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Spicy Wife

Part 2

I think he somehow couldn't be there for her after she lost her baby due to the evil schemes (he'll realize this later and it was sooo heartbreaking yet sooo good). That divorce part was absolutely heartbreaking bc he wouldn't agree and she held a knife to her own throat to force him. He was afraid and signed it thinking she was throwing another tantrum. She disappeared from him and he couldn't find her since her stepfamily is very powerful as well. She left abroad to finish her studies.

He later learned all the evil things Bai Zhi did to hurt her and he didn't listen to Xinger and realized how alone she was when she went through losing her baby. This was when it hit him very hard and when he realized she wasn't throwing a tantrum and he lost her forever.

He went thru hell in missing her and even when he finally met her again by chance, he tried so hard to getting her back and chased her for a while like how she chased him.

That whole arc was especially good. Oh and her friend Sue had an awesome side story of her own that's worthy of a separate manhua adaptation. Best part, the second ML is badass and gets the girl! (Very unexpected).
Aileen Dela Vega: whats the titlle i want to read more and im curious..
nadhifa azzahra: mmm
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I can’t tell if he’s pretending to be stupid or if he actually is really stupid. She made it SO FREAKING OBVIOUS THAT SHE’S UPSET WITH YOU but “Oh I gotta go on a business trip now bye HERP DA DERP 🤪 🤪” LIKE WHAT!?!? She’s obviously upset especially when she lashed out at him telling him to not touch her!! 😱 And of course she gets pregnant at a time of turmoil like this 😩. And why the HELL is she with that girl AGAIN!?!? I hate this whole captain save a hoe thing he’s been doing over and over again, like I would be mad if I was the FL too! She’s freaking MARRIED for gods sake! She’s not his responsibility and she has absolutely no business with a married woman! This chapter made me mad and I really hope that’s not actual Tingyue that she saw but his brother or something because if that’s really him I think that’s DEFINITELY gonna be the end of the rope for her 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tong Nian: I think its him .... his first priority still that bitch the wife is only second 😉😉😉he's an idiot 😠😠😠
Inyne-OMG Annora is alive😂: you can read the comment of @spoilerbean in the previous ep.She translated it in english,i mean the last eps.
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Part 1

Actually this manhua was adapted from a webnovel and they did indeed rushed it and I'm sure there must be some difficult reasons for the artist. In City Gang when Xinger met the auction's hostess, the wealthiest lady, and she hesitated in greeting Xinger. That's because she's her long lost mother that somehow got rescued and I think the mother lost her memory.

The comic seemed to stick well to the story until then and it got rushed. Or else the artist wouldn't have included the scene of meeting her mother.

And the rest of the story is REALLY good! The little girl did get to avenged her brother from the kidney transplant but her story was really sad. Each and everyone evil ended up getting their retribution.

Xinger's mother married the man that saved her and he's the wealthiest man in Gang City. Xinger got reunited with her mother and gained two older step brothers and they're overprotective of their new little sister. Her stepfather dotes on her as if she's his own.

