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silly piggy
Was the squeeze a secret code of some sort? And wait Elliot is only 20?!??? I think Vivian is starting to feel bad about adamson cause she thinks her foster parents are involved in framing his dad.. don’t think she realizes her own true identity.. did bane actually poison Vivian tho since he suspects her to be the princess or was it a show for adamson? 🤔 if he really poisoned her he’s going to be so pissed at himself later on 🤣

Thanks for the huge update!!! I’m loving the story progression and a glimpse into Vivian’s missing memories finally! Can’t wait til the next major update!!

Princess MM: She still loves him 😋🥰
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luo yao Yao (lan duo )
i ve ever said in Episode 283
when adamson kiddnaped Vivian mom

today You guys Can hated adamson deeply because he bad deeds and wants CURSE him to death and You could love channing and praise him cuz his good deeds but someday im surely You Will regrett like me when You know the truth
You need to know in this story all character haven't white (good) side 100% or black (bad )side 100%
all character have grey side (black50%& white50%)
one day adamson Can be bad person and one He could be good person.
also channing one day He could be annoying boyfriend but someday He could be lovely husband

so please when You read this story dont put it in your heart deeply. 😉 Or You ll be stress 😰 and felt hurt like me when You reading bad chapter😝
flower: yeah thats right,,likewise
R L B(use) O(this) P(to unlock) H(episode): hahah
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Omo omo 😳😳😳 Longe has a crush on Vivian? He must be conflicted as hell. Imagine falling in love with your best friend/boss/savior girlfriend and on top of that you're like her bodyguard. Poor Longe I don't want him to suffer because of unrequited love 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️
BULLSHIT: Too sad to be true
Olivia Audette: Hate to be him
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Manjeeta Foolchand
Ammara Ramzan
after reading the whole story....... I can't sleep well in night....... all night I things about what happen with vivan, adamson, channing..... I can't forget a single episode from my memory....... I just can't forget how adamson mistreat vivan and make love of him.... I want them together but not in this style..... then adamson can't forget about vivan and protect him in her own way........ on the other side same for channing...... but both forget that vivan is the victim in their war...... the person more hurt is vivan...... on the other hand I also know vivan can't accept other man.,other then adamson.... that's why she can't resist against adamson and don't accept channing....... but whatever the story going AWsoMe....... 😍😍😍
Shisho5377 Ali: me to iam agirl and i love vivian and i love haw adamson protect her and called her baby😍
Ammara Ramzan: the main couple is vivan and adamson....... and they always be a couple no matter what happen..... I like the character of channing but most likely I like vivan and adamson 😊😊😊😊
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sometime I think adamson is best for her, after sometime I think he is jerk because her torture her.. and another time I felt pity for channing... such a confusing 😭😭
Karley Arion: I reallllyyy wanna know what Vivian’s past was like. Cos she was really good at fighting that one time with the gun when she killed the guy
San: seriously It's already been 408 still nothing settled yet... Don't know how much chapter needed for happy ending!!! 😮😮
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hahahhahahaha warm and comfortable my ass!!!! he never even saved you ones not even a little but Adamson he saved you ass a lot of times can't you see he loves you!!!! Vivian Lopez you better start realizing that your "husband" did anything for you he only gave love to you he did not even protect you but Adamson he loved, cared, protected you and shared everything he had for you!!!! why can't you just realized that he loves you damit!!!
Huh?TH: vivian will realise everything if we could make adamson die -,- . 445 chapter filled with low-paced problem . so we need actual drama that can really make the turn point already .

i bet the turn point will happen like just like that . calm , the god still toying the series ~
Nancy Liau: channing also helped vivian get her lawyer thing
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luo yao Yao (lan duo )
Ok Just FYI guys
the creator or mangaka of manhua Pure girl is not one person only but this manhua were created by a grup of artist or mangaka from studio Sanfu animation in China
so if You look carefully after 25/ 50 episode (chapter) the art of character always changed and not same like Before. because the artist are different one of anothers
so please dont be wonder or shocking also dont protest to author or artist when You found the art of character isn't same (or maybe not good Like' Before) lets we appreciated their hard work to drawing every character and scene of pure girl manhua with detailed and update the chapter everyday (it's better than no update at all.right?). 😉😊
so please from now on let's stop protest and start to appreciated the mangaka hardwork 😘
Melissa Rodriguez
that's it.. nooo noo I can't believe it... this comic get some interesting chapter almost in the end.. and now no more chapt what noo this so sad... now I have 1000 question in my mind.. omgg what going to happen now.. I feel sad for Channing... and poor dane... she going to end with he lover Adamson.. please is someone know where I can find more chapter.. or a website so I can read more please.. because I going to have nightmere... please or update more please... 😔😔😔😔
Melissa Rodriguez: yes, I know Kelly Fernandes.. I'll be pantient... now I have to read something else..until they release more chapt.. thanks u!!
Kelly Fernandes: be patient
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Falak Ayesha
this story turned into another plot... seeing like Adamson Vivian love story....that's good both of them are main character love this couple 💕💕💕💕but I feel sorrow and hurt for chenning he is someone loves Vivian unconditionally expect after Adamson physically hurt Vivian he ecept her 🙁but now he may die because of his serious sickness and he didn't told it even Vivian 😥😥he obtain nothing but a title of Vivian husband...but love is more important 💔this one he just did only one things that is love 💕 Vivian one side .............................,..............so if Adamson and Vivian finally love themselves and become a couple I will be happy and it will be good end but 😥I might be feeling upset or sad for chenning and may be cry for him💔if he died 😥😥😥😥😥
Jugyeng Nakamura
guys, please update at least one more 100 chapters, there are so many chapters up and you still update daily, but it is not enough, with this updating will take an eternity to finish this comic up. PS: Adamson (Ao Tian Yu, I know him with this name and I like it better), you still s*ck for what you did, I am still mad at you, but I hope you will make it to Vivian (again, I like calling her Yao Yao Luo)...I really wish things could get better berween them two.
Meng Jang: Are you the author?
The anime lover: thanks
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All you people who want Adamson and Vivian to be together are sick. What’s wrong with Channing that you want him gone so bad. Yeah he has cheated once but that’s it plus he regrets it and cared deeply abou Vivian. He is the one of the few decent characters of the manga and you are either too blind to see the pure intentions or obsessed with sadistic behaviour and harassment. DIE ADAMSON YOU SICK PSYCO RAPPIST!!
Little Chicken: because people write comments about spoilers and endings to things are so obvious by how it starts
AkaiPhoenix: Thank you for your concern. Even though I won’t like it, I’ll read since I’m curious. And did you read it somewhere else how do so many people know what will happen in following episodes?
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I'm feel hurt for Adamson
I want to hate Vivian but it's also not her fault

