Romance / Fantasy

Your Majesty, Watch Out!

🍧Anonymous Yoghurt🍧
you will happy read the story because the emperor's is Tsundere, he have one side love to his empress ( and he love her so much). And he will punish everyone who try to touch or hurt his empress ( but we must wait until many chapters )
🍧Anonymous Yoghurt🍧: @carla clark first scene when the emperor looks like rap*ng her. It was the emperor think that women in his bed is his empress, his wife, so he become upset when the girl soul in the empress's body reject him. because its suppose to be his wife in bed. You must remember that the emperor's doesn't know the the soul in the body was changing. our mc purely shock when she awake with a mand in bed, so she reject and it looks like rap*d scene
Carla Clark: He has one sided love and proves it by r@ping her? Um, yuck.
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so I accidently discovered something really cool, you can actually like your own comment multiple times :O
Anonymous: Thats cool
Christina: So how many times did you like your comment?
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Sakura Uchiha
Is this what we got after waiting for 1 week ?
Tisha Tupaz
f*#ck up yesterday and slapped today what a great destiny she has😑😑😑😑
The piece of cloth is a long white fabric that they use to hang their self with
AB-AB: thanks for the explanation
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Kulwel Keko
She looks really lazy 😂 but they say lazy people are smart. So I’m just hoping for the best here, and let’s wait till she understands why she’s there.
(I wanna see this update everyday)
EZ >~< more~: Haha, hopefully that’s true for the story and me. I’m lazy but the last part is dependable
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Syah Irah
*sigh* I still can't get a clue what's the main plot of this comic 😔 each chapter is too short but hey, i'm still thankful because you upload this💜
Ayesha Noor
Well he really is a pervert.
Megan White
I love how they don’t sugar coat the curse words. We all love a straight forward and no filtered mouthed woman!
Tejasvee Nunkoo
hahahahahaha😂😂😂😂 I wanna that bracelet
coffee & chocolate 🍫🍫☕☕☕
what a crap emperor.
I don't like him 😒 can we get a sweet man instead of that jerk ?
Pleb Artist: 1 knife fof one
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Manga hoes needs to shut the fuck up periodt!
Dont tell me that he's the male lead 😩😳
Miss Icy Hot: ok I won't tell you 😂
DareToBreakMyShip: yea he is...that just made the story more interesting
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natasha swamy
wow so short
7princes BTS😜
people purple hair hoe in the house

they are always hurting my mc's
jealous purple hair hoe
Sompi Phouthavong: why it was always my favorite color🙄🙄😂
Jessica Stahl: AWLWAYS
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wow travel travel agin i like time travel😁
NCT: me too nice to meet you😘😘
Priken2: Hi nctzen 💚💚 glad to see you
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Kim Tenshi Uchinaya
i love pissing people off
Rockrose Myra
why 6 days????? why we should wait for 6 f
days, isn't too much??
Nurse Barbara
Poor girl. I hate that emperor. Die you jerk 😡😡😡
Mohan Shrestha
aren't these episodes too short
kittybri: Yeah!! he doesn't deserve to keep his 🍆!
Jasmine 's. ^~^: Yeah those ML's can't hold their 🐎
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