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Pure Girl

aaaand he's back with style as always 😍😍😍 missed you sooo damn much!! 😘
Shrakony Bonita Soaz
she always had the guts to pissed him so damn harsh😂😂😂
*girl,ur the vibesoohh😍🤣
Shrakony Bonita Soaz
u just hit the bottom of his heart😂😂😂
Vivian should tell him about the baby so that they could be together and channing's chapter get finished and the end🙅
Fede Rika
I do really hate all the guys in this story. The only nice and normal one I can think of is Hisa or whatever his name was. Channing doesn't convince me. I can't forget what Adamson did to her and if she goes to Elliott it would make her look cheap and make everything worse.

I really wish she could disappear for a few years and come back stronger and with much more power than all this psychopaths together. With no man by her side just her independently going against all this assholes!!
Shrakony Bonita Soaz
Adamson’s Wife
I dont want to type more.. just crazy update pls 🤣🤣🤣
Adamson’s Wife: Hahahahha.. right 😆
Dee: i absolutly agree with u adamson's wife...
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Dzhulfar Dzul
hahahaha.. enemy of enemy is best friend 😂
Angie Juarez
Lol the pads with wings on the background got me dead
it's him her father or maybe her uncle?
OMG I ship manry and lonza they look so cute😍
im dying😂😂😂😂
Crazy update please author🥵😭🤧💞❤️💞❤️❤️😆❤️
You play avakin life??? Me too🤣
Snow Lily
ugh the adds aren't working!
Amanyta Sulo
Can I marry Adamson?! 😂😍♥️🤣😭
Oruka Chan
I wanted to know the story between Manry and the blue haired guy.. 😍
Rose On Karki
Want to comment just one thing to Vivian. Yeah you're right what does it mean to live if you can't live with someone you love. Then what about you Vivian? Living with channing just to take revenge with someone you love
An Mwey
i can't stand Adamson.😠
dodo: I can, the baby boy is so lonely in side which Vivian don't understand
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Samantha Cancino
I don't know why but I feel butterflies in my stomach when they are together 😍😘
Mikan : seriously!! me too!! 😂😂
total 1 replies
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