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Pure Girl

Fede Rika
How can she still talk normally to Adamson?? I can't understand her. After all he did she still can accept help from him.

I really hope she doesn't end up with someone from those toxic guys! It would be amazing if she end up with that guy who was her personal guard and make all the rest suffer.
sikha : light hanya pakai??? 🤔🤔Matlab
chindy aprillia: up to see the light hanya pakai
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Pilus 😁😁
Dear readers, which one is the best FL for you?
1.Jian Mo
2.Murong Qiuyu
4.Vivian Lopez
5.Gu Qingzhou
6.Summer Su

For me, number 1 is the best one. 😊😊😊
Dhanusri Kamal: even me pls tell I dawn curious about it
Tamima Dee: just try the link, 69shu . com/22529/
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Takia Farzan
Somehow, seeing them together, talking like normal people just...NOT giving me happiness...Is it because -----
★Vivian still hates Adamson???Or,
★Hospital scene giving my old memories back when Vivian was tortured???Or,
★Vivian+Adamson's child is gonna die???Or,
★Adamson still hasn't become a gentleman???
Pilus 😁😁: "The twins
Pilus 😁😁: No, Adamson and Vivian have their own children instead of adopting. Thevtwins are their biological children.
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I was so happy to see a update finally. but everything has gone in vain😭. I hope the author get well soon and update the rest of the story. The story was really interesting unlike other mangas. There were so many twist and turns. I really want to know the climax of the this story. I'm crying so hard. Author you did a good job till today and continue to do your good work after you get healthy. As you see there are so many of us who are disappointed and upset because there's not gonna be any updates in the future. I really hope , you get well soon and update us more till the end
simi😈: true..... I am crying 😭
GetOffMyAss_101: I'll keep that in mind
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well everyone hates Adamson for the bad things he had done to vivian. and hate Vivian for how soft and stupid she is. and hate Channing for cheating on Vivian again (that's yet to happen). even I felt that way. but we have to understand that this is a manga. a form of art. and here, anything is possible. hating the characters is so naive. it's up to us to figure out the true emotions and feelings the author trying to convey us through this story. I'm saying this coz I've read the entire novel and all these characters have their own reasons to be this way. they make stupid decisions thinking what they do is right. so my fellow readers, just be patient. be patient and fait till the end. coz when the end comes you'll see that this is one of the best one you've ever read. (despite the negative scenes that happened and will happened) 😁😁
Mikan : no probs 😁 Thank you so muuuch
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Vivian does not deserve Adamson, I don't mind Vivian end up with Channing, they deserve each other,Adamson deserves someone better and smarter than Vivian
BDean2: Whhhaaaatttt? 🤨
Pilus 😁😁: Like Lu Ningning in The Naive Mr Lu.😊
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whatever it is....whatever this manga will have a end or will always be my best favourite manga......i love this manga....and i will always love it.....a qruel but pure love.....when i saw the notification of this manga, i was like in the was not a ep but yet i am very satisfied with this update.....may the author be get well soon.....and may this manga have a grand end.....wish you all the best author........but i am very feels like something is missing in my heart....its beating but cant feel the beats.....i am now crying.....i will really miss admson and vivian.......oh admson....i....i just cant forget you.....your love is qruel but i like it....i love it......albida....😢😢😢😭😭😭please author try to end it......
shuchi: 😄😄😄yaah me too.....
Marvin Bongalos: me too ☺ .. even its not finished i love it so muchhhh but its great if it will update soon . hope the author get well soon 🤗 ..
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Ok I’m not mad that ur taking a break, but I am mad that you made me waste a ticket to read this, you could have titled the chapter *announcement* or just made this episode free
x Somberka x: Now it's free but it wasn't.
Sara moon 🙃: it free idiot
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Lexie Elise
hey author hindi ako mahilig mag comments pero hindi tama yung ginawa nyo taposin niyo yung story gusto namin malaman yung ending hindi pa nga sya nakabalik sa palasyo niya wag naman kayung ganun please u really Broke my heart author i hate you inaabangan kopa naman to at ang ending nya hindi nalang sana kayu nag upload ng comic na maganda sa umpisa at ginawan nyo ng walang kwentang ending nakakainis kayu at least finished this comic i can't really imagine what kind of ending ang meron yung story nyo please im begging you author please i can still wait until next month and next month just please finished this i really love this comics cuz this is my first comic in mangatoon i also downloaded every new chapter of this comic if you end up like this my download will go to waste so author i wish you can still finish this comic till end , if you do that we will really apreciate it thank u.
