Forensic Princess
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Forensic Princess

Forensic Princess
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Park Hyun Woo
Thanks a lot for the update 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Aaaaaahhhhhhhh my ship is finally gonna sail as we also have our cutie Xiaoli as the strongest shipper 😁😁😁😁 I'm sure that no one can break the ship as Xiaoli is guarding it ☺️☺️☺️
Once again thank you author for this update 💜💜💜💜💜💜 and regarding the cliffhanger well 7 days is a really really long time but okay 🙂 we will wait patiently 😁😁
Rainda Deva: what gamee
The Best Kid: If you like this, You should deffinatly read the love game.
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Bushra Amena 🇧🇩
now all of favourite comics are locked
😭😭😭 i don't have much coin... i was wishing that this comic will never be locked & i can read it again 😭😭
Bushra Amena 🇧🇩: what is love game??
The Best Kid: If you like this, You should deffinatly read the love game.
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Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) mostly triggers when a young child suffered a traumatic experience that the child couldn’t handle. They form another personality ( which are called alters ) with different purposes or roles in the system (mind) different names, personalities, gender, sexual orientation, tastes and etc in the system, in this situation, the boy with dual personality, I guess the killer is the trauma holder that has a role to protect the body from harm, it is triggered when someone calls the host (owner of the body or the original) bad names (based on him being bullied) for he is the one to store the bad experiences that the host couldn’t handle. And when an alter fronts (take over the body when something triggers) the host wouldn’t know what the alter did when he was inside the system unless he is co-conscious when an alter fronts. That’s why he kept on saying he killed nobody.

Just a lil bit of information to you guys
Goodfornothingkid: Is it found here? I’m interested...
The Best Kid: If you like this, You should deffinatly read the love game.
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okay, so this far I like this manhua.💗💗💗 It is hilarious and interesting. The FL is not weak, instead she is outstanding clever in forensic, collecting data and making conclusion like Sherlock Holmes. Actually she is a girl from modern world. Her soul dropped into Wei Liu, an old era girl (they have the same name). in the old era, Wei was pregnant of the Prince Ling's when she was saving him.For she is a modern girl (damn!she is amazing;, a coroner, an expert martial art as well with her operation knife), so she educated her genius child with many knowledge and skills. (you will adore the child, Xiaoli, crazily. LOL) For their own safety, they covered as Daddy and son, but the smart Prince Ling later knows it and will protect them. There are some cases and also another prince who wanted to marry her, some assassinations, and many conflicts that make this story is outstanding and make you fall in love with. For those who like a little mystery, investigating, hillarious, and love drama story, I recommend this.
Bless the author and translators. Many handsome and beautiful characters either as protagonist or antagonist.Thank you mangatoon. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Just Be u: yes we support the author and translators.hope you have a nice day/night everyone.
Super Babe: Very well said. 👍👍👍
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I wish this was how the novel goes(on the last 2 panels). but apparently, it's not. 😅

spoiler below:
but on the later chapters, 3rd prince told the emperor to marry wei liu and the emperor promised him to send a decree to marry them off. so 3rd prince becomes wei liu's fiance. then on later chapters, after all their travels and rong ling's persistence to woo and shameless methods to let liu wei knows that he's serious to have and love her, eventually, liu wei fell inlove. forgot to mentioned, they even sleep next to each other every night.
Princess imuet: so sweet
SHY LOL: Omg thanks! I gave up after 1500s but thanks for the chap.
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Oh my gosh! If XiaoLi had been there, he would have told the 7th prince were to get off! 😂😂 He had the audacity to offer Wei Liu flowers after Ling Rong did!?! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ The nerve!! 🙀

That goes to show you how shallow the 7th prince is, especially since he’s been thinking about Wei Liu a lot, but seeing her scars was a turnoff! Shallow Hal... 😏😏 She’s still the same charismatic woman that you just saw in the garden! 🙄🙄 Besides, doesn’t he have enough wives already? What does he even need one more for... to make a baker’s dozen? 😂😂

And Ling Rong is hilarious! He’s teasing his wife!! 😂😂 That’s how love 💗 goes... when you find the RIGHT one, you never let them go!! 💗💯💗
j for justice 🤣🤣😜
Here’s a bit of nostalgia remember the crazy man who was killing mean men with out knowing because he had to personalities one good one evil and she trapped the kindhearted version of him to his mind to let the evil one show face then killed his evil side and sent his good side to heaven that was towards the beginning of the story your welcome i only said something because that episode made me cry
j for justice 🤣🤣😜: Idk 😐
Nsjsd Dehehdn: Is there a novel for this ?
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Durjoy Barua Jack
Durjoy Barua Jack: I don't care I just want read it completely.
Idko_o: Nooo than it will take ages to catch upppp
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Ban Ban
I like this couple so much!!! I like the male lead because he’s not some ass*hole like other male leads!!! I kinda love their romance! Hehehehe! I’m excited for them to reunite as a family! I hope she will confess to him soon about their child! I like the manga though! I hope they will not separate in the future I hope they will face their enemies and some cases together soon as a strong couple! Hehe
Forever Vomics
*In my imagination at the time when Wei Liu told them the result*

