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Griffin Grey
He is not heartless. He is an a⭐️⭐️hole. Stay with your fiancée you sadist and leave Angela alone to bloom like the rose that she is. Seriously, I hope they won’t meet each other and he start torturing her again while the fiancée will act like a poisonous snake. Enough with this standard plot. We want something different than season one. Some begging? Groveling? To become a doormat so she can step on him 🤔 ?
I am cute 👈😂: lp0pop
Getawaydevil: count me in 😉😥😥
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I don’t think she even has feelings for John as of the moment seeing how she’s like IDGAF when that annoying b*tch tried to rub it in her face that he’s getting married!

And the last panel looks like John but I don’t think it’s him, I think it’s somebody else last time I remembered John doesn’t wear glasses and there was another guy that looked like him (forgot his name) that looked like this dude. Can someone tell me who that person was again? I need to refresh my memories!

Anyways I know I’ve been saying this almost every chapter I read this manhua, but the artwork is SO GORGEOUS!!! Love it so much, can’t wait for the next update! I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready! 😬😬
Griffin Grey: To be honest I have a constitutional dislike for MLs who cheat. For me is a dealbreaker (with not wanting their kid as the ultimate dealbreaker) Especially if they are married. Since he freely choose his ex, go to hell with her man (because she is satan). I wouldn’t take him back even if we were the two last people on the planet and the future of humanity depended upon us. This MC let him treat her like a mistress throughout the whole thing. Even when they were married, MC was publicly acknowledged as the third wheel with his mother preaching that she is all things horrible and ML never doing a anything to correct the misunderstanding. In all honesty I was amazed that he got her pregnant 🤔 By that point I was certain that he was lacking as a man in all regards. What’s the point of a ML that prefers another woman than the MC throughout the story? Maybe when the actress die he will appreciate the MC and they will live happily at the last episode but that’s the point. WHO CARES WHAT HAPPENS AT THE LAST EPISODE when the previous 300 are humiliation and torture????? (If you read it from the actress’s point of view is an awesome story though 👏😎)
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: She’s a moron for taking him back over and over again especially when he decided to get back together with his ex! Why mess around with a man that’s taken anyway? wasn’t she upset that his ex was trying to do the same thing when they were married!? The ex is honestly so disgusting it’s actually vomit inducing, all three of them are disgusting actually. I get that she’s a victim but she just allows him to constantly hurt her which annoys me.
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I’m so glad Vinni has been there for Angela and took her away from that toxic dumpster of a home that John Noman kept her captive in! Honestly i can’t believe his dad would turn down such a lovely girl like Angela just because the Noman’s were looking for her, they can’t force her to stay under their foot anyway and she obviously doesn’t want anything to do with John, what’s the issue over here!?!?
Elysa Magno: Cause like we believe that Vinni can give a stable future for her not to mention a peaceful and loving relationship
But John I can’t make sure of him giving everything to her
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I’m weird I ship her with both of them 😩
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Oh that explains why the father after years is now suddenly so dead set on getting John married to that creepy purple haired girl! I don’t like how she pretends to be weak and pitiful but only shows her true colors whenever John turns his back to her. I noticed that pattern with her and automatically hate her. I really hate those that show throwing the stone and hiding the hands behavior, I feel like she’ll make Angela miserable once they run into each other. Who else is ready to see how John and Angela meet again after years of not seeing each other? Cuz IM READY IM READY IM READY 😬!
иαиαмι єℓℓιє : lol pubg players 🤣
Kmar : Me tooo i ship them😍
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Nona infp
انا اكرررره جداً هذا الرجل الّذي عذب الفتاة المسكينه وجعلها دميته الْتي يحركها متى مايريد،اتمنى يوماً ما ان لاتثق به مره اخرى وان تعجب ب فوني افضل بكثير من هذا البارد والقاسي قلبه كالحجر وانا لم اعد اتحمل مزاجه القاسي مع الفتاة التي تتعذب دوماً ومازالت تفعل هذا فقط لأجل عائلتها ولم تعطي نفسها اي شي بل اولويتها كانت جعل عائلتها سعيده مع اني لم ارى قط والديها الا اني اعتقد انها..."نبيلة" والدليل ان عائلتها شفروا اوراقها الخاصه لأجل حمايتها.😢💔
sam: اتمني نهاية هذه القصه تكون مختلفه
Wafa Alanzi: واو اصدقائي العرب انا جدا سعيده لوجدكم هنا
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Angel Grace
Okay, Angela need to keep her act up. I mean, she wants to live a better life and forget Noman. But gosh, b**** I really don't get why she needs to bother Angela when she care nothing for Su's group at all. I mean, alright she does maybe... Ah, anyways... The Angela now is 100% upgraded from being the bullied Angela to the one who can defend herself and is more intimidating than before.

