Pure Girl
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Pure Girl

Pure Girl
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Pure Girl Comics Online. After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague…

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Manga Editor
Dear readers, we have good news. Now that the author is recuperating well, our beloved Pure Girl might be continued someday.
Let's wish all the best for our author, and hopefully we can have newest updates and even a happy ending in the nearest future.
Meanwhile, we welcome all the readers to enjoy our novel version of Pure Girl, and despite its rawness in writing, we will continue to polish the novel in the future.
crisanto bensorto: still ongoing? how long do we have to wait? i can't wait anymore.. im so exicited..
Vanessa Antonio: waaaaa my favorite pure girl are gone waaaaa waaaaha
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I know the story after this : after that there will be a party where au tain will know that Vivian is pregnant then he gets so angry so he kidnapped Vivian and takes her to hospital to kill her child then when long ye explains him about the bad consequences he stops the doctor and then he goes near to vivan holds her hand and says" i thought after i will solve everything i will tell all of my feelings for you but i think I have to let go it" then he puts his hand on Vivian stomach and says "wish you a good life baby" then long ye calls ao tian and point on Vivian when ao tian turnd quickly he sees that Vivian was bleeding and then calls the doctor but the doctor says that the baby is dead then ao tian gets more depressed then after some time Vivian wakes up and sees the blood and asks to long ye but long ye stays quite so ao tian speaks up "the child is no more" Vivian falls on the ground but starts to laugh ao tian and long ye was suprised and looks at Vivian and she gets up with a smile on her face and says "ao tian did you know that you killed your own child" then he quickly grabs Vivian shoulders and sayd "it turns out that the child is mine" then after that Vivian leaves then chen yi calls ao tian and says "did you solve the wild seed?" half of the story you can read from the novel 😊😊😊😉
Yangjisherpa15: The story is a little confusing but if you keep reading you can understand 👍👍😊
Danika Mae Dicang - Terrado: I subbed the novel version but dang the translation is just 😭😭 i can't understand a thing. What's a wild seed though?
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I was so happy to see a update finally. but everything has gone in vain😭. I hope the author get well soon and update the rest of the story. The story was really interesting unlike other mangas. There were so many twist and turns. I really want to know the climax of the this story. I'm crying so hard. Author you did a good job till today and continue to do your good work after you get healthy. As you see there are so many of us who are disappointed and upset because there's not gonna be any updates in the future. I really hope , you get well soon and update us more till the end
CATHERINE S: I too wish the same
Taj Hamid: Author I'm still waiting for updates I already read this story many times but I'm still waiting for an updates ughhhg please update this story don't delete this pleaseeeee were beggging🤧
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