At one point, Xinger ended up losing their baby and afterwards divorcing with Tingyue due to all the misunderstanding.
Anonymous: What title of the webnovel?
TheRazeluXE: Nah actually it’s better to end it this way... anymore drama it’ll get staled and lost its sweetness 😁
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The ending was rushed like all the other endings of this genre. There still at least one more arc that should have happened. The FL’s father arc should have happened, father vs son in law. Typical father tries to bring FL in to benefit the company through her husband. Gets threatened about grandma, she still refuses. Something happens and she has to help. They find the kid’s relative they killed to get the organ for her sister. Goes public, they lose everything. ML buys all the stocks of the company gives to FL as they wedding present or something. I’m just giving my thoughts of what could have happened. As I pointed out they just skipped a big part of the story.
Vani Manjappa: why did the author end this comic so early, I really love novels,
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: You obviously have no idea what feedback is isn't? Have you ever had a conversation with a author? By your answer I will assume you haven't. Authors often ask for ideas for plots and developing of the story cuase just as any other "growup ass" thye can get mentally blocked or can't get inspired, so yes criticizing also helps authors with new projects, current projects etc. and like you said yourself is up to thr author to apply or not. Criticisms is always good and needed for improvement whether is good or bad.
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🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 disgusting woman! Making our ML deal with your mess isn’t gonna make him fall in love with you you conniving b!tch! Our cinnamon roll is waiting for u on Valentine’s Day are you seriously gonna waste your time helping this trifling woman!?!? Hurry and go back to your girl she’s waiting on you ☹️
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I KNOW RIGHT!? She’s lucky that she even has a guy like Kingsley in her life! The negativity and all that ickiness in her attitude pissed me off so much honestly. Like all she does is whine and b*tch all day instead of getting a freaking job like any normal 20 year old. It was an interesting beginning so I keep reading it but end up getting annoyed with the FL again and again LOL I need to stop torturing myself 🤧! The way she talks is SO pessimistic and she’s always saying stuff like “oh I wish some handsome dude will pick me up” “oh I wish someone could help me” “oh where’s Kingsley when I need him” LIKE GIRL STOP EXPECTING OTHER PPL TO BABYSIT U!! I wish all the guys she’s leeching off of would just stop feeding her money because she’s taking everything for granted like LET HER DEAL WITH IT ALONE she doesn’t deserve anyone’s help at this point
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: I was really surprised in the beginning when she seduced Kingsley but I still gave her the benefit of the doubt, it wasn't the cliche rich CEO guy takes advantage of drunken/drugged girl so I kinda liked it tbh. But after a while she still hasn't done anything by her self or for herself and she keeps depending on Kingsley for literally everything yet still complains like a mf, like bishhh you're living for free with a hot guy that YOU seduced but all you do complain??? Bishhh take several seats. She is so useless I swear.
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c'mon guys. Don't blame Ting Yue XD He didn't know that Xinger knew everything about it and he is the best Main lead from ALL the storys I have already read. He was ofc a bit mean at first but really kind at the same time. He didn't care about Xinger but still helped her EVERYTIME. And yes he lied to her BUT It's the first time and he did that for a good reason. + Xinger misunderstood everything so blame Bai Zhi but not ting yue XD We have to look ar both sides. Xingers and Tin Yues but now you all are looking on Xingers side but forgot Ting Yue and Bai Zhi XD And he's not even real tho. hahaha sometimes I'm cringing bc we are talking bad on someone whos not even real XD
BorahaeBTS: ok lets stop here. We are blaming someone whos not even alive or even real.
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: Yes, he could have come up with a better LIE. It's still a lie. And yea telling the truth is better for him but that's extremely selfish. What about what's better for the freaking R*PE VICTIM. A lot of people would feel bad and keep it a secret but should they know? Is it a secret at that point? Why the hell would she want ANYONE to know about it? How about we let the FREAKING R*PE VICTIM decide...
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Writing from the future

Previous writing was until Xing Er collapsed due to the effect of the poison. What will happen? Will she die? Will she lose her baby?

Click to expand (ep 108 - 110) 3 chapters
SpoilerBean: Sorry for late reply.. no I don’t write those 2 stories. Haha!
Anahita Rai: So they had baby
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Writing from the future

My previous writing was until Ting Yue has to make a hard choice and in order to save Xing Er, he has no choice to give up the baby. What will happen next?

Click to expand (chapter 111-112)
Pipi❣️: thanks @spoilerBean for the spoilers
Pipi❣️: unforgettable love of mine
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Jen Yi
Hahaha hahaha! 😒😒😒😒😒😒 Woman, woman! Ugh! Can she be anymore shameless? You know I have no doubt that her husband is actually mistreating her. Which husband going to let their wife think about another man while married to him, of course he’s not going to like it. Of course he doesn’t have anymore feelings for you. You left married another man, didn’t even talk to him now you came back looking all sorry and sh*t. I’ve never been so pissed in my life before but she just hit the nerve. It’s woman like her that men are saying we are no good, we only know how to scheme and this and that. Man, I would even change the clothes I was wearing if I were him. I’ve never hated a character so much in my life. I just....I can’t. Unbelievable!
Dear Author,
Thank you so much for this wonderful story... I can't tell how awesome your story is... And i hope you will still be motivated to write more amazing stories... Will be waiting... And I love the ending... We will support you as long as we live😂🙏and God bless you... Hoping for your more and more stories to be published... And more blessings to come... Hope this story will be on T. V i really.. Pray🙏😇❤️... I love you authir... Whether your a man/wowan... I still love u.... Muahhhhh.... Thank u so much... I hope i can hug you to show my sincerity ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗
🄻🄾🅈🄰🄻❤️: Nice work... Right? 😂
Jm Gadiale: wos nice work Author👏👏..keep up the good work
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an older sister that never met or not even close to a step-sister and say that it's no big deal? to an older sister to give the younger sister merely "ONE" kidney? do you think that only your daughter is superior?
do you know people can die while doing the surgery? you say that find someone to donate then why don't you donate your kidney? your mother and daughter pair and have the same blood flow(maybe not)
and how can you sure they have that they have the same blood flow? you know they have different mothers and maybe different blood type
Snow Bunny
i thought Bai Zhi is the kind of girl who is gentle, elegant, mature, and very kind, because she used to stole the heart of Xiao Tingyue. But it turns out she is the kind of girl that i hate the most! using her fragile body to make men sympathetic to her. Moreover she is the one who broke Tingyue's heart in the first place. She has dump him! but now she is back when Tingyue has married, and when she finds that her life is miserable with the other man, she wanted to go back to Tingyue. What do you take Tingyue's heart for?? Do you really think that Tingyue will fall for you forever?? even when you left him, he will be waiting for you forever?? then when you go back, he will open his arm to you?? Who do you think you are?? You can go and left as you wish, while Tingyue has to wait for you??!!
HELLO...Wake Up Princess!!! Life is Harsh!! You Can't do as you wish!!
Snow Bunny: waaahhh hahahha thank You so much for the best twinkle twinkle song!!! We should sing that song to Baizhi and to every evil slutty bi*ch!!!
Kiara Khazana Cruz: Twinkle twinkle little star
I want to hit her with my car
Throw her up a cliff so high
Hope she break her neck and die
Twinkle twinkle little star that's what reader's wish and I...

