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Pure Girl

Pure Girl
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Manga Editor
Dear readers, we have good news. Now that the author is recuperating well, our beloved Pure Girl might be continued someday.
Let's wish all the best for our author, and hopefully we can have newest updates and even a happy ending in the nearest future.
Meanwhile, we welcome all the readers to enjoy our novel version of Pure Girl, and despite its rawness in writing, we will continue to polish the novel in the future.
Danielle Palermo: anyone know what chapter to start on the novel ? like whichever would be right after the last scene?
Ni: Is the author okay? Why hasn't there been an update?
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I don’t like seeing her in his arms, she doesn’t feel it at all, besides she never kissed him not to mention to sleep with him and i don’t think it’s because she doesn’t feel ready because she was rapped by Adamson, she doesn’t do that because she knows she only loves Adamson now. I don’t like Channing at all, who in the world would want to make love with a girl who has just been rapped, he is just obsessed with her and also he want to win over Adamson. I like this manga very mund and i really hope to not be disappointed by this manga in the end, i hope Adamson and Vivian will find love and peace in the end.
April Ann Salinas: where can I read the other chapter? anyone?
dewi suci: Amira...wondering where did u read it till finish..lemme know please 😁
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He saved her life, he bought her clothes, he bought her flowers, he made her laugh and called her beautiful. Mr. Black gets 100 points from me 🤩🤩🤩
Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~: I love you for saying that!!! Mr. black for life.
Juliana Rackers: I love Mr Black, I want THEM together screw Channing and Adamsom!!
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Okay so guys who hate adamson know what??? Adamson is well aware of everything including the thing that marian framed Vivian. But he is quiet as he wants Vivian to know how dangerous this world is. Vivian is just a sweet girl with very high IQ, a little low that him tho... He want Vivian to know people are not trustable and to fight back WITHOUT ADAMSONS SUPPORT. He's showing Vivian to use her power. He is in love with Vivian and is teaching her how not to be used by people. In the upcoming CHAPTERS YOU WILL DEFINATELY SEE THIS
Lmfao_144: Yeah agree with you there. Like how can a person be like that. But also her, like why would she cafe about why the ML doesn’t talk to her. Like every time there is a problem he walks away. Like why would you want to tell him the truth when a person doesn’t wanna hear it?! Also why waiting for someone to always save her, when she can try to do something herself, like a kick in the balls? Why say “Please stop!” When you can just make them stop instead of pleading. What is she pleading for? Mercy?! Just give them a kick or something, that shall do the job. What I mean is that the FL is also kinda weak in this part, but the author needs it that way, so the ML, or guys, can save the damsel in distress as she doesn’t really know how to solve it by herself
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ: @Tumiyem Supriyati

I agree 💯

he slapped her twice, tried sexually assulting her, pushed her to the pool nearly drowning her knowing she can't swim, abandoned her alone on the road hearing she's not a virgin, let his maid slap her, calked her dirty slut, always threatening her with her family and continuously tortured her mentally..

and claiming to love her! how can it be love!

