My Wife is Cute

WenYuan Culture
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The story began with a big adventure game. He got drunk and accidently broke into her room and left her money before leaving the next day…"hey you pervert! What kind of person you regard me?!"
"what?! you are the one who set up this "trap" to scheme me!"

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I hate how this manhua is making my heart ache because I’m single. Does a guy like Qi Shang exist in real life? I mean he is very different from other male leads. They just lash out just because they misunderstood the female lead and then just abandon and hurt them. Please give me another guy like Qi Shang who is courageous and ready to fight for their love with our cute Pi Pi🥰

I actually want to share this with you too. I had my first relationship but it didn’t work out so well. We are very fond of each other but sadly he is not ready to fight out our relationship. Well, both of our parents know about our thing. Mine and his parents are actually pretty cool about this at first but one day, he just told me that he had to let me go. I wasn’t angry about the fact that he had to let me go but the way he told me was very insincere because he just messaged me in Messenger and he told me to block him. It was very awkward in school when we meet in the corridors. But now, I finally made up my mind and forgot about my feelings for him.
Irish Avila: yeah.. Qi just too perfect(want to find one also)🤣🤣..

bad relationship experiences makes us frightened to start anew..

hoping you'll find your Mr. Qi..
(Im hoping for myself also.🤣🤣)
Zalfa Khayliz: crazy girl like me, although my crush never look at me and always indifferent for me, i'm still love him.. i'm not adult enough to think clearly
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♡Fofo chan♡ love like cherry blossoms~🌸 Shawn is my BF❤❤
It was one of the best Manhuas I've read in my life .... I feel so bad and so happy at the same time😢... I feel happy for the cute couple but bad because the story finished... it was a short manhua yet it was full of cuteness, drama and love💖... I really don't want to leave them😭... I mean I wanna see their child😢❤... I've forgotten alot of stuff in this Manhua😅....I think I'm gonna read it again😂😂😂...And in the end I would like to say:

Wish you a happy life with your beloved ones💖 live happily😢 I will miss you,you two love birds😢😘

And thank you Author for translating this amazing Masterpiece!!!💖
Mayflor Dela Peña Casis: loved the story..thank you..more power to you...😊😊😊😊
♡Fofo chan♡ love like cherry blossoms~🌸 Shawn is my BF❤❤: yeah you totally right!!
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Anonymous Reader😎😎
OMGGGG🤧🤧 this is literally the best ending I’ve read on this app! Like other ones just don’t feel complete but this? This hits differently😣 and that last panel!? Where Qi Shang was holding her stomach was soooo sweet like! It was so cute in general because it took me back to when they were strangers then acquaintances then friends the each other’s crush then boyfriend and girlfriend then each other’s fiancé then husband and wife and now PARENTS!? Qi Shang just rlly looked good in that last panel and the way he was holding her stomach 😪 and when she said she could walk down to her true love with the approval of everyone and showed the pink haired dude!!? Omg that actually hit my heart like I felt that😩 but anyway loved this would recommend this to any romantic maniacs like myself🥰
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