HMMM, Seeing the New Guys has black hair, my prediction is he could be related to Noman. Either brother, cousin etc...

I also expect or feel like Angela might have a good relationship with the new guy. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and she hates him too. But oh well...

Dear Author! Love the update Fighting!!! 😍
🇮🇩Indonesian Review. here is for my fellas.
menurutku komik yang satu ini sedikit berbeda dari komik-komik romance yang lainnya.
terlalu banyak plot twist yang dihadirkan disini, untuk karakteristiknya pun dibangun secara bertahap oleh sang author.
seperti female lead yang ternyata semakin memiliki karakter kuat untuk suatu alasan, ia tidak mudah menyerahkan dirinya kepada laki-laki.
atau untuk male lead yang sepertinya memiliki masalah pribadi yang kelam hingga akhirnya membuat karakter dia begitu kejam terhadap wanita, hingga tak segan untuk menggoreskan pisau pada orang lain (mungkin hal ini akan diungkap dichapter2 berikutnya).
relationship yang dibangun antar female lead dengan sang sahabat juga cukup bagus.

well, it's recommended for those who want to read a kind of Dark-Romance. and this comic has taken away my emotional too. ( ;∀;)
I am hoping for angela to be in love with vinni for real, and if john is really the ML, please the plot makes sense as to why vinni and angela have to break up (not that i want tho). If it is just some bs 'you are mine, i am the hero so you cannot marry the second ML', let me knock some sense into the author real fast. This is one of the rare stort that i am hooked on, with the plot not turning into some cringy mushy story, so please let it end well. Oh and please no cliffhanging ending like wanning moon please, i felt frustrated reading that.
Zodiac Girl: preech sista or brother
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Shookyforyou and me
i ship noman and angela because love always has the word suffer before it a bond cannot be strong enough if fate doesn't challenge them.i like vinni because he is sweet and nice but come on we know that noman love angela with all his heart because he waited for angela in those 3 years he even says that she should have hide far away so his father could not find her he is willing to kill his own feelings so that angela can be happy he won't care if angela hates him.every ml has a bad habit at first we know that so we should not disregard them because they are like that in the end its still them who save our damsel in distress well this is just my opinion i think you guys need to move on and forgive noman already because i can feel he is reggretting it more than anyone else.
Griffin Grey
Ok grandpa... I don’t really like John but honestly, who on earth would like to marry and sleep with a woman called “snow”? He will freeze 🥶 and second, is he engaged or not? I like to have my facts straight before I accuse and curse someone. John if you want Angela don’t you dare get engaged with this iceberg offspring. Put grandpa and his pornstar wife on an urn and follow your heart 😒
FridahM: Like this comment.
Hnfk _: that what i thought too
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ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ғᴜᴇᴠᴏs
I think i ship them better becauss he care angela better rather than john but i know i know how you guys feel john is just hurting inside just like before i felt every people who are just broken they always feel that but deep inside john truly wants angela to stay beside him forever even he acts like that because john see angela as a slave rather than a slave in love who would care for him and for angela i think he see's john as a BULLY!!! (xD) i can relate to this story the story is about love suffering so welp i guees angela and john are perfect together even john acts like that in front of angela and i have to say angela you're friend i just wanna fried her!
Oh so she’s engaged to Vinni!! This is interesting i wonder how John will react after seeing her after all these years and when he finds out she has a fiancé! This is gonna be interesting and props to the author for this amazing artwork!! Thank you for taking your time and effort to make season 2 of this beautiful manhua! 😬
Griffin Grey
Why on earth would she go to an engagement she is not invited??? What kind of dare is this?? It’s obvious she can’t hide her excitement that the sadist is getting engaged with the refrigeration girl. If I was her I would hide under a rock or play dead until 100% he is irreversibly married and then pop out like a Jack in the Box and start buying people cocktails to celebrate the beauty of life!!! Hurray
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: If a story makes you cry you know it’s a good one! I actually really wanna see them get married and maybe later John pops in and later wins her over! I read that comic too I liked how unique it was, too and later after he tampered with Lassie’s memories I got a bit bored after that. I wonder when she’s actually gonna get her memories back or if she ever will bc he shaped her out exactly the way he wanted her to be
Griffin Grey: If they get married and then separate I will cry 🥺 Vinni is everything that is good and indeed together they are perfect match 🤔 do you think they might be blood related. Hmmm talking about art and plot. One of my absolute favorite is Demon’s Sweetheart on webc@mics. The art is pure art. Different, stylish and interesting BUT the plot.... it’s currently on 159 and I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!
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bhava 915
absolutely fabulous art work, every mangatoon frames the same story, so I'm excited for your twists and turns to make it in fire. i don't understand what other author think, they usually support about the male lead and get the female lead to fall in love and marry him. but what about the second lead who loves the female lead. noone considers him and every author helps the rude, cold male lead. why does it happen that way. author please change this and bring out a completely different extraordinary story. we are looking forward to it... will always support you. good job
Snow Bunny
Everyone Hates Noman...but why couldn't i?? I feel something must be wrong with him....No, he actually obsessed on angela...something about him makes me couldn't hate him but wanted to know him farther...because One Thing just One thing i can see from him is when he got really mad when Angela suddenly got poisoned by the maid...that One little thing makes me wonder "He had a kind side??" that is Exactly the turn point from me from Hate him to Curious about him...
Snow Bunny: yeppp! well something that we should learn from this story is do not judge the book by its cover.
tara: exactly.....there must be something emotional in his past....
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lan zhan x wei ying🦋🌈
They’re so sweet and happy together 💗ohh gosh vinni is an understanding gentle person, he loves Angela sm, I’m just concerned bout him like what if John interfere in their lives later and Angela leave vinni for John :/ this always happens in mangas so I just hope this author acts differently 👀
Crzayreader: I have that feeling too tbh
Coco Cookiss: Really.. How Did You Know??
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momose narumi
I remember having the darkest part of my life last year (so far. I know that life will be a b*tch someday and strike again soon). I wasn't taking care of myself. I'm lucky if I get to wash my face twice everyday. I rarely take a bath and I never go outside unless it is something important. I was pretty depress back then. I still do but I have been a bit better now. I'm trying to take care of myself and trying to move forward. If I ask myself if I'm okay now, my answer is no. I will be lying if I said yes. I got used to being not okay so I don't remember how to feel alright again. 😔
Ewa 🔥😂: I’m also an introvert. I don’t really go out unless like once a month to meet my friends but the other times are school. I don’t do any extra curricular activities and I prefer to separate myself to others because of reasons. My cleanliness is good I am forced to hover the rooms by my room and do other chores. I have been betrayed many times so I just decided to not trust anyone except for my family,

