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My Japanese Sisters

Chudao Comic
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Dad remarried suddenly, and Huo Tianlin, a high school student with a fierce appearance, got two more sisters from Japan! However, these two unexpected sisters have amazing secrets! How will Huo Tianlin get along with them? And how will two girls treat Huo Tianlin?

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School life
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Aramis Robin
I just read "boy in girls school" he/she has not forgotten "my Japanese sisters" in the other comic he/she's doing the cover of "my Japanese sister" is in it so he/she has not forgotten us he/she will be back just hang in there and have hope byyyyyyyyyy
Ixe Ber: but he/she does some cameos from this manga on that manga he/she made a cameo
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EroManga Master
Hey guys did you know boys in all girls school
the author is the same in boys in all girls school she/he focusing on the on that manga because it's very popular?!
Ozner Vidaurreta: well if he/she Focus on this one it might even be more popular than boys in all girls school.
in my Opinion.
Athanasia De Alger Obelia: maybe
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Anna Yao
uhh the author expired ive been waiting for over 6 months
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