For the author thank you very much
Make sure to take care of yourself and stay healthy
Shisho5377 Ali: me too
Princess MM: Yes I don’t like that she may or has fallen for Channing
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Cliffina D. Luffy
i bet alot of reader hate adamson for the way he treated vivian like that. but does anyone know despite his cold and cruel outer appearance, he had so many scars and he knew her when they were a kid before.

he endure it and hides it. when he having sex with vivian, it was his own way of showing his love but i know what he did is indeed wrong. but he is hopelessly in love with her. he remembers all of the bad memories way back while vivian lost her memory i mean while they were so young.
Sugalice4: well they're both annoying, Adamson's pride deprives him, he never want to confess his feelings and so with Vivian, but still I ship him better than Channing for Vivian
Cliffina D. Luffy: aikou : well said. thats exactly what i want to hear. #teamadamson 😥
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JinHit Ent.
I've just knew that this story is having 900+ chaps!! That's will be ages if they drop it one chap per day. Plus, there's a lotttttttt more going to happen within these two characters. As far as I've read, they'll have happy ending, but the ending is still far far far away~ More characters will be shown in future.
Creamy lu: Where can we find the novel??
ABKP: he he it has total 548 chapters and it is subdivived into many chapters like 444a,444b,444c that means that the author may published the sub divided chapters in one day so guys don't be afraid according to comic it has total 548 chapters and according novel (i have not read that ) it has 900+chapters but i have read in comic upto end 548
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Rose On Karki
Where the hell is Adams on now. Poor adamson!! Never letting up the secret but taking things on his own. I wonder how many 'behind the scenes' he might have been doing, just to protect that girl resting in channing's arm. I am totally pissed off.😣😣
Daisy30™: Yeah😭😭😭
RekikMaryam: I agree
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Like I said before, Adamson and Vivian should be together. They match perfectly well. On the other hand, please give like 10 episodes per day. I know it’s hard for the content creator but, it’s excruciating to wait for each episode everyday. I only started reading this comic like 5 Days back and I already caught up to the current episode. Please try to create this story like 50 episodes in 1 day, then you can create 10 episodes the following days at a better pace.
tfxxxks: anki chan , if you know where to read those 441 episode. please tell us here. so other who cannot be patience will read it there.
Chan: which app does this story has 441 chapters? @Anki Chan
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luo yao Yao (lan duo )
alright for the next episode #spoiler. Vivian and adamson Will jumping in the sea cliff
and they Will drowning. a few of Aslan army Will save Vivian from the sea (Just Vivian only) cuz they not found where Is adamson when they save Vivian. while in another place lonza and channing are both arrived in island and visiting village where Is adamson and Vivian ever lived together as husband wife ( in fake relationship)
and then they (lonza and channing Will hit by the explosion.
luo yao Yao (lan duo ): the name Is short naive girl tempered
Cole ★☆★: Can you please tell me what's the title of the story and where i could read the translated version episode 485?
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Ok she has:
- Adamson
- Channing
- Mr. Black
- Bane
- Longe
- Qillian

WtH girl just decide once and for all who do you really want.
Arora: Channing
Princess MM: Tuff 🤗🤗🤗
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seeing those two together makes me vomit I don't know why like something inside me wants to be spotted out from my mouth but with Adamson and Vivian makes me want to fly like a bird on the sky with saying Vivian is made for Adamson
Shisho5377 Ali: the novel is very clear and sade very sade to vivian she well sufer and cry alot.and adamson too but in the end she well be happy very happy with adamson and them chilldren☺
Maya Sweetie.: The story is no more interesting. I have left this comic long ago for so many confusion. Now I come to see what is the resent situation. The situation has become worst. Now I am again leaving this comic and will never ever come back again.
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