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Prisoner of Love

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Prisoner of Love
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Griffin Grey
He is not heartless. He is an a⭐️⭐️hole. Stay with your fiancée you sadist and leave Angela alone to bloom like the rose that she is. Seriously, I hope they won’t meet each other and he start torturing her again while the fiancée will act like a poisonous snake. Enough with this standard plot. We want something different than season one. Some begging? Groveling? To become a doormat so she can step on him 🤔 ?
Anonymous: Its called Unforgettable love of mine i believe
Kat: Thank you! 😁
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OMG YAAAASSS it’s just like how I wanted it to be!!! He saw everything and got JEALOUSSSSSS 😏😏😏 thats KARMA for how you treated her my dude!

Honestly Vinni’s words made my heart flutter, he’s so gentle and loving towards her, I think they make an amazing couple and she also looks great with John, if only he fixed his attitude it would be a perfect ship! Am I crazy for shipping her with both? Let them get married first and she’ll marry John later 😏😏😏 why take one hot guy when u can have both in the story? 😬
Nandini M: why episodes aren't updated?
Mugiwara: Vinni is too good to be true. We’ll see about that.
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Normally Insane
This man has his plans on wrong ways. Dude, if you want a girl to like you, TREAT HER RIGHT, STOP ACTING LIKE A RETARD AND STOP TREATING HER LIKE TRASH! Girls deserves a few tumbles in a bed. Man up, pride down and get straight to the point. Tell her you need her and stop other filthy women touch you. Honestly, I know you're a control freak and I understand it. You will not be successful if you're not a go-getter but that love isn't about ownership bro, it's partnership and freedom and care and respect. Maybe you're like that because no one has loved you before but you can't just mess around and make others feel miserable, too. Get her and this time, you do it right. You need to do it right. You have to. Don't mess up again. You can't loose another chance because if you do, and you ask forgiveness and Angela forgives you but you do it over and over again, then this story is mess up. You both deserve each other it's just that, you have to keep it all together to take her back. I love you both. I love you Author/s. Keep doing great.
Oh of course the creepy purple haired girl would COINCIDENTALLY eavesdrop on his phone conversation. She’s so annoying tbh, like as if it’s not enough that you pester a man that clearly doesn’t love you, why feel the need to pester a woman that obviously wants no relations with John anyway? Not her fault your jealous, bitter ass can’t take the fact that John doesn’t want your raggedy ass 😒

I don’t think John has changed one bit attitude-wise. I think he will most definitely still treat Angela like garbage whenever he gets the chance, so I hope angela and vinni will successfully get married 😡 he needs to learn a lesson or two on how to treat someone he loves right. And to learn how to respect Angela 😑 bet he’s gonna try all means to hold her captive.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: That’s prolly why he is a second lead/ I’m not sure what his ulterior motives are exactly but we’ll see in the upcoming chapters. The only reason why I said it is bc he is treating angela better than how John did. That’s all. I’m not expecting them to be together forever lol
Crzayreader: sorry to write this but as much as you are correct about him not changing I also think angela won't be happy with vinnie for a long time since vinnie is also one that is with an ulterior motive plus I think his father will be one that will interfere a lot. anyway yes john is not the type you would say who shows love but you have to take into account his history and past why was it like it is I agree he whould have treated her better but also it is the author who made him like this so far the story is great the art awesome hope it never changes but most importantly the story has character build up where we see them be better and start opening more
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I don’t think she even has feelings for John as of the moment seeing how she’s like IDGAF when that annoying b*tch tried to rub it in her face that he’s getting married!

And the last panel looks like John but I don’t think it’s him, I think it’s somebody else last time I remembered John doesn’t wear glasses and there was another guy that looked like him (forgot his name) that looked like this dude. Can someone tell me who that person was again? I need to refresh my memories!

Anyways I know I’ve been saying this almost every chapter I read this manhua, but the artwork is SO GORGEOUS!!! Love it so much, can’t wait for the next update! I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready! 😬😬
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Is that one good though!? 😂😂
Griffin Grey: OMG!!!! I am dying 😂😂😂🤣 There is a new comic called (drumroll) Snow and her Devilish Husband 😂😂😂🤣 Is it Snow & John???? Is this new comic... prophetic????
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Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~
One of the most interesting qualities about this manhua is that it so creatively tries to mark the difference between Angela and John.
Angela is always seen wearing white, light and bright clothes like an angel (which she is portrayed as), whereas John is always seen wearing dark, stoic and domineering clothes like the devil (which he is portrayed as).
Besides this stark difference in their auras, they are supposed to be the central romance of the manhua.
So, I'm interested to see how the white and black start to lose their contrast.
bakuhoe: this is such a nice perspective!! i’ve been trying to put my finger on it but you summed it up perfectly!👏👏
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OMG it’s really happening!! My wish is coming true 😍😍! I want them to run into each other and have this 2 on 2 jealousy scene 😉! I wanna see John being sad and bitter about losing her to another man! I know if they go through with the marriage, it won’t last, but it’s worth seeing all this juicy drama unfold 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