tbh watching anime,cdramaa and reading comics is all I do. I also do my hw and kinda study but I do those alone so I would count myself as an introvert
Jian mo: Ok i guess i am depressed too !! cause except for cleanliness we’re the same i don’t even comb my hair
It’s so hard for me to get over this
It’s has been years and i don’t know how to be normal
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Yesss its back!! But the purple haired girl is still alive... how come? How did they even got engaged? Is it an arrange marriage? I hope so... cuz deep down, I still want Angela and John to be together no matter how sweet the guy with Angela is right now... but I do ship them too! She'll be very happy with the guy with her but I don't think that in a way they'll have a baby and all that couple doings... Either way, no matter what path Angela go, as a reader, I'll support Angela❤
Erza😍: 😂😂 you're right
~Celya~: Don’t apologize, we all make mistakes, specially me 😅
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ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ғᴜᴇᴠᴏs
She is a perfect match for him even his background will get ruined but the atmosphere between them is a very perfect match but still people doesn't agreed with me its ok the truth is i ship angela with john because i think angela deserve better than that vinni even he took effort just to win angela heart but i appreciated that vinni helped angela just to get away from that guy but still seeing john hurting it doesn't make sense to the story
Maria Belliveau
Everything is carefully arranged, what does he means by that.Well everything is his fault, John never treated her nicely, he even said she was a vase of beauty for decoration, or some cramp like that. It may seems that he loves her, but I doubt it. Maybe the woman in the picture that looks like her also left, maybe due to his behavior. Who knows.Now that he found Angela that resemble her, something might had snap, to make her his, but he was really not kind to her. I don't know why Vinni is helping her, and took her family alway. He said that she saved him, about 10yrs ago. I know Vinni like her, and wants to be with her, but why help her so much to escape from John? What does he wants, or is he going to be worse than John? Haaaaa, is there going to be a second season? Will John find her? And why does John need her by his side? Or will she stay with Vinni and protected away from John? To me honest I think John will find her and not the family, just cause she doesn't listen much, and Vinni will be worried. He will keep her family save and will try and get her back. What do you guys think?
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