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Prisoner of Love

Yoolook Culture
OMG Author you have to make a season 2!!!! This manhua is SO good and I love your art work. I know that it takes you a lot of time just to do one episode because your art style is so complex but it look really good and when you make another season i hope that you don't change it. The story of Angela's character development is finally happening and she is finally standing up for herself and moving away from John, I also love that she is not as weak as she was before. I would love to see where this goes in the story development of will John regret what he's done to Angela, and also the character development of all the characters. Please thx Latta love💘
P.S is the model guy(forgot his name) going to be a big part of season 2? Leave in the comments what you think.😘
Mj Ledesma: author we want season to please 😣😣😣😣
#paige u r d best: guys do u know abt VAMPIRE KNIGHT
YUKI .....
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do you guys remember the girl in the picture who looks just like Angela in John nomans study room? well there are good connections to that mystery in this chapter.

As Vinni said to Angela in this chapter:
"You saved my life. I can do anything for you yet that was long time ago"

which leads us to this.

I conclude that Vinni and that girl in the picture had a good or rather have this history a long time ago before Angela came. I think the only reason why Vinni thinks Angela doesn't remember him is that he thinks Angela lost her memories or something or maybe there was an accident before which causes angela/the girl in the picture might have disappeared or some powerful human being took her and as for John noman he thinks the girl on that picture in this study is back the girl he probably loved and cherished or rather they have this long history which leads to John being a so called "protective boyfriend" of Angela because he thinks the girl in that picture is Angela. So John took Angela and made her wear that maid's outfit just to represent the girl in that picture.

