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Pure Girl

Anu Anu
Vivian you are very lucky because you have a husband like him in this world there are many less people who wants to accept and keeps other mens children so please don't give up girl I think you should be happy because you have a husband like him my best wishes with you and men you from today onwards You Are My Hero I want a hubby like you too 🤧🤧🤧
Urooj: yesss!
Pilus: Her choices are confusing because she is FRICKLE girl, too. 😐
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It is the worst comic I ever read. At first I was having fun while reading but now nvm I stopped reading this comic the time Adamson and vivian break up I was thinking if the story become better or not if it's good I will read again but it's still the same. Ik the main character are vivan and Adamson in the end they will be together but still I don't feel the enjoyment by reading the comic it only makes me angry and nothing else.
love story: All the manga are beautiful
Others doesn't see it.
love story: The author is just making something interesting
scenes to make more beautiful
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luo yao Yao (lan duo )
you guys just can only blamming Vivian for what she done but never thought her feeling at all
.. right..?
as readers might be you already knew the reason why Vivian do that? but unfortunately you guys couldn't understand her difficult situation
hope": yes she becom another woman.
Pilus: Since she become Doris Lan, isn't it?
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after this the brothers will fight and then Adamson brother will take Vivian for misscaring the baby and she was crying and then Channing sister will enter the room where Vivian is but he will not let her enter after that she give him a slap (to. Adamson brother)and the all will fight and then Channing enters told everyone to get out and he will ask something to Vivian ..,................

I don't know Chinese but I make it by seeing pictures if you want to see the other in Chinese language go and change the settings of mangatoon and do Chinese language ..
Pilus: I prefer Bane x Vivian
bella: where did you read it because I don't have Instagram
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Mabataman Si
how can this manga have a title "PURE GIRL"? the f*cking leading man already f*uck her? how can she be a pure girl now? she even wanted to kill a child. That's the saddest truth, it's evil to kill someone who doesn't know the world yet. To make your manga and comics looks nice don't f*cking used the baby as an excuse. even though this is just a story but someday people that are reading this will gain negative effects. That abortion is just a simple thing. Just don't use it, it is not a good thing to kill a living child.
Nostalgia (´∀`)♡: @chaitra punith she is pure but he's not he's a slutty retard man say if she lost virgin before meeting him he gonna treat her like a shit cuz he only care for women virginity without thinking what he really is like fcking girl everywhere he's such psycho rapist .
Pilus: The people who read this manga MUST
be smart coz it contains many unsuitable contents.
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John Rey Reyes
Pilus: I pay respect to you @John Rey Reyes. I admire that you can feel all of the characters emotion.
Pilus: The character is too many, so I can't feel their emotion one by one. I just follow the plot like a flowing water.
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mιsz shυυ ツ
wow lonza know even vivian did not tell him anything.. he is really like a big bro to vivian ..he understand her.. and omg adamson !! i miss him 😍😍😍😍 .. when will this be end ? i'm tired to waiting for happy ending 😔😔😔😔 ..
❤️⭐❤️⭐: Can you tell me what happen till now cause i really can't go on w this manga anymore :/
angel: oooo hahaha
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Shadow Girl
I remember before that this comic came upto approximately near 490 or 500 episodes before but why I see suddenly it's 450😦, am I hallucinating or what I taught was correct or wrong .??😳😵
and I read only upto 440 after seeing the comments all say that Adamson is missing n Vivian pregnant n blah blah.... after seeing those comments I got much afraid that I might feel sad n upset for not seeing Adamson. Eventhough he was a bad guy cold shoulder I like him the much n prefer him the much n I like Adamson with Vivian eventhough Channing is good for now always forever Adamson is the greatest❤. For me no problem of length of this episode bcoz many says that this comic gonna be plus more 400 episodes n some says 800 plus. I never bother even this comic became the endless comic. yet now I am flattered with this come n for the future I wish it should last forever. and the directors, producers, writers, publishers, workers, and all the one who related to this I thank you all and may God bless you all bcoz this comic in awesome and fantastic❤💙💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👍. I am looking forward for the rest. I admire all your hard works n all. Do the BEST👍👍👍. I hope this comic will last forever n not harm or hurt our hope, dreams n heart. ❤❤PURE GIRL❤❤............👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤
OMG... how long this comic will be?
I read a comment in any chapter before said that the novel of this comic reached 1000+ episode...

is this comic will tell everything like in the novel? till 1000+ episode like someone told?
So, when this story will end? OMG :"")))

I like this comic soooo much.. Really..but if the story is too long and the progress is sooo long and slow, I can lost my interest of this comic 😭😭

