Prince's Little Bunny
Romance / Historical / Completed

Prince's Little Bunny

Prince's Little Bunny
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Prince's Little Bunny Comics Online. Cute little rabbit fell into human's world accidentally and tend to repay the life-saving kindness given by a playboy princess. Excuse me? I am coming to repay, not to acting cute! heyheyhey, don't bite me - i'm not the rabbit for eating!

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Hottest Comments
Nisha Nasran
Sometimes story have to end with a sad ending but this story is incomplete. Such a waste for a beautiful story line. I wish the author could give some closure.
Miao Miao: yaeh thats totally right
Sabrina marie Mendoza: what a wonderful story
total 5 replies
Life is Short💗😔
If author come up with season 2 and please I want whitty to live again and revenge mubei
East Or West I'm not The BeST: Yes😭😭
Life is Short💗😔: It's so unfair for whitty
total 9 replies
Clover Pika
Horrible abrupt ending! I could tell that the mangaka lost passion for continuing the story. I appreciate the attempt of giving the story an end instead of abandoning it, but this just feels so much worse.


This story pulls you in with a great plot that seemed to head in a very promising direction only to end abruptly with the male lead murdering the female lead out of seemingly nowhere!!!
ShinLong: Yep🤧🤧🤧
S p i c y: seriously, also the image of this manga -- deceived you guys and the ending. gosh, this author sucks.
total 6 replies
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