Prisoner of Love
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Prisoner of Love

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Prisoner of Love
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
hello author I am Shan and I'm still waiting for you to upload yeah still waiting plss author many of us still waiting here for you to upload a next chapter
PoTatO: It’s been 9 months or smth after the last update
: sinner45713:: I don't even know how long I've been waiting for the next eps
total 2 replies
Lis Turner
Ok I really don’t want our FL lead to fall in love with this guy yet he really hasent been treating her right he needs to prove himself
Lalisa Manoban
although i hate the ml being like that but i still want him for her like call me crazy but I want him to change, I want her to change the him like anyother ml with fl
*Chan's Loptop*
Mostly In Manga when there's a CEO civilian affair, the guy always wants the fl to be his women. Why tho?
Christhel Alexis Angangan
I got frickin scared when the blank pages got so long...But dear author pls don’t do this again.
Lalisa Manoban
i think he just needs some love in his life you know? I'm pretty sure he grew miserable so that's why fl is there for him.
Angela I hope you would be back soon please author update !! I love this story so much !!
💜manisa 💜 ARMY forever
I have a bad hunch about that purple hair... she looks like she have bad intentions
if I were her I will snatch the knife and stab him and run away humph
Why is their party always dark it looks like a halloween party
giyuu tomioka
I want Vinni More then ml I wish Vinni would end up with fl
He really looked like a demon king so scary
Jilhian Ovlac Rime
Pls i've been waiting for this for months please update
Lalisa Manoban
He's like that because he grew up miserable, he just needs some love in his life you know
i really like vampire teeth 😭😭😭😭😭 i wanna have a vampire teeth. ishhh!!! y did my vampire teeth break😞😞😞. but the ml really look cool at vampire teeth
marinette dupain-cheng
Wow imagine having to tell your kids or even your grandkids how y’all met
Pancake ain't your cup of tea: baby love's beautiful but you need to drink poison first in order to receive nectar
Don'tstudyme,youwon'tgraduate~: 😂😂😂😂😂
total 6 replies
Lalisa Manoban
no wonder this has familiar names because it's the same author as the abandoned woman
aleena mammachan
Seriously why are there blank pages....I thought I had network issues and restarted my phone and again blank so I switch offed and again it's blank..............
sangwoo stan
plss author update kana naman plss

utss really hurtz
Khate Pascual
Sarap Kong bogbogin man tang INA mo
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