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Prisoner of Love

Yoolook Culture
do you guys remember the girl in the picture who looks just like Angela in John nomans study room? well there are good connections to that mystery in this chapter.

As Vinni said to Angela in this chapter:
"You saved my life. I can do anything for you yet that was long time ago"

which leads us to this.

I conclude that Vinni and that girl in the picture had a good or rather have this history a long time ago before Angela came. I think the only reason why Vinni thinks Angela doesn't remember him is that he thinks Angela lost her memories or something or maybe there was an accident before which causes angela/the girl in the picture might have disappeared or some powerful human being took her and as for John noman he thinks the girl on that picture in this study is back the girl he probably loved and cherished or rather they have this long history which leads to John being a so called "protective boyfriend" of Angela because he thinks the girl in that picture is Angela. So John took Angela and made her wear that maid's outfit just to represent the girl in that picture.

mkit rain: yes but the girl in the picture is blue
honeybae: Angela's eye color is also green
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OMG Author you have to make a season 2!!!! This manhua is SO good and I love your art work. I know that it takes you a lot of time just to do one episode because your art style is so complex but it look really good and when you make another season i hope that you don't change it. The story of Angela's character development is finally happening and she is finally standing up for herself and moving away from John, I also love that she is not as weak as she was before. I would love to see where this goes in the story development of will John regret what he's done to Angela, and also the character development of all the characters. Please thx Latta love💘
P.S is the model guy(forgot his name) going to be a big part of season 2? Leave in the comments what you think.😘
#paige u r d best: well who was d male lead? ? ? ? ? 😦😦😦
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Tangela Reynolds
I know he means well....but I really hate people like this. you jump in offering to help because of your so-called feelings for her. even when she says she's ok. yes, obviously shes not. shes walking alone at night in the rain. but her rejection of you in that moment means she want to be alone and deal with HER problems on her own. why do you insist on getting involved? in the end, its because you want her to feel indebted to you so she notices your feelings. conclusively, you want something from her and then will be all hurt when she goes back to him in the end. this puts stress and pressure on her. but you dont see that. at the end of the day, your reason for helping is mostly selfish you just don't see it that way. so just leave the girl alone. your inteference will only make things worse.
mkit rain: if you want to say Vinn is doing this to make her feel indebted, didnt John also do the same in earlier chapter? like the one where he said 'i want her to owe me even if she doesnt know it' when he gave her money.
Novianti Adrial: when is the next season will be on ???
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òümâïmã 🇹🇳💙🇹🇳 ( كيف نشفى من حب تونس)
some people here said that this John is like Aubrey, but I don't think so. this John gave Angela a chance to work and see her family but my lil psycho Aubrey has prisoned Nina completely. =========> they should exchange the titles of these Manhuas 😂😝😝
カイル・シロ: Aubery is way more nicer
Demonic Entity: that's sad
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thank you so much authornim for giving us such beautiful story with gorgeous art like this. sometimes i have this thought, mmm like why i have to wait for 5-7 days for an update and i feel "uh cmonn please update" but hey that is why and how the gorgeous art is made. it needs time and also your/author magical hand and brain. and then when update is up, the thought disappeared and im here leaving with such amazement for your gorgeous art and story. lastly i dont know how to encourage you, but i hope knowing there are fans who patiently waiting for your 2nd season of this story would be one encouragement for you. thank you authornim and fighting!! ^^
southnam_: woah.. i dont know that. i love deserted woman and trouble with the president too! i must pay more attention to the author who created manga which i liked. thank you so much for your kind information :)
Wuz LOLOLOOLLOLO o: For your information the creator for this has done many popular works like deserted woman,prisoner of love , trouble with the president and many more
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Wha...wha...what is this? it's over already 😭😭 Author I beg you for season 2! you just gotta drop season two...just when Angella find a new man you gonna end season 1 😄 but John never knew what he had till it was gone, I want him to suffer a bit and beg Angella to come back. I want Angella to rub it in his face that life is good without him, even if she likes him down in her heart I want him to beg. Please give us a season 2 and thank you for Season 1 😊
Sadako: Dear author please do season 2 🙏 ... but this ending is different from the usual. Lesson learned, the jerk rich guy who doesn’t know how to treat s woman properly doesn’t always get the woman... maybe. What do you think dear author? Oh, how about another ML. Who is not a jerk?
•Kimmy♡z♡Queen•: agreed, but I just wished there was more to read before ending it 😊
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She has never owe him anything. Yet he made her into his slave, humiliated her in public, then he had the audacity to be jealous? Cherish the opportunity that he gave? Who is he to dictate what can she have or not? She is her own person, backed to a corner by him for threatening the one she loves. I don’t care what he had been through! His hell is his own, why pulled innocent person into it out of selfishness? Whatever misery he’s going through I hope it’ll last forever and torments him to death. I hate scumbag like him the most!
Alina Balan: ah he'so handsome with her
Hyunie: She needs to leave this man and go to Vinni I mean like he doesn’t even tell her that he likes her so no reason to be jealous of guys being by her
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The MBB: true- but I want him to burn and turn into ashes so he can feel my wrath :D
Damon Salvatore is mine.♥️: Omg😂 but you should send him to antarctica to die in cold😂
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That is one something you should never call a girl! You should never EVER call a girl just an object! Girls are the ones that have to got through a period every month, do boys? Girls have to go through 9 months (roughly) of pregnancy, do boys? Girls have to reach the end of said pregnancy just to go through something that feels like giving birth to a watermelon from her thing, do boys?
°•:.✿.:•°(❀MeliSu❀)°•:.✿.:•°: And menopause is suffering too cuz of the heat outbursts
Indranil Das: thanks boys for admiring girls
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Leigh Ann Gan


