Pure Girl
Pure Girl
Pure Girl
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Romance / CEO / Urban romance / Unscheduled / Girl Power / Mafia / Drama / Tragic / One-night Stand / Possessive / Moder
Author Name: GuQiang

After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague… MangaToon got authorization from GuQiang to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 481    /    (166150)
 Updated to Chapter 481 
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Manga Editor
Dear readers, we have good news. Now that the author is recuperating well, our beloved Pure Girl might be continued someday.
Let's wish all the best for our author, and hopefully we can have newest updates and even a happy ending in the nearest future.
Meanwhile, we welcome all the readers to enjoy our novel version of Pure Girl, and despite its rawness in writing, we will continue to polish the novel in the future.
Rojane Velasco: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Rojane Velasco: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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Okay so guys who hate adamson know what??? Adamson is well aware of everything including the thing that marian framed Vivian. But he is quiet as he wants Vivian to know how dangerous this world is. Vivian is just a sweet girl with very high IQ, a little low that him tho... He want Vivian to know people are not trustable and to fight back WITHOUT ADAMSONS SUPPORT. He's showing Vivian to use her power. He is in love with Vivian and is teaching her how not to be used by people. In the upcoming CHAPTERS YOU WILL DEFINATELY SEE THIS
selina klyn😑😑: don't call me new it's selina
selina klyn😑😑: hi don't call me new
total 119 replies
Crazy Reader😁🙃💖
Me be Like : My Virgin Eyeeeeees

My Eyes and My Brain be Like : your eyes are not virgin anymore....you have already read many scenes like this. just reminding you

Me: Ohh😖😅
Laica Señoran: agree
emeka🌼: agreed😂
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Mitsuki x Baka
mhm mhm it is cute when boys are jealous, but when girls are jealous, World War III has started
Joanna Richards: true you are right
total 78 replies
She is a slut? Hah! Then Wat r u Adamson? A Saint? A priest? U r a fucking manwhore! Do u have any proof tht she slept with another guy?? U just trusted tht man nd not her? Even after living with her... U still couldn't understand her? Instead.. U trusted a man whom u don't even know! ND even if she had slept with him.. Wat is ur fucking problem?? U r also after her for her body r8? Then Wat if she did it with some other guy? U too had sex with tht Singer nd many other girls didn't ya? So don't blame if u r not perfect bastard!
Syazzy Mehh: I'm not joking but this comment right here need to be the top comment and open the eyes of a lot of people that still defending this basterd adamson🏃🏻‍♀️
Meow❤️😊: I love your commented
total 103 replies
He saved her life, he bought her clothes, he bought her flowers, he made her laugh and called her beautiful. Mr. Black gets 100 points from me 🤩🤩🤩
alede landson: Yes from side tooo 💯
lemon❤(~•_•)~: YES BRIOOOOO
total 50 replies
Arianna Ruiz
Me: *reads the title ``PURE girl``*
Also Me: *noticed all the inappropriate warnings on the episodes*
Also Also Me: *Reads it anyways*
Ainah Rosales: what a shame🤣
Sky: Same 😂🤣😂
total 46 replies
Neon's Revenge
*Spoiler* Qilian is adamson's younger brother. Adamason also finds out about the relationship of vivian and channing on the school rooftop. There are also some scenes showing adamson and vivian being lovey~dovey. In the next episode, we find out the adamson is the school chairman. If you want the updated version, it's in M,A,N,G,A,R,O,C,K. but in a different name. I'll reveal the name if this comment gets 30 likws
Lindsay Marian Gonzales: Omg ty for spoiling! I really needed it much!
Vanshika Kantiwal: use vpn it might help you ❤️
total 274 replies
Whilk 'n' Misky
Pearl Daniela: true 😏
Sayuna🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩: lmaooo
total 45 replies
Sufiya doria
1. Kiss him
2. While kissing, bite Hus tongue
3 He felt the pain of being bit
4. Ur debt is cleared
Precious Akpan: 7)Get a lighter n set him ablaze
sheila ofori: 5. After kiss U PULL OUT A KNIFE AND STAB HIM IN THE HEART😀🙂🤗☺
total 60 replies
Emilia sersya
truly best friend 😍 but so hard to find best friend like that in reality 😥

and by the way for Vivian you are a smart girl 😧 why you not find away from Adamson
and using your brain to another good company 😪
xia_chin: don't worry they will break up 🙂
and she will marry Channing😭😭
Mocha Milk: oh my God facts no cap
total 14 replies
Ash bang
shes not even flat
latiefa barrett: or here's a crazy idea he talking about her bum
Ivy Kristine Manahan: XD LOL IKR
total 34 replies
Kayla Koala ._.
SHE HAS THE JIMIN EFFECT (bts fans will know what I'm talking about)
Mayumi Canete: oh c'mon...... shortest but the hottest
momo: lachimolala
total 144 replies
Yukihana Cookies (@Yukihana.cookies) ❤
ok, let me think......
so, she's trying to help him by acting with REAL blood,
but the words she said,
was it part of her act?
or was it the words she really wanted to say to adam?😅
she mixed her intention to talk to adam with act,
makes me hard to differentiate which one is act which one is her 'complain'
I hope Adam would yell her after this for hurting herself,
I think it is not bad to make her faint and coma if possible😂
pearl sunshine: wow she is so smart
Źöê Lôvë: W.FJ.9.G.1 please use
total 33 replies
Badass Sensei
that right you pretended to be his little sister last time and now his girlfriend what's next a wife
Rakel: Or sister in law
Candice Candice: step mom more like
total 33 replies
the girl in disguise
can you imagine a girl working in this kinda environment?!!!
02animefemale: the first time it happened I'd quit and if I couldn't handle with the trauma I'd prob commit unalive
Rambabu Sanjay: I can't imagine that but it's probably 😅 exiting to read
total 35 replies
Niña Sigue
I think the title should be "IT ALWAYS STARTED IN THE ELEVATOR" -like if you agree- ahahahahahahh
Athena: Stop speaking facts!
Lyka Khate Espuerta: 💘😍😍🤣🤣🤣
total 35 replies
Anggun Mutiara
guys i have a suggestion
1.Don't read this near someone else
2.prepare hearts for singles
3.mentally prepare you !!!
Khinshi Yim: I was reading this near my sista
Aasaka Lang Sakanya: I read this when I'm alone only ;-;
total 62 replies
If you have a crush on Longe and think the last seen is hot you have daddy issues
tsukitty isa: he looked so cool😍
total 45 replies
🔰αkírα kαgαmí🔰
He's not a dog. He's the Big Bad Wolf!
Gungun kashyop: HE IS BAD !!!!!🤬🤬🤬
sheila ofori: Yeah,u get him gurl😠😡😌😯💢💥💣
total 33 replies
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