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Spicy Wife

Honestly, I’ve been keeping a secret to myself for a very long time. It doesn’t feel good, and that secret started when I start to read manga and comics. I feel guilty, truly guilty. To me, reading manga and comics is just like Nicotine, I really hate myself. there are a few times where I want to suicide, but I don’t have enough bravery. Each day I feel guiltier and guiltier. “It’s addicting” I though. Thought about how cruel the world is. My parents work really hard. I spend my childhood with my grandparents. When there are family activity, I can see other children smiling and I can’t relate. But when my grandpa passed out about a year before, my dad didn’t cry but I know he’s just trying to hide his pain. After all, he hasn’t seen my grandparents for about 14 years. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t. But now it’s all fixed, my dad spent a lot of money trying to find a good lawyer so he can go back and visit, but too late. My grandpa passed away in June and my dad was ready to go back around August. Just two month, and he couldn’t see his dad for the last time. I envy a lot of my friends because of how close their relationship with their parents are. I know my parents are not perfect. I feel like the world is just so cruel to me. I’m pretty sure it’s just not me who feel that way. But again, before I wake up the next morning, I always to tell myself, be strong, be grateful. I really hope you can enjoy your life before it’s too late.
Seaera Borrego: My grandparents abandoned my mom last year over one stupid thing and just made the rest of the family abandon us too, after that I was really depressed and it made me think that the saying blood is thicker then water was totally wrong and now I know you dont have to be blood related because I have my own little family that might not be blood related but I know that I can count on them to have my back unlike my actual family 😊
lemurloki: Don't hate yourself for a pleasure as harmless as manga. We all need an escape from unhappiness, especially when the stresses of life are so overwhelming that you can't see an end to them. It"s awful that your family couldn't behave better to your dad, sorry that their avarice and greed have hurt you, but try to remember: this isn't the whole world. It's just a little piece of it. You can build your own, much better family, out of those you love among your relations and those you love among your friends. Nicholas Nickleby did it and so can you.
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Spoiler bean is early to the party?? I think there is a correction at the last panel. Ting Yue was actually telling the girl don’t have to worry about marriage of the Bei family as he has solved everything. Then she said thank you. Let’s continue..

Yesterday, my spoiler stopped at soon both ting yue and xing er will have an agreement. Xing Er told Tung yue that she wants to get away from Jiang family and the only person that she knows that Jiang family feared upon is him. So, she wants ting yue to help her to get away from them. Then ting yue asked her why should he help her? Then embarrassingly, she replied “the fact that we had slept twice (had sex twice) before..” then ting yue sarcastically said “let’s say whenever I sleep with a woman and I have to be responsible for her til the end.. Jiang xing er, I guess this house won’t be enough to accommodate all of you.” She was shocked when she heard that.. with reality finally hit her, she finally came to her senses. She said “it turns out that you do have so many women.. and I .. was just a tool for you to play with..”

Continue part 2 under the reply section
Head Counselor Chilly Chicken🍗 : Thanks for all your hard work though
Head Counselor Chilly Chicken🍗 : Aww... that’s terrible! I really wanted her to marry the blonde vamp as a virgin
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Writing form the future...

My previous writing was about her agreement with Ting Yue. Next scene will be about xin lian went back to her house to announce that Bei family has nullified their marriage agreement. One week later, all the documents for Xing Er to study overseas are ready. When she was handed the documents by Ting Yue’s assistant, she realized that Ting Yue has enrolled her to study architecture. So, she sobbed by thinking that Ting Yue truly doesn’t want her to stay by his side until he is willing to go extra mile to do all these for her. As she was walking... she realized she was surrounded by a group of men that her father sent to catch her.

