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Pure Girl
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Dear readers, we have good news. Now that the author is recuperating well, our beloved Pure Girl might be continued someday.
Let's wish all the best for our author, and hopefully we can have newest updates and even a happy ending in the nearest future.
Meanwhile, we welcome all the readers to enjoy our novel version of Pure Girl, and despite its rawness in writing, we will continue to polish the novel in the future.
Brianna S: Update plz I can’t wait anymore I’m dying to read more
Janavelle Barrera: thank you
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I was so happy to see a update finally. but everything has gone in vain😭. I hope the author get well soon and update the rest of the story. The story was really interesting unlike other mangas. There were so many twist and turns. I really want to know the climax of the this story. I'm crying so hard. Author you did a good job till today and continue to do your good work after you get healthy. As you see there are so many of us who are disappointed and upset because there's not gonna be any updates in the future. I really hope , you get well soon and update us more till the end
Esther Kemmer: Damn... I don't know if I shall love or hate this Story I feel so sorry for Vivian having such a shitty live... And I could strangle Adamson Yu he has no reason to do this to Vivian...
Esther Kemmer: Damn... I don't know if I shall love or hate this Story I feel so sorry for Vivian having such a shitty live... And I could strangle Adamson Yu he has no reason to do this to Vivian...
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The amount of victim blaming in this chapter and the amount of people calling Vivian a cheater is SO DISGUSTING! I’m actually nauseated by some of the ones I read on here! FIRST OF ALL being r*ped by someone is NOT CHEATING, especially when Vivian struggled her ass off trying to get Adamson off of her and ended up being forced into that traumatizing situation!! And there are even people trying to justify Adamson r*ping her saying “he had his reasons” WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!? there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING!!! THAT JUSTIFIES R*PING SOMEONE!! NEVER EVER!! There’s NO EXCUSE for that kind of behavior!! There’s also NO EXCUSE for him putting his hands on Vivian either no matter how irritating she is sometimes!! that’s ABUSE!! YOURE ENABLING THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR THIS IS SO DISGUSTING STOP IT! Why are people so freaking INSENSITIVE when it comes to something as serious and TRAUMATIZING as r*pe/abuse!? It doesn’t take being a victim to know how damaging it is! The word itself can trigger some victims that’s how serious this is!! LIKE WTF!!! I lost faith in humanity after reading some of these comments I’m OUT!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I know like I actually felt like throwing up when I read the comments here, how can they blame Vivian for getting r*ped!? This is so disgusting honestly and I am SO disappointed in Adamson for stooping this low
suzanlinda4: Ur very right and pipo who support that shit are sick in the head
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whatever it is....whatever this manga will have a end or not....it will always be my best favourite manga......i love this manga....and i will always love it.....a qruel but pure love.....when i saw the notification of this manga, i was like in the sky....it was not a ep but yet i am very satisfied with this update.....may the author be get well soon.....and may this manga have a grand end.....wish you all the best author........but i am very sad...it feels like something is missing in my heart....its beating but cant feel the beats.....i am now crying.....i will really miss admson and vivian.......oh admson....i....i just cant forget you.....your love is qruel but i like it....i love it......albida....😢😢😢😭😭😭please author try to end it......
dahsra: SAME, and does anyone know a manga similar to this, like I can’t find any that I’m satisfied with now😂😭😭
šhűchî😄: 😄😄😄yaah me too.....
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crismel herrera
I just wanna say I spend so much money on this toon and it still hasn’t had a happy ending like I’m upset. Everyone knows VIvian should be with Adam. He’s taking long to tell her the truth but it don’t fair that Vivian didn’t consider him not being guilty that bothers me and a lot. I’m upset like I wanted them to have a happy ending and it’s just like 😓 ugh she’s with Chan and I don’t hate him but something off about his sickness he’s been so off and how come they still haven’t found out who killed Vi mom like I’m so triggered. It took me one day to read this manga toon and I just wanna say I’m upset. Like I love this I truly do but where vi and Adam I miss them being together. Cham is odd something is off about him and Adam and Vi shouldn’t have ended like this it makes me so sad.
Jules9987: I meant after all, not adderall. sheesh.
Jules9987: I'm sure she will end up with him in the end, Channing is sick, adderall and they cant keep the secret that Adam didn't kill her mom forever. I don't know that I can forgive him raping her for 3 days out of rage, I was so sad for her. besides, he'll find out sooner or later that she's preggo and i bet Adam will be happy.
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zerce mme d. ramos
i don't know but i read this story because of Adam and Vivian not Channing and Vivian no offense but isn't it the story should run more about the life of Vivian and Adam but it seems that story focus too much on Vivian it almost forgot Adam especially the love part. then here comes Bane so ano ba talga? who will she end up with? It seems the story lost it's means. it focusing so much of Channing and Vivian that we even end hating Adam and Vivian. in this plot she looks like a sl*t (sorry for my words). right this moment the word she's using like she will not leave Channing indicates they will really end up together and like their story of Adam end up.
Jean Fortes: Sobrang twisted. Parang baliw ubg author eh haha
єℓєαиοя ⚚: I agree
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Jean Fortes
There's so many unimportant fillers just to prolong the story which makes the story boring and lose it's consistency and why do u have to make every man fall for Vivian, making her look like a slut. The author keep making complicated situations without resolving the other one. It leaves us unsatisfied. I just want this story come to an end and have the closure. I regret reading this... gosh
Sadly I believe that Channing killed Vivians mom so Adam would be blamed for it to get her away from Adam, because When Adam was told about her moms death he was suprised, I think he did kidnap her but he let her go only for her to be kidnapped again but by Channing this time and killed, I mean everyone knows that Adam kidnapped her mom so why wouldnt they believe he killed her too, so Channing took that opportunity to frame Adam for her death, so Vevian would hate and leave Adam so he could take her from him, and the only reason Adam wont say he did it is because hes waiting to find out who really killed her first and he doenst have any proof that he didnt kill her until hes able to find out and have proof of the real killer, because he was the only one known to have Vivians mom first.
ANur012: No, its not channing. The one that killed Vivian's mother is Cary Zeng (Adamson's enemy). Adamson don't want to tell Vivian the truth because you know it yourself. Vivian is really naive, Adamson afraid if she knows the real killer of her mom, she will be in danger (because Cary zeng)
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Snow Bunny
Alright, maybe lots of people are complaining about how the story is a messed up and confusing! For me, it is not! This is just what a real life offers...There are just too many Problems at the same time...whether it's private life, or company. Well, maybe because i have been experiencing lots of problems including my company and private life, so to me this story is just like a slice of life. This is what happened in a real society...one problem after another...GOD i'm going crazy too sometimes if i think about all of my problems!!