if Love is like that, I don't want or need this kind of "Love".. I would better live my whole life loveless..
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I know the story after this : after that there will be a party where au tain will know that Vivian is pregnant then he gets so angry so he kidnapped Vivian and takes her to hospital to kill her child then when long ye explains him about the bad consequences he stops the doctor and then he goes near to vivan holds her hand and says" i thought after i will solve everything i will tell all of my feelings for you but i think I have to let go it" then he puts his hand on Vivian stomach and says "wish you a good life baby" then long ye calls ao tian and point on Vivian when ao tian turnd quickly he sees that Vivian was bleeding and then calls the doctor but the doctor says that the baby is dead then ao tian gets more depressed then after some time Vivian wakes up and sees the blood and asks to long ye but long ye stays quite so ao tian speaks up "the child is no more" Vivian falls on the ground but starts to laugh ao tian and long ye was suprised and looks at Vivian and she gets up with a smile on her face and says "ao tian did you know that you killed your own child" then he quickly grabs Vivian shoulders and sayd "it turns out that the child is mine" then after that Vivian leaves then chen yi calls ao tian and says "did you solve the wild seed?" half of the story you can read from the novel 😊😊😊😉
Lmfao_144: But Bane isn’t the personal bodyguard of her cousin. And also she didn’t want it because she thought it was better that way, she didn’t want to be ruthless and she didn’t really remember what she was taught to do. I don’t remember her being betrothed to Bane though
♪♪WangXian_shipper ♪♪: well vivian didn't take the throne bcz her country had a strange rule like if a princess want to take the throne then she will have to marry her personal bodyguard... That's why she didn't take the throne bcz she never wished to marry Bane. So she gave the throne to her cousin who was secretly in love with Bane & continue her (vivian) journey with Aotian
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Solty revenant
after i read novel 967 final chapter
.... yao yao the most she love its channing... after death channing..yao yao almost give up everything but dnt give up easly... i hate the most its ao tian.. i know he dnt know what love and cherish person in life because he living to the world of darkness..but i am disappointed him... he treat vivian like doll always using force and abuses.. then vivian so very idiot too she know aotian violated him but dnt back fight intead she give himself to aotian.. ays i dont know she really smart or not.. so sad if channing still alive im sure the ending its channing and vivian till the end of novel....
Lynn: In my opinion I think she should end with the General because he treats her nice
Lynn: I have a question does she ever go back and see that blonde general?
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Melissa Cabuguason
I think, Channing killed her mother...Vivian's mother texted Channing stating their that she wants Channing for her beloved daughter. Channing said into his mind that she wants Vivian to get back when Vivian is still sleeping. So I think that he use vivian's mother's cellphone to text a message and sent it to his own number after vivian's mother was killed. That was only my opinion. Or maybe Cary Zheng did it. Both adamson and Channing are obsessed in Vivian...hmmmm this story is filled of surprises..I can't wait for more
Normally Insane
I guess the author is having health problems, so all we can do now is understand and wait. It was a great story, no shit. I have treasured this story above all and me myself can't wait for the ending because we all know that we are near it already. Maybe we can still wait a little longer and be considerate right😊 Author, whatever you are going through, please never forget to pray to God and wish for a better tomorrow. We have been very fond of your work, It'll be heartbreaking if you can't continue it since it was a very very impressive story and also the artwork. We will all wait for your update🤗 Get well soon and recover your strength. We will be patiently waiting 😊 Have a good health and a good life. That goes for all of us😊
«« Rz_Jk😘 ARMY🙋»»
naol! talino dalawa pa kayong magjowa mataas IQ
bakit?! vivian hindi to makatarungan ayon sa batas ko
bakit Yu ha bakit?! hindi nyo ba alm ang batas dumb law
act of no. 0905672xxxx ay number ng cellpone pla yan
ok patuloy , act no. 19 article 7 this law is only for dumbell
if you are not dumbell get the hell out of this court!!! ha we have a law too "DUMBELL LAW" HAHAAH
Ahlia Shaik: hehehehe
jaericamartinez: DuMbElL HAHAHHA
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bad will always be bad even everyone is doing it. good will be good even if you r the only one doing it. immoral would be immoral, love should be with respect. but we're not perfect. this story aside from love involves with immoral behaviors, trust issues, friendships, respect, pride this story is so deep just the characters are so opposite. like angel and devil. this caught my interest so far. just reminder for minors, always choose the right path no matter what.
Lmfao_144: This story is the closest to reality. Like in other comics everything is cliché. I mean it still got some different thing from reality, but still it is nearer to it than other stories. These actions get done on daily basis, like people suffer from those. By this story you get to see the POV of the rapist and the victim. Like you can understand the rapist but don’t tolerate what he does. Those things are diff. And to think that the reason people get to be what they are is because of the society, by its negligence and cruelty
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Zeanna Alicia
dammit this is too complicated for my brain to handle. here's some theories, first, vivian's mom did suicide because she wants vivian to misunderstand adamson so vivian will hate him. her mom did this because she was against their relationship. second, i dont think channing who killed her mom, idk i just dont believe. pls keep ur opinion for yourself.
Maria ignacio: no you're wrong
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Zeanna Alicia
lmao people act like they are the only one who never make mistakes. hating channing for what he had done once. he had repented and prove himself to be better for vivian. people deserve second chance. it would be stupid if vivian choose adamson who is just playing pull and push with her feelings, also killed her mother.
Lmfao_144: Why would I hate? I mean yeah I do think that Channing is better for Vivian, but threesome is fine too😂 But that never happens here in MangaToon😒 Such a killjoy😪
kíчσmí hσѕhímí: Then you think that Channing is better for vivian?.. They could just create a love triangle... Anyway it's just my opinion, don't hate for this
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Diego Armando Dino
I love this manga. But so sad when Adamson 'Did' it to Vivian, I thought Vivian's first time would be 'done' in romantic way with Adamson. This manga not really dramatic, the humour is just mine! and the story flow is realistic overall I really love this!
Hope Adamson and Vivian can showing their true feeling ASAP. Even they have same feeling it would be so hard to make happy life. so please stop make any challenges for them🙏😭, just let them be a couple and suffer all of challenge together
Ok when am i going to see any comic that the FL is a ceo to some rich business thiing😂like all the stories are same the ML is also so rich and powerful while the FL is just a poor girl i dont rlly enjoyed reading any comics noww😭
ps: i know im not rlly good wit my englishh😔
please don't like channing... He is going to hurt Vivian more than Ao tian in the future.... It will break everyone's heart.... am still getting angry just thinking bout channing having an affair with another women openly.... now i think... Mr. black is best for her.. better than both the ML's.
Xin-Er 😘
I've already read this in novel version, even though there is a lot of new character and become the enemy of FL but in the end she will have a happy ending with the ML together with there twins.. As for Channing I feel sorry for him, he will die from a disease.
Shruti Sachan: Where did you get the whole novel could you please tell
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this will be a great nuisance. ML should let go of FL coz their world is just so opposite, but he's having a great time toying her around, he's inlove with her but not gonna admit that & still play around. that's how he lives & not gonna change that. maybe he'll change after when everything's too late, everythings end in regrets. i feel sorry for FL.
Lmfao_144: It varies on the person. But falling in love is egotistical as a feeling that is why I said falling in love meanwhile loving is more of what you want for the others the best.
stares: ok, thats how jerk falls in love coz he's a jerk.
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Doña BOnita
😭 Still not updating author?! I'm sorry, but I think I've been waiting for the crazy update for almost a decade already! Please please author give us some update. 🥺🙏 Thank you. 🤗 Love lots from the Philippines. ❤️
Drenna Selimaj: same here🙄🙄😞😞😤
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rose harris
I think she have brain damage from being slapped upside the head to many times ontop of Stockholm. hmmm I'm like her but I don't spear nobodies feelings and I'm not staying to put up with no foolery 😤
Martha: she's a genius but a fool to love
Yumi: the point is the girl is stupid
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Geeta Tiwari
author to be honest I really can't wait for more updates but I think you should take your time and get well soon.
no worry and no hurry we all are waiting for you to get and better and we all will always be your and pure girl's fan

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