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Bringing The National Husband Home

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Anna Jo and Ginny Lu had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there's a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer.

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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨
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Ps. If you are against this, just snub or ignore this invitation cause we do not want to offend someone and don't like to make a fight against others. I know that we should respect each other here.

So I'm just inviting you and not forcing you cause i know that everyone has the freedom to choose what he/ she wants for himself/ herself and what is right for herself/ himself. ☺️🤗🤗🤗🤗.

And if you decide to join us, just go to 💗 me like u do...'s comment on Summer Never ends. it's on the hot comments. And tell my acc name that I invited you. Thanks 😊😊.

And, I'm just sharing this quote to everyone;

"The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage." - Thucydides (460 BC - 395 BC), Greek Historian
🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: wow. congrats pisisma ru 😚😘
ru: found another 😎😎😎😎
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Zalfa Khayliz
My love story will be good if like this.. Although not complicated like this. But i also have secretly love with my chilhood friend in elementary school. I love him for long years till idk its still love or just used to behavior for loving him.. Actually i never tried to confess along many years. Sometimes i think my secretly love for him will be happy ending and we can be together. But reality isnt like my imagine. A few days ago maybe, i chatted him and said love him for the first time to him. But idk he read it or not. I chat him on whattsapp and used my other number for just sent it..

sometimes i think we never have chance to be together bcz he always ignores me. Actually in senior high school we have same school. And act like a stranger. This year i'm 20 y.o. Hopefully that i can forget him completely and falling in love with others cause it just waste my time for loving someone that never love me. I think i will be satisfied and alright through my pain along past years for loving him as he can open his heart for me. ...

I dont have courage to confess to him bcz he often has girlfriend who is very beautiful than me are nothing. And he is top student and i'm nothing..

Support me guys to move on!
Zalfa Khayliz: @Vica Nourma Lietha

As an unmarried woman, i still dreaming have him to be my husband 😔
Vica Nourma Lietha: can I tell my opinion as a married woman who has same problem with you when I was a single girl..and maybe my solution, I used before, can help all of you..

what we need to do is to value our self..
believe ourself..that we are beautiful too..
we have supperiorty too..and we deserve to be loved by a good, kind, and handsome man

and they lucky if having us as a girlfriend and as a wife. Do not be discourage..

if he doesn't like us..then he doesn't too good for us, and he doesn't deserve having us.
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I don’t know what love is because I haven’t experienced it ... but I definitely what to tell that I like a person who is 1 yr smaller than me . I came to know him when I was in 9 th . We studied in same couching . But he left after 1 yr . I thought he will not comeback . But when I was in 10 th he joined again after 1 st semester. I was damn happy . Of course he doesn’t know that I like him . Then after 10 th I left the couching for some reasons but until now I like him but I have not seen him since then . I wish to meet him again and to tell him that I like him . He made me change . I used to listen to Bollywood songs but because of him I listen to Hollywood songs now . I used to sit back in the car when my driver rode it but now I sit at the front . Se things he thought me that I can never forget . I wish I can meet him again
Yeou Miin: Are you a girl??
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