Well, but I do Hope Everyone will just enjoying this story....even if this story has been dropped due to The Author's health issue. But Please do Enjoy the story!!
Wachow killer 138
I'm very happy to see the news that our beloved Pure Girl might be continued someday. Get well soon author! Please continue Pure Girl as soon as possible. Thanks. I really appreciate it. I don't feel like reading the novel version and I don't want to.I don't have the time and i won't make the time for it.I just want to continue reading it in comic version again. Btw, i was just wondering, isn't the comic titĺed The Icy President And The Substitute Bride from this author too? Gu Qiang,right? I saw it has crazy updates. How come the author has the time to do other story and leave Pure Girl story/comic hanging? I'm sorry and correct me if i'm wrong about this.
Shayla: Correction: * The Icy CEO and the Substitute Bride.
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Vikshit Ganjoo
i hope author will be fine as soon as possible for the sake of humanity.
And dear Manga Team (@Manga Team) this manga was/is very popular so it need to be completed, I read this manga again it has very deep story which needs to be complete and thats why we are still sticked to this manga to complete almost a year. Try yo complete it please if the current author is not able to do the job try to find another one who can understand this manga's deep meaning and complete it nicely without ruining it.
šhűchî😄: boss....salute you........hope the author and the manga team will consider it and fulfil our wishes...........😢😢😢😭
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Lexie Elise
hey author hindi ako mahilig mag comments pero hindi tama yung ginawa nyo taposin niyo yung story gusto namin malaman yung ending hindi pa nga sya nakabalik sa palasyo niya wag naman kayung ganun please u really Broke my heart author i hate you inaabangan kopa naman to at ang ending nya hindi nalang sana kayu nag upload ng comic na maganda sa umpisa at ginawan nyo ng walang kwentang ending nakakainis kayu at least finished this comic i can't really imagine what kind of ending ang meron yung story nyo please im begging you author please i can still wait until next month and next month just please finished this i really love this comics cuz this is my first comic in mangatoon i also downloaded every new chapter of this comic if you end up like this my download will go to waste so author i wish you can still finish this comic till end , if you do that we will really apreciate it thank u.
jhaiithanista: Kaya minsan nakakatamd na mag basa ng mangga kung hindi pa all release lahat ng episode. Tipong nag antay ka inaabangan mo araw araw update ng author tapos kung kelan sobrang sabik na sabik ka na sa story saka naman mapuputol ng pagkatagaltagal.
Marvin Bongalos: relax 😅 ... d panga gumagaling sa sakit e ..
but hope so gumaling na sya para makapag update na in the near future 🤗😊
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Okay so, some of the stuff in the story was just not okay, but what really triggered me was that they brought a huge
Sensitive, Political and Religious argumentative Topic within/around Politics (Abortion) that should not be brought up, simply because the MAJORITY of the audiences on MangaToon are under the age of 18.
this is my 10th time reading this manga but i think channing got an illness then he'll die then bla bla bla vivian will know the truth then she'll love adamson but little by little the boom adamson x vivian.......