ANYWAY. AUTHOR. I love your comic and your art style. although the update is slow, I can and will wait for the next chapter because apparently this is one of the comics that I can't stop reading because I got emerged in it. the plot. omg. I'm excited to know how the things that will happen in the next chapters and especially the ending *-* take your time and keep up the great work authorization *-* we (your fans) believe in you (๑꒪▿꒪)*

Asmi Bhat: thank you for writing such a long message.
I feel all the same as you do. It was just that I didn't know how to express myself. But you explained it beautifully.
But please author, next CHAPTER!!!!
Leigh Ann Gan: screw the autocorrect
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Srlsy, these chinese men doesn't know how to treat a woman right. Like if you want her treat her better you dumb bastard. Just because you have money doesn't mean you can do everything. Really dont like how you approach girls, always relying with force and power. and to you girls, mygod!!!! fight!! they cant threaten you if you wont show any softness. being stubborn doesn't count. be brave, learn how to play, dont let them play you. Good lord, i like that drawing but author please give the character a development. Because characters like these aren't unique anymore, as a manhwa reader im getting tired of plots like this. They are all the same.
Carla Clark: Wrong. Bullying worsens if you show how strong you are. I was bullied throughout my life because of it after all. Ktbn.
WickedWillows13: Well said fam.
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Control freaks are very frightened people. They might not look it, but they are afraid nearly 24/7. It is fear that makes them need to control others and struggle obsessively to exert more and more control. They can be dangerous. Very dangerous. Because sometimes nothing and I mean NOTHING matters more to them than controlling their significant other and so they let nothing get in the way of that. And they are dangerous because being afraid makes them angry. In many ways this guy is much more of a control freak than Aubrey. That greater "freedom" John gives her is like an invisible leash he can yank any time he wants. And at least Aubrey KNOWS he has a problem.
mkit rain: This is so true and i totally agree with this. Aubrey know he has a problem and if i remember it right, he did an 'effort' to treat this problems by taking a pills prescribed to him, and there is a chance that he might cured if he took his treatment seriously. But this John? he doesnt even realize that he has a problem, and just like you said, he only give Angela a false freedom.
king Guerra10: so true it was seen through this comic
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Johnny johnny
Yes papa.
Molesting a girl?
No papa.
Telling lies?
No papa.
Let me check your dna test
CRASH 77: awesome
커살 kookie😙😘: lol hahahaha
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Coco Lolz
I love how the author is trying their best to upload regularly. I love it so much the fact they actually try to upload just touches my heart. Thank you so much authorrr
The hope won’t die : We all love you author❤️😭
PxrkerQinn: But they still need all the love even if they don’t know it yet
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Rose 🌹 Empress
It's actually the First time FL ends up with Second ML, well i think it's Good coz in real life no woman would want to end up with some Jerk who treat her worst than an animal, Abuses her, Torture her mentally Arthur To be Honest iam really Satisfied with the Ending atleast she is with someone who will love her and take care of her, i Support this Ending and hope there WON'T BE A SEASON 2.. John Noman to suffer the pain and dilemma of her leaving him for the rest of his life (and all the ML who abuses their power).. Thankx for your hard work Arthur 💖
Rose 🌹 Empress: But if there would be a season 2 those 2 will obviously meet and end up together that's why i don't want a season 2.. 😢😅
nutty3: i want season 2 because i want to see that jerk suffer for what he did to Angela. this ending its too nice for him tbh.
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Abia 😍😋
Hey Asshole Jon Yeah you IM TALKING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
MAKE UP YOU'RE MIND DUDE You're helping her or not then decides to help here and if she disobey you command You're not going to let her out @$#&#%#%#=&-#&-¥€//&- Are you fu×@=@=€¥& For Really? Is she a bird , a dog or cat ? Are you doing this for pleasure or something.? You sure need some sense Knock up to you on the outside you heart ♥ is blacker than a black hole you're empty but deep Deep Deep deeper Deep Deep Deep WAY REALLY DDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEERPPPPPPPPPP YOU'RE NOT DO BAD OF A BAD GUY ????????????
taekook_world: he's good ik it😶❤️
Bella Luna: nope don't think he has a good side sorry
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Song Jie
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Kiki Ariciuc: When will apear a nea ep ?
GGingzzs: I mean myself, somehow I read it as 'update crazy'!
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Thank you Author for this beautiful story and thank you Translator for making it possible for me to read in comprehensible English
I really love this story and I love the artwork more, It is a unique piece that I have never found in any other manhua...
I really hope you can bring us a season 2 so that we all get pleasure in seeing the table turned and Angela becoming strong while John realises his mistakes...
I love this one soo much that I really hope and pray that inspiration for season 2 comes to you soon
Untill then love ya all
author it's such a heart touching story for me.... I think Angela will surely start her happy life by herself with new friends and with her family and able to get rid of dark past with NOMEN ....and af course NOMEN will also realized that what special place he has in his heart for her (ANGELA) and keep looking for her and express his love and so on .... AUTHOR , I'm really looking forward to NOMEN and ANGELA'S new personalities with progress...... waiting for season 2 ....(request : please 🙏 hope it will update daily)....
#paige u r d best: mee too deep inside my heart I wished then to be a couple !!😣😣😣😣 I guess it was just my wishful thinking 😢😢😢😢
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