Your Majesty, Watch Out!
Romance / Fantasy

Your Majesty, Watch Out!

Your Majesty, Watch Out!
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Your Majesty, Watch Out! Comics Online. Waking up, she only found herself having timetraveled to a palace. Forced by a pervert emperor into bed, he told her she was his express and belonged to him. Waking up again, she was slapped by a concubine and told to kill herself by a eunuch..."why I'm so miserable as a timetraveled girl!"

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Milk Dumpling
i really have no idea what is happening now. totally forgot everything about this comic.
so i guess its not worthy to wait for this anymore. ill just see when i have the chance too browse this comic in the future. gonna unsubscribe now, sorry🤗. be seein u in the future, and hope theres alot to read.
Evil but cute: bro/sis lets go
Bloom Uchiha: good bye friend 👋
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Woody StBf StFr SqFgh MbPn
In ancient China the most common way to suicide in the harem was by hanging from a white scarf from the ceiling. ( or at least in the stories) so the eunuch wanted to tell her to quietly hang herself or basically “ shut up and go kill yourself lol” people back then we’re brutal
Erica Chen
Im just ranting but right now the FL is the most annoying character ive seen, ive read alot of mangas but by far this is the character i get angry by just looking at her. Sorry if u guys like her but i dont...just a personal rant i had to get out
Erica Chen: Like she keeps blaming the mother and daughter but she gets in trouble because of her stupid choices...shes just so brainless and annoying
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