ps:just my theory don't take it seriusly
riso: same that's what i think too
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Banda Gelhan Nicole
please........!!! update the comics it was my fav. manga i love the story please update author i dont sleep well the pure girl is the best that i read please continue to polish the novel i dont know what i feel i feel sad that the story is stop.please UPDATE THE COMICS
Shanra Mercene
I'm happy to see the new one, can't wait to read it — I miss everyone of them!!! Huhuhu, especially I want to thank the author who made such story like this, you even made me crazy plus giving ideas for my reality life haha. I wished that these kind of fantasy turn into reality 😍💕
black rose
I seriously dont know what's happening here... like it's been so long that this manga was updated, that I barely remember the name of the characters let alone the present scenario.
not forgetting the fact that this was INITIALLY supposed to be a story about ADAMSON and VIVIAN but now i dont even see Adamson anywhere... it's just random things put together to move the story ahead???
like, I am not saying that you should put them two back together, but at least let's stick to the plan where she wanted to destroy him completely??? instead she's doing everything else and that's confusing me even more
(Not being offensive to the writer or anything, but I just want them to clear up the mess or at least bring something interesting in, please *add puppy eyes to this*)
ANur012: Vivian Lopez / Doris Lan Past (3)

He changed his mind, and thanked her. Both of them escaped from cell but cary zeng's people chased them. at that time Adamson is only 15 & vivian is 5, so they can't escaped that easily. Vivian is sacrified herself & tell Adamson to run, she got stabed in her shoulder (her scar still remained until now), Adamson is able to escaped thanks to her.

Cary zeng's gets her back to cell, her foster father (timmy lopez) tried to persuaded cary zeng that she isn't Princess Doris. Cary zeng let them go & Timmy lopez tried to bring her to hospital. Cary zeng don't believed him, so he asked to his people to kill them in the way. Timmy lopez's car was crashing another car & explode. but he is suceeding lets vivian out from car so she is saved. Her memories is lost because that incident. Timmy lopez died so his wife (her current mother) is the one that raised her after that.

11 years after that, she meets Old Adamson in Japan (beginning of story), but Vivian of course doesn't remember him
ANur012: Vivian Lopez / Doris Lan Past (2)

Queen & Cary zeng started their plan, cary zeng bombing her stay place in china & killed her real parents, Timmy Lopez (her foster father) saved her, because he likes her (as a child), he keeps her with her wife (vivian current mother). he lied to Cary zeng that 'Princess Doris/vivian is already dead'. Cary zeng started her evil plan, he framed Adamson's father as the person that kidnapping Doris/vivian. He almost burning Adamson's family house, fortunely Adamson & his little brother Aldrin (saved).

Doris is lived as Lopez couple foster daughter, Vivian Lopez. after half a year, Cary zeng got information that Vivian Lopez is Princess Doris so she kidnapping her & try to find her true identity, she is laying that she isn't Doris. Cary zeng is locked her, when she is in cell, she meets 15 yo Adamson. then Adamson tried to kill himself in cell, because he is to tired with his life (his parents is died & his life changed 180 degree, and he was afraid Cary zeng will found his little bro if he is still alive). Vivian stopped him, motivating him to seek revenge for his parents, and give idea to moved to another country so Cary zeng can't found him
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For those who complain where Adamson is, why it's always Vivian and Channing, please be reminded that the main story revolves around Vivian's life, not the other way around, that's why it was entitled PURE GIRL.
If they are so rich then why didn't Channing pick them. Why did he stoop low to pick Vivian. They are the ones who are so low that a rich guy couldn't choose them but had to go out of his way to choose someone poor😏
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