The main reason that her father went great deal to bring her back from the village is not because he ants to take care of her nor to fulfill his responsibility as a father.. he has great evil intention behind this plan. His father has 3 women altogether. Xing Er’s mother, Xin Lian’s (the short hair evil sister) mother and another woman that are going to appear soon. That woman has a daughter who has been ill since little. She has kidneys failure. So, the main purpose of having Xing Er is to hope that Xing er’s kidney matches that step sister of hers. The step sister’s mother, who happens to be a cousin sister of Xing er’s mother.

fufufufu: ooh dear i saw the raw one but i didn't understand what was going on but now i do thanks. He will save her from her father and take her back.
Crzayreader: aww the tease
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Writing from the future

Yesterday’s writing was about a new character, Ms Bai (Bai Zhi’s younger sister) will appear. Let’s continue from there. Bai Zhi used to be the woman whom Ting Yue loves and nearly gotten marry but at the end she chose to marry someone else. Her younger sister likes Ting Yue as well and now that her sister has married someone else, she thought she may stand a chance with Ting Yue.

When Ting Yue was in the car at parking lot, she suddenly ran out to stop the car and she wanted to talk to Ting Yue; hence he got down his car to talk to her. She addressed Ting Yue as 4th brother. So, with her sad and pitiful face she said “4th brother.. Our Bai family is facing a crisis now. So, my father is arranging a marriage for me to marry a widower...” So Ting Yue said “And so...” She continued “That man is older than me by 20 years, he is also a pervert and violent.. if I marry him.. will only be a dead end for me!” She cried and hugged Ting Yue and said “4th brother, take a pity at me! As long as you tell others that I am your woman...” Ting Yue stopped her by pushing her away and said “regarding your marriage, I will try to talk to your father..”

Sierra Alexis Hart: oh 😭😭😭 rip me
SpoilerBean: Bossy President English translation is up to date
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Writing from the future

My previous writing was about Xin Er being abducted by her father so that he can forcefully take her kidney to give it to her other daughter. Let’s continue from there.

Ting Yue has been summoned by his father to go back for an arrange marriage. His arrange marriage partner is his cousin sister, Gu Xiang Wan. So Ting Yue told his father that he has already told grandpa that he will deal with his own business. They don’t have to meddle with his business. Gu Xiang Wan is recommended by Ting Yue’s stepmother but he doesn’t call her mother but madam. So, Ting Yue sarcastically thanked the stepmom for her good deeds but she should leave it to his second brother (who is the son of his father and this mistress).

Everyone in the household objected him to keep Xing Er. His grandpa complained of how Ting Yue has caused so much trouble just because of Xing Er. His grandpa continued by saying Xing Er, no matter her status or reputation is not his match at all. Then he answered that whether she is a match or not, he should be the one who decides. Then his grandpa yelled “Xiao Ting Yue!” With his indifferent expression, he looked at his watch and said “oh! I still have some matter to attend to, so I am going off now...” his grandpa was raging behind and he just waved at him. Meanwhile, his cousin sister was low key raging as well.

ZNuniaz: tqsm.. ☺
helenn linares: Thank you.
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mr/ms author your manga is no longer intertaining but disturbing..... many who reads this manga wants to be entertained and want to get out from the troubles of real world. my concern is that many children under 18 yrs of age have access on this app. who can read this manga.... your manga promotes and emphasizes many kinds of cruelty and anything bad from the society.... my question is, what kind of moral traits or redeeming events you want to emphasize on your story?.... because i see none..... please reflect a little.... be a little concern on your readers especially those who are not yet mentally mature to comprehend what youre trying to emphasize on your story.... if i hurt you im sorry. take this as a constructive criticism on your work.
Ansu Grg: Wow.... applause 👏
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: I never said I was sick of your comment. I mean in a way that people nowadays like to blame everyone else beside themselves if you know what I mean. I just read a lot of comments of people criticizing the author etc etc which is kinda rude to be honest. Not every story is a gold coin and everybody will like, criticism is needed but with respect. I just think that if this story is not somebody's cup of tea they should just stop reading instead of insulting the author.
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Writing from the future

My previous writing was until the convo between Ting Yue and the mistress of Jiang family. She said “Xing Er, as the older sister, what is the big deal of giving a kidney to her younger sister...” let’s continue from there.