John is shy? Girl you must be delusion asf to think he has any sort of feelings for you. It’s very obvious he’s irritated with her clingy ass and does not give a crap what she wears to their arranged marriage anyway! 🤡🤡 girl your head is way too far up your own ass! He’ll never love you!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I love both ships!!! I just hope John will be nicer in the future, he’s so handsome lol so I can’t hate him
David: I ship John + Angela = FACTS
More drama stirring = John + Angela moment
Love or hate = John + Angela ❤
hate me if you want = John + Angela 😂
Vinni + Angela VS John + Angela = John + Angela cause I like going opposite side, too much Vinni + Angela 🤭🤭
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“I want to know what she has got that made her dare to come back.” Excuse me!?!? 🤯

SIR you held her captive in your mansion as your personal slave, treated her like garbage, and even violated her! Now that your stupid ass misses her and regrets losing her, you’re searching for a needle in a haystack to find her, you STILL have that garbage attitude huh? 😡🤬

I hope both of them get married at the same time, and have this 2:2 wedding where they see each other.. and there starts the sad, bitter, jealousy games 🙃 it’s gonna get reaaaaal juicy from there if that does happen!
Maria Theressa Orbeta: how about the next episode? i am looking forward on it. what will happen next?? i really want to knowwww 😍🤔
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: To each their own but until John makes some improvement eh.. i prefer her with Vinni as of the moment
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I thought he(Cool Norman) had crush on Angela's friend......maybe he has by alongside working for his family or brother.
First I wished John Angela be together(I thought he had changed)but John has not change one bit.......if he is planning to get Angela back and confine her again then he better stay away from her.Vinni and Angela should get married quickly and hope one of them know John is planning something for Angela.

Didn't someone taught her(purple hair) eavesdropping is bad manner.....but now she will go after Angela nooooooo.....will actually it is good in someway maybe before John plan becomes successful,she does something that makes Angela aware that John knows about her and she can do something.
p.s💛❤: I had forgotten that part.....the agreement between Cool Norman and Angela.
and misinterpreted that call.....I thought cool norman made call to his house......where he was the who got call from the family😑😓
ICan'tR3ad: As I recall correctly cool Noman likes Angela’s friend. So Angela is working with cool Noman against the Noman’s family or for Angela’s protection from them and in return Angela tries to set him up with her friend.
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Elysa Magno
John I swear if u ruin her happy life now then how will she be happy u only give her sadness I mean if u love someone u let them go but I guess that’s not the case for u let Vinni and Angela be I know your arrogant little head can’t stand them being together but can u make her happy no you can’t and since you can’t give her happiness let her go she can live a beautiful and peaceful life with Vinni witch u can never give just let the me please😕😕😕.
Elysa Magno: Of course UwU it’s lee jong Suk 😍😍
Afia Azad: I really like your profile picture 😚
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Please keep up the good work author, your artwork has always been amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH for having consistency in artwork and plot! Please take your time no pressure!

And honestly Vinni and Angela look SO GOOD together, I honestly prefer this ship compared to John and Angela as of the moment.

I wanna see them successfully get married and John and that wicked girl getting married and then there’s gonna be a lot of jealousy games 2:2 against each other! That would be an amazing plot that would be interesting to watch for sure! And looks like Angela is getting her revenge, which is exciting to see! Who’s also ready to see the upcoming chapters!? Cuz IM READY IM READY IM READY! 😬😬😬
lisha: 😑😑so u rather want her to live a very sad life with John she don't even like john that bastard is horrible and he has a very bad personality he thinks he can own everything just because his rich and shit 🙄
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Glad I’m not the only one even if their marriage won’t last long I still want them to be official before John takes her away 😩 I’ll be very sad if they don’t get married successfully!
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How it looks online vs when it arrives 🙃

Honestly though, good for Angela, he doesn’t deserve any of your attention anyway. His head is still way too far up his ass to swallow any of his pride and admit he’s wrong for hurting her anyway. Please teach him a lesson and let karma serve his ass for the time being, until then he doesn’t deserve you! I hate how he’s still such an arrogant prick about it, meanwhile he can’t even go against his dad about the whole arranged marriage. He’s a freaking PANSY 🙃
Isla Silverman: thats bad
Ane Patricia Melo: There abuse and violence against women is very common. It must be very sad to live in such a country😢
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I used to ship John and Angela from the beginning, so why am I hoping for them never seing each other ever again?!?!

