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This manhwa is top 2 on my list‼️AND TRUST ME, THIS MANHWA IS REALLY GOOD. The female lead will literally give you chills/goosebumps because of her strength and skills. The male lead is also really strong and good looking that he reminds me of Hak from Akatsuki no Yona.

For those who prefer manhwas with female lead (possibly) stronger than the male lead. Unique plot and good flow of story with a hint of comedy, stunning art, characters that are royals/nobles/knights, some plot twists, THIS IS IT!


You guys can search it on gööglë or read it in this website:

~ In order for the noble daughter not to get married to the Duke, who is known to be a ruthless and vicious knight, a maid named Edna was sacrificed and sent in her place. Little do they know that Edna has been hiding her true identity, a BIG SECRET that could change the Kingdom's History, just so that she can stay alive. ~

For those who haven't read it yet, it will never get you bored. The female lead's skills are no joke. It literally gave me goosebumps. HAVE FUN READING ❤️
character analysis-
Lu - He is working hard to get justice for his parent. For that, he became ruthless. Well he begins as a gangster. What do you expect from - sympathy or evilness? So killing and hurting women is normal for underworld people (Don't ever think these people are good. they are killers. hate them). His love feelings are kindled by little lolli. Initially he didn't understand that at all. When she went to her ex boyfriend for avenge, Yu doesn't want to lose her. So he breaks her mentally by raping her (yes everyone must strongly oppose this behaviour. Actually it will be solved if Yu told her the truth. she believes him because she loves him too). So she can't be close with anyone physically. After marrying Channing also, she couldn't get close with him. Channing understood this. Mission accomplished by Yu. Well, Yu has many stories behind him. Let us wait and see.
Riana xoxo 💖: I've one questions 4 u but I will start with d facts
1)d so called loli doesn't love him in fact it's him who loves her, him nt her, him.
2)plus Vivian never wanted dis
3) Channing has regrets dat cuz of their break up she no longer loves him that's y he accepted her as
his wife
4)I don't see wat he had accomplished?
5)but it's true yu has a lot of explaining to do
in fact I had forgotten my question
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adamson he has 2 options now
1/till vivian the truth before she marriage channing?and go for reveng from cary zeng and we all know what that mean??
2/all this happend because he did not say nothing??and because that they both hurt but at least she still live and see her.
she is mean to him the world all what he do because he love her and he seems astrong man but insid the heart of achild did not know haw to love!!there is no woman can touch his heart except vivian even lie lie he love her but vivian different she could make him cry for her
i'm jealus i want feel that kind from love!!!!not all it but the most
"Have you ever tried it in an elevator?"😳😏 Adamson is so cool when he said that! I'm actually feeling very shy (face red) when he said that.... If Channing find out about Vivian's baby, what would he do? When will Adamson know that he has a baby? What will he do if he knows about it? There are still a lot of question I need to ask... Can't wait for the next chapter!!! Who can tell me what happens later? Who's a spoiler?
Galaxy : Thanks anyways
Galaxy : Boo T~T
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well I'm not justifying Adamson. but according to the story it seems to me that he did all those stuff to Quillian to protect him from underworld problems. for an underworld leader a family member can be used as a weakness by his enemies. and about him sleeping with his brother's girlfriend, I think it's another story. coz Adamson really love and care about Quillian. there's no way her betray him like that. hope all these mysteries will solve quickly. especially who murdered Vivian's mother. I'm just tired of waiting 😭😭😭
luo yao Yao (lan duo ): to all readers who impatient Reading next Chapter could follow My Instagram @thenew.littlemasha.creationofc i just been update new Chapter 459
Mikan : when someone hates a person (character) they fail to judge him in a neutral point of view and only see his faults. when someone loves a person (character) they still fail to judge him in a neutral point of view and only see his good. the way Adamson works is wrong. but he thinks it's the best way. It's just normal people around him can't understand the reasons behind his insensitive rude ways.
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Priyadarshini Jadhav
This series has gone so ahead but has completely lost the plot ! Every story , every characters past is incomplete. They start a story and never finish it. Now its will be 500 episodes soon. I can only imagine what more irrelevant twists are there ! It is still unclear who killed Vivians mother !
Updates are so late that what happened in the last episode is forgotten. And what's with the locking of previous episodes ? A point is unnecessarily wasted to unlock the previously read episode just to see what had happened !
Queen: #paige - it is one big story. I don't know how many chapters in comics version. In story version, 548 chapters are there. Today only I finished the story. :)
hope": i know that feel very well..but now i'm end from him even he back to me i will never be with him al though we did not see each other except whin we were young and even not hold each hand but his sister was reaching our messages