jhaiithanista: Kaya minsan nakakatamd na mag basa ng mangga kung hindi pa all release lahat ng episode. Tipong nag antay ka inaabangan mo araw araw update ng author tapos kung kelan sobrang sabik na sabik ka na sa story saka naman mapuputol ng pagkatagaltagal.
Marvin Bongalos: relax 😅 ... d panga gumagaling sa sakit e ..
but hope so gumaling na sya para makapag update na in the near future 🤗😊
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1 min silence for those who r thinking that adamson has become very nice.. if you don't know her true colors then plz go to first 4-5 chapters as a reminder that how idiotic is Adamson.. (but still he is somehow good) 🙄🙄
sikha : seriously.. how did u know that?
Pilus 😁😁: 纯情丫头火辣辣
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black rose
I seriously dont know what's happening here... like it's been so long that this manga was updated, that I barely remember the name of the characters let alone the present scenario.
not forgetting the fact that this was INITIALLY supposed to be a story about ADAMSON and VIVIAN but now i dont even see Adamson anywhere... it's just random things put together to move the story ahead???
like, I am not saying that you should put them two back together, but at least let's stick to the plan where she wanted to destroy him completely??? instead she's doing everything else and that's confusing me even more
(Not being offensive to the writer or anything, but I just want them to clear up the mess or at least bring something interesting in, please *add puppy eyes to this*)
💙Parmis💙: This story is already finished and I don’t know why there is hetus here ? Sorry for bad English
Yep so there is nothing we can do about this
black rose : @demon946 I agree with you.. but the author should let us know in such condition you know
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If this is where the manga ends, that will be disappointing. Can someone write a finale ending of the story, like a headcanon where all the characters get happy endings. Where Vivian gives birth, Adamson finds out that its his child, Channing does pass away but happily, Longe finds a girl he likes, Mary ends up with that blue haired guy, sherry ends up with longe, Vivian becomes queen of Aslan and that other fake girl who was gunna become queen does not (sorry not sorry). Most importantly Vivian regains all her memories. And Jill Xie dies 🙃
Soraya van Bergen: yes this is what i think of too!! thank you for allready putting it out there! ♡
Raihan 💜💜💜: thank you so much
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Rose 🌹 Empress
Author Pretty Please You can take a Break for As Long As You Want, but please when you recover do start it again someday all We Loyal ones will be waiting till that day.. Pretty Please 😭, It's just you can say this and "Ex-wife of a billionaire" are two legendary Manhuas having Strongest and Most power president i want to read it full please do not leave us hanging, Adamson is like even this manhua feels like a Base of all upcoming ones please don't leave it in the middle give us some hope when you recovers you will continue it pretty please 🙏 🙏 🙏 Please Author i pray you recover and start it again please.. I just Love it My first Manhua
is anybody here to console me ..i have insulted today because of my big hight....somebody please tell me is it a sin or crime to be the one of the tallest girl in friends....
my childhood memory is full of bitter words they say to me about my hight......i have never ever hurt anybody by words .....then why i have to got this from life......ever since my childhood i have cried so much......i dont want to cry anymore...tell me somebody is it true that all tallest peoples in the world have low iq......i am much better in inventing new sollutions for math than my small highted friend....but they insult me with their word......may be i am bad from every side in my life.....i have also a heart....i have also feelings.... why people heart me by their word......why?????
ABKP: noo it's only their thinking
Sara moon 🙃: shuchi = hope 😁😁😁 what happens to you girl 😂
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Adamson, you are such a nice person. Your live for those who hate you makes you a God. You simply swallow all those pains and sorrows piercing your heart and make you hollow from inside. All these pains kill you little by little everyday, but you still keep on loving them. Your only motive is to preserve their smiles and keep them happy forever,but no one seems to understand you. Your brother,friend,and soulmate , all continuously blame you and add burdens of sorrow on their shoulders. You still keep on walking along the path of life without even thinking about that brittle heart of yours ,which is not as strong as it used to be, which can break any moment.