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Pro Dude
Guys this manga is gonna finish in the episode 116. They will get married in that ep and they will have a son
Pro Dude: You can change ur language in the setting to Chinese and read the manga early
Pro Dude: You can change ur language in the setting to Chinese and read the manga early
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You can’t do that. If you kill her child she’ll never forgive you or be happy and it’ll be worse if she has to take care of Baizhi child. I know I would hate to take care of a child that’s from my husbands ex but at the same time if I also had my own child it’ll help with the burden
relejando: i agree but would you rather have both of them die? it doesn’t really make any sense. plus they can get pregnant again, the baby hasn’t even passed the first trimester. it’s sad but why let a living person die for a developing one.
Qwertyuiop: Beside that, they can make more when she is still alive. Cant they?
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ᛗᚨ ᛞᛟ
I though they have wedding right after she left the hospital. I was 6 weeks pregnant when i had mine wedding (didn't know about baby lol). when i saw her in that dress slim af there was my situation in my mind: i was that swollen and had that huge boobies I almost didn't fit in the wedding dress ha ha and thought WHAT A BULLSHIT AUTHOR! SHE LOOKS SO GOOD AFTER 8 WEEK IN SUCH DRESS!!! But later i saw the baby and were HOW SHE CAN BE STILL SLIM AFTER PREGNANCY AND GIVING BIRTHHHHH. XD
erraf2010: i have some friends the pregnancy did not change their body... i do really envy them 😰. Now one of them 6 months pregnant the second child but she still slim, just the belly is little bigger
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I'm not trying to be mean, but she should've been sent to a mental institution since the beginning dealing with abusive husband she had messed her up even more for sure. Speaking of him, it's weird how when she was with him she couldn't do anything but all of the sudden she became this confident schemer. I know her behind desperate to gain her old love was a cause but the drastic change isn't very believable.
X: Yeah, it was a tiny detail of the story but it bugged me a bit, though I know authors sometimes write unrealistic things just for the story's sake.
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: Welllll same thoughts, as usual. 😬
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Isn’t she freaking married!? Where the hell is her husband letting his dog loose without a leash!? She’s so freaking shameless it’s disgusting! The whole throw the rock and hide the hands behavior she shows is starting to piss me off, when is the ML gonna just completely cut this girl off!? She’s not his obligation she’s his freaking ex for gods sake! He doesn’t owe her ANYTHING! And THANK GOD HE CHANGED THE FLOWERS OML they really dodged a bullet on this one!
Ariana Masaki: Yeah and this b*tch is my top hateful b*tch i ever read. If there have an award for "b*tch character" i'll votes for her HAHAHAHA. Please please atleast make it she rotten in the jail or dies horribly or whatsoever just dont disappear like other.
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☠️Foolish Kid ☠️
TaeTae's Fangirl: She has already taken a pill... it was given in the chapter where she wakes up
Netra Haldankar: whatever they still slept together. idk how ppl can do that without feelings. It's no like they agreed on NO FEELINGS ATTATCHED or something
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DaVyne Oglesby
this could turn into another story. if the female lead dies and he blames it on the other girl he will keep the scheming girl with her and make her life miserable. and then its their romance story. at least according to the f-up minds of these authors, this seems like a story they would write
DaVyne Oglesby: true they usually were framed
Yuna: yeah i have read those also,but in those stories FL doesn't directly involve in ML's previous lover's murder
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I remambered last time..
I saw a spoiler and that person who spoiled was said that
Xin er will be travel around the world, forget all of the past... xin er will be a savage woman ever, and now, it’s tingyue’s time to chase her.. and tingyue suffer so much because of loosing xin er???

ratu tridiany: girl no need to rage because in the end they are happy ending
ㅇㅇㅇ: That story would have been a lot better compared to this ending tbh
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