Furiously upon hearing that, Ting Yue ordered the chains to be loosened immediately. Warmly, Ting Yue called out to her “Xing Er... let’s go home...” then he carried her and left. Upon leaving, the mistress again persisted asking him not to take Xing Er away as she needs her to save her daughter. Ting Yue’s assistant firmly ordered Mr Jiang by saying “Mr Jiang, please look after your mistress and don’t ever anger my master anymore.” So, he replied embarrassingly by saying “Yes yes.. I will not create any more trouble to Master Xiao and I will be sure to look after my mistress.” Then he asked her to get up and stop making noise and stop embarrassing him.

Gimeria Safari: Cant you just let her. Go she is still young I really wish she could go from you jerk what king of father are you cruel she makes me want to cry
Adity Das: that's great 🥺
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Yiezia Gabrielle T. Teodosio
why do men like him only exist in comic or manga
Asiankrazygirl: Girl I know right?
$AKURA : Kinda wish I had a man like him 😫
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idiot, u r late. don't come anymore, u have destroyed her heart .
she is broken already. she looks like a doll who doesn't have a soul and even a heart.
its all ur fault, u make her become like that. now u r gonna pay for what u've done.
urghh, i hate this guy. can't the change the guy. make another guy the main character.
Asiankrazygirl: Still ship but u need serious amount of slaps
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: Yep. Just give it time.
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gon be my boyfriend 😢😙😍
1st time I'm seeing a girl doing this in a manga
Asiankrazygirl: AAAAAND I LOVE IT
Maryam Omer: Take gon but KiLLUA is MINE OK 😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Writing from the future

My last writing was until the 3 years agreement that Ting Yue has with his grandfather. Let’s continue.

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SpoilerBean: Because she ate so much.. he just likes to tease her right? Hahaha!
Selvi Lie: thank u so much
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Kusum Das
Author I hate you..... why you let our Game Shen suffers like that....... did she get justice........ did she still be a good girl or she started to hate Xinger......... why why you let her suffer that much....... she has no faults..... that Jiang family is a criminal....... everyone of them are criminal...... they need to go to the hell..... why you made such a family that bastard young master of Jiang family ruined Gan Shen....... and that bastard Mushen killed an innocent child for his illegitimate daughter they all need to go to the hell..... just send them to the hell...... I need revenge for sake of the little girl Gan Shen and Xinger.... please author please
Samuel♡Forever: i really feel
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Wiji BTS!
Bad timing to him for her claiming that, but whether its true or false shouldnt he help her, im not saying he has to but he already Say it in a promise way that he'll protect her though he doesnt luv her for now, he'll Come to that After mnay things that gonna happen from now ofc but maybe according to the name of manhua they'll be married and that out of love, maybe he'll do that to get over past his love, and she'll cuz she wanna escape from that family and bcs she love him, now she needs a help but ofc it wont happen till the last sec that ofc if the author made it like that, she's screwed now.. i understand his behavior specially at this Time he wont spare a time to think of those stuffs he just witnessed the marriage of his ex, its hard on him already, maybe the butler will convince him to help her but really she needs to stuck it in her head from the last Time he told her he doesnt love her he wont be responsible of anything (though he did it in a way that a lover do it steamy and not like just a normal once night stand.. )God may help that girl again now, Who will save her now is unknown ..🤔😫
she needs to be strong, smart and not rebellious in a such a way that only pushes her to make dumb mistakes that will only hurt her deep
sorry for long poste
Writing from the future

My previous writing was about Xing Er has accepted Ting Yue’s secret marriage contract and let’s move on from there.

