My Wife is Cute

My Wife is Cute

WenYuan Culture
My Wife is Cute
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My Wife is Cute Comics Online. The story began with a big adventure game. He got drunk and accidently broke into her room and left her money before leaving the next day…"hey you pervert! What kind of person you regard me?!"
"what?! you are the one who set up this "trap" to scheme me!"

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Hottest Comments
if just ny parents were like them...
if my mom knows i have a bf
mom: *beats me with a cane*
and then starts scolding me
my dad: *knew whats gonna happen*
will go upstairs look the room and wear his
earphone so he could escape...

nest dad ever...😓😓
Manimo Sensei
A really well balanced and beautiful story even minors can read this one not like the other bossy CEO who is drunk and all that happens. the revenge part of the CEOs ex was well planned and not even stretched it out for 20 or 19 chapters. really is a cute and a manga with good art. yeah shout-out to the artist.
Omg Hahahah I love how she backed up her girl without even knowing what’s going on!!! I want this type of friend!!!
❣life's hard to live: same😣but it's hard to find true friends right now😣
Sandra Cañez: same here!!
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