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MagICal__cubE cube
We want crazy update please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please author we want to see
ima ne
Why I have that bad feeling that qilian is in love with Vivian if you go back to the first chapitre he was the one who gave her the jacket 🙄 & in the school he told her that he likes her so I don’t think that her mother death was related by Channing famille’s I think qilian was the one who killed her mom & her uncle 🙄 for making her believe that adamson is the killer ( he want her to hate adamson) then she will be free for him for this he made relation with Channing’s sister & I’m pretty sure that he knows abt Channing disease .... such a evil !! Regardless that he want to take revenge from is brother by killing the baby 🙄
ICANTHELPBUTSHIP: Bro that’s kinda scary😂
luo yao Yao (lan duo ): yosh to all readers who want to reading the next Chapter .could follow My Instagram @thenew.littlemasha.creationofc i just been update the new Chapter, 😘
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チャムナソ ノップ
My feeling really hate VIVAN but by read in episode 1till 453 I feel pity her! Although Adamson firstly wants to protect her but he used wrong method that make VIVAN feel hatefully, he is not good Man he has a lot partners as he wish to revenge or get advantage! VIVAN also innocence girl she just wants live freedom have family as other, if the begin he don’t investigate her Identity she could simple girl just she wish!
By I guess from the start Adamson wants to play with her , he also hate VIVAN because she is prince Dori that made fake his farther stage of cop and kill her mother! His family ruin by family prince Dori ! So now VIVAN stop owe Adamson, please respect her decision! If he keep baby she would know the result Canning can’t accept child enemy, although he accepted but canning would betrayed Adamson by using her child!
I feel pity VIVAN ! I really want to know what going on this comic attract me read again and again!
~<* Yeni🍣 *>~: I feel like even though she doesn’t like adamson, she should just keep the baby! I mean she didn’t have intentions to have sex with him! And I think if Channing were a good husband he would respect her and keep the baby! Oh and let me remind he fact that the baby is innocent!
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mιsz shυυ ツ
come on longe.. we know u have a feelings at vivian but don't make her like this okay ? i think adamson was see everythings behind the door ? i still ship vivian with adamson .. i hope everythings will be alright.. i cannot bear to see them always fight each other 😔😔😔 ..
hope": sorry my mistake
i'mean red hair long she call him my brother even all what he do she forgive him
#paige u r d best: who My brother????
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I’m starting to loose patience, few more episodes and i will unsubscribe this manga, even though i love it it’s getting boring, endlessly boring.
Fatima Zohra Jebbari: I understand you very good, me too I am really done with this, it takes very long to end the story line is still same 🤯😡⏳⌛️
hope": Bleru
you said it mor clearly than i did..thank's
realy vivian in the end regret for all what she did to adamson because she love him..carla clark i'm afraid now realy fraid and i want say mor but i do not haw
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I don't think that the title suit on this story and for Vivian now uuuggghh Vivian honestly you have stressful life, your really are strong to handle it. But anyway I hope the author will think of Vivian gain her memories back that is she is a top 1 agent all over the world, if you guys remember about when Vivian had a headache and then remembered something about using a gun thats it.. so yeah and for the baby if it will be born another character will be added to this story. 😅
Jenica Arce Cruz Felix: she is the princess of islan
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Aimen Khalid
can somebody please give me reasons why Vivian should go back to Adamson? cause I can't understand why you all want her to be with Adamson
Vivian Lopez: I don't want to be with him anymore just stop your comments *crying* I hate him ! I hate him ! I hate him !!😭
luo yao Yao (lan duo ): to all readers who wants Reading the. next Chapter of Puregirl 460 could follow IG @thenew.littlemasha.creationofc
just been updated 😚
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Bhums Vora
hey guys I m writing a novel named Alisha's secret it has been pass and after few days it will be published it is story about an average looking girl working at car manufacturing company and she is very hardworking and intelligent and while on other hand our hero who is famous actor of the country he his handsome and charming but very rude and arrogant while the twist is Alisha is carrying a secret , so to find out what's her secret and how this two people from two different view end up together it's a romantic comedy story with the teaching of slice of life.
so plz guys go and read after it is published I hope for your support and positive reply
Ladyrose Soo
Heeyy guiz didn't you understand why adamson like that? Why he forced his brother to learned martial arts, learn about politics.. Because of the one who kill his father and the one who kill of Vivian mother and father is minester (zing) I donk know if that is the correct name of menister....
That why he do that.. But he didn't tel his brother until he not ready.. So don't say end this story if you didn't understand what happened thier

