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Bringing The National Husband Home

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Anna Jo and Ginny Lu had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there's a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer.

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this story is fabulous and I'm here to read it again. It was my first comic and since I never found another one like that. It's true there are a lot of good comic but this one is I'm so in love💝💘💘💓💓💞. I've seen many heartbreaking comics where the Ml is a physco,jerk,rapist and the FL a weak one and whatever.
Furthermore, I've also seen many possessive,forcefull relationship(some times they are good=Marshall,your wife ran away and sometimes not=pure girl and so on) and my heart can't handle it anymore. So I took a break that's why I'm here to read it again cz i want to feel this True love again between these two despite the fact the MC will suffer a lot.
I do want to make my heart feels better now by this unconditional love💟
khadeeja kashif: Best story. My favorite. But the heart breaks are too much but still it makes it the best story line
Love bug: the vampire boy is so cute
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I can't even laugh, I'm trying hard not to cry tho .. I feel like this is something happening right in front of me cos it feels so real and the emotion is so Crazy it ruins my mind.. And it hurts a lot to see such a wonderful guy go through hell, even tho he seems happy now, I don't think it's real happiness.. I think he needs something like reassurance. Jojo jumping to marriage is good but first u should actually break those chains that tied him down and hurt him for years.. Sit him down first and tell him your whole story from beginning to end and also how you lost your cellphone after the incident at home.. I don't know why u over looked such an important matter n jumped to marriage cos I feel whats haunting him now is the weight and pain from ur last text to him which originally was sent by his mofo step mom.. Please just clear this cold air first cos its the most important rn
ThvgAng3l: Ikr.... 😖😖😖
A proud Filipina commenting : I've read this the 3rd time that's my expression when I read this story for the first time
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Makuu Mikaki
I relate to this comic. I've been in love with a man for nine years. I dont if he knows it because all of his friends knows it. We are seatmate in primary and he is my protector from bullies. Even though I still have a young mine, I know it a passionate feeling of love. I cant forget anything about him. He is the only one that makes me like this. But now, I cant even have a chat or text him. I feel afraid that he would reject me. I transfer to different school in high school in thought that this feeling would fade. But I'm wrong this feeling keep burning through my heart. I dont like this feeling of one sided love. It hurts. I know in high school or even in the future, he will met the one he loved so I decided to go and never bother to watch that come. I'm not pretty nor perfect and have no traits I could be proud of. Im not good enough and will never be.
Makuu Mikaki: Thank you, Ašhîe!😘
Ašhîe: i know it's late but you can do it girl!
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