Saying all these to you, my heart throbs in sorrow as I see you helplessly dying everyday, and tears roll down my eyes once more, for I have fallen in love with you, I can't stop but see only you in my dreams and forget evey other element from this universe. You and I live in completely different worlds, you'll never be able to see my love, but I have captured you in my heart and love you the most. So if you can hear me, then come to me... why stay among those who hate you.... why going through all that pain for them? I only love you, my dear Adamson Yu........
Pilus 😁😁: Ya iyalah, masa malah tambah mau dimiringkan. 😆😆
luo yao yao ( landuo): kencengin dong kalau miring
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chris tac-an
If I am Vivian.. I'll left these two guys playboy and I'll make desappear their sight always harass me and give me humility my dignity... I know that I have debt to Mr. Admison but it's not enough to always hurting me... I also tell to my parents and grandpa what it's really true...
If I Vivian I need some break out of them and think about myself and happiness...
And If Mr. Admison really loves or cunning they will show me some respect as a woman not as cheap girl...
I don't want to use me as they puppet or play toy... If they love show that love and protect me and respect me...
I hate you author! I hate you!😭😭😭😭😭 Why did you end it? It really breaks my heart... Author, you better get well soon, or I'll find you! If your getting well, the first you need to do is to continue this manga! You must! You will!

I really miss Adamson and Vivian... I really want to see them getting marry and have lots of child... And have a HAPPY ENDING!

I felt like my life is missing something... And it's this manga love story.... The others manga love story is normal (no offense), and this manga is the best of the best... Author, I'm begging you! Please faster get well and continue this manga!
BwiBae 💜: @ICan'tR3ad i totally agree with u 💃
ICan'tR3ad: This comment seems quite selfish of you to post. The author is literally too sick to even draw and you’re putting pressure on them to work. One of my pet peeves about this app is that I’ve come across a lot of readers who doesn’t care about the author and commenting things to force the author and illustrator to work harder when they already are in the first place.
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there problems : first the deal with the baby just end with accident or something like that and some drama as usual .
second : the clash of the two make it at least un expected by two ways : 1- you can make the secret between the two Adam and the husband co operated to kill the guy who cased all this shit and the husband die in the fight while adam be the new lover and happy end .
2- as plot twist something happened with the evil inside our girl and rise and Adam as the evil cure it and the plot and drama .
thirdly your endless list of lovers need to be deal in a way crazy and wild one and I can't help it at all.
Prakriti 812
author u r sooo sooo soooo heartless at least hand over your work to smone who is loyal to u and tell them Ur thought or do smthing just like really a ending cut all the crap in that just straight to the's sooooooo heartless of into give us such sad line of like no update just end.....plzzzzz get well really really really really really soon Nd come complete your work bcz it's my first comic Nd I luv it sooo muchh truly if u r reading my comment so plzzzzzz try to understand my emotions....😵😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I wish to God to make u fit n fine as soon as possible...lots of blessings nd luv for u .....
Dreamer: plz try to is sick....he cant give his work to someone else...because only he can understand & portray the work in its own way.....if he wouldnt be that enjoyable as the ideas & mindset of ppl r different ....its okay as long as author is choose ur words wisely....ur words can be hurting to someone else
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Shadow Girl
OMG😨...they are not updating yet right after episode 480...their last update on was has only been fews days for me to check on this and they have done this😢😢....long ago I stopped reading pure girl at episode 440 bcoz after that Adamson wasn't there and it was pathetic to see so I stopped till they update a huge amount of episodes but no it has been only 40 more episodes😢😢what a sorrow....even they have stop the updating same as this only they have done to a manga called "Trampled by president"....I even forgot it's last update date's such a sorrow and sad😔😔😔😔😔😔
Manga author..the main all of u all....please do consider about us even do update all please don't stop it in middle and make us's a kind request....we ask like this bcoz we do prefer ur manga...comics and we like n love them so pls make it all clear and done...pls help...Thank You..☺☺
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