ?!😧 just how the hack did she become a CEO and lawyer, i swear even a baby is smarter then her, And just how old is kate? is it becouse she pass puberty so her brain cant develop anymore?!😑😑
anyway , hope Nate find some whose better , prettier then kate
Be calm (b_t): me too
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wtf, I just don't understand, why, why this story all the get lost out of it's track, I mean, the story is suppose to be about Kate & Tann, but then new character started coming and coming, like flooding in, just as I thought we'll get some ML FL romance, there kid gone lost and again a two knew characters, out of no where, and for no reason. Why like why your still continuing just drop it. story stared good and the sketches are of next level, but author got lost from the track of story. More ML and FL interaction, screenplay indeed... please I'm requesting, or else I'm gonna quit this story...
Lmfao_144: That is to kill the hope of the shippers🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
FridahM: Yes. I like the story of nate and this woman.
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Actually I really hate the FL. Nate deserves better treatment she is also a user like Lina it's just that she is not aware of it or the author does not want to think that way. I also think it is the authors fault of character inconsistency of personality. She does not seem to be innocent actually. Or maybe it is the author ways to make the readers talked about it and have more feedback of course we all knew in online comics whether it is negative or positive reviews as long as it has many viewers it is considered as trending. I going to drop this comic it is actually boring I think the ending will be with the ML and FL maybe the author will make Nate to die or something so that the readers will accept FL and ML will be together in the end
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