Sorry it just my opinion 😵
Anyone surname: maybe till they got grandchild..I just skip 50 ep and nope I will skip again after this. nothing new..she still weak and hopeless..
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Vivian deserves all this pain! She's using Channing to get what she wants. She's pregnant with another mans child while she's married. She's been with so many men. Tbh where had that iq over 200 gone?.
Ashikawa...: Where's Adamson had been gone for these days now
Marlene: Ah yes sorry for that mistake!!! ty for correcting me!!
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author........ sorry for being so rude...... but poor Vivain is like colour grey between Adamson who is black and Channing who is white...😂😂😂😂😂..... and I really had totally forgotten that Vivain is Princess Doris.....(sorry if spelling mistake...🤗🤗🤗).......... and the poor unborn baby......if Vivain doesn't want it...... author.... please give that baby to me 😝😝😝😂😂😂......... sorry for the jokes.......🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 forgive me....... but author please do something....... I want Vivain and Adamson together 😍😍😍.... with their baby 😘😘😘😘😘
luo yao Yao (lan duo ): to all readers come follow IG @thenew.littlemasha.creationofc
to read the new Chapter of Puregirl Story 😊
just been update the next Chapter
♥Niki♥: me too 😣😣😣
I want the baby alive 😭😭
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Hi guys! For anyone reading this i need some help:(! My phone glitches while reading my favorite manga i started reading today, and i can’t find it again. I don’t know the name of it and was wondering maybe some of you do. It’s about this girl who’s parents die, and the main character who is a guy takes her in as almost a guardian, he is a big person in the company that her parents used to own. And i think his name is like sansun or something with a s. She is almost 18, and once she got sick and he took care of her. She also got stuck in a hole once outside his mansion. He kisses her. And she made a deal with him and works at the company again under someone name mr.tang!!!!!!!!!!!! help
KayJhay Cabaddu
naiinis ako kay vivian. ang tanga. ang manhid naman niya masyado para hindi maramdamang mahal na mahal siya ni adamson. siya na ng mismo ang nag sabi na hindi pwedeng mag sabi ng masamang salita laban kay adamson kasi pwede silang mamatay. eh siya nga laging nag sasalita ng pangit kay adamson, pero pinatay ba siya ni adamson? diba hindi? nasasampal siya paminsan kasi napupuno na siya. pero lagi pa rin siyang pinag bibigyan ni adamson. hindi nga si adamson katulad ni channing na lantaran kung mag worry. pero si admason, grabe siya kung mag worry kay vivian. hindi lang niya pinapahalata o sinasabi kay vivian pero walang walang sinabi yung mga ginawang kabutihan ni adamson kumpara kay channing
KayJhay Cabaddu: hahaha. sobra na kasi eh. adamson naman. namimiss ko yung moment nila ni vivian eh
yato yukimura: Tae ahahahaha
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luo yao Yao (lan duo )
to all readers if you thought the manga was dragged to far and the story be like messed Up
actually its not like that .all the art manga is drawing like the original story of novel which released 9 years ago but not complete the manga just showed us th point of story they not drawing all scene from novel and they not messed Up
and yes the story is complicated thats why the story little bit boring because of too long
Pilus: Yes, the story is "complicated"
luo yao Yao (lan duo ): who is your bro
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I JUST LOVE ADAMSON SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.. I don't know why but I Love Him So much.... He's rude, harsh, arrogant, asshole, unbearable, Fu*ker, cold, mean but he was.. Naaah.. I LOVED Him from the beginning.. I wanna meet him in real life
ema hinata: me too
Medha Thapa Thapa: me tooooooo
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again got kidnapped? I'm tired of it. and again the ML will come to save her. it's too typical of the story. please change the story line. in real life people don't get kidnapped that often as she does
Pilus: She should not stick on any man. She will not dead without men.
Pheeby : what she mean is she should stick to one man not every second guy out there. obviously this will bring her trouble
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C Bharathi
oh my goodness my heart is racing fast,
I don't want to see any betray situation for Adamson atleast that person should not be longe ,he is most lovable person after Vivian,and the Adamson gang is incomplete without him ,I know that for some reason he went crazy on Vivian but still he is worthy,
I hope author that u will surprise us in coming chapters instead of any shock
sometimes I forgot that she has 200 IQ😒😒
the girl who doesn't want to know her past...who doesn't want to figure out the truth...all she can do is to hurt adamson...
for her so many people sacrifice everything.... bt she still wants to move on....doesn't want to figure out what's the story all this behind.....even she doesn't care about the baby.....she's just a selfish woman
angel ^~^☆: definitely...
hope": i'm with you
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Ok maybe if you guys stop asking for a CRAZY UPDATE maybe just a maybe the author might give a CRAZY UPDATE because I think the maybe you guys are giving like a lot of pressure to the author because if the only things he/she sees when he/she want to see what does the audience think about their episode
This is just my opinion you can think whatever you want to think maybe a lot of the things I wrote in this comment may not have any sense... so STOP ASKING FOR FREAKING CRAZY UPDATE... geez
Myself : No more crazy update comments
Kamaleswar Mukherjee: Yes. You're absolutely right.
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I'm slowly getting disappointed by this story... It's not coming on the spot, much more it's filled with almost unnessecary side stories which are told toooo long... and then there's vivian with her "IQ over 200". sometimes I just think "is she just playing dumb or what?". ah and the title is called "pure girl". But then everyone is falling for her and givig her kisses and your like: whats wrong with that story maaan
Pilus: Hahaha
#paige u r d best: that's what thick comics name should be VIVIAN ,A GIRL KISSED BY ALL 😐😐😐
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