Okay, who am I kidding, I shipp vinni and angela

They’re sooo kawaiiii
David: 👎👎👎👎 John + Angela = ❤
Kina Margaux Murakami: However, angela would be still in a toxic relationship if she will be with John. I am also hopping in ghe Vinni and Angela Ship ❤️
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I think John is behaving like a control freak is because he has went through a lot and he loves angela which he clearly didn't realize. He doesn't know how to express his feelings plus no one ever asked for his side. No one asked for his opinion or his feelings wherein we should know for us to be able to understand which ia he such a devil or so. Without discriminating Vinni, I love John for Angela, they look good together and if Angela would understand John, if she has the guts to ask and confront him why does he keep chasing after her, then the both of them will enlighten or their feelings out. Honestly, I like John's attitude, it is just he is like that because he felt that no one loves him truly and no one understands him.
AbbyMarryYa: grammatical error, sorry
*why is he such a devil or so.
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plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
The story is is between a devil like person and a angel like girl...people are rooting the female lead to get married to second male lead or whatever..guys this is a story and they both are hero and heroine..the fl is only going to change the character of ml..and that process is what we gonna why to get hyped up that ml is bad the fl shouldn't end up with him...can't we enjoy how the story is gonna progress how the ml will change.. how they both gonna end together..dont u think without his cold attitude the story wouldn't be so interesting..the ml's attitude is the real spice of the story...becoz he is the hero as well as the villian...well just my opinion..don't bother😊😊
Anonymous: Sadly
nabil Sayyed: i agree with the opinion ಠಿ_ಠಿ
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Alexa Rae Sayo Hidalgo
Pls do not be mad at ml because he just needed some love you know just some steps and she's gonna fall inlove again pls don't mistake him he has a good heart in there but he hasn't shown it just bc he didn't treat angela right you guys neglect him i bet you guys he will end up with angela not with snow chiang and vinni yun will end up with another gal! so pls do not underestimate John noman he probably has a warm heart hidden there and not a cold heart! pls hear me out thank you❤️
Anonymous: If I was treated like this by him I would never forgive what he did, his not knowing on how to love doesn’t excuse what he did, you are simple minded
Lia: I agree with you, John probably didn’t know how to treat Angela correctly or nicely since he was cold at the time but i’m sure when time passes he will change.
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Yuri Yurisawa
John let ANGELA be free from you... you just obsessed with her but not truly LOVE HER... let her and vinni get married they are perfect from each other...and aside from that you don't have a power to protect her from your family especially from your psycho pups! geez man be contented in what you have the girl your going to marry is also obsessed on you😄😄😄 so pleased let Angela "go"
Fox Girl : Yes ur right I am with you
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Aeriya_94 💙
I'm rooting for Angela & Vinni's wedding. They're just so freakin' cute, I kennat. ✊😣💕 This is going on a very beautiful route. I LOVE IT!!! Keep it up author-nim!!! I hope John, that asshole, won't disrupt the happy ending. Let him wallow in despair and regrets 'cause he doesn't deserve our Angela. John's a psycho, and a big ass jerk, so hurt him, hurt him, hurt him!!! Important things should be said thrice.
David: ain't gonna happen when his ain't the ML 😝😂😂😂
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Christshalyn Faith Cagas Abano
I hope Angela ends up with Vinni. He is caring, charming, and patient! Unlike John. He's agressive, possesive, and impatient!

But if there is a chance, John changes his attitude for Angela to comeback to her, tell her all the things he couldn't say to her like "I love you" , "I didnt mean to hurt you, I was just possesive since you were letting me go" , "Im sorry I hurt you " and Marry her! I would likely choose John if he will change.

And for Vinni, He is like your guardian angel. Vinni is Reliable and Loyal. In reality, If I got to choose between them, I would choose Vinni. (well, duh)

But sometimes, the good guy becomes the bad guy. And the bad guy becomes the good guy. Who knows?
Christshalyn Faith Cagas Abano: I like potatoes
@rainy: totally agree with you
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I agree along with the viewers on the vinny x angela ship. yeah, I get norman has LOTS of issues and all that shenanigans, but to not own up to it and try to fix himself means he's not worth it in my book. sorry not sorry. don't get me wrong, I still like his character (somewhat) and reading these stories and stuff cuz I'm just like that, but I ain't about abuse. WE 👏WANT 👏 HAPPINESS 👏. Now if norman wants her THAT badly, then he's gonna need to face the facts that he's a jackass, and that he needs to change his ways. either way, pretty sure Angela is gonna end with Norman anyways because that's how stories like this tend to end like 🙄🙄🙄🙄
manameisjep: no matter what, angela will end up in john noman's arm... so yeah
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