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Bringing The National Husband Home

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Anna Jo and Ginny Lu had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there's a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer.

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#ENDING# I love this story and I hope you all enjoy my ending. To me, this is one of the most beautiful love stories. Sorry for the length but I felt it needed that closure...

The next day, Anna wakes from the sunlight shining through the bedroom window. Rolling over, she smiles at the sight of Ginny’s sleeping face on the pillow beside her. Thinking back to last night, she whispers, “Honey” and reaches out to stroke his hair. Without opening his eyes, Ginny’s lips curl into a huge grin while his arms stretches out and wraps tightly around Anna. Surprised, Anna lets out a squeal.
Anna: “You’re awake!”
Ginny slowly opens his eyes and pulls Anna tightly against his bare chest. She relaxes against him, listening to the gentle beating of his heart. Placing her hand on his chest, she leans up to give him a kiss.
Anna: “Good morning Honey!”
Ginny pulls her up and kisses her passionately, rolling her over onto her back, he continues kissing her from her lips, to her cheek and ears. He pauses for a second to whisper, “Good morning Honey,” into her ear before continuing his assent of kisses down her neck towards her chest. Anna lets out a small moan and wraps her hands around his face to pull him back up to her lips. After a few minutes, they pull away from each other, panting and out of breath.
Ginny: “13 years…I’ve been waiting for this moment for 13 years. I never thought this was possible…” He looks down at his Anna, at the woman he has loved for 13 years, the woman he would have given anything for. Anna reaches up and touches his cheek, he leans into the palm of her hand and smiles.
Anna: “I love you Ginny. Since the day I met you, all I have done was try to get close to you…” She smiles at Ginny, as smile reserved only for him and continues, “You’re my world, my only love, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I live. You won’t be alone anymore. I’m sorry…” A tear rolls down Anna’s eyes as she recalls the last 13 years. “I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you. I’m sorry I didn’t notice earlier. If only…” Ginny doesn’t let her finish, he collapses onto her and gives her another deep, passionate kiss. He takes her breath away and when he comes up for air, he brushes away her tear and says, “Oh JoJo. I love you so much. None of that matters anymore. We’re here now, let us move forward from here.” Anna nods and squeezes Ginny tightly in her arms.
Meanwhile, Annie and James are at Ruby Hsu’s villa attempting to clear up the misunderstanding between James and Anna.
Annie: “Aunt Hsu, you see, I didn’t know that it was Ginny that Anna loved. I didn’t think that my recording would hurt everyone so much. I didn’t want to marry James and…”
Mrs. Hsu: “That enough! Haven’t you done enough already! Get out!! Get out of here!” Frowning, James ushers Annie out of the villa.
James: “Come on, let her calm down.” Looking back at the villa, James sighs. “Let’s go see how we can help Ginny and Anna plan their wedding.”
A month later, Ginny and Anna have their wedding. It was a grand affair, everyone was invited and even the media was allowed in to film and broadcast the event. It was the event of the century, everyone was talking about it. Ginny spared no expense, he was going to make sure Anna had everything she wanted, that the world knew how much he loved her and that this event could never be forgotten. The reception was magical, and the wedding vows brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Mrs. Hsu did not show up to the wedding, but she watched it from home, cursing at their happiness.