Mrs. Liu: You are wrong Mr. Liu
Wei Liu: Oh, How? in what way?
Mrs. Liu: Because I was the one who kidnapped Feng!
Wei Liu: Why?!?!?!
Mrs. Liu: Because I wanted to verify if you're really Wei Liu!
Mr. Liu(Husband of Mrs. Liu) and Wei Liu's half brother (sorry I forgot): WEI LIU!?!?!?!?!
Mr. Liu: Is that really you Wei Liu?
Wei Liu: NO! Who is Wei Liu? 😥😥😥
Mrs. Liu: Don't lie! I know its you!
Wei Liu: How???
Mrs. Liu: When you were here I saw your good at Investigation and at Medication when you were playing with your half brother!!!
Xiaoli: Dad?
*Ending of Imagination*
NANI?!: Woah it’s so wild😂
Tashi Choden: all understand is wei Liu Wei Liu and Wei Liu
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chanyeol's concubine
i just looked at the raws and damn, i regret it coz i can't understand chinese but omggggggg. there were so many kisses after this episode. prince rong is getting bolder!
IamCiel: It’s on this app. Just change the language in the setting. The Chinese language is several chapters ahead on almost all the titles. A few titles aren’t even translated to English yet and there are a lot of interesting ones.
_EmperorSupreme_: hey bro nice thing you told us WITHOUT A WARNING!!!! hahahahah but heads up bro next time put spoilers
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Sayumi Teyatsukana
The prince is probably better off forgetting about her if I’m being honest. The girl he fell in love with is no longer inside of the body of Wei Liu. She’s gone. And what’s worse for him, is that there’s not much he can do to get her back, so chasing after her will only hurt him in the end. (Also taking into account the fact that his own brother has fallen in love with the time traveller who now inhabits that body)
Rose Crystal: I don’t think he ever fell in love with her because he had like 7 concubines and it was a arranged marriage that the emperor set! He is attracted to time traveled lady but is scared by her fake (lol) scars! What a a*s just mentioning!😅
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Hina A Horani G
Author and Manga Toon thanks for the crazy updates 😍💖 i like that panel when FL mad at kid and ML support him 😍 they are like a perfect family 😍😅 and i must say they whole family are so genius ... i like the way they solves the case and help for each other and even understand for each other 😀 and even the bonding of the baby and daddy are superb 💖💜💖 i like everything in this comic and even the art of this comic is so amazing 💖💜
Its fun how the whole royal family and the people are so chill that prince rong suddenly has a child. Like its okay that its an ‘illegitimate child’ and they dont even know where the child came from. They are also not threatened that the child could the throne or whatsoever by being adopted by the royal family. And how blind can they be? Xaoli has blue hair and eyes like the Third Prince, he could even be the Crown Prince’s child (or seventh prince) with that eyes and hair! 😂 btw im really having fun with this comic! Looking forward where the plot will progress 👌🏻
This is the type of girls I expect that come from/are in modern types. Blunt, Expressive, Smart. Not blithering idiots who fall for good looks.
Our FL is the best in any reincarnation manga
Lennie 🌹❤🦄
I'm 8th grade (13 years old) and I understand everything the FL said :)
eufreaks: its ok its ok, don't be sad...,😉
Lennie 🌹❤🦄: I know that, I was just trying to make me feel better about myself 😭😂😅
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Khoiruman Stana
the best story I've ever read.
at first i don't intend to read this untill i read someone sugest to othe reader..
so i try to..
ii love the story.. the best part is when price ling admited xioli as his son.. is bring great feeling to me.. the story and the pict of the ML andFL is realy blend..
outhor please update the next chapter soon.
this is my sechond time reading while i wait for the next..
Khoiruman Stana: yes..
Just Be u: This is indeed a great story.
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Buññy 🐇 Brãt 👯 (Shanti)
*You're a good for nothing..........He's YOUR son!!!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, So "Daddy" what does that make you 😂😂😂😂😂😂. These people really know who to blend in as the other gender 😂😂😂👏👏👏
Buññy 🐇 Brãt 👯 (Shanti): 😂😂😂 I know right
Qing: She just said “Like mother like son”.
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"I have been single for more than 20 years" sometime reading can be savage... like literally, savage... I have been slained by what she says...
WǒShiDúzhě: 😂😂😂
no if you keep your mind and body pure
_piertotumlocomotor_: I have been single for 22 years *sobs*.. had my 22nd BIRTHDAY 4 days ago. will I be this horny too?
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Buññy 🐇 Brãt 👯 (Shanti)
2 HOURS EARLIER, and he's acting all chill and stuff............. Never will stop loving this guy!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 That headline is HILARIOUS 👏👏👏......Pearl is quite the gang leader though 👏👏👏
Of course he don't want his love to get hurt 😍😍😍😍💯💯
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