secret •: wt frik. I thought the gurl in the picture is his mother
Sese Suryana: I think the girl in the picture is Angela twin sister maybe
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wish in the 2nd season Angela run away and after a year they met again and Noman couldn't believed what he sees cause he thought that she already died in a car accident then he tried to let her all by himself but she was already taken and he realised what he did and reget, not knowing he was already fallen for her nothing he can do her mind was set up of hating him... but he never give up and tried to take her back....Angela want to leave him forever but she felt incomplete her BF knew and understand that her heart was never his, even her mind want to be with him but her hearts want to be with Noman so... he love her and want her happiness that he give up on her...Angela realised want she wants now and ran to Noman but too late Noman was stuck in the dark again Angel tried all her could but he could not take the risk of loving someone again later Angela had a heart desease need to transplant in emergency but noone could make the donation...Noman knew and give a call to the hospital but they turned him down there's only one thing he could do now....after a month the Surgery was Successed and there's was a flowers beside her bed with a note... saying Hard i've treated you my eyes were blind with hatred still you love me with all your heart there's nothing i could give you to repay your love so i give my heart to you and my heart will always be yours forever don't ever hurt me by another man.....'
love Noman
then she saw the donation card inside the envelope....😊😊😊
Norjanah Abantas: May I know if there's already a season 2?
Anonymous: can you tell me where can you find the season 2 in Chinese
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Maria Belliveau
Everything is carefully arranged, what does he means by that.Well everything is his fault, John never treated her nicely, he even said she was a vase of beauty for decoration, or some cramp like that. It may seems that he loves her, but I doubt it. Maybe the woman in the picture that looks like her also left, maybe due to his behavior. Who knows.Now that he found Angela that resemble her, something might had snap, to make her his, but he was really not kind to her. I don't know why Vinni is helping her, and took her family alway. He said that she saved him, about 10yrs ago. I know Vinni like her, and wants to be with her, but why help her so much to escape from John? What does he wants, or is he going to be worse than John? Haaaaa, is there going to be a second season? Will John find her? And why does John need her by his side? Or will she stay with Vinni and protected away from John? To me honest I think John will find her and not the family, just cause she doesn't listen much, and Vinni will be worried. He will keep her family save and will try and get her back. What do you guys think?
Tangela Reynolds
I know he means well....but I really hate people like this. you jump in offering to help because of your so-called feelings for her. even when she says she's ok. yes, obviously shes not. shes walking alone at night in the rain. but her rejection of you in that moment means she want to be alone and deal with HER problems on her own. why do you insist on getting involved? in the end, its because you want her to feel indebted to you so she notices your feelings. conclusively, you want something from her and then will be all hurt when she goes back to him in the end. this puts stress and pressure on her. but you dont see that. at the end of the day, your reason for helping is mostly selfish you just don't see it that way. so just leave the girl alone. your inteference will only make things worse.
Anonymous : Um what are you going on about? This girl needs help. She’s lucky she has someone to help her other than staying with a douchebag of an ML.
Love Me: Angela is lucky to have someone like Vinni.. Please give him your heart, you guys deserve to be together
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Aloo Baloo
I’ve got a confession to make, folks. I skipped to this chapter because I read the comments and found out that Angela left John. Reading this chapter and seeing how troubled John is has made me giddy. Bastard got what he deserves. Oh, and that last panel, with Vinni and Angela, that panel has me fangirling! Not that the whole comic is dark enough already, but that panel of the both of them just sends out the perfect dark vibes. Will she get revenge, or will she better herself and torture John in the future? Give John a taste of his own medicine?
Oh, the possibilities.
Now, are there actually any comics or novels out there where FeMC turned the tables on ML? Bettered herself and humiliated jerk-wad “lover?” I want a story like that.
Aloo Baloo: I respect your opinion and thank you for your advice, but despite what his true intentions may be, how he acts, essentially, is hurting Angela. I don’t need to read through everything to know that much—it’s glaringly obvious. If you think that John’s emotional abuse and manipulation is romantic, well I imagine that you need to reassess your morals. Do I care that he’s actually a “nice guy” who “cares” for Angela and truly “loves” her? No, not at all. Do I care that John pays for Angela’s brother’s hospital bills? No, I really can’t bring myself to. If anything, nothing he does will justify his actions. At least, I personally believe it won’t. I’ve firsthand witnessed an emotionally-abusive relationship, or three, and while not to the extent of this comic, the victims nonetheless are, to this day, still suffering.
And the worse part? Their abusers undeniably did things for them that would make any girl swoon—you would have even been entirely convinced if they confessed their love. But, guess what? Doesn’t change the fact their victims lost a part of themselves. Doesn’t change the fact that they’re abusive, manipulative, and completely fake. No, love does not justify that sort of behavior.
As for Vinni: If he turns out to be worse than John, then Angela truly has terrible luck if she consistently has sociopaths falling for her. Angela just needs to get away from the animal known as “man.”
Potato_gaming YTprosup: wtf , her brother hospitals fee are pay by him and he did almost everything to protect her , he only acts cruel infront of her but secretly behind her back he is helping her , oso the person whom took her away is prob worst than John, read before commenting
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I feel like I'm going crazy waiting for a season 2 of this manga. I absolutely love this story, even though it's dark. I wanna know what happens next and I am really sad that it ended in the middle of the whole story. I always find myself checking to see if anything has been posted yet, too. Pretty please continue this story, I am begging you.
Love&Peace❤️✌️: This sounds good! Thank you!
Nalyah: Season 2 has been already updating in China. Up to chapter 53 so far, so I guess this story may come back here soon as well 😊
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Ohhh. We’re looking forward in its season 2. :(
How the development of the character of the protagonist, how circumstances will change their outlooks in life.
But I like its lesson. If we do not cherish things they might be taken away from us. Thus, we must cherish everything.
But hope we can see happy endings here.

Btw. I love your artwork. Very professional. I hope you’ll never give up in doing your art. It’s really awesome.
🍉Watermelon Me I Will 🍈Melon U.
It’s the End! 😅 will............... let’s get down to business! The question is...
Okay, okay, okay! attention the captain said we’re going to have to sell the ship 🛳
So.......... WHO DO YOU SHIP???!