Jewel: kimdly accept my request in instagram to follow you
Riana xoxo 💖: like ya,ik deep down Adamson loves his broda nd ever one's misunderstanding him
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Kiswar Sultana *BD*
So, the thing is... .
lonza likes sherry→ sherry likes adamson→ adamson likes vivian→ vivian likes none!!
vivian and manry are best friends→ manry likes lison→ but lison doesn't like manry
channing still loves vivian→ longe also likes vivian.......
[P.S.: I am exhausted..!]
longe, lonza, lison, adamson r brother like friends→ channing and adamson r business partners.
is it love pentagon, hexagon....... octane or decen?!!¿¿!!
where is the story heading?
spoiler:the reason why vivian did that so fast is because she's a member of caloumen,caloumen is the association that takes people with super high IQ,and her IQ is 5 points lower than adamson and what happened to her when she was 12 years old and younger where blocked by the intelligence bureau.....then lizon said "Only 2 kinds of people would be blocked by the intelligence is extremely dangereous people...the other is that they have a huge backround"
Andy: damn son
Princess12: ep.55
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Kenan Kalamujic
only thing that was interesting in this story is the girl who called her. but what will even be more interesting is if she doesn't go with abortion and decides to keep the child but then chenning being an asshole forcing her to abort the child. in that case want to see her get angry at him go to adamison tell him its his baby and see him get angry and goes to beat the shit out chenning
hope": that sadness part adamson stoped the doctors before start the operation and said to her i hope your be happy and your son.but vivian aborted nutrally and the doctors can not save the baby.but vivian drem that baby said to her goodby mom and it was boy😭😭
Kenan Kalamujic: wait soo she loses the baby or not? plus we know channing is an asshole
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Yeh Just So You Guys Know I'm Dropping This Comic And I Know You guys Are too,I mean there's no good thing that's happening so why am I still going to read this right?,Author I just wanna say your art is beautiful but the storyline is terrible and awful...if you could change the story line maybe some of us will go back to this story and yes You Guys have a good day cause I'm leaving this comic...quick advice you guys leave too cause I Mean you'll get a highblood if ur So Mad like srsly...good day comic buddies But It's my flight to another comic...good day everyone LEAVING PURE GIRL NOW.
@aimen Khalid thank you so much for agreeing with me that adamson and Vivian together makes no sense
and to all the people who are supporting adamson maybe you can go and marry a person who r**ed you, who bullied u and whose s**ty women with HIS baby tried to sell you to mafia, who doesn't comes to save u when u were about to get r**ed, whom u have done a big favor of saving his company asa his position doesn't listen to ur opinion but I can't and
I'm not saying Channing is good either but at least even after knowing she is being marked by someone else he didn't abandoned her.
anyways I'm so done with this comic I'm unsubscribing it!
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