Seven months later, Anna gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Ginny and Anna had decided to step out of the limelight to focus on their growing family. After news of their 13 year love story got out, they were approached by many people wanting to write about their story. With the help of Ginny’s American friend, they agreed to a tell-all interview, which lead to a biography, that became a best-selling novel, that grew into a novel based on their story, and now they are in production for a movie. The Shmily company that Ginny created has finally made profits. Ginny and Anna’s love story are now told world wide as one of the greatest and most tested love stories of all time. The royalties, Shmily and Global Entertainment brought in more profit than they every anticipated. Their story was awed by people around the world and although they both stopped acting, they were still one of the hottest couples in the world. Everything they touched profited, Hsu Group recovered and everyone wanted a piece of the Ginny/Anna magic touch.
On the first month’s celebration for Anna and Ginny’s son, Mrs. Hsu surprised everyone by attending the celebration. When she walked into the room, everyone fell silent. With all the publicity of the 13 year love story, everyone knew Ruby Hsu’s involvement. James walks up to his mother, whom he hasn’t spoken to in almost a year.
James: “Mom, what are you doing here?” Mrs. Hsu turns to her son with remorse and sadness written all over her face. He couldn’t help but notice how much she has aged in the past year. She was still the proud woman he knew but the lines around her eyes showed years of torment and suffering. She gives James a small smile, places her frail hand on her son, and whispers as she walks towards Anna and Ginny, “I’m sorry.”
Flabbergasted, James watches as his mother approach Anna and Ginny. Mandy and Assistant Shen step in front of Mrs. Hsu.
Mrs. Hsu: “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt anyone.” Ginny steps forward, shielding Anna and their son.
Ginny: “What can we do for you?” Mrs. Hsu signs and bows her head. Anna lets out a gasp and rushes towards her.
Anna: “Please stand up. What are you doing?” There are whispers in the background, the proud Mrs. Hsu is bowing her head before Ginny. What’s going on? Mrs. Hsu ignores the whispers and gently places a hand on Anna’s shoulder. Looking up from Anna, to Ginny and finally down at their son, a single tear runs down her cheek.
Mrs. Hsu: “I’m sorry for all the suffering you both had to endure because of me. I know now how wrong I was.” She turns to her son, “James, you’re right. It’s not Ginny’s fault. I only wanted what was best for our family. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” James smiles and embraces his mother. She gently steps back and turns to Ginny. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. You didn’t deserve this, you have always been good to James, I know that now…thank you.” She turns away, but Ginny stops her.
Ginny: “It’s all in the past now. Would you care to stay and join us?” Mrs. Hsu looks from Ginny, to Anna, to her son and tears flow from her face. James wraps his arm around her shoulder shielding her from everyone. Ruth rushes up to them.
Ruth: “Let me take Mrs. Hsu to clean up.” She exchanges glances with James who releases his mother to her. “We’ll be right back.” Mrs. Hsu follows Ruth to the washroom.
The remainder of the evening ended without any disruptions. Mrs. Hsu has finally reconciled with everyone. Ginny and Anna announced Ruth and James as their son’s godmother and godfather. With the approval of Mrs. Hsu, James announced he will give 10% of the Hsu’s Group shares to his godson as a gift, to be entrusted to his brother, Ginny until their son comes of age.
A year later, James proposes to Ruby at Anna’s baby shower. Ginny and Anna had planned this surprise proposal with James to surprise Ruby. He has been struggling with convincing her that he was serious about her. As godmother to their first son, Ruby had to be present for the baby shower of their second child. After breaking through Ruby’s tough exterior, through tears, she agreed to marry James. With the Hsu Group flourishing, the reconciliation of the Hsu and Jo Family, the James and Ruby engagement, and Anna’s second pregnancy, everything is going well and they all live happily ever after. The End.
Krystal Wilson: a beautiful ending, your style of writing is very unique and different
joyxxisoo: Thank God Ginny had his happy ending. i feel bad for him because of his overflowing love for annie. i love him! uwu
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It was meant to be time to start the reception dinner, but as the master of ceremonies, the assistant didn't go and interrupt their conversation to remind them. Instead, he secretly walked off stage, said a few words to the staff below, and walked back up.