Captain: hurry up choose!
Me: wait wait wait I can’t choose yet!
My inner thoughts: OK let’s get this straight so far in every comic I read the first who kiss are the couple from the beginning to the end. But he’s not going to change and i heard that she’s going to become evil?😔😔
Anonymous: Just for information
In chinese there’s season two
🍉Watermelon Me I Will 🍈Melon U.: Guys who do you ship?
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Yunn Moe Eain
Please can somebody explain me???
Why don't they remember each other?
I can't really understand!!!
They did sleep together! right?
Why they are like this is the first time they meet?
How can she forget the man she slept with and how can he forget the woman he slept with? It's not totally resonable for me!!!
MyKpopFlopsMe: Because it was dark and she was drunk
Nami Cat Burglar: ahahahhaha
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Her simplicity and feminine style is much more elegant than those pretentious harlots. I like her style a lot because it highlights her pure innocence and beauty. Unfortunately, it also attracts too many undeserving-stupid-bad guys like this guy named John. Uggghhh he's my least fave ML like I really want to sucker punch his gorgeous face just to straight up his mind and let her go.
Wat the hell is that story it's too short why?
Author plsss make the second season were begging you but it's good that u make it end when there is exciting scene are going to be done i was expecting in second season there was a big happening like version 2.0 of angela like revenging and then john noman will so feel sorry for what he did to angela and the end confess and have a child and wedding
Quynh Nguyen
I hope that season 2 Angela will fall in love with Vinnie and we can find out how she save her. I don’t like how most manga the girl end up with the mean guy. I’m loving this story how it is so different to other manga/ manghua and I love your art work
Miku San: in reality no one like mean guys
Miku San: u r right
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So Sandy played swap with Angela then didn't even contacted Angela when her father told her that she will be kidnapped?! She effin knew Angela is dressing up as her!! And now she's asking where was Angela in the past couple of days?? you dumb beyotch.
Melo Yumiko
is it a trend nowadays..raping girl first and then start loving her?women are not cars when you need to test drive first before purchased
HiruAmaaa: Ikr 😂
KarMa CañQuints: And people are reading it anyway.
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Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~
We love you and respect you so much!!
Your artwork and storyline are absolutely marvellous.
We would be grateful if you could make a second season, and we promise you that we'll give you the best support possible and will cheer you on throughout season 2 as well.
I like the way the color contrast in the artwork. It’s soooo beautiful.... such vibrant color contrasted with darkness...🥰🥰🥰🥰. I also like the last panel. Vinni and Angela look so well-matched. I hope that they end up together. Shipping Vinni and Angela...AnVin.....🥰🥰🥰🥰

What;s the drama of John? He said she’s nothing but a vase to him and told her to not show up in front of him and get out (last chapter). So what’s with his frenzied searching for her? Leave her alone and join the other bsatard Male Lead .Org ok....

When is the second season coming?
Yunn Moe Eain
Please can somebody explain me???
Why don't they remember each other?
I can't really understand!!!
They did sleep together! right?
Why they are like this is the first time they meet?
How can she forget the man she slept with and how can he forget the woman he slept with? It's not totally resonable for me!!!
HiruAmaaa: Ikr!!! in lots of manhua here it happens... how did they forget the face of the one u slept with... specially when it's ur first time or so..😕😕
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Wha...wha...what is this? it's over already 😭😭 Author I beg you for season 2! you just gotta drop season two...just when Angella find a new man you gonna end season 1 😄 but John never knew what he had till it was gone, I want him to suffer a bit and beg Angella to come back. I want Angella to rub it in his face that life is good without him, even if she likes him down in her heart I want him to beg. Please give us a season 2 and thank you for Season 1 😊
Sadako: Dear author please do season 2 🙏 ... but this ending is different from the usual. Lesson learned, the jerk rich guy who doesn’t know how to treat s woman properly doesn’t always get the woman... maybe. What do you think dear author? Oh, how about another ML. Who is not a jerk?
🌸°Kimu°🌸: agreed, but I just wished there was more to read before ending it 😊
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Haha every manga starts the same 😂
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