At night, Xing Er took her pillow with her peeping through Ting Yue’s bedroom door. Ting Yue is aware of her presence and anxiously thought “here she comes again...” so, he went to his door and asked “what’s the matter?” Then innocently she asked “can I sleep with you? He said cannot. Then she protested “why?! I am your wife!” Then he replied “contract wife is still considered a real wife?” Then she stubbornly dashed through the door and said “Of course it is!!” She places her pillow on his bed and forcefully sleeps on his bed and said “it’s clearly written black and white on the contract!!” Then he leaned over and said “Jiang Xing Er, are you sure you have read through the content of the contract?”

Widad Laari: what's the real name of this manga?
Soho 47: God bless you 🤗
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Spoiler bean is hopping from blackmailed by bossy ceo to spicy wife. Haha! Please move on if you are not into spoilers.

When she is awake, she walked out of the room and overheard the convo between ting yue and his grandpa. His grandpa was asking him when does he plan to get marry. He then replied “when I wanted to marry that time, you objected and now you guys are in a hurry of asking me to get marry.. I do not have any plan to do so.” Then she accidentally knocked into a vase and the came out of the room. His grandpa asked ting yue who is she.. he said “nobody.. just a kid whom I picked up” the grandpa then told him, no matter who she is, please don’t allow her here anymore in the future. Ting yue then asked the girl not to worry about Bei’s family marriage as he has solved it.

Next spoiler will be ting yue have some negotiation with the girl and come with an agreement with her. See you next time!!
MQ & ML(LAN CHI): @kantan thanks 😊
SpoilerBean: Yes he is
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Listen, Fakey Sue...the hospital may not mind you being there everytime you need to manipulate a man with phony pain, because rich people usually pay their bills but you have GOT to get a new act. This one works for you with people who have a connection to you, however tenuous, but it won't work with everyone and even your most reliable dupes will catch on eventually. You might once have had a chance if, instead of feeling entitled to his love simply because you want him, you worked on turning yourself into a person of real substance. But that ship's sailed. Get over it.
Asiankrazygirl: I love your ATTITUDE HUN
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FL forget about his ass**** of ML : he never has guts to assume his own feelings and he doesn't know what he wants!😡 He slept with her and after he threw away like a cigarette 😡!! Her father is more than an son of ***** : he never lived her mother and just used her for having fun : it was just embarrassed with a child and by obligation he brought back his daughter! Now he threaten her grandma just to make her obedient like a dog and forget the idea to rebel herself! She should just leave definitely her home and find a solution for her grandma. After organized a revenge against her family and also the ML!
°Galaxy°: haha😂
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Omg you took the words right out my mouth.
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gon be my boyfriend 😢😙😍
can you sleep with me one more time?
idk if i should laugh or feel disgusted
Futaba: And you better learn spellings and grammar as well cuz your grammar sucks. It's not 'say to you' it's 'tell you'. Did you get an F in your English? You are literally making your gender look more toxic than it seems and the fact that you need a female to educate you on basic spellings..... *sigh tsk tsk tsk.... I see you attempted to behave like an edgy emo to me but I can see way past it. Focus on your studies kid that'll take you more further in life .The fact that your only argument was to ask me to die, are you a 12 year old? Can't you come up with more rational words to speak out?
Futaba: Go back to school kid😂😂 to learn your origins and they would knock some knowledge into your head..... but that being said I don't think you know what knowledge is😂😂😂go drink milk and sleep kid
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I can't stop reading manga!
why do I feel he only using her?🙄😥 sigh..this man...I actually will never accept it like c'mon everyone has to know that we are a couple why in secret?? they say if you do something in secret that means it's bad but oh well..are you scared of your parents ?? and if you really want to marry her and loves her you have to abond your parents if they can't accept your love ...I hope he will not break her heart at least....and i'm sure if people don't know that they are married there will come some birches who thinking they can marry him and they will bully her because they don't know she's his wife...
N: I like your username 👍🤣
Crzayreader: you need to read the spoiler from spoiler bean he will fall for her fadter then you think
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when that maid fell I felt the earth quake😂😂 are the servants high on steroids or something
No One: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gacha_ MayYT: XD good one
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