Qiao Anhao's eyes started to heat up, as she stared transfixed at Lu Jinnian's handsome complexion. Her voice started to evidently tremble. "I wonder who was the one who went to school during the day and worked nights in middle high just to be able to buy me a cake from Black Swan."

As she said this, the "Wedding march song" that was playing stopped. Another song started playing.

That song was the official soundtrack from a recently popular movie. Many people had heard it before.

As the song played on, it turned out that it wasn't the original singer's voice, but instead Qiao Anhao's!

"Often I'd think back to the speckled desk... when I dazed out, I would stare at your silhouette... Perhaps you didn't know that little ol' me back then... Secrets in my youth were buried in the far corners of my heart..."

Did Xu Jiamu tell her?

Lu Jinnian shot Xu Jiamu a glance. His brother turned his head, and looked over at Song Xiangsi beside him.

When the female verse was over, it was time for the male verse. Every single person present could tell that the voice was Lu Jinnian's. "Waited for you at the crossing with my bike... You stayed with me through chilly nights... No matter how beautiful the sunset may be, it doesn't compare to the color of your eyes... Never said goodbye and farewell, but stayed silent..."

This time, Qiao Anhao didn't wait for Lu Jinnian to speak. Whilst the song played, she continued to list one incident after the other. "Also, I wonder who took me to the nurse's room when I was sick, then stayed with me all afternoon, causing the teacher to punish him to stand for the whole day for skipping class."

In the background, her voice played again. "Did you also think of me every now and then? Like how I often softly recounted the past... In the spring wind and autumn rain, we didn't say a word... Yet, the spring goes and autumn comes, contact is lost in between."

Lu Jinnian's facial expression turned solemn. "And I wonder who entered the entertainment industry just to be the best screen couple with me."

Qiao Anhao lightly blinked her long eyelashes and said in a low voice, "I wonder who started liking me during the third year of senior high."

Lu Jinnian gently replied with a question, "I wonder who also fell in love at first sight when we found shelter from the rain in the third year of senior high?"

Qiao Anhao's tears finally fell. She curved the corner of her lips and said, "Me."

"Me," said Lu Jinnian at practically the same time.

The two of them looked at one another and smiled.

The song in the background played on.

"Did you think of me every now and then? Or are you living a life with nothing to do with me... Luckily, we didn't miss out on our youth... My youth had you, and yours had me."

After just about a minute, the two of them opened their mouths. The words they said were exactly the same, "I've loved you for thirteen years."

They clearly hadn't rehearsed this, and yet they were so in sync.

This time, the audience was quiet. The faces of everyone who had laughed at their bickering had an emotional glow about them.
Secret47 Fall: Qiao anhao, Lu jinnian is the name of them in webnovel..
tinna umali: In Webnovel, those were the names of Ginny, Anna, James and Ruth..
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After several months have past, many misunderstanding have been resolved, James and Ruth are enjoying their new found relationships.

“James, its time for you to have the talk with your mother. As a future possible mother myself, i hated how as a son you ended things with your mother. I dont want you to carry any regrets and what ifs to our future.”

After much persuasion from Ruth, James decided to have the overdue talk with his mother. This is the only way for all of them to move on without any burdens of regretful past.

“How have you been James?”
Surge of mixed emotions rushed through his heart, looking at how his mother has aged so much.

He breathes in and said, “I am fine and happy, mother. Ginny and I are managing Lu corporations together and we are venturing to real estates, partnering with Jo corporations. It is very exciting. Ruth and I are finally together.”

“But this is not what i want to talk about. I came to apologize of how i ended things. I still disapproved of what you had done however i understood why you did it.”

“Ginny and I are brothers, shared by memories growing up together. Its time for you to forgive Ginny and let go all the resentment feelings that you carried over the last decades. Its been killing you and changed you to nothing but vengeful. I want you to feel happy and become the loving mother i used to have.”

“Ginny and Anna are having twins, they are as much as my nieces as your grandchildren. I Love You, mom. I want you to start thinking about the possible bright future you can have.”

She cried and realised how unfair she had been treating Ginny and how bad she has become. She has been looking for someone to take all the blames from her imperfect marriage.

Ginny was surprised upon receiving an invitations to dinner from the sole person he hated the most. He ran through many possible plots and scenarios that person is scheming now. Following his gut instinct, its something that they have to do to end things once and for all.

“Thank you for accepting my invitations.”
They are taken aback, how the confidence aura has been replaced by this weak and fragile body.

“What do you want now?!”

“Ginny, Anna, i want to apologize for all the wrongdoings that i did. I understand if you dont forgive me.”

Holding her tears she continued, “Ginny, i had been treating you unfairly and i’m really sorry. I had been lashing at you for all that have happened in the past. Its not your fault or wish to become the bastard and you dont deserve it. I have been very selfish. Anna, Im sorry to hurt your feelings.”

Letting her tears flow all she wishes now is for them to accept and forgive her as a mother.

5 years have passed, looking back its not an easy road for them to mend all the painful feelings they experienced. However, here they all are under the Christmas tree in mother’s beautiful home, exchanging gifts and smiling. Alex and Eva have both their grandparents and soon will have a cousin. James, Ruth, Ginny and Anna smiled to each other, now they have a complete beautiful family.

Sorry that its really long, hope you guys enjoy the ending i created :)
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