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He probably wants someone to love her the way her mother did, her mother probably died when he was young and after that he got nobody, that’s why when he saw her he didn’t let her go, cuz she’s the very first girl who made his heart jump, and she’s taking care of him the way his mom did! i’m totally not mad at him anymore
ikonis❤️: oh yes I mean his mom not hers
Shota Aizawa : That was his mom I’m pretty sure not hers....
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Unicorn Tv
istg if she ends up with JOHN I'LL JUMP OFF A BRIDGE

ok not that..but literally..if she ends up with John, or if there will be any John x Angel moment, I will stop reading this. I'm tired of all these predictable and boring plots. It started to get on my nerves. This guy is violent and dangerous, and she is a simple girl. She can't defend herself. The only guy who stood up for her by now, was the light-brown hair guy(I'm assuming her childhood sweetheart.) Which by now is the most realistic ship. John is literally harassing her, scaring her, attacking her- even threatening her with her family. Why is he the one that gets all the recognition?? Oh and here come the uncultured kids saying "he cares about her", you guys have seirous daddy issues. Re-check on that one. So what if he does? He is still violent. Others do too, but just because he has power over her, doesn't make him right.
606XXX: Oh well, I’m gonna work on my story with a plot 💞✨👅
606XXX: Well time to exit better stop reading, I’m done. These plots are too much. The same thing over and over... where to writers get there inspiration from srsly?
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Onalerona Mwanza
Y do her brother and her friend look the same tho or is it just me
USE MA CODE(nospace) 6 U R X A 3: Ikrrrrrrr
Bunbun Tran: And that’s why he didn’t get the make lead
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rayvin otori
when ever i hear this episode is expected to released 7 days later i feel like 7 years later
Melody Gacha: I hate it when they release it later than they intended to and when you have to wait longer than a day
Lili Su: Uhh I know the feeling
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Hero Fiennes baby🖤
I don't understand why all comic I've read is clichè..The guy must always be arrogant, mean, rich and powerful while the women is weak! I do wish that there will be a rich and powerful women and let guys suffer! (laughs wickedly) don't get me wrong, I still love this comic!
Saturn : @Isla Silverman You’re welcome 😉
Isla Silverman: @saturn thanks for the recommendation 😄 Im currently reading it ahahaahah
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even if you are doing this because you care about her, can't you just act like a gentleman and treat her well. she s not a pet to drag her wherever you want and tell her r to do whatever you like in the most humiliating way! the least you can do is to treat her like a uman being! love doesn't give you the right to abuse your power. so stop it please!
I'm not criticising the story line in anyway though! i was just talking to John, no more no less!
Nourelhouda Saadi
When I saw the black first panel, I thought there was a problem but, when I scrolled down to discover the truth, I felt myself a woman of the cave 😆😆😆 Anyway, he's starting to play cute to her 😏😏❤
LivingLikeApples: Same
Bree Bree😚: Agree 😘😘
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the ML probably have some serious issues with his family and went through a lonely childhood 🤔 that's why he when he is intrested in her, he become so posessive and clingy 🤔
although it's not justify his wrong doing to hee 🤔
milky.aep: is your pfp suho from secret of the angel aka true beauty?
dils: @ikonis where did you read it? 😍😍😍
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shadowik leon
she's dumb, if I were her, I'd either take that money and leave him once am done, since she's gonna get paid for being a made, not a ho*. Or, I'd leave him and that brother and save myself by going abroad... then I can sue him if he did anything to my family and would sue him for rap.e as well cuz he did that in 1st episode, also would sue him for illegal confinement ☻ he'll get his retribution that way ... don't be a dumb goody two shoes
shadowik leon: that's why I said "abroad" you can sue him internationally ☻
Frisk Dreemurr & Chara Dreemurr: but what if he has control over the police like in previous episode ? and why some female lead are too dumb and become a goody two shoes ? I feel like a female lead should be smart and be at least a little arrogant
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Hero Fiennes baby🖤
I don't get it why u all complain how the author only updates once a week..YOU GUYS SHOULD KNOW THAT IT IS NOT EASY TO DRAW ESPECIALLY A BEAUTIFUL ART LIKE THIS COMIC! What if I asked you to draw something like this everyday?? Can you? I don't think soo...even if other comics update everyday, they have time to do it..SO STOP COMPLAINING THAT THE AUTHOR MUST UPDATE EVERYDAY OR TWICE A WEEK OR WHATEVER! And even some of you say that the drawing is UGLY. SHIT YOU! CAN YOU DRAW SOMETHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THAT?! We are not perfect but we can try to be perfect(clichè)..The author spend his/her precious time just to draw something BEAUTIFUL, the author could just do something more useful than drawing but instead waste THEIR TIME JUST TO DRAW THIS LOVELY ART FOR US! If some of you say that you can draw something more beautiful than this(then yr not human) then bare this in your mind...STOP TRYING TO SHOW OFF AND HAVE SOME RESPECT ON HOW THE AUTHOR PLANS ON WHEN TO UPDATE OR HOW THE AUTHOR DRAWS!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, JUST GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THIS COMIC! Every person is different in their own ways and no one can change themselves except for ourselves:) (lol, my opinion only)
Lumos💥: Never complain about the update but u should know that they just translate from chinese to english right??The oringinal chinese one might be already over 100 or 200 chapters now (i think) ..That's why update 2 chapters per week or 3 chapters per week is ok for them.(my opinion only)
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R😒~C.I.C.A.K 🦎
if next week on the China vers has not been updated. I think this comic will turn into an unscheduled. because the difference in episodes with the Chinese version is only 1 episode. in China just yesterday updated episode 39 after waiting for 10 days. why can't you wait for 7 days? 🤔
we all know how this ends john and Angela it always ends up the bully and the girl honestly in stories like this the "nice guy" turns out to have 2 sides and so does the bully then the girl will start to have tiny tiny feelings firnthe bully but then doesn't then the bully professes his love for the girl but she don't like him then he jeeps her and cares for her until she feels the same way.

