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Your Majesty, Watch Out!

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Waking up, she only found herself having timetraveled to a palace. Forced by a pervert emperor into bed, he told her she was his express and belonged to him. Waking up again, she was slapped by a concubine and told to kill herself by a eunuch..."why I'm so miserable as a timetraveled girl!"

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I want ask a question all of you... so I have someone I like but I had never in a relationship before and I don't know he is like me or not so what should I do to understand is he like me or not and what should I do to make him to like me 😅
Atorx Uvakou: It starts with a glance then a stare then a smile then a word then a touch then the bed.
cg_2004: I'm just sharing guyz! In popular Filipino terms today, skl. (share ko lang)
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no offense but the maid is prettier than her
Livy: yeahh agree
Zheara li: maids aren't supposed to be pretty but I feel like the purple hair girl is more prettier
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The story is really interesting, though first episode is not a good start for me. The Emperor has no feelings towards the Princess and vice versa, but he forced her to consumate with him, which is eventually revealed that he had deep hatred towards the FL’s brother. I dunno how she time traveled and ended up at the bed making love? Did the main owner killed herself in the bed? As the the story goes, they are slowly has feelings but they are restraining themselves which i really hate! Hahah oh come on!confess with each other honestly please! The FL wants freedom and that is the problem in ancient time. He can possibly grant Her freedom but there are many concubines which will cause conflicts and jealousy. Haist... women really are problematic! 🤧
The Shut-in: I thought it started off on a high note
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