BARA BOOM BARA BING u got urself plot
Shadow: I can see why I never really used this comics before, these stories go around using bullies and giving them happy endings, like wtf?!
Anonymous: ty finally someone agrees
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zuha javed
While I really ship them... I kinda also ship her and the stone cold Guy.... Can only hope. He treats her better and cares for her sincerely 😍🥰😩😋
Suzuki Nagisa
That’s really too short.. after all I have waited for so long... and looks like need to do the same thing again.
(And it feel sucks) Sry... I guess I need to calm down right? (but tbh I'm really mad right now)😈😩😵
(but still telling myself to calm down) and it'll be great if I can.
KelLy Doe: I understand that the artwork is very demanding and that’s why the chapter is short but within the short chapter there should be more actual story I still don’t know 100% of this story and the fact that it takes a week to get another short chapter that doesn’t tell me anything detailed enough to know the story. I’m loosing interest and it looks like it can be a great story I just need more of the story details without having to read 5 previous chapters to have a vague idea of what’s going on.
Suzuki Nagisa: Yeah...let's just be patient 😞
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Lyna Boussafeur
WoW i think 💭 he was touched because she was worried about him and also maybe he faced something really hard in his life and he didn’t find anyone with him it’s why he don’t let her go and they are in love 😍 with each other soooooo cute and he is just so handsome when he is sick 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Isla Silverman
Isla Silverman: YESSS!!! Hopefully the author get to read this and make our wishes and prayers come true~ 🙇🏼‍♀️
☻: mee🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
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Raihan Bakhshi
I want more she loves her brother so much and her brother loves her too

by the way please stream to boy with luv by bts thank you
Nur Shafina: Boy with luv from bts is the best 😎
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Rose 🌹 Empress
Guyes is it just me or the Art is a bit different??? 😰😰😰... Author i beg of you, you can update once a week but DON'T CHANGE the ART STYLE okay plzzzzz... It's a request.. Plzzz kindly okay plz author 🙏🙏🙏
Rose 🌹 Empress: I also love the Art miss 😊 that's why i became so anxious.. 😕
ItsLime: I dont see a difference and i LOVE THE ART SO BACK OFF SIS
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If you think about it, this situation is rather comedic than dramatic. Don't you think he's suposed to be hurt/humiliated by the fact she would rather be a maid? And use his lover role as something to threat?
I mean he's like, "Do this and that if you want to be my maid. You'll be my lover if you reject it!" He himself act like being his lover is lower than be a maid. LMAO. If I were her, I'll go YOLO and take the chance to make fun of him.
Your Neighbor: i think he's trying to make her do as he says by making her choose between doing or becoming his lover. knowing that she doesn't like to be his lover. XD
lunalooney: I know, but I just find it funny.
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Isla Silverman
For a moment I mistook vinni with angela's brother!! LOL 😅 but anyway, Ive waited for so long and this is only it? :') *heartbreak* I couldnt even see John's face 😭😭😭
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